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  1. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    The problem you have @Iroquois Confederacy is certain Senior Players don’t believe anything is actually wrong with the current mechanic. So, [PvP Global] or Carebear Global according to some should just fold directly into [PvP EU]. After all they Global are too small to count. There is no point offering any form of a solution when the majority of the largest server population already like the status quo. Why change what isn’t broken? Does this make sense…? Does this sound familiar…? It would if the EU population was a significant number. It is still a very small and non-viable profitable functioning figure. It’s just way too small. When you add PvE and Global the numbers are not much better. Big fish in a very small pond. You can offer any solution you want to solve the PB Timer window (I've tried) and it will be met with NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO… every time without any thought to the future. Why is this? Really I find it hard to understand? Is it because we just hate American's? I've heard this reason given a few times, honestly LMAO... If @admin you need any blinkered visionaries I can point you in the right direction, there’s a stack of them close by. For God’s sake man I hope you don’t listen to our dysfunctional community…
  2. @Jarlath Morrow or @Wraith Both would be great moderators for [PvP Global]. If needed I’m willing to help out on [PvP Global] with disputes etc when needed, but I can’t in all fairness be a moderator without the xp etc. Norfolk
  3. Why only some factions succeed while others only met failure?

    @Intrepido What a really good thread and one Guide that is truly needed but missing… “How to build and Run a Clan…” The older Captains I can listen to all day and the stories of different clans over time. @Simon Cadete did a thread on most successful clan ever highlights the need for some Lore or History keeping by the Dev’s for future players to see. For my two cents worth on my inexperience I can highlight the problems we [ELITE] have had and have now. We were 50 strong regular players with 30 online at a time on PvE. Doing EPICs and EVENTs and all sorts of different RvR in the game. Patch 9.96 sort of killed or took the wind out the sails of the clan. I asked the leader @Drunken Marauder to take a few five players across to PvP1 EU and or PvP2 US. The Core 5 players still play with me on [PvP Global]. CORE small KEY Group… You must like playing with each other and get on. Most PCs in PvE even in clans are SOLO centric. Starting PvP you need to work together with a real common goal. SOLO here won’t work to help build the clan. Fight together and know how each other fights… Learn to fight together as a unit that covers or defends each other. In ATTACK co-ordinated and work to each player strengthens. TS3 is a really good tool but if you’d sailed with each other for a long time very little is said instruction wise mid battle. NA-Legends is a tool [ELITE] never had. Get a small group and learn how to fight on Legends. Keep the Interest Going… As the so-called leader of [ELITE] my main role is to provide a vision. What are we doing now and for what cause in the future. [ELITE] is every bodies clan but I don’t run it as a democracy. Sometimes stepping back and just getting everybody together to go Gank someone brings back team morale. In slow times I find players wonder off back into a solo role. Me included… Recruitment… Getting and keeping new players into the clan is hard work. I’ve no answer for this but just giving them what they want ships etc is not the longer-term answer. Look at the Competition… For [ELITE] on [PvP GLOBAL] we looked at [BLACK]. We fought them, Ganked them got sunk time and again by them. This to learn what do they do. On EU it be another clan likewise. Asking them questions on this and that about PvP we got answers and learned. Would love one or two of the Senior Clan leaders to write something. Or maybe @Jeheil could do interview old and new leaders alike instead of writing guides… Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  4. Increasing Ship Visuals while making Devs Money

    @sounthernrebel78 Really like the idea. Paint and sails yes like this and I’d pay. I’d disagree with Ship naming just because of policing just look at some of our PC Names for example… I don’t think individualizing a ship can go too deep. Below is an idea I wanted to have individual reference numbers for ships I built. @admin response is quite clear. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23150-idea-ship-build-number-tagging/ I assume flags etc would be an all or none affair ie every clan ship would have the same flag. Again that would be great to see Norfolk.
  5. Server Merge Proposal

    @Iroquois Confederacy Glad to see you back fella. Just a couple of points or thoughts to look at… Can’t/Won’t see the future Issue… I’ve always being a big one state universe believer in the game’s final state. Looking from all angles and sides we as a community tend to fall into a trap of looking at the game right now and not where it actually will or needs to be at launch. Leads to pages of POSTs containing little if no added value which won’t be read by the Dev’s or @admin as a whole. The largest populated server at the moment is [PvP EU] by a large amount. However, these amounts are still way below any viable business model. So, what is the main issue between the two servers? Port Battle times that’s it…? The future wider audience needed… Localization, attracting more than just the current player base is a good idea to make this NA-OW a viable business model. ASEAN countries is a PRIME target if that is going to be a focus? If not do the Dev’s just focus on EU customers instead? Use NA-Legends to then suck them into the deeper OW game? If we want to be just EU focused, NA doesn’t have any problems and we just merge. Stick with this fixed time slot with the current majority. Really…? Realistic Solution… The final idea I had or solution for the One Server is based on PC/Clan location. Like in EU now with its PB fixed window timer, we add two more. These other two straddle EU becoming ASIAN and US centric. When creating a PC/Clan you will be asked preferred local US/EU/ASIA. What happens now is the attacker grinding HOSTILITY will pop the PB into the defenders TIMEZONE. Aggressor always pays up… This solves the night flip solution and is much better than FIXED time areas on the map. Final point… Before any merger, I think the UI, tutorials and Localization testing needs to happen. Would suggest using [PvP Global] as a real testbed with its small population while it won’t risk the current main on EU. Bare in mind what @admin has said countless times “Don’t worry about player numbers…”. From my small knowledge of gaming and seeing what they’ve produce I must give him the benefit of the doubt. Norfolk nChance [ELITE].

    Could somebody explain to me maybe with an example what is “CANNON_DISPERSION_VERTICAL” and “CANNON_DISPERSION_PER100M” …? I’m assuming the first is a vertical line at zero with an error rate of +/- percentage. This allowing for too high a shot or hitting a wave. If the shot is over 200M away is there two calculations done, first at 100M and the second 200M or is it us at 200M at not compounded? Thanks for any advice Norfolk
  7. Nothing whatsoever about bounty hunting

    I love way you guys talk sh/t to each other. We on Global need to be politically correct and we can't give silly nicknames to our wives either... keep it, o7 Norfolk

    @jodgi thank you fella. A great explanation which seems like an easy enough question but not many really can answer fully. I think the Dev's using the Words "Per 100m" is a lost in translation phrase.
  9. Double shot/Double charge return

    @admin Good point made by @Liq if it’s still on the table may I suggest… Double Shot The effective range of the “Double Ball” was Pistol Shot length or 50m. I’d suggest increasing the Penetration at 50m and reducing it at 100m by 50%. This will put it a more realistic use as it was intended for… Double Charge Totally drop the double charge shot for ship use ONLY for tower and FORTs. It was NEVER used on a ship. Norfolk.
  10. Hold access in Combat

    @Landsman I assume you mean in OW and BATTLE drop for other PC cargo access. This idea I like a lot not sure coding wise it’s a problem as we’ve a boarding mechanic in place. I pushed this idea below with little response from either the Dev’s or the Community which surprised me as I thought it solved a lot of current repair type issues… http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23408-idea-the-auxiliary-lgv-support-shipa-lgv/ The ship to ship transfer is not a new suggestion and am not sure why but @admin seems reluctant to go down this path. I would restrict transfers of Perm Mods and probably books, but all the same totally agree and like the idea… Norfolk
  11. Loot not being transferred to hold

    No this is a different issue. On my issue the loot actually jumps back into the looted ship. @Ink looks like a another or secondary issue here Norfolk.
  12. Loot not being transferred to hold

    @Malachy like this...? http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23492-problem-loot-snapping-back-into-npc-hold/
  13. Idea: Offer a 30-day free Trial…?

    Idea: Offer a 30-day free Trial…? What if the Dev’s offered a 30-day free trial to give someone new player a try? @admin said the NA Legend trails may start at the end of the month so something around the same time… This was an idea by @Taurus454, clan [ISN] long standing player on PvP Global. Give him shout. If you think its rubbish idea let me know, if you have a better one likewise… Norfolk
  14. Global Chat on Global Server

    @Louis Garneray I do empathize with you here, and unwarranted personal insults or bullying is a big No-No. The boundary areas become very grey from what you said “I don’t mind the banter which is fun” to something that is really toxic. I’m No Moderator, but I wouldn’t shy away if someone I thought was been bullied. I’ve step-in a couple of times in the past and I would again in the future. That’s just me as a person, I don’t sit back and ignore anybody… well maybe just the wife as I've mentioned. Lucky, I was in game while this went on. I will try to be honest and give I believe my un-bias view. These guys act more like Pirates than most members of [BLACK]. They were and do goad players into PvP and potty mouth bad taste humor. A PC asking if anyone has played “ELITE Dangerous…” gave them an opportunity for some school yard banter at worst. Unfortunately, and this is the grey area (mentioned above) you separately replied to them. Why on earth did you do that? The PC was in no way being subject to TOXIC (this is very different) behavior or bullying. In fact, he just ignores them. Instead of just ignoring their childish behavior and antics you continued to talk and engage them getting further frustrated pouring fuel on a fire, making a mountain out of a mole hill. Global Chat is a choice option for all PCs to express views and you are spot on here… to share views with friends and foes alike in different Nations with Bragging rights. Sometimes the chat goes “off pieced” and rarely find some “Trolling” but for me I find MOST of the time its fine. Honestly that is my honest view. I don’t want to lose “Global” chat, remember @admin has threatened to pull the plug in the past and it is so much better than before. After launch probably, I’d agree on a few Moderators, but the last lot came in for some TOXIC flax from our Global server community causing them to step back from the game. To lose “Global Chat” over this particular issue would be a tragedy. TOXIC behavior this was NOT, but agree nobody likes being insulted and the perpetrators should be ignored… Norfolk.
  15. Problem: Loot snapping back into NPC hold

    @Ink Problem: Loot snapping back into NPC hold Thought it was me, but another player has the same issue so here is a note. Started after yesterday’s HOTFIX for Patch 13.00. Looting a NPC from a mission [X] drop-in window. When I drag the loot across it snaps back into the NPCs cargo hold. After a couple of goes it remains in my hold. This happens on the first piece of loot I drag. Not subsequent items. Sinking additional ships within the same battle and then trying to loot I have the same problem. First item needs dragging across multiple times to lock in MY hold. I’m at the right speed for capture, and the vessels are not completely sunk etc... Norfolk.
  16. Problem: Loot snapping back into NPC hold

    @The Red Duke Thank you for the reply. Maybe you can shed some light on this mystery with your experience? Looking at the problem objectively nobody else has replied with similar problems so, it’s probably more my end rather than the Dev’s. I really do like the Unity5 roll out and difference it’s made to the game in overall quality. On the first week of NA-Legends I noticed the “Point & Click” functions didn’t hit first time and mentioned it. This was corrected within the following week. The Razer Mamba… I really like the mouse, and within NA works amazingly well in BATTLE adding the “Sensitivity Stage Up…” for looking around quickly to then Staging Down for precise LEAK shots all delivered in an instant. This maybe is where issues conflict or arise? The Sensitivity CONFIG includes ACCELERATION and Polling Rates. The first is the rate of increase of speed in the cursor with respect to mouse movement. The second is the FREQUENCY of data updates for the device (packets sent). If you discount LIFTOFF Range giving tracking issues which it doesn’t with the surface properly calibrated, to me it points to my PING Rate within the game. Ping at 230 in Hong Kong maybe “too slow” for it (the mouse) FREQUENCY rate. This then causes Packet buildup congestion or loss? It’s not a massive issue and if it’s only me then fine, but any ideas am all ears… Norfolk.
  17. Problem: Loot snapping back into NPC hold

    @Ink Yeah, its now intermittent rather than all the time. Was thinking it might be the MOUSE. I have a Razer Gaming one and maybe its something to do with its sensitivity settings with the sharper Unity5 graphics. This is a VERY LOW priority and I'll keep testing it Norfolk
  18. @Wraith I like your model. Nice and simple, all starting as Privateers and working outward. Using Combat Marks to purchase Nation change works. For BATTLES or PB the use of the “Invite to Battle Group” tag needs expanding. Pre-Battle, anybody with any clan or Nation can group up with anybody else. These become basic color-coded Groups RED BLUE GREEN in the drop. NO Attackers or Defenders anymore just different Groups… RepXP should be earned, Win Lose or draw in any PvP action, Obviously in differing amounts. Has your reputation grows then PORT ownership benefits also grow, I like this? Big rep encourages AI Trade ships into your PORT. The Negative score I need to think on and affects am not sure how that’ll work… The Balancing OFFSET… The only thing I could think of was if your Reputation goes +100pts somewhere else it needs to go -100pts. That sort of brings us back to the old Political Board Matrix, but that had VOTES instead we use REPUTATION +/- ‘s…. Think it would be a coding nightmare all the same. Would love to try some BASIC version on [PvP Global] to see (if @admin likes it or) if it could really work… Norfolk.
  19. @Wraith Its late here for me so let me think on it overnight. @Simon Cadete phrase made the penny drop for me and like it. Start at zero in the middle and workout ward. Am thinking along the lines of EvE Online where YOUR underlying RACE is irrelevant and your Corporation (CLAN) can be made up of all colors and creed. That would work with a rigid NPC Nation overlay in the background. The Clan would have a BASE allegiance that qualifies all the clan members no matter what starting reputation or race. @Sir Texas Sir point of wanting the choice of picking any side in a BATTLE whether clan mates are involved or not I like but can’t see working. Also with a reputation system the Pirate is just another RACE and doesn’t deserve a unique ability separating it from all other Nations… Norfolk.
  20. I agree and would like to test a reputation system on [PvP Global]. The only downside with a "Free for all" is the Nation RvR becomes totally irrelevant. This just won't sit with [PvP EU] or @admin
  21. Problem: Loot snapping back into NPC hold

    @Ink this is still happening but not as often now.. any thoughts? Norfolk
  22. You can have open Port Battles with three or four opposing sides. For clarity using battle groups with a different colour so not Nation or clan or PC related. Red Group Blue Group Green Group etc… Like others have stated drop the 3x capture circles. Have just one large drop in and last ship standing within a 7km distance from the PORT. Towers and FORTs attack all colour groups. Would suggest leaving entry time OPEN for longer also… Norfolk
  23. yeah, I bet that's exactly what happened. Right now if [AIB]Ubira left the battle the ATTACKING BR would still remain at 220 (Renomme 110)? Thus still taking up 110 BR points? He could not rejoin the defending ?
  24. I didn’t think this was actually possible and assumed a Game mechanic wall stopping the same clan appearing on both sides. Trying to think up some abuses now…
  25. @Wraith I agree in principle with complete FREEDOM to attack who or anyone you want, but see a couple of problems that will arise if we have no restrictions in place. Bad PC, not bad ALT behavior… First things first though. The case of ALT abuse by [AIB]Ubira on [BORK]Amiral Lou highlights a perfect point in the fact it’s NOT bad ALT behavior but BAD PC behavior. The second point in this case is [AIB]Helinton and [AIB]RcsHugo allowing to sail for the opposing side within the same battle. The forum highlights bad ALT behavior as intrusive undermining gameplay action against a player/clan or Nation. This should read “PC” rather than “ALT”. What is undermining gameplay? Really, we need a RULE BOOK even though I think most of us know full well what it is and means. If [AIB]Ubira attacked or hindered [BORK]Amiral Lou then this is BAD PC behavior. Civil War… I would love to see the civil war mechanic built into NA and the FREEDOM to attack all. However, same Clan members on opposite sides in a battle is a big NO-NO. A Game Mechanic should wall this issue straight away ejecting all three players in the case above. Allowing this access to stand will just invite more chaos and BR abuses… Outright Civil War should come with a Paid Permit allowing for War with a fixed time limit against another PC/Clan within the same Nation. One week perhaps then cool down for two weeks. This will still keep the underlying Nation RvR in place and not just opportunistic “Clan Gank” when one’s guard maybe down. This is the “Lite” in the Lite Sandbox that’s still needed. Otherwise Nation status is irrelevant and should go out of the window… The Privateer… The Privateer idea I pushed for a while back again focused it solely for Pirate use only. @admin wanted or wants “Friends” from other Nations to help. Which I agree with but not before we’ve sorted the civil war mechanic first. My idea… The Unique feature of Pirate would be being able to be hired by a Clan to help ATTACK or DEFEND a region or area or Port Battle. This Contract like the Civil War Permit is for a limited fixed period. The Privateers can only take one contract at a time and opposing pirates may become an ENEMY by default of another clan’s contract with that pirate. This gives pirates a unique and important role on how the politics should pan out. Reputation System… I like your idea and would like to see it tested on [PvP Global] first rather than risk [PvP EU] as well. The number of players although small on GLOBAL (but more than Testbed) will show quickly if it could work… Norfolk.