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  1. Tutorial bug

    @Banshee Queen Before doing the tutorial load up a ship with max amount of Hull Rig and Rum. Don’t worry about space or weight. The only measure is cool down. So, Hull will take 3x kits and cooldown is 10 minutes. With a battle length of 1hr 30mins you can stack a lot. Make sure, you have that ship active then do the tutorial. The Endurance mission itself is very hard so you are not bad. Remember to work on one side of the enemy not both. When he shows the other side go for his sails. Keep your distance and take your time taking him down. It’s not a race. When reloading always be angled towards him (45’ will theoretically add 33% to your thickness value). Keep damage taken to a minimum. STERN and Grape rake the crew will slow the enemy down in all aspects from moving to reloading. Don’t purposefully go for sails using chain. De-Mast if he’s showing his other side. You can chain a Brig down to 70% and he’ll still catch up to you when you run and repair. Make sure you do RUN & REPAIR often. They hit more accurately than you and will inflict heavy damage so show as little side to the enemy as possible.. The tutorial is called “ENDURANCE” for a reason... Boarding, you will encounter marines. Grape him first. When done don’t wait get moving RUN & Rum REPAIR asap as the next Brig is quite close and usually sat on your fastest tack. Hope this helps a little... Norfolk.
  2. Tutorial bug

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1307626533 @admin & @Ink Tutorial Bug last mission Endurance Just tested this now to see if I could find @Banshee Queen bug. For the Brig the Repair Ratio is 3x Hull 4x Rigging and 27x Rum. The Mission starts and I [5] immediately. My Brig Repair ratio was 27-30-139. This number I knew from somewhere I'd seen it before. So, took a couple of hits and hit Hull repairs. It all works. Eventually, I ended up boarding this ship. After wining the hold carried 99x Hull and 99x Rig repairs which I couldn’t place in my own cargo hold. Also, my cargo hold should “0” weight and the 3 repair balances also didn’t show in the [x] aftermath screen. Pulling away I press [5] and my balances are still there. After finishing the mission which is not easy for beginner or Legend alike. I retuned to my UI PORT screen looking at my Aggie. Went to the equipment screen and in my hull was the repair balances. That’s where the numbers came from originally 27-30-139... So, second test this time put 15-30-240 into the Aggie hull. Pressed escape into the tutorial. Sure enough pressing [5] I see 15-30-240 as my Brig repair kits... Norfolk.
  3. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    I have to agree. Balance between gameplay ability and authenticity tis a tightrope we’ve walked before. One could see with something as good as what @Cecil Selous has done that we’d need to nerf the Armor HPs to then bring battle length back into line?
  4. A change to mod buffs (AKA How to reduce stacking)

    @BPHick I might be wrong, but your first example I thought worked this way...? 1,000 HP – Bonus1 7% add 70pts, Bonus2 5% add 50pts. Stacked total bonus 120 not 123.5. Even so, I like your idea. With the buffs on permanent mods I can see working but the ability to switch around the ship knowledge or Officer Perks might be tough to calculate? Would skill slot knowledge one be a higher priority (calculates first) than skill knowledge two and so on? An Idea of mod stacking... Mix and matching upgrades no matter what it is all part of a Captains skill in NA-OW. Just nerfing Buffs or stacking penalties might seem unfair to a purpose-built ship for a specific use. However, with stacking we’ve seen some over excessive outcomes with Super abilities beyond reason. This is because the skill knowledge mod is over powered in relation to its placement within the ship as a whole unit. Below, is an extract from the EvE Online Help desk on how they handle stacking. So, similar to your idea the first upgrade gives 100% value of its bonus but the fifth upgrade only gives 10% of its mod value buff. With NA-OW ship bonuses would have a priority order... 1. Wood Type Build & Trim 2. Permanent Upgrade 1, 2, 3 3. Officer Perk 4. Skill Slot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Buff amount used in calculations from the upgrade placement... 1. 100% 2. 75% 3. 50% 4. 20% 5. 5% Using this order of priority and maybe a maximum load top out (but shouldn't be needed) YOU can stack as your hearts content. An example here would be say Armor HP values [AHP-V] the first figure. These might have change but you get the idea. The new value will be the number taken to calculate the buff. Build WO/WO 18% new value = 18% Bow Figure Elephant 10% new value = 7.5% Cartagena Refit 7% new value = 3.5% Planking 5% new value = 1% Now the main Buff is the one that would mainly affect the boat in real life with the least being the Captains Skill knowledge. Wood build gives the greatest effect. If we changed the build to Fir/Fir then Bow Elephant would get the full value and so on and so forth. This is a much fairer system as the stacking becomes really ineffective past three and wouldn’t require any form of upper limits. The problem coding this would be a headache. Mixed skill books that cover different buffs need to be built into the system as well. Norfolk EvE Online Help Desk:- Stacking Penalties Stacking penalty refers to the game mechanic in which the effectiveness of modules and rigs are reduced if more than one item is fitted on a ship which effects the same statistic. For instance if a module or rig grants a 10% boost to a ships velocity and another module or rig which grants 5% boost to the ships are both fitted, the ship will not receive a 15% boost to the velocity. Because both these items effect velocity their effectiveness is reduced. The more items that effect the same ships attribute that are fitted the less effect they will have overall. Typically fitting more than three modules that affects the same statistic brings little benefit. Its also important to note that the sequence the modules are fitted to the ship do not determine how effective they are. The stacking penalty will be calculated based on the highest modifier granting its full bonus, then the second highest will receive a small penalty, the third strongest module receiving a higher penalty than the second and so on.This is reflected in the table below: First: 100% effective Second: 86.9% effective Third: 57.1% effective Fourth: 28.3% effective Fifth: 10.6% effective Typically any items that is effected will have the following message in their information window: 'Penalty: Using more than one type of this module or similar modules that affect the same attribute on the ship will be penalized.' Items which grant an absolute bonus (such as +1 Warp Strength or 15KM Drone Control Range) are not effected by stacking penalties. Typically only modules or rigs that grant a percentage bonus or penalty are effected.
  5. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    @Cecil Selous Great Idea and love the photoshop work. The 3 target states on the UI just wonderful. TestBed is sat there doing nothing at the moment. Why not use and see if this might work? I know its pain in the ass but I would like to see a return of a properly working fully functioning [CTRL] + L as well
  6. Mortar Brig Build & Advice

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24239-epic-event/ Try this link instead. The chap asked another epic question using the same title. I got confused Apologies. With M-Brigs use with fleet Pickles for defense. Also, the M-Brig Officer Perk and reload time factors like Open Mag Access. And finally, the boats balance. Remember firing when the boat is at 0’ and not heeling at 3%+. Haven’t ever used with Gun Encyclopedia, but with dispersion, reload times would help. The angles not so much. Would free up skill knowledge space for others like Pellew sights or powder monkeys. Then its what you will use it for? It is virtually one of the slowest boats in the game. Like my suggested use in the example of mission running you’ll need a speed built one and with an ALT as well to make it work properly. For PB not so much but your team needs to protect you. Accuracy with dispersion here is very important to drop towers forts or SoLs. Read my posts that show the basic usage but more important how much damage you deal on the top deck of ships. Used with an ALT it truly is devastating, but if caught you are toast. Takes a bit of practice but a good skill to have that not many use... Hope this helps Norfolk
  7. Mortar Brig Build & Advice

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24852-epic-events/ I've given some notes on MB usage here. Gun Exp I didn't use. Let me know how you get on...
  8. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    All eight of them? I'll take your word for it...
  9. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    You need to do two or three things. First rid all Nations of fixed hide behind Capitals. Secondly FREE PORTs cannot accommodate Clan Warehouses. I suggest two super capitals based along Religion NOT Nation lines in a thread near. Take a look. This solves all problems from all Nations, including Nations that have yet to arrive. Popular Nations like GB and Pirate will still be popular, but PPRs will no longer have that Impossible start. The ONE downside is historical legacy accuracy. Which accommodating so many Nations and Localization familiarity is almost impossible to balance both. You can’t have both, but you can have a level playing field... IF THAT’S WHAT YOU REALLY WANT...? But you don’t really want that do you? You guys sound like my wife at times... work it out what you really want or admit you just don't know....
  10. Why does any Nation need a Capital?

    Why does any Nation need a Capital? This is carrying on from @Davos Seasworth thread on the three impossible nations. It’s a great post and highlights a few problems. The Polish, Prussian and Russian [PPR] are the latest nations added to the Caribbean. Coming in at not just hard start but impossible to make a go of as they have no Colonial Capital and forced into a full time of RvR conquests. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24954-review-and-suggestion-of-the-impossible-nations/ Many more Nations to come... It feels like the Caribbean is now over crowded not with Players but with Nations. Many calling for a re-think on the PPR and if they should remain. If my thinking is right also Portugal and others will come, because it will help sales with localization familiarity. Korea, China and the Japans may only be months away... (tongue in cheek, maybe) Opening Views... Have a read of my POST in Davos’s thread to save me repeating myself. The other players contributing give really interesting views on the thread. From the easy slow Giant that’s GB or the Swedes and the large ever popular Pirate faction that looks and acts more like a Nation than a rogue state. My personal view, is for “Limited Civil War” mechanic that can involve Pirate clans with a Unique feature other Nation Clans don’t have. That of the Privateer role. Overall individual Nation importance is devalued while more power or anatomy is given to the individual PC/Clan. The Civil War line feedback would be hard to implement and open for abuse. Comments of players express the feeling of this push to Clan anatomy would weaken the feel and play of the game without the Nation overlay structure. Another view I liked from @rediii was to implement 1 Outlaw nation where each clan within its structure can build his or her own Nation with ports and free to attack other outlaws. This would make Pirates somewhat lite or redundant with the harder core over in the Outlaw nation. The Colonial Capitals... The ideas continue, so please read Davo’s thread. One thing is apparent there is no way to accommodate Colonial Capitals needed for each separate Nation and future Nations that will arrive in the not too distant future. This maybe needs a total re-think why we have fixed Capitals in place. http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Nations Currently we have 8 Capital Centers all based along Nation origin that cannot be taken. What if we change the Capital not on Origin but on a Religious background instead. So imagine Catholic, Protestants or Viracocha the Inca God. We’d only need two PORTs plus the Free Ports. Just for example take La Habana (Catholic-ish) and K/PR (Protestant-ish). These two Capitals have the Super Large safe zones in place already and aligned Nations cannot fight within their particular Capital. Split Idea La Habana Catholic: Spain, France, PPRs, Denmark K/PR Protestant: GB, US, Pirate, Dutch, Sweden [if we used the Outlaw Nation, its OUTLAWED. So, PC would need the Smuggler Tag. You cannot spawn new into outlaw. You need a Nation first to be outlawed from.] New Player... New players after completing the tutorial would pick a Nation and spawn in one of the two areas. The Larger Super safe zones would allow some element of safety out to a particular region. This now with NO Nation having a big safety net of a Colonial Port to hide behind this may even up the playing field. To keep the Nation Overlay, when starting would require certain Nation Port placements. However, these ports can be taken. An example would be Belize GB could now could be attacked but would start GB. The Economy... The economy now with the two Capitals can be more easily managed or manipulated by the Dev’s. Selective assets or goods in either PORT with price discrepancy you see the picture. It will force players into the center of the map. Smuggler Tag needs to work. Player driven economies are a myth like the FREE MARKET economy in RL. At some point one needs a Government Overlay or NPC in this case. The Quiet Life... Would be further away from the center and not near any rare goods. Clans of similar Nation would work to a Capital base but that port is vulnerable and needs protecting. The Quiet Life, not a chance... Summary Scrap all Nation Capitals and have just two Super Centers. This then removes the Colonial Capital safety net enjoyed by the larger nations. This in place will help build the whole economy and allow for more Nations to arrive without the feeling of an impossible start... You wanted more PvP, this will do it. You wanted clans to pull and work together, this will do it or that base is gone and the nation with it. Add a Civil War mechanic might be just cruel but despots do exist... thanks for reading, Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  11. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    My fantasies are way too dark for this well bread community’s eyes. The Pirate Faction needs a Unique feature that no other Nation has or can do. Unique ships and so on is all well and good but the idea put forward actually integrates them into the Nation Politics without actually being a Nation... Was just a thought in between thinking about my dark fantasies...
  12. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    @Davos Seasworth Interesting review fella and some good points made. NA-OW will always have a two-faction attraction GB and Pirates. GB - easy Pirates hard gameplay and the rest fit in somewhere in between. In all honesty I can’t see this naturally ever changing. Question In [PvP EU] how long as the Swedes had a real dominant place? Other than GB who else in size over the past two years ebb and flow reached top two or three? How long do they remain dominant before failing? [PvP Global] Care Bear alliance crushed the life out of the server remaining too long in place. Think back when... If you can remember back to when the PPR nations came into being. At the time @admin was caught out in a one foot forward two steps back move allowing PC/Clan Port Ownership but stopped at Civil War. I for one protested heavily for a limited Civil War Mechanic and the Nation status take a less important role in the PCs affairs. Opening up the Sandbox from its Lite status. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22066-preliminary-discussion-of-the-changes-to-conquest-clan-wars-are-coming/ This is Dev News by @admin in August last year. The PPR seems like it was a diversion away from the “War Corporations” idea and just dilute your way out of the problem. Why wasn’t Portugal added was probably more to do with the Russian player base than anything else. PPR is here to stay... If my thinking is right also Portugal and others will come, helps sales with localization familiarity. This with a 5,000-player base isn’t a problem, right? The PPR will remain as is despite all three becoming impossible to work without base hubs. This dilution effect squashes the Civil War argument through not enough clans jostling for top dog in anyone Nation... Even so, Civil War answers a lot of problems... The Sandbox needs opening a little more with a “Limited Civil War” Mechanic. This needs time restrictions and a cooling off period. I’ve wrote about this a few times so try not to repeat myself. At this point I diverge from the original Dev’s plan with them wanting “friends” of other Nations to help out in attack or defense. For me it would be the sole role of a hired Pirate Clan. Its Unique feature, and controlled by the same time limit mechanic restrictions. Only Pirates can be hired to help defend or attack on your behalf. Gives individual pirate clans a real input into the overall politics of the game. This instead of forcing them into a Nation status. If the opposing clan hires another pirate clan to help them by default the two PIRATE factions are at war until the time period expires. In Summary Sorry for the length, but in my opinion the individual Nations importance needs devaluing while the individual PC or Clan needs empowering... Great thread Davos... Norfolk
  13. Modules...what are they?

    OK that is correct, but they’ll be a downside somewhere. Extra Planking, we see a speed reduction. Also watch for buffs, like Mag access will increase fires. The Rudder TurnR buff means any AI fires near your stern will hit that rudder. Speed Trim, loss of TurnR. With the Wider gun aiming angles you’ll take higher crew and gun losses. This will I believe increase the likely hood of magazine damage on the ship. Wider port holes as it was explained to me. Mixing mods to offset downsides rarely works and becomes expensive. Mods I like is Rudder, Riders and Gun mod for reload and dispersion. If a poor tuner through IRONs will add Staysails... Read @admin note. Already states adding the sail leeway and the new sail model to NA-L. Start Practicing on PvE or PvP OW. Find out how the new BASIC models sail... Norfolk
  14. Modules...what are they?

    It’s a shame NA-L is shut for 2 months for the big over haul. Even so... A couple of points to watch for. @DeRuyter gives a great view. This must be memorized. Now as per my Grinder guide (shameless plug) by how much each area effects performance is why starting with smaller guns helps. Understanding that just losing a few gun crew without re-allocating replacements will slow your reload times down a lot. Even if you’ve Officer Gunnery and Open Mag Access. If under crewed it won’t load quickly. If like me you want hard facts well that’s you testing and doing research. All NA-L model ships are based off NA-OW and to some extent are the modules. So, go to the main forums and Guide section and drill down through it. Before using any upgrades understand CREW management. Having a crew float in the boarding section is vital. With bigger guns this float drops. How does crew loss effects your current ship? The Modules... The Modules first read the NA-L description carefully. Then go to the NA-OW Forum guide and look at a similar mod. For instance, even before using Open Magazine Access even after reading the description I believe my ship would catch fire more than normal. Nothing mentioned in the description... Sure, enough it did. Other mods also have quirks which you must understand in order to get the best from them. The Officer Gun reload time is a big favorite. Have you actually calculated how much faster the guns will reload? Its tiny 1 to 2 seconds and yet under crew and you are reloading without the perk. You are back to square one. This at level 5 will cost you 4k silver a battle in maintenance. Careful using them as they’ll kill you in M-Fees for not much added value... Norfolk.
  15. Takes too long to sink with chain shot

    long story but, used Pickles as interference against an AI SoL fleet chasing me. The Pickle on Mast damage caused chaos with the front Santi reducing sails there by reducing the speed of the entire fleet. When he was behind the Santi I change to sink and he wiped the stern out but no crew damage. Visually was chain shot. Then I went back to chain. The Pickles are so small its hard for a Santi to hit... if it does tis toast.