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  1. Declaration of Independence

    that sucks.
  2. TP to free towns

    No. Pretty much the Devs have rolled back on almost everything the patch 10 brought and it obviously will not help the servers. It did not before and it will not now.
  3. Declaration of Independence

    Be the masters of your fate. Ignore the outside world and decide what you want to do.
  4. [Serious] Server Health

    Not too concerned with the population. School has started or will be starting for some.
  5. [Serious] Server Health

    Would be a nice addition to war companies *nudge nudge wink wink*
  6. Not new. Seen it and been in it before.
  7. [Serious] Server Health

    Half the fun in the ow pvp is the hunt and chase itself.
  8. Meh. Lose a trade ship big woop. We HOST work around French hours. Had to do it when Dutch and will continue to do it as Danish. Myself, getting back into clash of kings mod for warband. Just dont have the numbers to go at them directly. Personally find this war pointless. Just pride and ego on both sides continue it. No one is actually hurt at this point and now its just a waiting game.
  9. [Serious] Server Health

    I felt like camping a factions capital did significant damage to the server's population. People whos capital is being camped reduce their play time or take breaks.
  10. [Serious] Server Health

    No hello kitty. Lets look at the current on global. Sweden, Dutch, and Spain are unable to do RvR. Too small to field a PB fleet when they are all on. France and Danmark really only can field a full PB on opposite hours. Pirates and GB seem to be only factions that can do RvR on all hours it seems. OW pvp has devolved to camping a factions capital. There have been solutions and chances for change but people were/are too stubborn to adjust, loyal to a faction, not willing to build, etc. This community needs to get together and put their egos and loyalties aside if they want to solve any sort of problem. Just merging servers will solve nothing. Nothing long term at least which should be our target goal. Too often people have been fine with short term. Devs need to focus on creating content rather than having to step back to issues that people are having with the game based upon the population such as RvR right now.
  11. [Serious] Server Health

    Its only a bandaid. Wont stop the bleeding permanently.
  12. Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    I always assumed people over in France do. In Danmark it is the same. Hence, why I feel like nothing really changed for Danmark.
  13. Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    What effort? Nothing has changed in Danmark. Sure French come out to sink us around the capital. So what. We just build more ships since we have the resources to do so and continue on our day. You act like there is a winning side. There is no winning side right now. We are just back to the same position Danmark and France were at last time pretty much. Just it is going to be who breaks first.
  14. Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    Im honestly okay with the ability to pop in and out of the game and only play short bursts. Busy life and other interests as well. I do not much care for being cemented down daily to a single game. Currently just working on rebranding a few companies for example which takes a great deal of time depending on the company. With the French all over Danish waters my focus in the game is just getting the last few stragglers of my former Dutch clan over to Danmark and prepping for the clans future plans. So even though I am not logging into the game I still somehow am busy with the game. From what I been told as well from a few members is Eve is similar in this way. Difference is population.
  15. Add invasions to the RvR game

    Yeah I am so lost on all that war company stuff right now I am not bothering with it till they come with a more concrete system. I feel like they are just trying to replace the current RvR system rather than expand on it which is simply foolish. This game should be beyond the point of rewrites and should be focused on building upon a strong foundation. Not tearing it down for remodelling.