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  1. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Clan Name ELITE Short Name ELITE Description ELITE more cult than clan... same used on my 3x server clan groups [will try to re-install]
  2. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    @admin & @Ink Feedback from TestBed. Is this the right thread for reporting back? UI First test couldn’t form a clan? Got the form filled in but just wouldn't expect it. Couldn’t [F11] doesn’t work also not shown on my screen. OW Graphics Didn’t notice much change to be honest. The Lighting was very good though. Looking at distances sky shows “Blockie”. Will get images. Performance Ping rate in both OW and BATTLE stable 1v1 On high nVidia settings and AAx2 good work Norfolk
  3. HMS Queen Elizabeth first entry in Portsmouth

    For those that maybe interested, HMS Queen Elizabeth first entry in Portsmouth yesterday Two clips suggest the short version. Long Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-iCbfkJmSI Short Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7GKeEKEbds Norfolk
  4. let me know when I can have the key....
  5. Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    @admin or @Ink The idea by @Christendom might need some help here. If asked in a Patch could you give all PCs an Indefatigable like before as a Redeemable? Can the ship come with locked mod slots, skill slots with NO cargo space? Can this be done quickly if needed? This would give all New or Senior players alike the same ship. Doesn’t need any policing or monitoring. Everybody can take part. Also we all get a freebie disposable boat. @admin is this possible? It would make the event very straight forward.
  6. Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    In Gallery, throwing peanuts at @Christendom … 1. Vanilla Duels 1v1 Individual single PC 1v1 knockout. NO Perm Mods, NO Skill Knowledge, NO Repairs. Agree Chris you can’t enforce it. Referee pre-start each fight tells the PvPers the NO 3s and then start. I TRUST no one will actually CHEAT. That's it... Remember the new guys as well. Three classes, GREEN – Below 5th Rate, WHITE 5th – 4th Rates and RED SoLs 2. Formula 1 OPEN 3v3 One CLASS 4th Rates and Below. Bring what 3 ships you want 4th rates or lower. Any Perm Mod, Any Skill Knowledge, Any number of repairs. 3. Me & My ALT 1+ALT v 1+ALT One CLASS 4th Rates and Below. Bring what 2 ships you want 4th rates or lower. Any Perm Mod, Any Skill Knowledge, Any number of repairs. You MPC plus your ALT [Sandboxie]… Peanuts thrown…
  7. Battle of the Bastards - PVP Global Duel Tournament

    Sport - Knockout Draw Generator (16 Teams) v0.02.xlsx Like the idea. Agree with similar observations others have made here. Would suggest TWO forms of battle. 1. Vanilla Duels 2. Formula 1 Vanilla duels and battles NO, Perm mods, NO ship knowledge skills and NO repair kits. Giving limit choices is too complicated just make clean simple. Also, this will encourage the newer PvPer to enter instead of the “older guys will have all the kit what’s the point…?” type of thing. The Formula 1 events are no holds barred apart from a UPPER Band CLASS or BR Limit. As it states bring what you want decked out as you wish. La Navesse sounds good to me. Norfolk.
  8. Idea: Offer a 30-day free Trial…?

    Idea: Offer a 30-day free Trial…? What if the Dev’s offered a 30-day free trial to give someone new player a try? @admin said the NA Legend trails may start at the end of the month so something around the same time… This was an idea by @Taurus454, clan [ISN] long standing player on PvP Global. Give him shout. If you think its rubbish idea let me know, if you have a better one likewise… Norfolk
  9. Global Maintenance Times

    Unity5 rollout perhaps... move to Hong Kong
  10. To Devs: PvE server has potential

    @admin dare me to question you My Lord Genius, but if you ever find me using fair tactics in a PvP Battle please just double tap me and move along...
  11. Idea: Port Battle Night Flips Solved...

    more take than give then @Intrepido thanks for the reply.
  12. Idea: Port Battle Night Flips Solved...

    Port Battle Night Flips Gone… Just read… Table of UTC times and PB times are at the bottom of this POST Merging the Servers is truly needed, but trying to solve the Night Flip issue seems to be a problem for most. FIRST open your mind and think about this. The table shows different locals around the world including the UTC Timer. At whatever time, a PB happens someone somewhere it’s going to be a night flip. Flip the Problem instead… Having a 3am Port Battle on a School night is no fun. Mrs. nChances’ comment of “you’re a dick Norf…” am truly starting to believe crawling out of bed at some un-Godly hour. However, at weekends its quite a different story and one will Snort, Smoke and drink just as much as you do. We play NA for longer and at either ends of our normal play times than done in the week. So, you know how to suck eggs? Now before you stop reading or rolling your eyes make sure you read to the end. ALL PORT BATTLES will happen between UTC Saturday and UTC Sunday. PB will not be a weekly event anymore. I shouldn’t need to point out WHY this is needed for both commercial and population numbers. It’s ideal for the present community size. When we are at 5,000 a day then re-open the Weekly. The attacker has TWO decisions to now make. Attackers Decisions… The first is what day UTC Saturday or UTC Sunday he wants the Port Battle. This is decided on what day he pops the Hostility Mechanic. Popping on a Saturday, Sunday or a Monday will result in a NEXT Saturday Port Battle. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will result in the NEXT Sunday Port Battle. So, shortest prep time is Popping on a Friday to Battle that same Sunday. The Longest is popping on a Saturday resulting in the PB the following Saturday. You get the idea, right? The second decision the attacker will need to make is a Start Time of the Battle. This by far the cause of 75% of the bull shit posted on the main forum, “…but its middle of the night for me…” Unfortunately the Dev’s need to listen, unlike me and the Mrs. Who don’t give a fcuk… really, I don’t care. However, I do care about the games survival so this is the chance element that comes into play. The Attacker will be given three choices Early, Mid or Late day session time only. Look at the UTC timer at the bottom of this POST again. Shouldn’t need to explain it to a bright well-meaning bunch as you lot but E_PB_1 to E_PB_6 are the six early session time slots. The attacker picking the early start, the GAME will randomly pick one of the six times. In this case E_PB_4 or UTC 13:00. The window is SIX hours in size so NOT exact like before 46hours and you’re done… You can see how this element is just wide enough in time scale to cause problems on either side. That chance is a key element… A bit of Give N Take is needed now… The PvP EU guys will be really happy with this obviously. The weekend so NOT at that un-Godly hour that a couple of lines and a French red wouldn’t solve. The strategic forced element of PvP Global pushing the night flip strategy can still sort of work. But it’s a six-hour gamble… it works… it’s a chance element… I wanted this to be the front end start of my BLOCKADE Port Battle Idea 1.02 which is in the suggestions thread somewhere. This extending out across three days instead of just two days. The two ideas work well together now to bring All players of any Nation Clan or solo into every Port Battle event into a single focus… If you think the idea is rubbish let me know, if you have a better one likewise… Norfolk
  13. Server Merge & Solution for Port Battles / Raids

    Can we Test this on The TestBed…? On Port Battles… This is my old idea inspired by @Mike the Mongel . The many issues surrounding the Port Battle mechanic is one of Speed. Not just the incredible Speeds some can flip but the entire focus on just one battle that might or might not be attended. It’s all over way too quickly and with no added value. Add a rubbish start time for some and what we have is… well… its lacking… We need it wider in perspective, don't focus on the tweaking mechanics... Make them more of an event, rather than a so what… http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/20214-the-port-battle-blockade-idea/ The idea above makes it an all-round event. Oh, and kills the night flippers because they’ll also need to enforce the BLOCKADE round the clock for two whole days. The issue I struggle with is the actual hostility build up. I wasn’t around for the flag plant so can’t say either way. Reading the forum there was a lot of issues with this system also. I would also focus the Port Battle BLOCKADEs can only START window on a Thursday Server restart time closing Friday server shut down. So, the event straddles the weekend and concludes Monday. On Server Merges… It’s a question of all or none. PvE must be merged also, just from a maintenance upkeep and focusing content to come later. Makes business sense. This I’ve wanted from Day 1. We need to (like it or not) look at our Big Sister EvE Online. Hi-Sec and Lo-Sec works but needs thought and focus. At the turn of the year of the original PvE area in the Gulf looked a solution. Would have liked to seen this on the TestBed. Open up the Panama Canal 100 years early to access the Pacific. For RvR trading with the Japans and the straits of Malacca or China PORT reps. A PvE access point and area may need to be used Mexico way, but you get the idea. And have better ones also… On Balance… I’ve selfishly wanted the Same Nation NPC restricted overlay lifted and to open the Sandbox for a long time now. The PvE area or Hi-Sec is the BASE that anchors the entire GAME. Without it there is no sense to the PvP that happens outside it. Inward investment, PORT improvements PC or clan ownership of resources with added value is a must. Look at YouTube for examples of Lo-Sec and what happens. It works, but needs the Hi-Sec center for it to make sense. The forum seems to have become from back and forth banter to a more TOXIC tone recently. We lose focus, we will lose the game. Yes, the mechanic is not quite right, but let’s start thinking at really solving the problem. The genius that is @admin needs real constructive input, and not ego’s bitchin’… The collective talent in our small community is vast compared to ELITE, WOW and EvE that have many more thousands of players to pool from. Never thought I’d meet people who are actually as intelligent as yours truly. I did say no ego’s right…? So, we have the brains… The idea is sort of right by @Peter Goldman in his OP. Make it work or we’ll playing EvE Online again with fourteen-year-old dickheads sooner than I really want too… Norfolk nEgo
  14. Ran anbody else into FPS Issues recently?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdb4iybN8gg this might help with Win10, if your drivers are up to date I found it useful and helped.