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  1. Prussian Ports For Sale

    It was never going to last
  2. Prussian Ports For Sale

    This is pointless. @HachiRoku already stated the obvious. Lets move on and let this thread die with zero results like it would have otherwise.
  3. Done one recently. No one inthe group chained in any epic events we have been doing. Maybe use your head and bring proper ship builds and work together better. #gitgud. Agreed. Until full content of patch drops and a day or two of testing done. It is pointless just to assume with as little information received so far. Like the concept of limiting chains as long as certain other changes will be made. We will see then.
  4. Needed hostility for ports a bit weird

    Yeah, everything we had before this had their faults or loop holes. Not saying current system is perfect but it is better than what we had before.
  5. PvP Leaderboard

    Full statistics with various varibles that can filter stats would be nice to see down the road.
  6. Split mast and sail repair

    Was there not talks about them changing the repair system eventually?
  7. Reinforcements update

    I am fine with this. Decent change.
  8. Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    Would also be nice to see a change to what you can get for victory marks.

    Right on the nose.
  10. EXILE moving to Denmark

    April Fools or not I always wondered why EXILE was in Great Britain. If you are going to Danmark that should be a great fit for your playstyle and means of entertainment in this game. Best of luck.
  11. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    And the American people respect that and do enjoy the PvP the Prussians provide. The more we lose the coastline however the less pvp there will be since "coast guards" range of responding is becoming limited.
  12. Event Zone RoE

    Well I like the zone idea so I guess I will keep trash in my name. They do need alterations though. I dont mind the battles being open as long as they are but the br rating needs adjusting so a group cannot just zerg through the zones.
  13. hostility mission

    We do not mind a fight as well. But we have a lot of inexperienced players as you said. We were and still are trying to develop them in the shallows. Start them out where the loss is not great and they can get use a fast pace battle. This has been hard to do when the one nation we can play against competitively pulls out like a cheap one night stand in the shallows and we have Prussia along with France moving up our coast with their experienced players while these inactive and dying clans in the United States make careless mistakes that hurt us while they go off and be carebears leaving the mess to active clans wanting to develop to handle. PS. Only reason we are being stuck to the safe zones is because our open ports are being taken by three nations which we do go out and scout the waters around when they were in our control. As you said we could go to Tumbado which a lot of us do but our supply chain for consumables not using alts is cut off with the loss of our Florida ports making a trip to resupply for most Americans too risky of an endevour.