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    GB is NOT starting again. It is I that is coming to [PvP Caribbean] that may give them cause for celebration. However, I will always play second fiddle to the [PvP EU] s entire community to bore one’s opponents into submission. I expect and hope your blinkered view of the world of Naval Action to continue. The current environment [PvP EU] finds itself in IS NOT ABOUT TO CHANGE. It already as… Good Luck, what CHANCE do you think you’ve got? Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  2. Idea: NA-L Port Battles

    My wife, I believe tries to live up to your quote just a little too well...

    @Lord Vicious will not return immediately, a tyrant yes, a fool no. He will watch and wait then he’ll return. Like the moth to the flame, he just can’t keep away… Timing for him is critical with a lower support base. Unfortunately for the silver tongued pyrate, no matter what strategy or tactical plan he has his [SORRY] end will be just the same. Norfolk
  4. Idea: NA-L Port Battles

    @slik Later down the road would it be possible to map the PB mechanic from NA-OW onto NA-L? In OW with the Neutral PORT change we’ve already witness PB AI DEFENSE work quite well at all the three basic levels. Was thinking something similar… Take just three of each shallow, mid-BR range and the SoL Style PORTs. You as a solo PC can be offered a side defender or attacker (or not and the game drops you in either side like now). The FORT and Towers now can correctly be returned. Circle capture is a key event feature. If the group mechanic gets rolled out in the next patch, what a great feature to have as an addition. Number fill AI would need increasing to 10x plus to match out, but OW only used 6x so it’s not huge leap. Rewards am not to clear how it would work. Maybe one of you guys might have an idea? Just a thought… Norfolk
  5. Swedish Nation

    @Lord Vicious My Lord, I assume you’ve now tired of Albion coming back to chat to your Swedish EU pals? @admin and the Dev’s decided to close the [PvP GLOBAL] server at last. So, we [ELITE] are moving into your old stomping ground. Timeline a week or so… Do you feel inspired to show me what a real tyrant can do, or you just going to leave it up to me? Am sure there is more stories to be told in this [SORRY] tale… Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  6. Low FPS after grafikcard driver update.

    @CTC_ClanLeader this is a little guide I did a while back minimum specs etc. If possible I would recommend the GPU upgrade also look at how much RAM you have. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934048215
  7. @Ink I will assume all clan assets including cash with be wiped on [PvP Global]. These items will not be transferable to the same clan on [PvP Caribbean].
  8. Legends Skill Challenge

    @admin Might be a dumb question, but if I’m in an EVENT battle can the opposition PCs NOT be and just be in the normal NA-L? So, its your mechanical overlay rather than the battle itself?
  9. NA-L PCs able to repair Hull mid battle

    hmmm... this makes sense as he had plenty of time and room to re-cap the circle or go for the near A circle which he failed to do. He had more kills but was easily on a losing wicket as the points would top out before the time ran out.
  10. NA-L PCs able to repair Hull mid battle

    @admin Was just highlighting the difference between the cases reported. I believe my case looks more deliberate while the previous case looks like a bug…
  11. NA-L PCs able to repair Hull mid battle

    My case again was different. It was definitely 3 repairs. I was waiting for the second and third repairs. No crew repaired just the hull as a side note
  12. NA-L PCs able to repair Hull mid battle

    Thanks @Galileus He never became AI in my case, and the three repairs seemed deliberate as he had suffered extensive damage each time prior
  13. @Ink So, have heard this happen over the last week now its happened to me. 5v5 only 2 PCs Norfolk Essex GB and PC called Aramisknight in a Cerberus enemy. In the early stages we end up getting dragged away from the main circle. I had delivered a D-Charge B-side and making good inroads to his health. Caught the chap in a turn and D-Balled him on the same side really hitting home. He pulls off away from the fight. The next time I see him after landing more dame was this first image. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/912407329815951628/4CEB46338DBD4422BCCA03EB487ACD9F60F193EA/ I ask him how he did it to no reply. Look at MY points bottom right. The second picture shows again he repairs a second time… https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/912407329815951892/10269E4147D7C635B697A59B2D2DF80306687341/ And finally, just before his defeat… lol https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/912407329815952225/9A6B6A097664031D94A3D52603087CE125900AF1/ If I’ve missed a repair mod, then ok. BUT it needs nerf-ing… @JobaSetyou come across this? Norfolk nClue sent F11 also
  14. Technical problems and bugs

    @Ink so you are saying this is a game bug, and @PhoniiczZdidn't do this intentionally ? truly fascinating @Sir Ballard / oo7nice find here
  15. Report Players for chat/game abuse

    @BlackAdder Although I might agree with my Lord Edmond BlackAdder, you must remember that in the Age of Sail people were more sensitive. Especially when their second language at best is English (not written but spoken). Words and meanings do and often get lost in translation. I myself a middle aged dyed in the wool sexist homophobic white Anglo Saxon male from Yorkshire often receive unwarranted abuse have done exactly what you recommend… Harden up one has tried, Unpopular yes, I try to be with every narrow minded and short sighted [PvP EU] player that wants a hug while I watch them sink from my boat on legends. Let the tree huggers drown My Lord, Norfolk nChance [ELITE]