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  1. Timers wouldn´t be a problem if the world was flat
  2. Game seemed to be in the good way and then this happened.....
  3. Se unifican los servidores y "liberan" el RVR

    Ahora que el juego parecía que iba camino de ser algo pasable van y se meten unas botellas de vodka de más.
  4. CBC is an independent french clan which is defending their own interests, not the spanish ones.
  5. I think the agreement isn´t enough, I´m not saying I´m completely against it. But after all, I´m just a spanish captain, it´s JUST my opinion.
  6. Didn't know we had been beaten, I got to be playing in Global Server since we are seeing different games.
  7. A British talking about being beaten. Interesting.
  8. I´m not trolling. We´ve beaten EDR every time we´ve fought against you. Your screening damage has been marginal. A white peace it´s a bad deal for us.
  9. I repeat, I don't see any advantage for us.
  10. As spanish player, I don't see any advantage for us in this agreement.
  11. Mortar shots colliding with the air

    Something really weird happened during the PB of Las Sabinas. Our mortar was trying to destroy the enemy fort, which was next to the port, and his shots "collided with" the air. I don´t know if this has already been reported but I think it´s important enough to be posted here. I didn´t manage to send a F11 report because I had to pay attention to the battle. This unsual "paranormal activity" can be seen in this video, minute 0:25
  12. Port Battle System is Pathetic

    Imho current PB system is one of the best things devs have ever done.
  13. [PVP EU] battle results

    Having fun in Turneffe, thx for the great fight brits. Btw, Mr Pellew is the most lucky guy ever, Battle time ended when he was being boarded and only had 80 guys remaining.
  14. I would be great if you continued your discussion in other post, I don´t think REDS guys want their post full of salt.