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  1. Improve Uncontested Port Battles

    Sorry about that. It was not planned from the best of my knowledge to be and no one showed up for a pretty idiotic reason. There were people there to contest the port battle but were not able to enter.
  2. Boarding Action Screen Overlay.

    Yeah I tried adjusting resolution too and were not able to.
  3. Boarding Action Screen Overlay.

    okay so I am not the only tit having this issue. That is good to know because it is a UI issue that even though not game breaking is still annoying.
  4. Stop it! Wasa was fine till you started to do rollbacks on the nerfs. Everything else looks great.
  5. Operation Octaflip

    I do not think really any of us did till we got to the US. Trash follow this trash even though you will never see this trash playing and TURN is a dead trash. Still this trash is able to bark trash around and trash follow.
  6. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    keep tweaking those upgrades and knowledge to where they do not have such a significant impact and be a larger factor than a players skill.
  7. pls change timers

    I agree. They should at least spawn in actual shallows rather than in deep water.
  8. pls change timers

    No. Les Cayes is in the past. The players in Poland have done their best to get up and move on, going as far as changing their goals and objectives to be reasonable under current circumstances. Only thing you can do. I would still be in Poland if it was not for the new full time job I got restricting my availability to play the game to hours where the majority of the Polish nation would be unavailable. Well, then maybe you guys need to figure out why this is happening.
  9. pls change timers

    Do you think three nations came at Great Britain flipping eight ports without reason or cause? You reap what you sow mate. To every action there is a cause. You and maybe a few Great Britain players are taking it too personally to the point that it is spreading to multiple threads now. The remarks you are making and the recent actions of the major leaders of Great Britain has done nothing to help the image, trust, or reliability of Great Britain.
  10. IMPORTANT: Redeemable Wipe Mar. 15th Reminder

    Thanks for reminder.
  11. We have too many Nations - Remove some!

    I brought up a similar subject a few weeks ago about making the pirates follow the same system that the impossible nations do. I also made a suggestion to make a nation after removing the current three impossible nations meant for people who want a difficult "national" faction to play that have only one safe port to start with.
  12. US Player base

    If you are looking for a US player base your best bet is the US. GB does have people that play in the US timezone but majority of them are not PvP players.
  13. Fun PVP for everyone!

    Yeah I am not too sure about this. From what it sounds like I would have to continuously have to go back to a port to get another "patrol" mission every time I sink a ship. I think the rewards are good but the whole mission idea is just going to be a hindrance and reduce PvP overall.
  14. Unequal battles

    I know I am commenting on an old comment in this thread but thought I should bring up this as an alternative to removing enemy names. If players have been able to take an individual ship through multiple given battles and do come out of the battle un-sunk then let them be able to name that ship. Let that become the "terror of the seas" sort of aspect rather than the players name. If that named ship is sunk they will have to go through the same amount of battles or sink the same amount of players before renaming their new ship even if it is the same model. For Example. Let us use @HachiRoku as an example. Hachi here in his Trinc goes and sinks countless enemies without losing that trinc in question. He is then able to name it "Toto." Now when a player comes across Hachi and clicks on his ship in OW they would see "Toto" rather than just seeing the class ship it is or the players name. Now if Hachi somehow manages to lose "Toto" and builds another Trinc, that new Trinc will not be called "Toto" and he would have to go and sink the same amount of ships like before to give this new Trinc a name.