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  1. Davos Seaworth

    Mission changes

    Add a bounty board and contracts perhaps.
  2. Davos Seaworth

    Mission changes

    I really hope that it isnt a placeholder lol
  3. Davos Seaworth

    US Political Situation

    Yeah but I am not one of those constantly camping a nations capital port sniping nubs. No fun in that. I enjoy the hunt.
  4. Davos Seaworth

    US Political Situation

    Enjoy yourself then. I only raid from that area and I head East not West.
  5. Davos Seaworth

    US Political Situation

    Yeah and majority of PvP down there against GB is maybe one or two players at Belize or countering any raiders that come down to the US ports. Most of the PvP against GB in that area is Espana and France. We US keep to ourselves down there for the most part.
  6. Davos Seaworth

    US Political Situation

    Timers are set like they are suppose to be for US players. In our timezones. Do not see US clans complaining about EU clans setting proper timers in EU timezones. The ports are set to a time when majority of the North American player base is active. Were not CBC in France setting silly port battle windows where it is difficult for both NA and EU players to do hostility. France is not much US issue in Belize as they sink more GB players. So they are your problem like we tried to warn you they were a bad idea inviting them to such an area. I guess the money was too good though. GB also provoked because of Gregory targeting our ports in the shallows. America doesnt have much and will protect what little it has. I would threaten US should just rampage down the Central American coast but you would not care. In fact I was encouraged screwing over clans like BAIT and BCC in deals. ONION remains rogue and will remain so helping any nation or player it pleases.
  7. Davos Seaworth

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    You guys at that point of when everything happened were not allies. You were on neutral friendly terms. The EU French broke any alliance with Espana when they were caught on US East Coast during port battles, which they stated they had no part or desire for, all while requesting Espana for help against at that time Sweden and Russia stating they need Espana help since the EU French were not able to field enough ships. There was probably more to Espana pulling the alliance with France of course but from what I was told talking to a few of them that was the final straw.
  8. Davos Seaworth

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    What? Raxius is French and Rediii is going to Russia.
  9. Davos Seaworth

    Patrol Damage doesn't count correctly

    I do not believe that the history reports take into account sail and crew damage which I thought was counted towards the total in Patrol Zones.
  10. Davos Seaworth

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

  11. Davos Seaworth

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Why doesnt Sweden go after them rather than wait for Espana or France to make another move?
  12. Davos Seaworth

    Stern Camping DLC Ships

    I wouldnt say a month but it should be more than 48 hours.
  13. Davos Seaworth

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    France will win unless Espana decides to finally make a move against them. France started the war. They were told what their actions would incur if they went ahead with them at Ruatan and they went ahead anyways. Espana not backing down from their word kept it. I don't care who wins. France though will need to be put in their place as well at some point just like Sweden was and now Espana is. Espana deserved this war. Any nation that controls as many ports as they do and are not able to support them should be at a war to balance out the server ever slightly. France should be next with the amount of ports they have.
  14. Davos Seaworth

    Any new players passing the final exam?

    Many of my members are new coming from the latest steam summer sale or they have not played for year or two so they are very inexperienced with the new dynamics of the game or many of the new mechanics. Good people to have a chat with about the goo ol days. I make sure they take the tutorial and at least past up to that final exam. Few have passed the final exam and the ones that have not do go back to that exam to reattempt it finding the challenge enjoyable in small doses. I believe if they continued to go at it for hours they would get frustrated of course. I do find the final exam to be a good benchmark. Although I do believe the name should be altered so it does not present itself as a part of the tutorial but rather a challenge.
  15. Davos Seaworth

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    I do miss a good war that is back and fourth struggle. Current state of the game shows that will not happen.