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    Grief Fleets

    Yep. 100%
  2. Davos Seaworth

    Alt Trolling Nation Chat

    Go ahead. It does not justify or remove the actions and statements you have done and obviously have no regrets, acting like a victim. @admin @Ink @Hethwill close the thread and deal with this nonsensical boy.
  3. Davos Seaworth

    PvP marks and the seals

    @admin @Ink I do think Wraith brings up a valid point to this discussion that should be taken into consideration in some form or manner. Obviously a player loses their ship along with whatever is attached to that ship and the contents of that ship. For some players that is hard to replace or recover from. Of course the winner should get the majority of the reward and the loser should of course get the least in rewards but in turn should be rewarded all the same. As @Old Crusty states it can be very devastating for a player to go out there to intentionally find PvP or unintentionally find PvP and lose everything just for partaking in an aspect of the game.
  4. Onion Knights Onion Knights is going to be a very simple US clan based upon how I originally intended my previous clans would be, but never got the chance because of the size of the nations they were in. Clan Attributes PvP and Crafting Focused Become and maintain a midsize clan Come together for resources and on rare occasion clan activities Remove oneself and have minimal concern with player based politics Help others who are willing to receive help Rules and Requirements Do not do or say anything that will reflect poorly upon the clan. Basically don't be an ass. Must be able to speak English. Exceptions can be made. Have Teamspeak and Discord App. Contribute to the collection of resources for clan crafting. Able to work both individually and in a group. If you are sick of the player based politics dictating certain aspects of this game to you, tired of being just another cog or being just a number in a larger clan, or simply tired of playing by oneself with very little interaction with other players then consider joining the Onion Knights. To join contact Davos Seasworth either via the forums or in the game, preferably in-game.
  5. Davos Seaworth

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

  6. Davos Seaworth

    Server crash?

    Still wish I knew what was going on.
  7. Davos Seaworth

    Server crash?

    It is not just the game. The US teamspeak which is hosted in France if I remember Drax correctly and a few websites will not load. Apart from that everything else is working fine.
  8. Davos Seaworth

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    Issue isn't you. What you do is fine. There are others though that have taken it too far in the past and there are some now going far beyond what you do sir.
  9. Davos Seaworth

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    There is no reason why there should be no PvP around these reinforcement zones. The issue has become, at least in the United States, that it has gotten to the point where it is a constant twenty-four hour, seven days a week thing to see PvP at the capital itself. It does not help that the player population at a given time is as low as it is forcing these players to find the clusters but it is also contributing to that number decreasing as well. Now respect to the players that have laid off the area or only come up occasionally. That is how it should be done. But there are others that have constantly shown up and just attacked everything that moves that is United States nation and have left other nations alone. We tend to get weekly reports of even people in basic cutters getting ganked by Prince(s) and Bellona(s) outside of Charleston. There are people trying to move out of the region but are unable to as well since they have to deal with the PvP farmers and there is no reasonable time for them to leave bringing their goods with them to start up somewhere else and expand. This is where the problem goes almost full circle. Hardcore players are farming there because that is where the most targets are and the reason there are more targets in these said regions is because they can hardly move because of those hardcore players farming them. It does nothing positive for the longevity of the game. Now a reminder that I am not stating all PvP is unwarranted around the capital and I do commend those who do travel around hitting other areas frequently. I am also not suggesting that PvP should be banned in these said areas either. Just stating there needs to be a better grasp from the players or we might get a solution from the Devs that no one really wants. They needed to be removed because it really made only a few regions worth anything and the majority of the map pointless.
  10. Davos Seaworth

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    A ship that needs tweaking can only take a player so far no matter what circumstance depending on their skill. Obviously hardcore players shownin the image will excel in any ship they have available to them while their opponents in the image who are more on the casual side will still have to play at their best even if in a ship that needs tweaking.
  11. Davos Seaworth

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Agreed. I mean I have opinions on much that has been posted as of late but out of simple respect and the maker of the post I keep it to myself. And yeah I would not call myself hardcore or at least hardcore pvp player, but I play this game far too much to be considered casual anymore I would think so I am just right in the middle.
  12. Davos Seaworth

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yeah wish I did. I was getting the program set up when I came across him. Thought I hit record and guess I did not. I mainly threw the post up out of complete respect to my opponent.
  13. Davos Seaworth

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Sorry I didn't post a gank or one sided battle like the majority of these posts have been as of late. Next time I make will make sure I do that. Had a real good duel with an opponent where we both mutually respected each other enough towards the end to back off one another and to not re tag. I believe that is called sportsmanship. Way you reacted here I doubt you have heard of it. No reason to take a dump on someones fun.
  14. Davos Seaworth

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Fantastic duel with Drunken Ghost of HAVOC. Was a real boxer brawl. I was in a White oak/White oak Hercules and he was in a White oak/White oak Endymion. We called it a draw out of probably exhaustion. At that point I had more hull and he had more sail. Great fight, loved every minute of it.
  15. @admin @Ink So I assume this week mainly to be focused on making corrections and tweaks to latest patch 25. With that said what is the estimated time frame and/goal to start seeing more UI and the economic changes? Lets see the continuation of this momentum patch 25 has created.
  16. Davos Seaworth

    Naval Action ports need a complete rework.

    Minecraft was being used in this pointless discussion as an example like the other games mentioned, of a game that is not visually appealing yet still sells very well based upon content. I assume you would rather see like any of the sensible part of the community more content towards pvp, pve, crafting, and trading. Not to mention a completed UI.
  17. Davos Seaworth

    Naval Action ports need a complete rework.

    BS to your BS. There have been games that have sold very well and are absolute not notch graphically. Minecraft, Terria, Crusader Kings II, Rise of Nations, Eve, Mount & Blade, etc. I really could go on to prove my point. Games that have done very successful based upon their CONTENT supporting @Christendom statement and not based upon their subpar graphics of their day and still hold through test of time in sales.
  18. Davos Seaworth

    Naval Action ports need a complete rework.

    Graphically the game holds up pretty damn well for its age. The game has more pressing matters at hand than enviromental graphics.
  19. Davos Seaworth

    Newbie clans

    I get the lonely part. That is why I been keeping in contact with the few new players that even after that degen Raxious and pcp clan ganking outside Ct stick around I will message them every day to see how theyre doing and answer any questions they have. If they stick around long enough and show improvement I will send a clan invite.
  20. Davos Seaworth

    Gameplay Intervention (Little River)

    I was talking to @Banished Privateer, child. Someone even though through all the crap he has done to the US over hurt egos, I still have some respect for. I do not care for your opinions kiddo simply because you and your lot have never really brought anything to the table worth mentioning that is for the improvement of the game or this community. Banished has at least done something to help this game out and does have a better understanding of aspects of this games community and individuals. That is why players from ARMED have joined up with him. Now I may not agree with Banished on many aspects and beliefs on what this game should be but I still have respect for his opinion and other members of ALOHA. Hell, I will even talk to King of Crowns since I still have respect for him to some degree which is more than what I assume majority of US players have. King of Crowns came to help the Poles in their time of need which is more than I can say for many. They both have a better understanding of the impact their actions could place upon a population and gameplay of this game and know when to change or continue the course they are on.
  21. Davos Seaworth

    Gameplay Intervention (Little River)

    A few of those nations you mention have two capital ports with a vast distance in between them. This breaks down the concentration of enemies at one single capital region. Now as you also stated Danmark and Sweden. Yes, they are surrounded by capture ports. Difference is their non-capture ports are concentrated in a dense area making almost the entire area relatively safe. United States is stretched across an entire coast line which spans a far vast distance than the reinforcement zone. Another good example of the density of their area and how it benefits them is back when hostility could only be grind through attacking attacking AI fleets. For that entire Eastern region of the map it was very easy because you rarely had to go far or long to run into any ships to attack. Unlike the Dutch who would spend a long time to come across an ai fleet they could hit to grind hostility. Frankly, I dont care if they make a few ports down south of that coast able to be captured. It is odd to see a port like little river in the middle of their reinforcement zone be able to be captured.
  22. Davos Seaworth

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Took a quick look at the UI this morning before heading out to work. My only complaint which is nothing huge is how the chat looks undeveloped and out of place. Nice to see some scaling options down the road as well. That is all. Additional note: In the map window it would be nice to see the menu and the hover over port window to be worked on as well.
  23. Davos Seaworth

    Player Ship Selection Poll 2018?

    Let them finish the actual game first and the other ships they stated they will work on. Once those are complete ask for more in-game content and more ships. With more ships hopefully content for RvR, PvP, and even crafting will have a stronger variety than what we have now where there has become in many clans certain ships you must bring to participate and still be competitive.
  24. Davos Seaworth

    [ONION] Onion Knights (US Caribbean)

    Will join if invited any council. Does not mean however that we will abide by any of their "restrictions." I have been coming up their coasts. Yes they do.