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    US Ship of the Line USS Ohio (1820)

    A beautiful ship I will agree, however, it was quite a late ship and didn't see any combat, so I doubt it to be put in sadly. The Ohio is one of my personal favourite ships and I would love to see her in-game, I also understand that she only just meets the criteria, if she is put into the polls, I would vote for her in a heartbeat
  2. AUAcuso

    HMS St Lawrence (1814)

    Just some more images of her, Don't mind me.
  3. AUAcuso

    HMS St. Lawrence

    not sure is this has been posted yet sorry if it has. ----------------------------- The HMS St. Lawrence was a 112 gun first rate ship of the line launched on 10 September 1814 from the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard. She was the only Royal Navy ship of the line ever to be launched and operated entirely in fresh water. how ever powerful she was as the largest warship on the great lakes, because of her sheer size and the danger she posed she never saw action as the U.S. fleet was too worried of losing their ships to her and was promptly decommissioned in 1832. She was the flagship of Sir James Lucas Yeo. Plans Length : 191 ft 2 in / 58.27 m to the tip of the gun deck Beam : 52 ft 6 in / 16.00 m Complement: 700 officers and men Armament: gun deck: 28 x 32 pdrs, 4 x 24 pdrs, 2 x 68 pdr carronades (for sake of game I'd just make them all 32 pdrs) Middle: 36 x 24 pdrs Upper gun deck: 32 x 32 pdrs Another plan Model While nothing special, she would add more variety to the game.
  4. AUAcuso

    Little things you'd like to see

    Now, I personally think that adding the random occurrence of fog during battles could add an interesting dynamic to any game. The ability to hide in fog to throw off an overpowering enemy's fire could decide who wins and who loses. It really wouldn't be that hard to implement either, given that when one fires their cannons, we are met with a sizable amount of white smoke. tweaking this already existing texture could be simple, or incredibly hard, i have no clue on the matter of computers