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  1. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    ok well worth a try, sorry it didn't help
  2. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    try this In Game [Esc] and change controls. For me "left handed" change the Spyglass to [\] key. Works 10x with the mouse rather than shift key
  3. I was asked to write a recruitment letter on behalf of our sister clan [ELAN]. What Is [ELAN] Is a [PvP Global] GB Nation based clan. It’s the Special Operations Sister Clan to [ELITE]. Her main role is intelligence gathering from all four corners of the Caribbean. Assets controlled by [ELAN] have existed for some time now in all major Nations. The clan’s GCHQ is [PvP Global] Bensalem. The Church of the Poison Mind empowers Norfolk nWay code signature [W] to be the current CEO of [ELAN]. He employs several GB Senior Case Officers [SCO] to run operations or assets external to GB Nation. [SCO]’s role provides the information conduit back to GCHQ. Daniel Cray [SCO] & Iron Cavalier [SCO] both run several foreign assets of multiple Nations. [ELAN] operations have existed for quite some time now, but like other world Intelligence agencies [W] would like to try to open world recruitment like MI6, CIA and GRU. And to get more foreign clan based assets in place. Job Description If you are in a Foreign Clan of any description and a bit disillusioned or bored. [ELAN] would like to hear from you to start maybe some very low key clandestine operations. These at first will be very small information gathering and such. Nothing disruptive of any kind. With experience of working In this new additional role then missions will become somewhat more complex in fashion. Trust build between handler [SCO] and operative [YOU] is paramount for success. Rewards will come with each operation. Also, if extraction is needed then [ELAN] and other forces will be brought in. Challenge So, if you fancy a new world challenge in the “Clan Wars” era give me a call or in the forums “CLUBS” The Church of the Poison Mind. Regards Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  4. @admin I’ve a request/problem I hope you can solve the Genius we all know you are am sure you can do it. [PvP Global] Bensalem, The Church of the Poison Mind [Club] would like to erect a white stone church/cathedral a top of the cliff face. A night the moonlight would light up the Church creating a beacon (and a spectacular sight) to guide the lost souls into our Sanctuary. The Cult is willing to have an increase on our daily tax rate or provide and or the stone blocks for construction. It’s a small request that will show a unique in game feature to attract tourist to our Parish. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/877496267598363981/1525BCDA8039EDD832E600E83ADBDDF0E9D5052E/ The Church would like to thank both you @admin and @Ink for all your efforts pushing the game forward. Kind Regards Norfolk nSoul
  5. Neutral ports

    Come to PvP Global Bensalem. The Church of the Poison Mind protects lost soul like you. Offering sanctuary, redemption and confession. See Clubs in the forum Norfolk nSoul
  6. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    @Rebel Witch OK increase ship spot distance but shorten the ID tag to much closer. Able to see the ID tag at an even greater distance is just wrong imho and should be shortened anyway. Also remember the view distance is a cylindrical view so, no distance gain advantage with the Drone view only line of sight... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=855697559 Norfolk.
  7. It's time to act my Dear fellow Captains

    In all seriousness it needs a launch date, to focus all parties on even if its still a bit rough around the edges...
  8. @Rebrall PvE Content [ELITE] started from PvE 50x clan strong. We got players who wanted to do the EPICs and the such like the EVENTs. Also, the duel function we used a lot. The one big idea I kept pressing for was a Risk to the Reward of having the “Smuggler Tag” on. Either AI fleets may be able to attack or otherwise. That tag really hurt the PvE game imho. The other was AI Port Battles. Choice of Defense or attack somehow. Afterwards the PORT is yours for three days then reverts back to the original nation. The last one was “BLACKBEARDs Rampage…” which involved an AI Pirate fleet that roamed from one side of the map to the other. If it sighted you it would chase and hunt you down. The Flag Ship was a Black Santisima. If you and friends defeated the fleet wreck rewards given. Raids I agree with but with PvE needs a storyline… Trading Content The Delivery Missions needs a marketing make over. You earn good money but rarely is it a used feature. Special Situations with PORTs in dispute could offer huge bonuses for stock deliveries. In the Contract town on the UI just past the Smuggler tag. If a large valued contract is offered above the norm it’ll show “$$$” as a signal to look. I would have liked the BLOCKADE idea I had also, which would push trading in the area through the roof. Trader reputation could easily be linked with these two dangerous mission types… Give Us PvP http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/20214-the-port-battle-blockade-idea/ I wish @admin would look at this… Also, would like mixed fleets but that’s a headache all on its own King of the Hill, I don’t think would work. @Christendom put a load of effort in his Battle of the Bastards drummed up support and everything. It just didn’t happen… Norfolk.
  9. Norfolk looking at his Crystal Balls… “The Clans Wars…” So, staring into the near future what do my balls tell me is going to happen in this new era of “Clan Wars”? The initial feel good factor our dealer has given will disappear soon enough. The huge rewards given for that oh so hard AI fleet mission completed in under 20 minutes will come to an end. When the glutinous after effects of cheap money and artificially stimulated inflation start to surface. I suspect one will be snorting some Class-A nerfs in no time... Real PvP and PB probably won’t start just yet until all the fee ports are taken. The Revenge of the Plastic Care Bears is upon us. The importance of “CLUBs” will start to rise. Currently a place where a group collective can come together to Bitch whine and talk about fishing. The Club will become more important as it influences the actual game. It Transcends any pc, clan, cult, nation or SERVER… The game already feels deeper and richer in both strategy and tactics. Within a short time as borders evolve the real Naval Action will start to surface… The first inter Nation Clan war is not far away… and finally... Statistics also playing a much larger role. From kill areas to also best earning ports to most profitably clans will come a common number you look for daily… Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  10. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22722-politics-and-pbs-patch-11-clan-wars/ Great write up as always @Sir Texas Sircan you re-post it here on the above link... "Clan-wars"
  11. BR Tagging Issues

    hmmm.... I would like @adminto explain how BR works up the chain. and has I said am still lost on it....
  12. would like to see more battle data instances. When and where from the CombatNews drop if possible. So, something like @Jeheilonce a week report can show how spots or front lines NnC
  13. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    The Church of the Poison Mind does not approve of this wanton bullying of such a young up and coming Nation. God have mercy on your soul, for [ELITE] & [ELAN] will not Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  14. BR Tagging Issues

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/21937-lowest-rate-ship-that-can-tag-a-surprise/ I had a similar question, Hodo replies the best but I'm still confused tagging up the BR ladder... Norfolk
  15. What's next for Naval Action?

    Chinese, Korean and Japanese... would we get our own server to help drop ping in Asia if we are trying to attract ppls from these countries..? Norfolk.
  16. Video Card recommendations.

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934048215 chapter 3 gives the recommended specs and looks the same
  17. Welcome to “Clan Wars…” The first inter Nation Clan civil war is not far away… The use of the “Clubs” feature will be used extensively as it crosses Nation and server boundaries… …and more… Norfolk
  18. Mixed pb fleets

    I really like the idea as I’ve stated. Trying to use the BR system in a slightly different way so it’s not a ridged system and leave some skill is involved I thought could work. We come back to over complication with outside screening and forms of how to manage the entry. Unfortunately, whichever way you try it several problems appear. From the outside fleets or other issues mentioned. I don’t know how it could be solved in all fairness and have to agree with @rediii that it’s something down the road that will solve it… Norfolk.
  19. One Question I would like to ask is “How much is too much information…?” Are we all comfortable at the progress so far? And when should we limit or stop availability
  20. @Rebrall Long note and a bit to unpack here… The Game in my opinion Needs a START date and soon. This even if it’s still rough around the edges. The game will change over time just like EvE has over 12 years. Over worry about in game mechanics shouldn’t delay the release of the product. What else needs tweaking that is needed before launch? The One server issue, I would like but need more info on why so many senior Captains insist on the three-state universe. I try but can’t see the argument over the single state. Your notes I need more time to reply to the other areas… However, I think maybe I’d have arranged it more in PRIORTY order rather than game sections. What are the TOP 3 changes you think absolutely NEEDED right now…? What one thing do you want @admin to see in this NOTE? Then work down… I will go through it and reply with a deeper response later. Well done there a lot of work here, Norfolk
  21. Mixed pb fleets

    it has and only just recently. Suggest replying to the thread rather than as @Rediii points out we keep repeating ourselves...
  22. Contact list

    The Contacts list really important to have.... Clan names, contact and servers active on... Also "Clubs" will be an ever growing force to come. They can transcend Clan Nation or Server for that matter and should also come with an area Norfolk.
  23. Contact list

    [ELITE] - [Norfolk nChance] - GB Nation [ELAN] - [Norfolk nWay] - Any Nation except GB The Church of the Poison Mind - [God] - any lost soul looking for redemption Norfolk.
  24. Port Control

    @Captain Lust Love the penmanship here in this POST well done. Unfortunately, cannot vote because the YES/NO choice you have offered make a flawed observation look like a statement of fact which is incorrect. [SORRY] I completely agree with all main body points, I don’t believe the game was too hardcore. It was the player community’s misinterpretation what felt like a never-ending GRIND. In fact, it was exhausting re-grind from a much-needed Server Game reset. How can it be never ending GRIND when the boxed Universe is less than 10 days old? The phrase I would slightly disagree with “Now that we abandoned the hardmode…”, I would have added “for the time being…”. Make no mistake you are a Junkie and your Dealer is just softening the blow (pardon the pun) of what I believe is to come. Hostility Grind is too easy and mark my words will be nerf’d in the not too distant future. The rewards now Ludicrously over compensate you for that really hard AI Fleet mission you completed in under 20 minutes. Can’t you see your “Dealer” is stoking inflation and giving you some “feel good factor...” . Seeing them Plastic Care Bears using SoLs to mission grind in OW is the clue. I don’t disagree with the Dealers current moves. We Junkies have got a serious hangover from last night’s Party Power RE-Grind and just need a little relaxation. I assume I’ll be snorting some grade-A nerfs when we start to see the glutinous after effects of cheap money and artificially stimulated inflation… Norfolk
  25. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    [PvP Global] Bensalem status change http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22750-pvp-global-bensalem-status-change/ GB Advisory [Bensalem]: You are safe! Don't worry The Church as empowered [ELITE] to serve and protect GB Advisory [Bensalem]: If any GB clan/pc gets clever and tries to jump a lost soul in the local water [ELAN] will hunt you down Norfolk nChance [ELITE]