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  1. Norfolk nChance

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    @Sir Texas Sir I can see now how this would come across. My poorly worded script should have said after completing my PvE idea mentioned above (extending from the OP). The Mods are names for names sake (expect @Hethwill of course), a sales pitch if you like. Having Guest player leaders like @rediii or your good self... Using this type of style like I said brings the Dev’s into the Players Community from a positive sense that’s outside the FORUMs... If time have look through the Agony stuff, BASIC Wolf Pack Courses. The individual New Player doesn’t feel so isolated and alone. Dipping his toe in the Shark Tank becomes easier. I absolutely agree, we shouldn’t force them into play when they are not ready. At the moment 20 seconds outside K/PR and they are... @Christendom. Just idea my friend...
  2. Norfolk nChance

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    Every Saturday why not the Moderators run a BASIC revenge gank squad made up of brand new players or players wanting to play and learn PvP. Different Capital each week or neutral ports as well to create a mix nations group. BASIC ship entry no frills. They then purposefully go out to find a fight. Use TS3 or whatever you want. The idea is to get them fighting sinking and having a laugh. This is how the agony guys in EvE used to do it (no longer around I think). A BASIC Pickle pack would run riot through Null-Sec taking large ships on or gang groups. https://agony-unleashed.com/ https://forums.agony-unleashed.com/index.php?/forum/2-enrollment/ https://www.youtube.com/c/AgonyUnleashedPVP It seriously works, getting the Beginner to PvP into a fight and learning win or lose. We also got very drunk along the way... This thread was inspired by the Bad STEAM review thread earlier. The ONE thing that did come out from both newer and older players was the feeling of not being heard by the Dev’s. If the Moderators like... @Hethwill @Iroquois Confederacy Or Dev’s Like @Ink or even the Genius himself @adminran the squad for a couple of hours on a Saturday... It would be an event that would draw in players both new and old. The Dev’s running the thing would build player moral and the sense of community. The Problem of Seal Clubbing from this view now looks like a positive... Norfolk.
  3. Norfolk nChance

    New Player Retention: Noobs & Seal Clubbing vs Seasoned PVPers

    Zones don’t really seem to do the job whether The Rookie Shallows or Safe zones. They all suffer the same problem on the initial 5 to 10 days steep learning curve. The idea of all new players starting on PvE first I think goes along way to solve the starter problems. The Pop-Up spawn would lead to more ALT farming than you could believe and is none starter in my opinion. My thoughts:- Early Steps... Like the tutorials a newbie will need to climb to a certain rank and craft point at which the game will open up allowing a PC creation on the [PvP Caribbean] server. This is just an option and can be executed any time after the levels are breached. This allows for different Nation allegiances and spawn areas plus time to develop all types of skills. Or just remain on PvE. The new player at the breach level should understand crafting, trading, combat missions and co-op play before starting PvP. This coding wise is far simpler an idea. Thus bedding down the tutorial. He’s got used to talking in PvE [Global Chat] getting help and interacting with the community. [PvP Caribbean]... The new player Character [PC] starting on [PvP Caribbean] will start at the level breach only. So, craft level 5 and a commander level 4 for example with a BASIC Brig and 10,000 in cash at his Nations main PORT. Here the player has had time to get used to the game and its mechanics before starting to PvP. He doesn’t start back at zero to climb the grind again a big NO-NO. All new PCs start with exactly the same amount. His old PC on PvE still works as normal and should be used to test thing if needed. A good example is boarding or de-masting techniques that take a long time to master etc. He will get ganked at the start, but hopefully be able to learn more from this process or ways round it. This rather than rage quitting and we would retain him longer. His view on the NA-OW is wider so can handle the PvP world better than starting completely in the dark and become HOOKED just like you and I have... Its easy for me to say this, but I did bring my clan over from PvE to PvP Global. It took a bit of time to settle in but we did it. The solo player will still struggle however at first. This is the number ONE complaint from players with under 100 hours in the game. Read the reviews... https://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/0/1693795812290903226/ I tried to give some ideas to the guys on STEAM suffering from clubbing but I do like the PvE idea. If you can give them better advice go do it... Thanks for reading, Norfolk.
  4. Norfolk nChance

    Game Reviews on Steam

    Unfortunately, I think both @Bach and @Christendom are correct which leads to some very hostile reviews indeed. I’ve just read all the reviews out to 1 year, try it... A negative review from a player with 2,000 hours in game seems madness until you read them. In most cases it will revolve around a mechanic change involving PvP. It never says the graphics are rubbish. Ganking or in real terms Seal Clubbing [SC] noobs is a big concern and the UI. The [SC] I’ve answered on STEAM already. This the game is too hard to play GRIND. Why do the Dev’s wipe and losing my redeemables? They the players are still treating it like it’s a launched game. @Christendom makes the valid point of “Paying” to Test gives you more of a say. If NA-OW was always completely FREE would you still have negative reviews? For me I believe whether its lost in translation or man power its communication that’s lacking. The ONE main thing that comes through all the reviews is they the Players feel unheard by the Dev’s. If this is TRUE or NOT it’s a different argument. The fact they feel it is the problem... WoWs is a different game but small YouTube clips and PRESS releases on a daily basis’s I like but that’s man power. You feel in touch... Like Mrs. nChance when she feels unheard or ignore she tends to get more vocal and harsher in her review of my lacking attention. Maybe the player who rights a review is feeling somewhat similar... Norfolk.
  5. Norfolk nChance

    game not starting...

    I feel your pain Brother.... Well done...o7
  6. Norfolk nChance

    Serious game lag

    @Ink what happened to @Wind and @Liang Dao Ming was an issue 18 months I think you remember with players spawning under water. Wasn't the game stuck, didn't crash but couldn't load either so left the player under water in nomans land? N.
  7. Norfolk nChance

    game not starting...

    Bill Gates, shake his hand or kick him in the betty Swollocks…? tough one
  8. Norfolk nChance

    game not starting...

    OK Guys, I noticed this last Win10 update it was trying to control YouTube notices and other social media things... Google Creep.... all sorts of stuff nVidia... nVidia also had a driver Update on Thursday. So, sometimes it doesn’t always gel. If you are using GE Force Experience just check the driver installed is Version 397.64 Win10... Next in win10 go to the settings page [Windows symbol, left click the cog wheel above the on/off button]. Update & Security [Left click] First check it says “You’re Up to date” Second left click “View update history” Just see if anything says “Failed to Update” Normally this will be the Windows Defender Check if any of the iCores are PARKED... Laptops sometimes have two or three of the iCores in your system parked. Now Win10 is so large compared to the previous OS the system it may need extra puff. Right Click Windows symbol then second section [Task Manager] click. Bottom on the window make sure you see arrow in a circle pointing upwards with “Fewer Details”. Then click performance tab. At the bottom of the window click “Open Resource Monitor”, then tab “CPU”. On the right side you will see all the iCores on the systems. CPU 0,1,2,3... CPU 7 (iCore7 etc). Check they all have 100% on the right of each graph and NOT “PARKED”. If all good then open STEAM... Top left STEAM > Settings > Downloads > then left click “CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE” You will be logged out and need to relog back into STEAM. That’s all I got at the moment for you to try. Let me know how you get on... Norfolk.
  9. Norfolk nChance

    game not starting...

    Check in the laptops Power Settings when playing the game it is set to "High Performance" and not "Power Saver" or "Balanced" 1. Right Click Windows symbol on the START menu. 2. Second from the top menu [Power Options] left click 3. Power & Sleep screen, right side left click [Additional power settings] 4. Choose High Performance, then click [Change plan settings] on the right-hand side N.
  10. Norfolk nChance

    Pirate Dens around the map

    That's right. When @Duncan McFail says his ALTs are Back they'll be back.... nice to see you fella o7
  11. Norfolk nChance

    Serious game lag

    @Headless Parrot With no internet problems or issues then you’re looking at a local conflict I'd guess. Could be a couple of things which I’ve had in the past. Win10 had a big update last week also nVidia had a driver update two days ago. Sometimes after these updates players have encountered issues. Just check all was updated correctly. The other thing to try in STEAM go to settings > downloads. Then press “Clear Download Cache”. Might also want to look at the support section also and see if @ink can help... http://forum.game-labs.net/forum/38-support/ Hope this helps N.
  12. Norfolk nChance

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    @Percival Merewether forgive my poorly worded script. It wasn't aimed at you in anyway shape or form I see your point and will give it a test. The Peel-Off would need to show on the static Thickness number still. Thickness detrition will allow for the higher dispersion shots to count as a success rather than miss in other words. If both Cannon Pen and Thickness values are fairly close at the start of battle you'd see more misses while towards the close you'd see more hits. Even so with this method the damaged ship returning to PORT will show one side damaged against the other but the thickness value would have not changed. One side value should be lower than the other. An off the cuff thought might to be to try an analyzed dispersion code in the game. This is where the adjustment could be made and yet still have a permeant thickness value that's static. In other words the attackers guns become more accurate the lower the Armor HEALTH... N.
  13. Norfolk nChance

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    @Percival Merewether Thank you for the reply. There is one thing you can do to see for yourself, very few if any players would actual test the theory. I have. In relation to @admin comment... Update 4 October Bonuses for ship building woods were slightly rebalanced, ship will retain thickness for a bit longer when losing HP As at Christmas I am absolutely sure Peel off doesn’t exist. First @admin sentence is NOT exact or clear. Is he actually referring to the Planking Thickness Health and not the Planking Thickness Penetration value? I believe he’s actually commenting on when the HEALTH reaches absolute zero and the next ball to hit will strike the internal health or central bar of the ship? Sucking Eggs... In-game I’ve just looked at one of my Agamemnon ships. In the second tab showing the ships detail mid screen you see this line... Sides (L/R) 7172/7172 Thickness 67.58 Please bear with me here. It shows the two sides armor health values and the thickness penetration value needed to cause a successful strike. What was told to me in the POST as one side is warn down the Thickness Pen value also reduces. Thus, giving the planking peel off effect. Take a ship out get in a fight and retreat back to PORT. I did this with Mercury in the POST but any ship will do. If my Aggy took 50% damage to the Starboard side the new line in PORT would now read this... Sides (L/R) 7172/3586 Thickness 67.58 If Thickness Peel-Off existed it would read this... Sides (L/R) 7172/3586 Thickness 67.58/33.79 Thickness Or Penetration value of the planking is a fixed constant figure that never changes. Exactly like the Damage the actual Cannon ball delivers on a successful penetration of the Hull. Peel-Off Feel Good is Real I can definately feel it in-game and admin has mentioned it mulitple times: What you are actually feeling is the logarithmic Percentage increase in Damage which is causing a precipitous decline in HEALTH. Example... Imagine you successfully deal 500 points (breaching the Penetration Value) each broadside to a ships side that’s got armor health of 10,000 points. You account for about 5 percent damage to the ships health. It will take 20 broadsides to knocked out the side planking... The feeling you have starts probably at 30% reduction but definitely noticeable when the enemy armor is at 50% health. Now the Broadside damage of 500points against the Hull of 5,000 points has doubled to 10% in value. 10 broadsides are only needed to completely destroy the side. At 3000 points is 17% or just 6 more broadsides are needed... You are NOT dealing any better damage but each new broadside delivered is dealing more effective HPs compared the previous one. THIS IS THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR. Test Test and Keep Testing... Its very easy to reply in a forum POST “That’s wrong or rubbish or whatever...”. Just test it and see. If you read the entire back and forth in the post I highlight predictive target destruction. How many successful rounds would it take to sink a ship at x distance with a type of cannon... Funny enough using my ALT I did it. The only issue I couldn’t prove was the STERN. It takes more shots to sink the boat than I predicted. Sorry for the length but I needed to explain each stage. If Peel off exists the side thickness value needs two figures to match each side of the ship. Norfolk.
  14. Norfolk nChance

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    @[ARMED] Matster77 http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25469-thickness-penetration-details/ @Percival Merewether is correct. In an earlier POSTED Qs, I answer this and with a link to one of my guides. Also prove “Thickness Peel Off” doesn’t exist and is a side effect felt from a precipitous decline in the Planking’s Health and not a reduction in the static thickness number value. N.
  15. Norfolk nChance

    Server Maintenance

    @admin If in time we (Asia) gets its own server, we still take part within the same Boxed Universe? The absolute 1 major complaint of WoTs and WoWs is closed end servers. They are all in separate Universes. We don’t want this at all. Also I think all servers need resetting at the same time. Whatever that time is. Think about PORT resource amounts etc... You could give @Ink a pay rise and tell him to start earlier and reset the servers 2 hours earlier? Norfolk.