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  1. Apologies @Wraith for the late reply had a very busy two days read on... Battle Report: I’m not as young as I used to be. In Hong Kong watching my England knocked out the World Cup at 4am led to a grumpy market marker at 7am. My sister then dropped into Hong Kong from Denver passing through China to go to the Farnborough Airshow, with her upper Management, Senior Sales and clients. She said “Norf, do your worst. I want casualties and Tattoo stories...” The next eight hours came straight out of an 80s “B” movie. Remnants of Typhon Ewiniar meant a heavy downpour of rain that didn’t let up on an already hot and humid evening making HKs Red Light district Wan Chai look like a scene from Blade Runner. Sea Breezes with Kamikaze Chaser rounding off with a flaming Lamborghini helped break the ice and soften up Upper Management with their Jet Leg starting to kick in. This helped as my energy levels matched a Teslsa’s after a round trip to the shops and back. POST Carnegies, Neptune’s III, Country Club 88, Bottom’s Up and the Fire House, Egos were now a Go-Go with Disco Biscuits, Marching Powder, Swiss Air trolley dollies, Columbian hookers and a Thai Lady Boy called “Geoff” trying to pull the poor intern on his first business trip to Asia. Apparently talking bollocks was now a requirement to be in this suicide squad with a range of topics from Trumps an idiot, to solving the energy crisis, telling a Triad doorman to change his ways, to Trump should get the Noble peace prize... 4am again already? Pressing my door bell shouting quietly as I can for Mrs. nChance to open the door as I’ve lost my keys, phone and all self-respect. The door opens just as the neighbors started to investigate what was happening... “Norf you’re a dick, that just cost you a new handbag” Anyway @Wraith back on point, “I think the nature of this game and it’s economy can never include a true exchange rate unless DLC “marks” are available for purchase and more of the game relied on “marks” for its functioning.” I agree, but a true exchange rate is not the intention. It will I believe give the Dev’s a better Control Mechanic of the economy than the current method of Euro Traders and direct individual material or resource supply tweaking. The Marks I need to think on, never being a fan of that whole mechanic. My reply to a similar thread... Game playability and Balance... I’m guessing here, but I imagine @admin the genius that he is must see this dilemma? He for one knows the resource or production usages by the entire player base. The effect it (DLC & ALT) would have... “And the currency patch will have zero effect on this.” On its own I agree the Patch won’t until currency supply is restricted. We know already Silver8 [S8] and Gold Double Escudo [GDE] will be freely convertible between each other (but I doubt at a fixed rate). However, you can only obtain them from a “Government” as a reward, Port Battles or maybe purchased? Pieces of Eight [Po8] and the REAL [R] will be introduced also, but these currencies I’m guessing are the main in shop currencies used. Catholic leaning PORT/Region (Cartagena) you would use [R] Protestant (K/PR) then [Po8]. The problem will come when either the Ship Note/Permit needed will be priced fixed in [S8] or [GDE]. Here the issue of Ship Permits would be in [S8] for a Victory but [GDE] for a Santi. You need enough of that currency at the right price to buy that Permit. OR go to the Admiralty STORE and use real cash. This is the control mechanic. Currency Borders... Now rare resources that spawn in just a few places like Live Oak or whatever you’d need the local currency to purchase making it exceedingly difficult. Maybe this would encourage an ALT purchase for the same local Nation to setup and build a farm. This would need a lot more local currency to start with though... This just a guess but I can see how the NPC overlay now can soften demand or stimulate supply. Whether you have 15x Buildings in Charleston full of Live Oak Logs you’ll need “x” amount of [Po8] to harvest them. This may prove difficult for the Spanish week in week out on... This seems a complicated system but I can see why the Dev’s introduced two main currencies and two minor ones. It gives market Control. The effect from increased buildings or ALTs can be now re-balanced devaluing one rate against another instead of tweaking game mechanics... Always offer Two Routes to the same place... Your Marks issue will I guess be right with a DLC offer. Point is to offer access to all things via two routes. One cheaper or less time consuming that another. This is the CONTROL EFFECT. Never completely shut-out all access. It will help make the in-game economy much more valuable and applying. It will be interesting to see it rollout Norfolk.
  2. @Banished Privateer The EvE Online Economy... https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us [CCP] – CCP Games, the developers [EvE] – EvE Online, a space-based persistent world MMO with both PvP & PvE [ISK] - Interstellar Kredits the In-game Currency [PLEX] - The 30-Day CONCORD Pilots License Extension [RMT] – Real Money Trading is a known & declared exploit of assets or ISK for real money In-game it has an open economy meaning the amount of [ISK] or materials is not fixed so operates on a supply and demand operation. Unlike most MMOs [ISK] is NOT freely convertible with real world currency. The [PLEX] system is the conduit to mitigate the effects of Real Money Trading [RMT]. Let’s do a walk through... https://secure.eveonline.com/PLEX/ The in-game store bulk purchase discount. We want the USD20.00 x500 [PLEX]. 500 units divide by USD20.00 equals USD 0.25 per [PLEX] The CCP [PLEX] market sets the USD/ISK rate (NPC Overlay). It does this through the selling of [PLEX] for USD https://evemarketer.com/ This site helps see where the best market prices are. On the left side menu click to open “Pilot’s Services” then PLEX. Change the tab “Sellers” to “Buyers”. At the time of writing the BEST Bid was at ISK 2,895,000 at The Forge Region. Hit the Bid with 500x [PLEX] and we’ll receive ISK 1,447,500,000 You know 500x [PLEX] is worth $20.00 and ISK 1,447,500,000 Then divide the USD value by ISK value to give USD1 worth of ISK Therefore USD 1 equals ISK 72,375,000 Norfolk.
  3. I can't at the moment Will post it later N.
  4. @Banished Privateer Well my favorite Pyrate just around the corner you will be robbing some weak-willed Yank of their Pieces of Eight [Po8]. Stealing not only the virtue of the Beautiful Spanish lady also her REALs [R]. Then knocking off some of your Brothers for the buried Silver8 [S8] on a desert island. And last but by no means least killing Rasputin for the missing Romanov family Gold Double Escudo [GDE] treasure often seen used in Moscow. On my return I will set up another Sister clan to [ELITE] and [EDARK], she will be named [ThomasCook] Fair Winds o7 Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  5. USD to DLC in MMOs making virtual Spaceships worth real USDs... @admin thought this topical for NA Doing some background research for my next Norfolk n**** idea came across some interesting videos regarding DLC in MMOs. The NA-OW hot topic at the moment. This one by Scott Manley is very good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NH8eLVkmqE Scott Manley says the price in game is set by the player or a player driven economy [PDE]. Not really true because real cash can only buy PLEX. Plex value traded in ISK is the NPC overlay. CCP can just issue more PLEX in dilution or restrict issue causing inflation. EvE is the closest you’ll get to a PDE. The total in-game value of the EvE Online economy in 2016 reached USD55million. I found this in their financial statement. Norfolk.
  6. Norfolk nChance

    The best naval warfare games, an article by wargamer.

    @Captain Jean-Luc Picard Great website fella, with strategy and tactics in the forum. Just joined “Norfolk nChance” https://store.steampowered.com/app/2910/Fleet_Command/ I used to love playing this game @Fluffy Fishy Napoleon Total War with Darthmod was brilliant. The sailing game I remember the vivid details of the ship you zoomed in on. Wonder if I play it now how it stands up against NA-OW? Shogun2 – Was a great with the added near shore ship sailing element also... Amazing idea fluffy... “If only there was a good MMO age of sail game out there that I could sink a few thousand hours into with beautifully modelled historic sailing ships.” Yeah but some idiot would have Captain Jack Sparrow, a Sea Monster and loads of mods added into it. I want a raw MMO Master and Commander Style with a Russel Crow drinking bad tasting rum... Norfolk.
  7. Norfolk nChance

    Player trying to RMT in Nation Chat

    @admin May I suggest you have @Ink POST something on STEAM also about this Norfolk.
  8. Norfolk nChance

    Level Up Crafting

    @Sir Texas Sir Thanks Bro LMAO, am so glad every other sentence I said was either “In my day” or “the mechanic might have changed” I think it was around late February that I stop playing. In all fairness I was burnt out and needed to step back from NA-OW. Most of my Cult are under [CKA] temporary and working [EDARK]. [ELITE] is just waiting for my return. The Crafting I delegated away long ago can’t remember last time building a mainline fleet. My return, will require me to re-learn all aspects of the game which I’m looking forward to. The mechanic may have changed but my strategies always can be applied, like @Koltes hunter guide. Playing World of Warships [WoWs] has giving me some new ideas and view on the NA game as a whole. I won’t return to the game full for at least a few more months but will pop in every now and again. Have fun... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  9. Norfolk nChance

    Level Up Crafting

    Again, is all about your Primary goal and why are you crafting? @GoodTime in his OP mentions “Levelling Up...” The mechanic may have changed since my day, but this is how we did it. You don’t need the DLC or an ALT just planning. If Gold is NOT an issue then with the first 20x Trader Lynx built. If the new mechanic still drops Blue Prints then add the gifted perk. Now start breaking the trader lynx in port. The Parts will fall into the right area of your warehouse if you’ve followed the guides instructions. On occasion you’ll get BP drops if it still works that way and other extras... If Gold is an Issue... Forget the market. Officer Perk Shipyard Connections. This will add 15% to your sale price to the PORTs AI bid. Now if you’ve managed to collect the resources for the basic oak/crew trader lynx builds through buildings rather than purchasing in the market and built your spreadsheet. You will now notice the difference between cost to build and sale into the AI is a Loss of 100 Gold exactly... Sell all lynx into the AI bid which is done instantly without all the waiting around. Just get on with it. Now start the run again from the top watching the Labor Hours. Set your first Craft Level Target at 25 then pace yourself upward. Don’t stray from the plan. Get into a routine of farming the basic minimum resources for the 20x builds. You should be able to calculate the total amount of Trader Lynx needed to reach 50... Norfolk.
  10. Norfolk nChance

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    @Wind $12million total income at $40 On average Valve takes a 30% cut of STEAM sales leaving publishers and developers with 70% $3.6mil STEAMs cut = $8.4 million Small dev team over 4 years and running costs $3 to $5mil This excludes tax. Yeah I’ll stick with Banking... Norfolk.
  11. Norfolk nChance

    Level Up Crafting

    @GoodTime https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=821902779 This is my old and out of date [ELITE] Guide. Its still worth a quick read through as you see my thought processes and strategy. Keep a Goal in mind don’t just blindly plod along. Do your homework before starting anything. For example, Oak Logs are used in every single ship build. Don’t ship harvested resources around. At least turn them into the second stage materials. All core materials will be in reach of any major capital. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wo16bZ8EdM50KifPRnQ8Z-VfDkf8lJZDKaCz7M6Izik/edit#gid=0 Spreadsheets in the Age of Sail. If using someone’s spreadsheet then cross check the work. Build your own and you’ll get a better feel for crafting. P/ss Poor Planning... P/sses off Norfolk Target what gives more bang for your buck. Trader Lynx in my day. Also, by adding the officer perks Overseer and Foreman for Labor Hours wallet increase and a 25% drop in generation time. Then Officer Perk light ship master, this reduced my Labor Hours by 30%. The Trader Lynx BASIC will cost 152 labor Hours, using the perk reduced it to 107 Hours only. This is what I did in my day, read the Guide to get the idea. I built in units of 20x not lower. Also building larger ships is in effective because the lynx trader carried NO guns therefore No Carriages... Let me know how you get on/... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  12. Norfolk nChance

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    I think he @admin launched NA-L test just too soon that's all. NA-L needs to operate as a mini universe of NA-OW when One model ship is tweaked they're all tweaked other wise it would be impossible to manage with limited resources. Remember how the Essex in NA-L moved like a Pregnant Sow? And the Renommee was just awful compared to OW. Has @admin said they learned a hell of lot from it... Norfolk.
  13. Norfolk nChance

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    @Jeremiah Gunsmoke The Gameplay Yesterday... Your first point on the sailing and combat model is in pretty good shape. If you remember when we were playing NA-L the Dev’s started to tweak the NA-OW sail model with leeway etc. This one thing is what killed the game before anything else happened. The reason can be seen many times with [PvE] and [PvP Carribean] and before that with four server universes. Both servers are updated at the same time with all the same features apart from some obvious mechanic controls. Otherwise they are exactly the same universe. Individual server tweaking will morph quickly into two separate games having higher maintenance costs and HR drains. The Mechanic Controls are the only changes that can happen. The Ship models originally mapped onto NA-L still needed attention but was rapidly moving away from the NA-OW versions. NA-L pulled more HR into it and away from OW. Ever decreasing circles... POST NA-OW Launch... POST Launch NA-OW the lite Universe mapped over now will be more stable in a final state. It should be updated with and in the same way as NA-OW [PvP] & [PvE]. They should not drift apart as this returns to the morphing problem. Why talk about this History? This means NA-L needs to look and operate closer to NA-OW to keep in step with it. Otherwise funding, HR and other costs rapidly climb. The Game needs to be a closer representation of OW than probably what we had before (including Boarding)... Copy World of Warships [WoWs] but don’t... The major complaint with long term players (I’m not one), is the random battles. You can enter them in a division of 3 only. The rest of your team could be Muppets, retards or an Admiral Mahon descendant it’s just Potluck. This becomes an issue when I add perishable DLC Mods to my ship and a win will give huge reward while a loss a waste of real money. Teamed up with a bunch of morons and I don’t mean newbies is annoying. The Random Battles is the main game and NA-L will be the same. This to an extent happened in NA-L, however the weekend Events solo trials and Duels saw much better PvP partners. The ability to fight in Random Battles in larger groups makes the game much better than the 3x Division of [WoWs]. We [ARMED] me @JobaSet had a good 8 regular team players. This is NA-L big plus over [WoWs] in Random Battles... Clans & PORTs... Copy Copy Copy. Also spin off RANKED and Clan Battles can then be featured. The Clan PORT feature to allow speed multipliers to help the grind ladder. Also, a Campaign [PvE]/[Co-Op] Mission ladders with storylines... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Campaigns Progression with a Back Story... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships This wiki is very good and should be looked at resources aside. The Wiki you’ll find invaluable not just as a newbie but way up the chain ladder. Let me show you why... https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Leander This page shows a tier VI Cruiser the Leander. Starts with a brief overview but then looks more like our wiki with the build stats. The right far column at the bottom shows BATTLE level 6, 7, 8. This tells you in Random Battle you’ll meet Tier 6 to 8 ships. Now look left at “Player Opinion”. This is the key element. It gives a general role the tier VI GB Leander Cruiser is supposed to be doing. It always gives a view of where she sits within her peer group. With the downside featured and finally how the ship best functions within the game. Pros & Cons Then a research path suggestion for upgrades. Captain skills and Flags. Go look at a Battleship or Destroyer it’s the same format and with useful information. As much as I love the hard work @OlavDeng2 put into our Wiki it needs a makeover. The [WoWs] Wiki Helps SELL the Game ours doesn’t. The Progression Tree... Should be both vertical and horizontal in progression. It doesn’t need any more ships at first but could include different Build/Trim factors. However, the ship must correspond to the wiki description as to why what and where the ship is placed in that Peer group... Game Style Differences NA-OW to NA-L Unlike NA-Open World [NA-OW] which is an MMO with a whole boxed universe set within the Caribbean. NA-L is primary focused on PvP AoS ship combat only. Comparing NA-OW to an EvE Online as an idea, you’d say NA-L compares to a World of Tanks or World of Warships style of play. This is important to understand as with a NA-L game style any Dev Team will build in some type of progression Grind Hell to pay for the game. This progression grind can somehow be accelerated faster via some form of inward cash investment in the game. A good example of this is the World of Tanks Premium account which accounted for most of the company’s profits year after year. The NA-L grind was mis-understood believing the PC having to re-learn cannons up the progression chain. This grind idea was about learning to sail the ship before adding big guns and bling. Have a read of my guide and try the Jack & Danny Quiz... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24680-norfolk-nlegend-does-grinder/ Heavy protests about the gun grind was the feedback. This was a mistake with a lack of Back Story or understanding laid out by @admin and the Dev’s. Why are we doing this action this way and for what reason...? Finally, Stats more Stats and Charts... https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/554819715-NorfolknChance_UK/!/pvp/overview/ More in-game stats to measure your progress. The Battle Log really worked for me because I could clearly see where I was on the path. Leaderboards again open and worked well on the weekend events feature we did. http://shipcomrade.com/leaderboard.asp?name=NorfolknChance_UK&G=0&S=100&R=118&B=5&C=0&P=535 Realistic look at the Test Period... The player base comprised of NA-OW players. For me managing the [ELITE] clan and NA-L became just too hard. The Primary MPC was always going to be NA-OW so grind drag or battle scenario failures and teething troubles was always going to hit hard with out anything to lean on. I made a choice to follow @JobaSet through the tech tree instead of the new sailing model that would take several patches to roll out. Others went back to OW around late 5th rates to the 4th Rate tier. The next test should take this into account. Closing... This is just my response to NA-L and @Jeremiah Gunsmoke you’ve put a really good piece together and shows you miss NA-L as much as I. The one outstanding memory of NA-L was the weekend playing against @jodgi and @Liq and @rediii and other [PvP EU] players. These guys I only got to see through the forums. This opened my Naval Action world completely from just [PvP Global]... I hope NA-Legends does make a return, but only when NA-OW is launched and rolled out first... Norfolk nLegend
  14. Norfolk nChance

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    @Jeremiah Gunsmoke I love your work and will reply properly later. NA-Legends I look back with fond memories, like that old girlfriend. Forgetting the odd flaw like the FORT map Battles or when she accidentally ran over my mum's dog... Norfolk. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24680-norfolk-nlegend-does-grinder/ My best Guide Title ever...
  15. Norfolk nChance

    Remembering MICROPROSE.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFO:_Enemy_Unknown this was a brilliant Micropose game. Sank hours into it...