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  1. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    Actually I know a few Polish that sail down there for PvP with French. Even when talking to France they commented on the people down there doing PvP. In fact I am actually down there myself. Going to accuse me of alt farming as well? On this Killjp character however I do not think you are wrong. Noticed while I was there just a few minutes after that combat news about 4-5 cerbs were bought up.
  2. Timers

    why not expand the time frame a little bit where there is more overlap?
  3. Timers

    It will soon be between all of Russia and all of France.
  4. [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    Hardly. There are definitely better ones than me. All I do is try to make sure the 16 others in my clan have the best time while not having to deal with all the politics and other nonsense this game seems to provide. Thank you nonetheless for that remark even if I am hinting some sarcasm.
  5. [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    For Pete's sake. You were creeping around Les Cayes island out there. No notice or heads up to anyone of course. Then you get spotted by @Iroquois Confederacy who pounces on anything that he can see a victorious outcome on. No one controls the TRIBE, everyone knows that. There was no official documentation or agreements made about a non-aggression pact. You were Polish yourself and knew what happened to anything that stuck its nose there. Even France, Espana, and Russia understand this. I mean Vazco, what did you expect? Just enough be adults for once in your lives people and move on. Just let it die. @Bart Smith remove that damn "Like" on this post. I do not tolerate that sort of passive aggressive behavior. Even if it was innocent it still looks like a jerk move and I want no part of that.
  6. [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    Mario is correct. Drop the subject. The damage is already done. If the accusations are true or not you cannot do anything without any physical evidence. I am going to back @Parchin on this who thinks similar to what I think needs to happen in PFK. Needs to be stated again. Without any visual evidence and only speculation people should not be blasting an individual publicly or even privately in most cases. Purge the infected region first before attempting to deal with potential external ailments. THANK YOU!!!!! As the main leader of HOST it is a migraine to see all this being posted on a thread about the POLISH COMMONWEALTH, not a PFK clan thread. THANK YOU!!!! Now can we stop putting dirty laundry on the front lawn? I do not like getting up from any sort of sleep to see this mess.
  7. A letter to the King - Latest Episode (Hiatus)

    Then you should come join Poland my friend. Eventually SCAR will return from their hiatus and it will be nice to see a familiar face back.
  8. [Caribbean Server] Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

    I can vouch for pretty much everything that Cr33D states. Do I agree with the manner they left Saint-Louis? No, but I cannot blame them. You also been getting reports from me reflecting and also pointing out reports of PvP Farming within PFK. There also needs to be a disconnect with Great Britain so that information is no longer leaked. A purging of the house is required if Poland wishes to attract more individuals. Otherwise, I do not know if I am willing to continue in such an adventure when I am battling at times my own faction.
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    Felt like I found a great opportunity.
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

    It was not something I wanted to go deal with after work but spent last two close to three hours in a teamspeak talking about and along with Murdock going about with politic crap.
  11. Turn inertia - discuss

    I'm content.
  12. Should I join?

    Go for it. I mean I think PFK is still hurt over your departure and you guys letting Saint-Louis go neutral in the first place without staying around to help make sure it stays Polish, but to me Prussia is better than Great Britain.
  13. Should I join?

    Hachi. You were hanging around outside Les Cayes. You tagged a few of our guys. Of course we are going to retaliate. That trinc of yours. Hell, go to Prussia if you want it back. Saint-Louis, any other faction apart from Great Britain can have it.
  14. Should I join?

    Try having to use google translate throughout an entire meeting.
  15. Should I join?

    It was not bad at first. Was part of a decent clan of friends. Then the fine woods came along and they just gradually quit. Formed my own clan a few months after that and then political crap in Great Britain made things awful. Said it best. Every place has their issues. You escape one you find another, similar or different, in your path. I say stay where your friends are. Without playing with friends this game tends to get dull very fast.
  16. Should I join?

    Don't. Been in Great Britain for a year. It was a miserable place. Being Dutch and Danish was such an improvement in comparison. Even as Poland is down on their luck I am still having a better time. I played with you for a short time and found you to be a good man and a great player. I'd say stay in Espana, but if you must change factions do go anywhere but Great Britain.
  17. Caribbean Invasion News

    Then why are you not going after Russia as hard eh? Where is their consequences? @Anolytic have you met with any consequences?
  18. Caribbean Invasion News

    Vazco said it in very simple terms. Commonwealth is working on reforming ourselves. A lot has happened over the week where the largest clan needs to restructure itself and we are all attempting to help rank and develop our new players. We have enough things to work through and the external factors just keep on piling up.
  19. I have a few suggestions concerning mostly other mechanics but one or two concerning wind and buffs/debuffs 1. Wasa as great of a ship it is needs something to be done to it to balance out its use. Right now for a fourth rate ship it out classes the majority of its fellow fourth class ships in almost every aspect and even if it does not out match an aspect such as speed or firepower of another fourth rate the wasa out matches that said fourth rate in all the other aspects. Not to mention it does need an adjustment to its battle rating. In port battles since there is only a slight difference between the Bellona, let's say, and the Wasa that people will choose the Wasa for its lower battle rating. 2. When going against the wind in open world it has become a struggle hitting 4 kn to even want to be traveling. It significantly increases the time you are out there in open waters just waiting for the wind to turn ever so slightly. Maybe just a few more knots would be alright in open world. In battles I am okay with it. So far I been loving the wind mechanics and feel like they are a breath of fresh breeze. 3. Victory Marks. I play as Poland and going up against other nations such as Pirates and Great Britain you see a significant difference in the use of first rates. I personally do not think the permits and blueprints should be worth a victory mark but rather PvP Marks. Granted maybe make the instantly built ships worth an increased amount of Victory Marks and make the Wasa a craftable ship. Maybe make those Navy upgrades worth a victory mark with slight changes to the upgrades for instance but nothing significant to make them absolutely outstanding. 4. Port Battle Timers. I love the concept so please do not remove it. My suggestion though is increase the windows of time for setting up the port battles and for the port battles themselves. Possibly letting other people from different timezone participate in the grind and port battle itself because right now the timers either decide if an attacker can go after a certain port or if they just cannot attack it because that set time is out of their availability to play. Maybe because of work, sleep, school, or other real life responsibilities. So possibly broadening the port battle windows time frame might help alleviate some of those issues.
  20. [PVP EU] battle results

    GG guys on both sides. Great Britain with their first rates handled the battle very well, it looked at one moment could swing either way but lost favor with the wind and losing PegLeg created a huge step back for Poland.
  21. Caribbean Invasion News

    Attempts were made but fell on deaf ears. Granted I do not know exactly who was being contacted since I was not part of that process. Flipping Saint-Louis is seen as an attempt to wipe us.
  22. Caribbean Invasion News

    Poland does not care for individual clans like Great Britain might. We see only factions.
  23. Caribbean Invasion News

    We only attacked Prinzapolka which was a reactionary response to BTF moving in on former Prussian ports while they were dealing with clans being reformed. We were asked by those remnants at the time to intervene out of respect. Everything else I have not seen a single rise of hostility since PFK and HOST have not made a move and only been focused on PvP which is the only thing I could see as showing hostility being built up but in very trival numbers.