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  1. Otto Kohl

    DLC Pood Edinorog

    Those DLC-s are cancer.
  2. Its fully legal and valiable tactic. i used it myself several times.
  3. Otto Kohl

    Gun Packages

    Meh I'm done with this game till its somehow fun again.
  4. Otto Kohl

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Patch delayed for 3 weeks and promised content cut by half...
  5. Otto Kohl

    Reinforcement zone....lol

    Players should defend you, not AI.
  6. Otto Kohl

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I did that 2 weeks ago after over 2 years of playing. It's fun to discover again that other games can be fun and are not 80% waste of your time like NA.
  7. Otto Kohl

    Happy Glorious 1st of June, captains

    Viva la Mehico !
  8. Otto Kohl

    Suggested PVP Farming

    No if you surrender a ship.
  9. Because its gank fest, ROE sucks ass, because you are trapped in every battle for 1,5h.
  10. Otto Kohl

    Possible Game Manipulation

    I doubt its player related. It happened to me too several times.
  11. Otto Kohl

    Ship value estimates

    You cant afford.
  12. Otto Kohl

    i dont know what to say...

    La Ocean and bellona can eat those frigates alive.
  13. Otto Kohl

    i dont know what to say...

    Typical GB nation tactic. Are you surprised ?
  14. Otto Kohl

    Ship lost due some wierd lags.

    Yesterday for the second time i experienced some wierd lags that led to lose of a very good ship... Everything can be seen here on the video. I had no update or download in the background, no packet losts on TS, ping was fine. Im conected with ethernet cable not WiFi. I would like to ask for a ship redeem. 4/5 very fast teak teak endymion. Carta, copper, elite french, british gunners. https://prnt.sc/jmoj9y
  15. Otto Kohl

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    Me after watching that crap...