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  1. janhendrik

    Black Screen Crash please help

    The only thing what helps is to underclock my gtx 970 , i changed the core clock from 0 to -280 ,so my gtx 970 is the problem,ot it is the cooling no dust ,i have update the latest driver,
  2. janhendrik

    Black Screen Crash please help

    oke this is what happens my max resolution is 1920x1080 then i put the settings back first to 1680x1050 no result, then i try my resolution on 1600X1024 at the moment i have no black screen ,what i also did i put another monitor on my Pc max resolution 1600x900 and everything works fine no black screen. I use the program speccy to control my temperatuur of the processors ,with higher resolution temp gtx 970 goes higher in the past i had no problems playing max 1920X1080 now i have ,is there a reason for it? only i didnt have update my motherboard at the moment its a driver from 2012 greetings
  3. janhendrik

    Black Screen Crash please help

    Hello Vizzini my card is 3 years old,i play at the moment on high settings i was playing on ultra and then i ahve no problems. but if my card is not good it must have the same problems when i play battlefield or other heavy games or not?
  4. janhendrik

    Black Screen Crash please help

    hello again, 1 i did update the gpu drivers from the gtx 970 problem stays the same,i also update microsoft visuals 2 i did verify the local files and reinstal the game but no results 3 when i play i control the temperatuur from the gtx 970 its between 70 and 80 degrees. At the moment i was just outside the port in open sea i did nothing and i get another black screen realy i can do anything no ctrl alt del nothing works only when i push on some buttons i get a strange noice ping ping ping ,i have to restart the pc by pushing the power button. the strange thing is when i play battlefield on ulta high and the temperatuur goes to 80 i can play and i have no problems only in naval action i get black screens its realy anoying if you are in battles and this happens in pvp you are dead and maybe in missions you can survive . i also thinking maybe its my motherboard that i have to update or flash??? its from 2012 yesterday i instal an old video driver from oktober 2016 afther that no black screen but today it happens again , i also start naval action in X86 no result realy i dont know what i can do else??? where in de pc can i find what the problem is ? eventlog? i dont have any thing on that is recording greetings Janhendrik
  5. janhendrik

    Black Screen Crash please help

    Hello Captains Many times i have a black screen crash in battles and open world,i can hear the game but my screen is black,i have to push the power button to restart my pc ,thats the only thing i can do,afther this is everything normal again .i never had this before.I realy dont know where to search for this problem.The strange thing is this happens only when i play naval action. Operating System: Windows 7 home premium x64 build 7601 CPU: Intel Core i7-2600, Video adapter: Gainward GeForce GTX 970, Ram 16GB, Motherboard Model: GIGABYTE Z77-D3H Can somebody help me with this?,do i need to instal something for naval action?or updating something?is my cpu to slow ?is my internet connection not good?maybe bios? greetings janhendrik
  6. janhendrik

    Game crashing "not responding"

    Hello I had the same problem when i was in a heavy storm battle(PVP) yesterday ,the game was freeze. No other option for me then CTRL ALT Delete,afther that i was reconecting,and everything was fine again. greetings Maverick
  7. Hello Dev I want to say i have no problems at the moment,its an awesome game.only when i defeat a big ship in pvp i get sunk by small ships lol They ask me for the ping. my ping is 8.7234 ms looking forward for the whole game. best regards general maverick
  8. janhendrik

    Need Help - pre-purchase confirmation

    Oke thankyou very much so the key you get by email you can use on your steamaccount? or how it works greetings robert
  9. janhendrik

    Need Help - pre-purchase confirmation

    Hello The same for me is purchased my preorder for this awesome game ,and i got an email in my mail box that i payed it. so my question is do i get steam keys now,or what must i do? greetings Robert
  10. janhendrik

    Focus testing

    Hi I am from Holland This game looks realy awsome Is it still possible for me to become a tester? My computer: Windows 7,2 TB, HDD,Nvdia 580,16 GIG Ram Best Regards