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  1. Norfolk nChance

    Repair Balancing

    imagine the weight of that thing in the rain
  2. Norfolk nChance

    Repair Balancing

    @Slim McSauce I agree with @William Death idea also fella. The Balance is Realism versus Game play ability... In a [Real-Life] Battle what actually could be realistically be repaired and to what extent? Not much Take the crew first, the surgeon sows up the sailor gives him a teaspoon of Laudanum and he’s back in action. His other buddies are not so lucky... 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 casualties returns to work from rum [func]. If in Battle you board another ship and win, can you be allowed to completely replenish your crew if you abandon a ship not taking both? Rigging Repairs – I don’t agree with @Hethwill the Harmless weight estimates which are extreme and too vanilla. Most repairs actually involved most of the broken or damage part. Mast, Sail or Yard... Few if anything could or would be fully replaced while at sea in battle. Will look further though for details Seamanship in AoS (Harland) pg 294 last chapter22 ACCIDENTS. An eye opener... Running Rigging repairs were a make do at best. It seems the chance of you exacerbating the damage further was very high while moving. Masts, ships carried “fishes” bit like splints for the lower masts to help prop it up. Nothing can be done really mid or top side while moving. Effective repairs happened when at Standing Rigging. NOT battle So, rigging repairs in battle 30% max just for game play ability? Hull Repairs – the same thing. End of [Bi] vulnerability... The problem with heavily nerf-ing the repairs in battle is the outside gank. Stops you travelling far from home. In O-W maybe the ability to repair at sea buff while stationary could be used as a counter balancer the nerf in [Bi]? Full total repairs up to 80% only. A Port is required for a full top up. I would disagree towards weight increases slowing down the ship, but you guys know more than me Norfolk
  3. Idea: Real-Time [RT] Battle Instance [Bi] Option... Priority Low @admin Summary To have a new option either as a duel tournament or pre-defined mission type for a 1v1 PvP or PvE Battle. The Battle Instance [Bi] would take part in REAL-TIME [RT]. This to see how these models react and how they would have moved in [RT]. This would have issues and I’ve tried to high light them below. It’s not High Priority but I think could be a good sales function attracting customers. It may even prove a good balancer in testing out new elements in the game. Background The Dev’s and @admin (quite rightly) are proud of the ship models created in deep detail. However, reading O’Brian or C.S Fosters Hornblower novels other real-life frigate actions I wanted to see how it felt in real life in real time... What is Our Current Time...? In NA-OW we have three basic units of time. This is explained below but remember these are estimates. The Current Steady State... The Current Steady State... Need to think about Server loading. The NA-OW Single State Universe is roughly 2.75 million km2 or 1.06 million miles2 on a flat REAL-WORLD surface. Either [PvP Caribbean] or [PvE Environment] can handle up to 1,200 PCs on each at any one time. This comes at a cost. The Ships have limited functions and cannot fight. For 20 minutes of Real-Time [RT] passing equals 1 in-game Open-World day according to the Wiki. Therefore 72-OW-days pass every server cycle. Dropping into a BATTLE Instance [Bi] opens the full ship model with sail handlining and other functions. If a Port Battle then the full models for Towers and Fort and the enemy PC/AI likewise opened. This all possible for the 105-minute window the Server allocates the extra bandwidth to compensate for the increased load to that instance. The [Bi] I believe (no proof) is a boxed Universe Circle covering an area of a 1,000km. Its anchored at the center onto the defending ship/Port as it is dropped into the Instance. This tiny area Boxed off reduces load on the main server while still giving you the high-quality emersion. The huge reduction in Time Rate allows more data to pass between servers and client per single unit of time. This bringing an even higher quality feel to the simulation... 1x Real-Time [RT] Day, 14.4x [Bi] days, 72x [OW] days should give you some perspective. The Dev’s will not reveal the Ratio so the numbers are estimates Any Me2s Out There with [RT]... Looking on STEAM I found these two games below. Sail-away https://store.steampowered.com/app/552920/Sailaway__The_Sailing_Simulator/ eSail https://store.steampowered.com/app/794860/eSail_Sailing_Simulator/ All the age of sail type of games don’t offer [RT]. Even [WoWs] is 5x [RT]. These two do in modern day terms. I’ll buy both to look at in more detail but from an initial impression you can see the idea. The “Sail-away” game gets a lot of negative reviews from unstable graphics not game play. The “eSail” play the video and look at the CHART OMG...!!!! In the “More Like this...” below Sail-away is tagged with NA-OW but eSail is not for some reason. Server Load Factor Increase... The problem with the [Bi] unlocking all functions and a huge time reduction is the server bandwidth increase required for the ships. More data passes between server and client per single unit of time. Obviously using something like the Test-Bed first we can predict what will be needed first. Further Time Dilation and issues... Dilating from a current [Bi] of something near 5x down to 1x Real Time seems small from the Open-World Speed. However, still will show up problems and issues. BATTLE length of 105minutes I don’t advocate going to 5hours but 3hours maybe? The wind, waves and day/night cycles plus other external ship factors need reducing. What it may show or test is things such as Gun re-load times or Basic Repair times to sails. How much a particular mod skews the ships performance and such. These areas would inflate in performance and could be seen as under or over powered. Then adjusted... Keep this function as 1v1 or mission and a PORT UI trigger so a smaller pre-defined predictable bandwidth could be allocated. Conclusion The idea was sparked by a STEAM contributor @DBH PuntCuncher and my thoughts on if it could work. It’s not a priority idea, but I do like the idea of testing effects of element changes in REAL-TIME before [Bi] normal speed. This obviously ignoring game play ability. It maybe a one try thing with the drawn length of an engagement. The Broadsides and reload times and moving into position would be interesting to see. No other AoS offers anything close... Thanks for reading and let me know what you think ... Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  4. Norfolk nChance

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    Open-World [OW] is roughly 2.7m km2 (1m mi2) on a flat surface. This allows for a Maximum of 1,200 PCs entry at any one time on both servers. This comes with limited functions. The Battle Instance [Bi] is to provide a total of 50x PCs will full functions for a maximum of 105-minute window. These ships taking up to “x” PC bandwidths of OW normally. Its lower than 1x Ship [Bi] = 24x Ships [OW] because we see multiple [Bi] occurrences at one time... OR does the [Bi] consider the amount of ships each and every time...? The Port-Battle window is stationary; however, an open world tag is not? I suspect the drop in to [Bi] anchors onto the defender. The attacker has no influence other than to keep in range and hitting the defender... Would it be possible for a defending ship to travel 50km closely pursued? Also, and attacker in front ahead. At 15.5knts and a travel ravel range of 50km then a circle surface is of 1,000km makes sense. It won't re-create the full map for each instance... The reason for the odd question I was just trying to break things... Multi- [Bi]s can occur at the same time, but I assume Port-Battles cannot. There must be a break-point to 105minute [Bi]s allowed. So, the server would block other tags... Norfolk Here’s an overload or break example and test on PvP... [OW] currently shows 600 players. This leaves room from a further 600 to join. A Port-Battle will start on the hour. Does the game in [Bi] allocate 50x PC extra bandwidth over 105minute window? Or is it the drop-in plus late arrivals as they arrive? I think its probably just 50x from the off. This PB has only 1v1 to start. After we past the hour trigger for the PB then we want to start multiple [Bi]s on the minute ever minute round the clock. Just 1v1s only... Outcome1 If 50x PC are allocated per [Bi] automatically then the game will lockout after the 12th tag (PB + tags). This equals 600 in-OW with 12 tags x 50 allocated = 600 PCs to [Bi] with overall server total of 1200. This proves [Bi] Automictically allocates for 50x PC and the number of players is irrelevant. Outcome2 If the game locks out any further tags and [Bi] below the 12th tag say the 5th tag. This would imply a higher break number to a [Bi] ship over a [OW] ship. Which makes sense with the slower time dilation and full model functions available it will need more bandwidth. At the fifth tag implies 250x PC for [Bi]s plus the [OW] 600 amount equals 1,200 PCs. This gives [2.4] value [Bi] over a 1 value [OW]. Outcome3 Still accepts tags above the twelfth means the game looks at individual drop in amounts. Knowing the answer to this and the area size above could act as a clan defensive. Or disrupts a much larger clan/nation attack. Sending your fleet out as individuals just to tag [Bi]s to stop or manipulate an enemies maneuvers. The PORT-BATTLEs will not be affected as they are pre-locked ahead of time.
  5. Norfolk nChance

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    Nobody knows the answer? That’s a shame and surprise no worries guys NnC.
  6. Norfolk nChance


  7. Norfolk nChance

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    @melarky I’m a bit buried at the moment, but can you read this please. Just the second chapter “how to ask for help” https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934048215 Then can you POST or mail me the computer spec as shown. I’ll have a look and try to give you the answer Norfolk
  8. Norfolk nChance

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    That's Scaling...
  9. Norfolk nChance

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    BATTLE Instance total size? Question can anybody tell me the size of the BATTLE Instance? This was my only idea... I used @Felix Victor [YAM]. In settings, PvP, Reinforcement Zone [R-Zone], Grid, Plot Course. https://na-map-test.netlify.com/ We are dealing with a flat surface in the game. So, using flat Latitude/Longitude coordinates from the [x]/[z] bug report [F11] feature I’ve got a square grid overlay [154, 179] [154, 154] [179, 154] [179, 179]. The length of each side comes in at 25km (15.5miles). The area covered is 25km2 so 625km (388miles), it looks a tad small. This square is just West of Mortimer Town [192, 165]. If the R-Zone is on this area looks better. A circle makes more sense with the center being anchored to the tagged defending ship as it drops in. Find the Area (A) of the R-Zone is... I’m guessing based on no evidence at all here. Just using the Reinforcement Zones diameter as a guide 34km (d)/2 = 17km Radius (r). A= pi * r *r A= 3.14 * 17km * 17km A= 3.14 * 289km A= 907.5km round up to give a small Control window A= 1,000km (621miles) this is what I’m guessing if anyone can help? Cheers Norfolk
  10. Norfolk nChance

    Penetration and damage

    It worked in Legends I think because they used the old ship models to start with. But PvP Pen and angle values were all wrong. I'm surprised it shows up in the TEST BED controls so I'm hoping for a return, just like I am with legends... NnC
  11. Norfolk nChance

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    @Felix Victor Good work fella, The Galapagos Islands spot on... Norfolk
  12. Norfolk nChance

    Penetration and damage

    @EliteDelta You make a really good point here. The long fight adds or expands his attrition rate yet they the stats don’t look overly different 10% +/- your power over his. I was just looking at these numbers from the wiki so out of date but interesting... Endy 14x 3-24-L at 250m penetration 106 dealing 55 damage total 770 broadside. His Trinc 14x 4-18-L at 250m 94 dealing 53 damage total 742 broadside. BASE Side thickness 57cm on the Endy and 57cm on the Trinc. The Hit Points also very similar. If you hit him at 250m, 106 is > than 57 so you dealt 55 damage to the thickness planking. You’ve over penetrated by 46%. The Ball must have gone through to the Internal Structure. Would you then deal 46% damage of 55 so 25 dmg then to his Internal Structure...? Then 46% of 25 is 12 dmg to the far side amour’s health...? Something like 55+25+12 dmg dealt from one Ball showing the overpenetration. This looks excessive but a reward is needed for delivering 46% over pen. Without the ALT+L it's hard to tell
  13. Norfolk nChance

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    @melarky A couple of things first. Bottom left click Windows icon, then the Cog Wheel “Settings” above the “START” button. About half way down the list on the left side click “Tablet Mode” Make sure it is switched OFF. Then, Just above click the “Power Setup” on the list on the left. On the far right click “Additional Power Settings”. Just make sure your Power Plan is “High Performance” and Not “Balanced” while playing PC Games. Naval Action in Game... Press “Escape” key top left. Choose “Options” from the Pop-Up. Then left tabs click “Graphics” Second choice “Full Screen Mode” check or uncheck as you wish. Also note was is the “Resolution” showing... mine is 1920x1080. Hit “APPLY” and then “Back” and “Continue”. Iconize the Game. Anywhere on the Win 10 screen RIGHT Mouse click and then click “NVIDIA Control Panel” Headings “Display” > “Change resolution” ... make sure the resolution matches the game number so for me 1080p, 1920 x 1080 (native) Do the same “Adjust desktop size and position” Norfolk
  14. Norfolk nChance

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    @melarky This might be your problem, scaling differences between Game, Win 10 and your GPU... I DON’T recommend you download this software but do recommend the system checks before hand https://windowsreport.com/indows-10-fullscreen-games/ This may occur after an nVidia driver update resetting scaling parameters etc. We’ve had two in a short space of time. Norfolk