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  1. Otto Kohl

    Reinforcement zone....lol

    Players should defend you, not AI.
  2. Otto Kohl

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I did that 2 weeks ago after over 2 years of playing. It's fun to discover again that other games can be fun and are not 80% waste of your time like NA.
  3. Otto Kohl

    Happy Glorious 1st of June, captains

    Viva la Mehico !
  4. Otto Kohl

    Suggested PVP Farming

    No if you surrender a ship.
  5. Because its gank fest, ROE sucks ass, because you are trapped in every battle for 1,5h.
  6. Otto Kohl

    Possible Game Manipulation

    I doubt its player related. It happened to me too several times.
  7. Otto Kohl

    Ship value estimates

    You cant afford.
  8. Otto Kohl

    i dont know what to say...

    La Ocean and bellona can eat those frigates alive.
  9. Otto Kohl

    i dont know what to say...

    Typical GB nation tactic. Are you surprised ?
  10. Otto Kohl

    Ship lost due some wierd lags.

    Yesterday for the second time i experienced some wierd lags that led to lose of a very good ship... Everything can be seen here on the video. I had no update or download in the background, no packet losts on TS, ping was fine. Im conected with ethernet cable not WiFi. I would like to ask for a ship redeem. 4/5 very fast teak teak endymion. Carta, copper, elite french, british gunners. https://prnt.sc/jmoj9y
  11. Otto Kohl

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    Me after watching that crap...
  12. Otto Kohl

    Battlefield V = Bad Company 3 (your thoughts)

    As a WWII historical reenactor this game video trailer makes me wanna cry. Who the hell made that shit game ? Firing full auto MG42 with one hand... i guess they never fired this weapon once in their life...
  13. Otto Kohl

    Battle Coms simplified

    IRL wind does not change every 15 minutes.
  14. Otto Kohl

    Battle Coms simplified

    Add the possibility of drawing on the battle map by the group commander.
  15. Otto Kohl

    Great forum battles

    Im to trash to be master troll .