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  1. Server Merge Poll

    you teaser...
  2. Why Norfolk needs a Holiday… Over the last few weeks as a community the forum seems to have turned into a highly toxic “them and Us…” divide between [PvP EU] and [PvP Global] and should we merge all three servers or not and the fixed port battle timer issues etc. Forum threads turning into pages and pages of the same arguments going around and round without anybody willing to listen. Think how it must look to a new player just joining reading the forums for the first time. It simply all round just looks bad. So, I want a better understanding of how in practice (I know the theory) the [PvP EU] server works today. In the next week or two I would like to spend three or four days on the server maybe taking part in a GB Port Battle or two. Help grind hostility and do the odd gank with a GB clan. Let you guys show me how it’s done the EU way first hand. The Busman always rings twice… I’ve Norfolk already setup RA Craft x50 [ELITE] GB Nation on the EU server. However, I’ve got only the ships my Dealer( @admin) left me and little if any gold. I can’t devote the time it would take to get me up to standard of living this despot leader is used to. So, if anybody would like to help me out with my short break with funds and ships and cannon it would give me a really good look or insight quickly over the short period. Obviously, I’d give everything back that wasn’t sunk, stolen, or burnt. Likewise, I would like to finance any Senior EU Captain wanting to do a few days in [PvP Global]. Any nation you choose. The other points of view… Hopefully I may come away with a better understand of the different wants and needs of the EU player. Maybe you guys sink just as fast as ships on Global…? Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  3. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    Have a play with this old excel sheet with the cannons and carros loadouts CMLcharts_Table.xlsm
  4. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    well am sure if @adminhad a quick business trip to HK, China, South Korea and Japan (Sydney and Wellington might be a tad far in one go) he'd see the screaming potential. He might even pay me with a beer or two...?
  5. Public "API" for Naval Action

    1. Double click his "example" 2. File > Make a COPY > OK 3. CLOSE his orginal sheet 4. Go to your COPY > Tools 5. Script Editor > 6. A second sheet appears called "> getData". You should see @qw569 macro 7. [Run] to run the macro. This will lead into your Google a/c login id. click "getData" to continue 8. Pop-up "got it" 9. you might need to go to advanced settings here bottom left and click Go to getData(unsafe) 10. You'll be asked to then type in "Continue" and then "allow" 11. Go back to sheet and the ports should have dropped in... sorry for the sucking eggs stages... Norfolk.
  6. Public "API" for Naval Action

    same here, you need to save a copy first then re-open your COPY. Then Scrpt Editor you need to start it... am old and won't change from my excel 2016
  7. Prime Times and Numbers

    @Sir Texas Sir @monk33yand @Christendom the rest of you above are all right and totally agree… and @admin was right at the start of the year… Last two days I’ve literally read pages and pages in the forum from very bright and brilliant Senior Captains that are not even willing look at trying to find A FINAL SOLUTION, but actually think the current status quo is what works the best so why change it? How will the South Korean French clan on PvP EU ever take a PB? Has everybody suddenly just come down with a savvier case of fcuking short sightedness…? Prime Time numbers will be at zero @Teutonic with a non-thinking attitude like this. It’s not about the here and now… it’s about what’s to come. With thinking like this and influence Senior players have it’s a cause for concern. I trust and hope @admin doesn’t listen too much to this community, business wise they are in cloud cuckoo land… Perception of time… It’s about the perception of Time. ONE Server state Universe makes obviously more sense business wise, upkeep, whichever way you want to look at it. That though is for the mid-term future and not right now. The current fragility of the player community would be a huge GAMBLE to take merging PvP or all three servers. Commercial suicide would be my best guess. This is why I think @admin stepped back “Hot foot” from the original PvE merge at the start of the year. I first thought he’d gone mad. It was a bold a brilliant move like the EvE Online style I wanted. How could a handful of players persuade him it was wrong? In hindsight he was so right to step back. Time is not right just yet. Apologies for the rant guys and letting off steam. @Teutonic Action is happening and the Yucatan is keeping this Despot Leader busy. Shorthanded for the last few weeks means my HR is spread thinner than marmite. Pushing out or forward is slow going but is moving. Having close friends and allies [VCO] change Nation means all the smaller clans in the area like [ELITE] are picking up the slack left. Which is not a bad thing… Again, apologies for the rant, blood nearly boiling Norfolk nChance [ELITE].
  8. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    @rediii Could all three servers (EU, US and HK) work on the ONE universe state, bringing the ping global average down? If so… When a clan is initially formed, example [ELITE] I’m asked no matter what NATION I choose what server local is the clan BASED. I might be Hong Kong based, but the majority of the clan is UK so I’d choose the EU server. This then would be [ELITE] PB Defense Window TIMER like you guys have now. If I wanted to ATTACK a [HYDRA] PORT and they were US Based clan it would default to US time slot window. NEUTRALs default to your defense. This way the aggressor pays up to attack you in your own preferred time zone. It’s not a total solution and you can pick easy holes in it. But I doe’s give you a ONE state Universe PvP with limited PORT Battle Windowed Timers to your preference. Otherwise, I’m out of ideas and might go build a Megathron Navy Issue ship instead… Norfolk. Ps see you guys Next week
  9. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    I've [ELITE] in GB all setup but might need some play money or a ship... actually I should have the indef and surprise from my dealer still. Will shout you all up @rediii no we really need to solve this issue somehow. It can't be this hard. My guys are mainly UK based so their ping should be better right on EU and my US guys are worse. Only a holiday fyi...lol
  10. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    ASEAN should have its own dedicated server with @adminpushing China, South Korea and Japan. HK ping on Global is 230, 180 on NAL and 190 on EU. AUS & NZ are worse. South Korean gamers won't touch this with them ping rates. call it PvE Global and I'll come over for a holiday next week to EU
  11. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    is that like "Pitched Poled...?"
  12. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22954-norfolk%E2%80%99s-three-steps-to-heaven-or-hell%E2%80%A6/ The servers won’t be merge anytime soon and it’s still debatable whether they should be? Above is my “Three Steps to Heaven…” interim solution. We have a very smart community here, but need to really stop thinking in terms of “Them and Us…” and really try to solve this somehow. From a business point of view, longer term a merger is preferable. However, the fragility of the players at the moment would be an awful RISK for the Dev’s to take in merging all three servers. This is what I think happened to @admin and why he had second thoughts on the PvE merge idea at the turn of the year. Getting to Heaven… Instead of such a risk why not think in terms of STEPs rather than servers. Protect the BASE line PvP EU server with obviously the main population. Keep the model basically the same more skewed to RvR Battle Timer limits etc. The PvP Global becomes the real TESTBED. The above link I’m pointing out the “Civil War…” mechanic yet if ever will be put in place. Just as easily why not try My Night Flip idea for a three-week trial ONLY. Let’s see exactly how these numbers play out… This wouldn't impact EU at all and yet we might see a real solution here. What pitfalls show up, also what successes it might solve… This doesn’t put the whole server community at risk and the model is actually tested with players and not just 1 or 2 on the actual testbed…? Does this idea appeal…? Does this idea appeal to any of the Senior Captains out there? Especially PvP EU guys… @Ink could this actually work without too much disruption…? Again my apologies @Jon Snow lets go Norfolk nChance.
  13. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    apologies @Jon Snow lets gofor drifting off topic here
  14. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22153-idea-port-battle-night-flips-solved/ Look this is not ideal for either Server, but take look at it. I try to mitigate the night flip element by using the weekend and a random time choice within X-number of hours. @Intrepidois right we do need to look at a valid solution, but it will need some give and take rather than one side actually biting the bullet...!
  15. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    @Eléazar de Damas Yes, like the idea of a tow mechanic for the “Panama Canal” and would solve some ganking issues etc. @Thonys Love the Illustrated London News article and “Chinese Teak…”. Simply brilliant. @Sella22 Think the Portugal, Macau link is a very good idea. The Treasure Ships with silver were legendary. Even today Macau keeps hold of its Portuguese past with pride. The two games will need marketing to a wider audience than just staying within the EU sphere. This I totally agree with @admin. This thread was just an off the cuff idea that am sure more of you have better ones to share… can’t wait for @Flash Jack As a proud Yorkshireman living the expat life in Hong Kong for exactly 20 years this month I’ve come to love my Far Eastern home. Not really related to my OP below is a link to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. If anybody is coming to Hong Kong it’s well worth a visit. If you’d like a cheap tour guide (price of a pint) am willing to come along with you. It even as a section for @Sir Texas Sir ASEAN brothers… The Sea Bandits… http://www.hkmaritimemuseum.org/eng/visit/general-information/15/ Norfolk.