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    Owning HachiRoku's ass. Supplying this useless leech with ships.

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  1. 2 chain shots per gun is not enough imho.
  2. Otto Kohl

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    EXILE gives 1 mil for Jobe.
  3. Otto Kohl


    Yes we need it so i can smash that retard @HachiRoku over and over.
  4. Otto Kohl

    1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    2v2 or 3v3. The problem with Exile is we can play tournament only during the weekends...
  5. Otto Kohl

    Crafting upgrades

    This chart is outdated.
  6. Otto Kohl

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Aloha looking for fair battles - lel.
  7. Otto Kohl

    Caribbean Invasion News

    What a shit signature you have !
  8. Otto Kohl

    Bring back names in OW!

    No. Just bring back option to send a message in OW.
  9. Otto Kohl

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Snows and Aga left batte before firing a shot.
  10. Otto Kohl

    LV NA needs you

    Oooo thats so cute .
  11. Otto Kohl

    LV NA needs you

    Plz come back
  12. Otto Kohl

    Reinforcements update

    Trade good.
  13. Otto Kohl

    Reinforcements update

    Profit per Indiaman 1,6 mil. Oh i have 4 accounts, thats why its not that time consuming.