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  1. Global Chat on Global Server

    not really what am getting at... but thanks for the reply
  2. I liked sailing the new Aggie, but I see @victor point. You’ll need to re-learn all your favorite ship profiles again. It was funny the first turn through IRONs I did in it. All looking ok speed everything then just past the wind and the speed collapses. It was a precipitous decline if ever I saw one… As I stated above, the AI needs looking at. @admin it the AI won’t turn through IRONs yet can’t work out how change its position to make progress towards you. It just traverses backwards at high speed… Overall I think I enjoyed sailing the new Aggie more the AI. Can't wait to see the other profiles... @adminwill these new sailing profiles be used for NA-L as well when they're ready? Norfolk
  3. Global Chat on Global Server

    @The Red Dukeor @Jean Ribault or anyone else, This may sound like a daft question, but I’m an older player and it’s the second only MMO game I’ve played interacting with other players. The first was EvE Online which is completely different in regards to the chat channels etc… My Question What Is acceptable behavior and what is NOT on a chat channel…? I’m talking in realistic terms here. Do we need a code of conduct? The OP I really just don’t see the issue. Plus, the lack of understanding from the author in his pursuit was wrong, not as wrong as the perpetrators but wrong all the same. However, I think the real issue is the consistency of abusive behavior, turning into something nearing a troll type action. When is school yard banter acceptable and when is it not? I know the difference from toxic behavior I believe and bullying which this was not. Is TOXIC and TROLL behavior closely related? On chat I generally can feel the mood of the group. I will use bad language and funny distasteful mother jokes when appropriate. OR is it totally wrong to use Bad language and tell mother jokes? I may assume wrongly but the age limit is 16 and over unless supervised by an adult? What is acceptable bad language and what is not…? Unlike EvE Online I think as a community we lose meaning in translation, ie the joke or leg pulling. This can easily escalate making mountains out of mole hills. Do you agree? Is there a code of conduct, with examples used by other MMOs we should follow? Norfolk
  4. Graphics stuttering

    “this evening geforce experience updated itself without warning, go figure…” This could be the clue here. Do you mean the GeForce UI was updated or your driver was updated? You have the latest driver installed 388.31. Is it a Laptop you are using? I doubt it but if so check you don’t have power settings on BALANCE, change to HIGH PERFORMANCE. Could be as simple as that. Rt Click [Windows Symbol] click [Power Options] right hand side [Additional Power Settings] Windows 10 Updates If your PC automatically downloads and installs Windows updates you may be seeing the intermittent effects from this. Check in [Settings] then [Update & Security]. View update history. These downloads will crush any game with this going on in the background. And if its automatic you won’t have stopped any download from happening… Hope this might help Norfolk
  5. Had the same issue with AI Aggies in HOST missions. They really struggle against the wind often traversing backwards. They can’t tack through irons at all and like the picture ram each other from all angles… The AI somehow gets pinned focusing on you the target instead of their position in relation to the wind and you. If you don’t move they’ll continue backwards without trying to turn out.
  6. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    yeah you're probably right... just an idea that I thought was practical and could actually really work. thanks for the feedback all the same... o7 Norfolk.
  7. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    This is totally true, and this is the PC Population devisor I suggested should be able to expand into other game mechanic areas. Giving not just a Gold penalty but other areas am sure you'd know more than me... A simple example would be the actual HOSTILITY earned per mission would reward less in percentage amount for the largest Nation and give more to the smallest. What it might create but I doubt it, would balance out the population numbers. If it doesn't the Nations will reap the rewards or pay the price according to the player population as a whole. The coding is easy as its already fixed amount numbers just timed against the Devisor in each case. Labor Hours to make a Victory...
  8. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    Disproportional size advantage of a Nation Solution… On a re-set so, PC accounts that don’t nominate a time zone are deemed old and dead. They’ll need a reactivation mechanic by the games admin to re-start. Old players must be able to return easily though. What’s left is a true-ish Global playing population number. This can be then turned into a flexible weighted divisor. Very easy. The largest Nation would take the largest tax rate penalty while the smallest would have the smallest rate. This all based around a BASE Tax rate of say 10%. The rate will grow for the largest nation if more PCs join that Nation and fall for the smallest. So, GB may pay 17% while Prussia pays 2.25%. Expanded Deviser Limiter… This penalty actually can be expanded now into other areas. XP earned on missions work the same way. The HOSTILITY grind percentage the hours needed to craft something. The amount earned from Delivery missions and so on… What this does is levy the Largest Nation in such a way that discourages further PC recruitment as its grind difficulty increases. At the same time, it encourages new PCs into smaller Nations because of the ease benefits against the larger Nations or PCs to switch Nations… Flexibility and continued a Balance… The rates against the deviser ratios would reset say ONCE a week and NOT daily. This will stop chop and changing issues constantly. Again, just a thought Norfolk
  9. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    @Teutonic The time zone block is based first and foremost on the current [PvP EU] time slot of 6x 1-hour slots. Funny enough add the other 2 zones either side and we’ve a 6-hour downtime window. The server maintenance windows cannot be shifted much or at all as like EvE Online is the Dev’s start day. So, UTC 7:00 8:00 and 9:00 cannot be used. This leaves 10:00, 05:00 and 06:00. Asia could take the 10:00 slot, EU could extend to 23:00. The US then takes 00:00 to 06:00. Each zone now has a window of 7 hours… The US east to west is totally covered and we still have the server maintenance window covered. You cannot have One Timezone larger than the other two. @Archaos The arguments you make are valid. I would state this is PC/Clan focus (not Nation) and the most important part is “Aggressor Pays UP…”. The clan with the most players with the most Global presence still has one fixed local even if it has a GLOBAL presence it can only have 1-time zone slot. The issues for the small clans is the big clan can no longer flip YOU as it will be in your own Time slot when most of you play. The allies of the clan raising HOSTILITY out of time agreed is a problem but the Port Battle can only happen in the DEFENDERs play time only. Allowing the PC/Clan to pick its own 6 or 7-hour window am not sure if possible but a really nice idea. If @admin and more importantly [PvP EU] players like this idea I’d like it tested on [PvP Global] first to see if it could work for all. It’s easy to implement and manage than slicing up the map which in my opinion creates more issues than it solves. Thanks for the input guys, Norfolk
  10. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    @The Red Duke Can you explain to me what is “Trafalgar”? It was before my time in NA. I’ve YouTube clips etc but I thought it worked like an EVENT? You’re implying an “End Game” scenario I’m guessing? @Iroquois Confederacy I like @Christendom tax Golden Handcuffs. The way I’d do it is via a divisor made from total accounts against clan’s percentage. The seesaw would levy the larger clans while loosen the smaller ones… Or Nation would be better Norfolk.
  11. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    It’s interesting reading this thread, more are looking seriously at the problem. Understanding the problem from an [PvP EU] perspective (I believe) was the blatant use of the nightflip in the past helped a clan railroad its way to victory that couldn’t be defended properly due to time coverage. The Port Battles in your own ports were always triggered at 3am your time on a Tuesday morning. We fixed this issue simply by only allowing a Port Battle triggered when our clan mostly plays. Right now [PvP EU] after driving up HOSTILITY 100% will allow for a PB between UTC 17:00 & 22:00 when most EU players will be on. So, this immediately stops the EU clans getting Night flips. the idea... If on any merge or not a clan must select one of three HOME time slots it resides in. For me living Hong Kong, but most of the clan coming from the UK I choose EU time for [ELITE]. For [ARMED] most are Australian so would choose the ASIA time. And so on… Right now, if [ARMED] attacked an [ELITE] PORT in [PvP GLOBAL] they’d choose early ASIA time to Night Flip [ELITE] which makes sense if not sporting. However, if the Port Battle defaults always to the DEFENDER it would pop but within the EU time zone. Look at this chart below see if this makes sense… The UTC time is against summer times for the other countries so you might see so off by an hour. If [ARMED] wanted an [ELITE] PORT they’d need to be prepared to fight outside their time zone. [ELITE] can’t complain as its in their play window. If keeping the 22-hour fixer [ARMED] could make it as early as UTC 17:00 but that’s it… What if [ARMED] wanted to attack a US base clan…? The windows give the US Clan protection, but the weekends you can see become vulnerable… Not a perfect solution… It’s not a perfect solution but actually works easier than having fixed period times on the MAP leading to resource distribution issues and leading to more game play mechanic issues. Using the DEFENDER as default Aggressor always pays up it stops the night flip. Coding wise also is easier do than splitting up areas and resetting resources. Let me know what you think Norfolk nChance.
  12. Global Chat on Global Server

    Balanced Behavior… and looking at what is Good and acceptable behavior and what is not… Real Points to think on… This really needs a proper brand-new thread. The case above is NOT TOXIC or Bullying and the author kills the argument for any punishment because he pursued the original perpetrators involved while the so-called victim just ignored all, thus making his point mote. Even though I empathize with his cause. Is a small rule book really wanted? Or do we want the channel shut down? This really needs a new thread and OP in all fairness… Norfolk nChance
  13. Graphics stuttering

    Had a couple of issue that really screwed with my performances. I run GTX 980ti 16GB ram etc… First was with “GeForce Experience”. [Settings] then turned off GAMESTREAM. In [General] I turned off IN-GAME OVERLAY. Windows10 – [Settings] then [Gaming] then [GAME DVR] turn off Record in background while playing the game. I don’t tend to record my gaming, but found a few background problems switched ON to do this that seemed to hurt performance even with a strong or high-end rig. Hope this helps Norfolk
  14. Farm with friends - marks confiscation

    @Wraith "Treat the problem instead of the symptom" have used this saying once or twice myself and totally agree with you and @Pagan Pete regards Norfolk nChance [ELITE], Norfolk nWay [ELAN], Norfolk nSoul [Church of the Poison Mind], Norfolk nPoint, Norfolk nBlack and Norfolk nFARM...
  15. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    Love your work and blinkered honesty (worked great so far). You at least realize this unlike most...o7 @Iroquois Confederacy The very best of luck trying to get PCs to look forward and NOT at the here and now. The time zone must come from the CLAN defender local. Using FIXED placement time zones simply does not fixed the problem either in RATIO area allocation or implementation. If the Dev's and @adminlike it, lets test it first on [PvP GLOBAL] NOT risking the [PvP EU] player base.