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  1. Swedish Newspaper

    You bastard how dare you to loose that ship ! Mine LV build Vic is my greatest treasure and I would never risk sinking it !
  2. If you are bored go pvp. If you want good loot attack OW fleets. You just wanna carebear in missions in greenzone without any risk and get same reward...
  3. France declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain

    Saint Louis. Round 1.
  4. Swedish Newspaper

    WTS 15K white oak.
  5. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    2 millions for head of Banished Privateer for his shameful behavior in battle vs PGMonkey.
  6. PvP - opisy walk

    Portówka w St Louis.
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    Port battle for Saint Louis from my POV. Thanks to French Captains for coming. I haven't had a proper PB in months.
  8. PvP market

    Type: 3v3* Clan: EXILE Ships: 4th, 5th rates (no gay Wasas) Other: sink or no sink, wager in pvp marks Available: 18.00 - 23.00 GMT *we can play outnumbered if some new to pvp clans want to test themselves, up to x1,5 BR
  9. Add Mastthickness modifier on frame and planking

    Wood type has nothing to do with mast hp or thickness.
  10. Add Mastthickness modifier on frame and planking

    Yeah that would be nice. No more fir fir run away shit wasas.
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    That retard can only shit talk on the forum 😉.
  12. Loot

    Looting is fine. But ships could sink a bit slower TBH.