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  1. Norfolk nChance

    Idea: Bring AGONY to NA-OW...!

    @Slim McSauce Thanks for the reply, its was getting lonely here... “Burn Jita...” is a great if not the best player run event in any MMO, bound out of a damned protest at CCP (EvE Dev’s). I remember waiting for that year’s update with great anticipation. What we got? A DLC $90 eye monocle we can buy for your Avatar that nobody uses in the game. Leaving other more important features not updated... It felt like the CCP had focused on the DLC money grab and micro transactions than the actual main game improvement. If this is true or not @adminand the Dev’s should study “Burn Jita” and avoid CCPs mistake. CCP now have turned it into an annual event quietly forgetting it was a protest to start with. The Players assault on Jita a High-Sec PvE Hub like our K/PR safe zone was massive. The AI Police eventually won but it did test stress the servers somewhat... NA-OW is a Lite Sandbox... The Game we play is not a Sandbox. It’s a Lite version meaning there is heavy NPC overlays and restrictions needed in order for it to work. This causes much of the anguish by players because lite Sandboxes need RvR in order to work. Look at the difference between [EvE] high-Sec and Null-Sec areas. High-Sec is a lite sandbox area resembles our PvE server yet Null-Sec is completely different from our [PvP Caribbean] which is as close to a Sandbox as you can get. We play PvE and PvP Lite we need the RvR because of the NPC Overlays. RvR Content or NPC Input... Just for me to think, research and write the “Norfolk nNoob goes Gank-ing...!” plus the two expansions took a lot of time. In fact, if it was ever adopted by @admin, it would only take a player maybe a long weekend or week to complete. No time at all. Yet it needed missions following a storyline thread, testing, spell check... Just look at how much work went into the first four tutorials. It’s a massive undertaking and that’s the problem. It needs human resources. Whale Hunting, how long would that actually take to implement from start to finish? Hundreds of man hours before we the testers get to pull it apart. GamesLab is not CCP or Wargaming.net, NA-OW punches way above its weight and sometimes we forget that. I know I do... The RvR content somehow needs to come from the likes of @Intrepido and @Kpt Lautenschlaeger and many others that give great ideas. Like in [ARMA III] the players build their own storyline and content take a look at it. It’s a brilliant solution using BASIC Code but no idea how it’s done. Darthmod we already know can do it...? Rookie Lead-in Time rather than protection... Rookie lead into the game via a PvE Ladder is a great formula to start and be 100% safe. Anybody can see what skill level they are at and an idea where they are going. This allows for the PvP content to become more Sandbox like, because Norfolk nNoob can handle the environment. We can open the game from this type of start. Safe Zone start yes is ok but not the b-all and end all. "AGONY" gets the rookie or anyone wanting to learn PvP into the right mind set. It gets Noobs fighting... We don’t need or want complicated overlays, just a straight path to walk. Then the world is our oyster...! Norfolk.
  2. Norfolk nChance

    The opinion of a newb

    @DarkVane I have a lot of sympathy for you and other new players. Like @Slim McSauce said that quite a bit as being done to help new players. However, the one main failing is the brand-new player completing the fourth tutorial to going outside and getting ganked (seal clubbed) is way too close. The Learning Curve is steep, EvE Online [EVE] is steeper and World of Warships [WoWs] is lighter. However, with [EVE] and [WoWs] you are not let loose in their version of Open World for quite some time. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26120-idea-bring-agony-to-na-ow/ Click on Part1 Norfolk goes Ganking and then Part2 then this the final link. This type of system is what actually is needed. You are 100% safe until you are ready to PvP. By that time, you will have a basic level of competence with your peer group and a good grounding in all aspects of the game. Safe Zones Safe Zones sound like the perfect solution, but they’re fundamentally flawed. There should be no additional overlays etc. to get them to work as intended to keep you safe. The flaw is not the game but the actual attack or Seal Club. Its experienced Players exploiting the new players, this small risk taken to get the kill reward will drive the Senior Player to find “Work Arounds...”. So, adding overlays to Safe Zones is stopping a Symptom but doesn’t stop the actual Problem. Its about learning to PvP... To learn to fight you need to fight and get sunk. Learning from your mistakes is how you become better. When dropped in at the deep end like at the moment the player simply has too much to process to learn anything from the experience. The new player gains no added value from the pvp at the moment. Now with 1x Durability ships (which I agree with) it becomes costly as well. This wasn’t the case in my day. AGONY helps with this. You’re absolutely right [EvE]s number 1 Rule # Don’t sail what you can’t afford to lose. That’s near impossible to do in NA-OW as a Noob... It’s just a view like all the others, taken from my experience in [NA-OW], [EvE] and [WoWs]... Norfolk.
  3. Norfolk nChance

    Idea: Bring AGONY to NA-OW...!

    Idea: Bringing “Agony” to [PvP Carribbean] & NA-OW @admin @Ink @Hethwill This is the second and final expansion idea from the original idea Norfolk nNoob goes Gank-ing...! Here we’ll discuss the PvP portion after Norfolk nNoob completes the Stage Level Break on PvE. Part1 http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25951-idea-norfolk-nnoob-goes-gank-ing/ Part2 http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26076-idea-start-missions-and-storyline/ Part3 https://agony-unleashed.com/ https://forums.agony-unleashed.com/index.php?/forum/2-enrollment/ https://www.youtube.com/c/AgonyUnleashedPVP?reload= You’ll need a beer... Norfolk nNoob completed the 6 missions on PvE and has a PvE PC there which operates as a normal Character. He’s logged into [PvP Caribbean] using the same name under the GB Nation. He start’s in K/PR with 1x Brig 1x Trader Brig and 10,000 Currency. He has NO Rank or Craft Level. He’ll need to use the BASIC Cutter to start with having not enough crew to manage the other two ships. This is to give him a nudge to do the exams. A Message appears in PORT. Message_1 Welcome [Norfolk nNoob] to the GB Nation at Kingston/Port Royal. You may now take the sailing exams and the FINAL Exam. Passing the first 4 exams will grant you Rank 03 plus 3x “AGONY” Tour Papers.... Passing the final exam will grant two rare items. You may take them at any time. Practice on the PvE server with your PC there doing the tasks asked (they’re exactly the same). We strongly advise you to do these exams next, but it’s not compulsory. Good Luck and fair winds Captain... Norfolk reaches a Standard Level of Competence... Here Norfolk nNoob will be at a standard level of competence within the game after passing the four exams. A second message will appear for the EXAM PASS and The AGONY Tours Invite. This just explains what they are. So, you cannot get onto AGONY tour without successfully completing the exams. Message_2 Well done [Norfolk nNoob] you’ve passed all four exams. You are promoted to Rank xx. You will find in your redeemable folder 3x AGONY Tour Papers. You can try to complete the final exam now. This will promote you to XX and you will receive 2 unique gifts only viable from passing the FINAL EXAM. AGONY Tour Papers Each paper when used is an application to take part in the AGONY PvP Tour. This is to get you started into PvP-ing. Its open to anybody but a $20,000 levy is applied to each application. This is returned once the tour is completed. If you fail to turn up the money is forfeit. After using all 3 Papers, if you still want to continue on the Agony Tours, DLC Agony Papers can be purchased in the shop. Good Luck and fair winds Captain... What is an AGONY Tour...? (Please read Part1 for agony background and website) A Saturday Evening... A GamesLab staff member [GLM] like @Ink or @Hethwill or even @admin will take a large battle group of players x15 in basic unrated ships for a sail. Purposefully seeking out any player or player fleets of any size. Then to attack them. If you are sunk, you’ll automatically respawn back at the starter PORT with a new ship. The [GLM] will guide the group via in game group battle chat through the battles and also fighting himself. This is to get you into the mind set of fighting and getting sunk. Usual rules, first sunk drinks 3 shots of vodka, last man standing 2 lines of marching powder & a Disco Biscuit... Plus, you get to see and play with the Dev’s at first hand. This is much better than the normal restrictive FORUM format. How do I get on tour? You need $20,000 and an Agony Paper. Open the Paper and agree terms and conditions. At which $20,000 deposit is taken from you and a locked AGONY PORT will appear in your Outposts tab. After triggering the Paper Tour, you will receive a mail with a UTC time and date in which to be present at your own PORT. Example Saturday night 7:30pm. Nothing else is now required from you. In Norfolk nNoob’s OUTPOST tab the AGONY PORT on Saturday at 7:30pm will turn live. A mail reminder will also be sent. Norfolk nNoob just clicks the AGONY PORT. Transfer and BASE PORT... He will then be transferred to the BASE PORT. This could be anywhere the [GLM] chooses. Norfolk Noob for the Tour’s duration will be a Neutral Nation Player and NOT GB. At this point introductions will be made and you and Norfolk will be grouped up even if you are from different starting nations. Each person making sure all in group chat is all understood. This should be straight forward having done the earlier Co-Op missions on PvE. The [GLM] will give a quick brief on PORT exit, group sailing rules etc and where we are going. Departure time 8pm. My Ship... In the BASE PORT you will find 1x BASIC Ship. This could be a Pickle or a Brig maybe a Le Requin Xebec that @admin wants testing who knows. All gunned out with medium cannons and in the Hold the right ratio of Hull, Rig and Rum repairs. No Permeant mods what so ever. Your ship knowledge skills and Perks though will work. What type of Group PvP https://wiki.agony-unleashed.com/index.php/PVP_Classes If the AGONY tour becomes popular then different types of Tours could be offered. The above link shows the different types the original idea ran. For NA-OW we would start with the [PvP BASIC] covering Basic Fleet Maneuvering, PvP BASICs and Communications and recon procedure. Take it from there through popular demand. Use players such as @rediii for maybe an advanced fleet group, to maybe others wanting to learn the small group advanced Ganking skills. All driven by demand and DLC Paper Purchases. The First Roam, The First Contact, The First Gank… The [GLM] will then lead the group in a roam around the area hunting for players. First Contact will be fun. If Norfolk nNoob is sunk he will just respawn back at the BASE PORT. There will be another ship waiting. He then needs to catch up to where ever the fleet is. After first contact we may find some of us in the fleet are in need of repairs and such. With the FLEET having “Neutral” Status we can enter any PORT to recover. The Roam will only be for a couple of hours, but I think will give the new players more confidence. Plus, a very addictive adrenalin rush... Back to BASE... At the end of the tour we all return to BASE. In the OUTPOST tab will be an Agony return PORT and when hit it will return you back to PORT. Status back to GB and $20,000 returned. The [GLM] will close with a speech like... “Go home get your friends in a gang and go gank...” “You don’t need me...” The AGONY Tour Ends... AGONY Mechanic... Keep it simple and under lockdown. Use AGONY Papers to trigger the client link. All Players turning into Neutral Nation will make handling easier. Also, the Tour providing the Ship and content stops delays hassles and chancers. Re-spawning with a new ship should encourage some offensive maneuverers. The Junkie...? This is a very simple basic and formulaic system to take a brand-new player finishing with worthwhile PvP content. Starting with the PvE Ladder ends with 2x PC on each server doing the exams and final exam. At a measured basic level of competence. The Learning Curve and the Navel Action-Ego now allows our Rookie to develop dependence tendencies as he’s being allowed time to learn different skills like sailing and communication while not in fear to explore his open world. He’s more likely now to become a Junkie... Using the PvE server at first is the Key. He is 100% safe. Negates all the safe zone bollocks and over complication. From the first four tutorials through capturing the AI thief “Too Fingers, Too light Tony” with the first mission. All this in open world that takes Norfolk nNoob into a Pirate storyline mission that threads the player through all the different skill sets needed like navigation, exploring, crafting and trading to the final Co-Op mission... Norfolk nNoob plus mates must breakout of the PORT Siege held by the AI Pirates “The Black Seal Clubbers...” Then the Tier break allowing the PvP entry. Here the exams and final EXAM Message gives a perfect bridge from the PvE to PvP world. He’s not left high and dry. Finally, 3x Agony Tours run by the Guys that built this world... Norfolk nNoob is now at a measured level of competence after completing this short journey. He will still get sunk, he might never be [ELITE] but he is so much better prepared to take on [PvP Caribbean] with some real Naval Action... In-Closing... The [GML] input is vital as I stressed in the original post. In time yes, it can be farmed out but at first it must be them. These Saturday Night Romps I can see been an event drawing in both old and new players alike. The Old guys keep going on about the “Trafalgar...” play before my time but what if you heard @admin was running a fifteen strong Gank squad of Heavy Rattlers heading towards K/PR. You’d want to look... This will help build back up the community spirit and moral in our noobs. A Clan head simply cannot achieve the same effect. This idea born out of solving seal clubbing gives something much better to the whole game. Making a more formulaic starting structure helps give polish to the final product. And for a Junkie what's more appealing than a well-polished surface... Thank you for reading, and let me know what you think... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  4. Norfolk nChance

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    Better new player introduction Introducing AGONY Tours to [PvP Caribbean] with optional DLC papers Integrated Whale Hunting Mechanic with optional DLC LGV Whale ship Multiple currency options allowing for a deeper economic play More Virtual wenches...
  5. Norfolk nChance

    search function for stuff in your warehouses and ships

    Just found this from Galt, no luck on mine
  6. Norfolk nChance

    Firezone Width

    come on @z4ys Get this in a guide and we'll push it on STEAM and into FORUM Guides... More players need to see this fella Norfolk nPRagent
  7. Norfolk nChance

    search function for stuff in your warehouses and ships

    @Thonys I built an excel spreadsheet a while back that did just that. Had a mark to market of the goods also. This connected to the shipwright giving you an actual cost of the ship built. It was one of my first posts. It was called “Norfolk nChance at Sea...” I’ll have a look for it Norfolk
  8. Norfolk nChance

    Free Camera Mode tutorial

    @Slim McSauce OK Drone View... [Home] to detach. Z & X up/down W – forward & down S – Back & Up If you see a ship in the distance press [CTRL] key and hold it down. This frees your Mouse. Hover mouse over the ship and double click. This brings up the details... I think you are talking about [LEFT ALT] key while aiming Now go like my Norfolk nAhab whale idea... Norfolk.
  9. Norfolk nChance

    Free Camera Mode tutorial

    @AeRoTR I’m too old to learn how to YouTube properly which is a much better format than my drawling text although I do like the STEAM model. You guys do much better job than I. Take a look at @z4ys YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slkeFahMCxM&list=PLvb3k0RUu-JpUPzOg9fSgXjs8_kQCLn00 I think you’ve some links on the website. Short clips with overlay pointer graphics and Text in the correct places. Music not too loud. This is one of my favorites under 2 minutes he gets the point across. The entire series under 8 minutes yet packed with information without feeling rushed or him speaking... STEAM Guides My Guides in STEAM become hard to find, look under guides at the top and go “MOST RECENT”. To get the NA-Legend guide its on the side thread “Guides” so I need to repost them in the Guide forum. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24680-norfolk-nlegend-does-grinder/ Your web page is ideal for the one stop shop. Still POST new updates on the FORUM and STEAM... Problem with Guides... With NA-OW guides they can become dated in no time. Simply put the Mechanic changes way too quickly because its an EA game. However, what I try to deliver is the strategy behind the mechanic. This is to allow the reader to build his or her own plan... The mechanic may and probably will change but the strategy doesn’t. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/21600-guide-to-solo-piracy-or-how-to-hunt-with-a-style/ @koltes is a good friend and this guy likes stats more the me. His guide shows mechanic flaws and dating. However, I can still re-read this time and again. You can see his process, deduction and reasoning. Any PvP player should read this. In fact, you could use this in other MMO games probably. Just some thoughts that may help you. I look forward to your next installment... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  10. Norfolk nChance

    Free Camera Mode tutorial

    @AeRoTR Like the video and the website. If I may suggest more text is needed as the sound is not the best. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=855697559 This was my effort some time back on STEAM text only. A couple of points... In Drone View you have the ability to click on ships and find out details. Great for Gank-ing or avoiding the seal club of terror. Work in pairs... Height in NA-OW is calculated differently than in the REAL WORLD. With Height you don’t get to see further in distance on NA-OW its only benefit is seeing over objects. Think of it more like a fixed distance cylinder. Real World At Sea Level at a height of 5ft 7in (1.7m), the horizon is at a distance of 2.9 miles (4.7km) Standing on a tower that’s 100ft (30m) high at sea level the horizon extends out to 12.2 miles (19.6km). NA-OW This doesn’t happen. To prove this, look out as far as possible on some distant rocks. Go into drone and you’ll notice they don’t move even with added height. You can use Telescope with drone. This in a battle awareness situation can identify the difference between medium and long cannons etc... Norfolk
  11. Probably one problem that should be left in as is...
  12. Norfolk nChance

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    @Hethwill I totally respect your view here but Norfolk nWay, Norfolk nLegend, etc time and again have done new PC restarts including different servers and TESTBED. I was the one who called for @admin to do a complete and total wipe remember... http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/20652-the-junkie-his-dealer…/?tab=comments#comment-418875 This would be a wrong move now killing off too many players IMO. Fearless testing I’ve done on multiple occasions I genuinely believe. Then giving ideas back, like introducing “AGONY” and the using PvE ladders into PvP to help rookie starts. Whether taken up or not I don't care, it's just my feedback. Probably what I’m trying to say is HOW CAN I HELP THE MOST WITH THE LIMITED TIME LEFT...? If you don’t believe there’s a limited time left launching the game and it’s not the main priority then your comment is 100% correct. Norfolk nHamister
  13. Norfolk nChance

    The top 10 problems of NA, my view.

    I find myself doing the same as @victor, currently I’m taking a needed break after NA-L and such with no special testing needed. @Intrepido I think is absolutely right @admin has the will and still very passionate about his work. If its lack of programmers or money that we can only speculate on... “And I have played tons of pc games but this one, is special.” No one will disagree with this am sure. Could this game in all seriousness be launched in October/November 2018? What more core features need real attention. What Do we as TESTERs really need to test? It’s a remarkable game, once completed I believe it would be much easier to launch additional content not just DLC but a NA-Legends plus more. Without the release it’s a pipe dream. Can POST launch the Dev Team keep evolving NA-OW et al? Do they have the mainline resources or is it worth bringing in another company to help? Norfolk.
  14. Norfolk nChance

    Idea: Norfolk nAhab and his White Whale...

    @admin @Ink @Hethwill Longer term, down the road idea POST launch. Short Version go straight to the bottom of the POST... “Call me Norfolk...” The opening words from Herman Melville wrote in 1851 probably the first all American Novel depicting Norfolk nAhab's obsessive-compulsive nature to the bitter end. Giving no thought to lives lost to aid him reap his vengeance on one of the largest and unique animals in God’s creation. Not just a giant but a one-off hard to catch albino white whale known as Moby-Dick. Norfolk nAhab in his previous voyage Captaining the Essex, lost both ship and left leg to Moby-Dick. In his new LGV whaler named the Acushnet, the burning intent will push him to his final goal of Spear-ing the Beast or he’ll meet his maker with bitterness and anger in his soul... https://americanliterature.com/author/herman-melville/book/moby-dick-or-the-whale/summary ...go get a good glass of French Red.... Idea: The NA-OW Whale Mechanic Big Fish, Small Pond... In NA-OW we’ve seen fish of all shapes, sizes and value. Different fish in different areas but now a new type has been sighted. To give its correct title they are aquatic placental marine mammals or to you and me Whales... https://www.windy.com/overlays?currents,19.062,-74.048,5,i:pressure These mammoth creatures swim together in schools of three to fourth adults following the ocean currents. Unlike the fish hugging the coastline these creatures habit deep water playgrounds. The expanse of Port-au-Prince to Cartagena to Fort-Royale one such area. The Bermuda Islands to Atwood open ocean another or the Gulf of Mexico. Fueling the Caribbean Economic Growth... Within the Caribbean we have many different types of PORTs some small a type 1 like Rum Cove and some huge like Cartagena a type 5. These PORTs attract trade and from that trade a local income tax is levied. In the past most, business trade happened in the daylight hours. However, a recent invention called the oil lamp gives out light but much brighter and safer than candles or an open fire. This allows the shopkeeper to open for longer generating much more income than he would in a normal day. Street oil lamps make the PORT much safer at night thus attracting more AI commerce than would normally occur. In fact, using this oil over night would increase that days tax generated income by as much as 20%. To raise hostility at this port would take more mission input now being much safer. The Oil Product... The oil comes in a barrel from whaling ships that have hunted a whale down and processed the carcass into usable Whale Oil Barrels. The Whaler would come to PORT and sell the oil on the open market. A PORT owner would buy the barrels. Then take the barrels to his port. In the PORT management area, he can allocate how many barrels of oil can be used overnight. Type1 PORT only 1x Barrel can be consumed, Type 5 PORT up to 5x Barrels can be consumed. The more barrels the higher the tax revenue percentage boost. The PORT management will continue to reload the Barrels allocated every server restart as the oil is consumed leaving the empty barrels back in the warehouse for re-use. Some Need to Know Grizzly Facts... https://nammco.no/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/manual-baleen-whales-grenade-and-harpoon.pdf The Harpoon Cannon was first used as far back as 1770 but by the 1850s it was what we know as today’s weapon with a grenade delivery system. Look at the whale images below. The optimal target area is a harpoon fired side on just above and behind the front fin. If too far back then its all muscle with no vital organs, too far forward and we find a hard skull area that the Harpoon will ricochet off. So not too big a surface area. The Harpoon successfully hitting the correct spot delivering a delayed fuse timed grenade. The Grenade now is in or around the chest cavity. Upon detonation spinal cord, brain and other vital organs suffer catastrophic impact leading to failure. Whale Hunting BASIC Mechanic... The school of whales underneath the graphics are basic AI fleet of unarmed Indiaman ships that just look like whales. When ships approach them, they’ll try to steer away but then to get back on course. The Whale Ship needs to close in distance within a circle to tag the creatures. This then drops all into a BATTLE instance. The Whales try to run away like a trader would with the Whaler in pursuit. The Whaler needs to shoot harpoons at a specific area that cause internal damage to the whale’s health eventually slowing it down and killing it. Here like in a normal battle top right would show a ship/whale diagram with front back and the two sides planking health bar with the central internal health bar also. Hitting the right area of the whale will deplete the central internal health needed to kill it. Slow death takes the sides down first... The Whale Ship comes along side the dead floating corpse and the empty barrels stored in the hull start to fill up with whale oil over time. Like a boarding locked action. Once all the oil is extracted then you can escape the BATTLE. Also, like a normal BATTLE instance it is always OPEN. This could leave the Whale ship venerable to opportunistic enterprising players like @Nick the cursed need I say more...? The LGV Whale Ship with Bow chaser Harpoon Cannons... http://www.macyplace.com/FirstFury/Supplementary/Image_alice.gif This is the Bark Alice Knowles whale ship diagram To start whaling you will need specific Skills unlocked. An LGV filled with empty barrels in the hold, plus Bower Chaser Harpoon Cannons. Now imagine the entire Mortar-Brig Mechanic from cannon to perks to mods. And the unique dispersion aiming function. This is mapping the same model over to the LGV. In aim view the target and focused dispersion rings contract and come together allowing you to fire a Harpoon at the beast. Like with the mortar brig play you are looking to take down the central health bar. This works the same way targeting the whale side on just above the front fin. The DLC LGV Whale Ship... If you like the whale trading part of NA-OW then you may want to invest in a DLC LGV Whale Ship. This ship is purpose built for whaling. It can carry more empty barrels in the hold. The design allows for better spotting of whale schools thus allowing for a larger tag circle. The Processing time is reduced and the oil extracted is increased. If @Nick the cursed fancies his chances it also comes with a company of built in battle axe whaler marine defenders in case of boarding actions. This DLC is not really a “Pay to Win” P2W like a Tiger Tank or Battleship, but it can enhance your in-game income above the standard LGV model. I think this is acceptable and realistic. Economics... The original whale idea came from Quad AI a STEAM contributor. I thought it was ok-ish not realistically plausible from a Dev’s viewpoint. The thing is I couldn’t stop thinking about it. How much Whale Oil in barrels comes out of a whale? How much cost is a barrel and to craft it? Although like the milkman regular supplier would take back the barrel after use. PORT consumption rates and raw material depletion rates. The Dev’s controlling the amount of daily whale’s swimming around while the tax revenue benefit must out way the barrel cost. Loads of inter market analysis... In-closing... It’s a long-term back burner type project. It can stimulate the economy on many levels. But the prime objective is to get NA-OW launched first. Great idea from Quad AI and I hope he likes what I’ve done with it. Apologies for the length but I felt the start to finish process was needed to be shown. Any part in isolation can be poo-poo’d. What’s the saying...? You can tell your not dead by learning something new every day. Today, I learned that it wasn’t the Harpoon that killed the whale but the detonation of the grenade from inside the animal’s chest cavity. I’m glad it’s a thing of the past, but I needed to research the whole grizzly ugly business. Tomorrow, flower arranging... Thank you for reading and Let me know what you think of the idea ... Norfolk nChance [ELITE] The Short Version Just watching Stormy Daniels in action, is no fun. You need to know the full story behind her unique skill set that made her dad so proud. Like watching Porn without the storyline... The Whale Mechanic that can offer DLC, provide a unique high value perishable product and add depth to NA-OW. Now please go back and read the full POST...
  15. Norfolk nChance

    Bring back leeway

    this I completely accept. For some reason way back when I'd worked out ROUGHLY 20x OW and 5x BATTLE instance. It doesn't matter just dotting the "i" crossing the "t" so to speak