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    Little things you'd like to see

    Sails The 20% steps are sometimes to big. You should be able to trim your sails more accurately. I suggest 5% steps, that are used when you press SHIFT + W/S then you can use 20% or 5% depending on your need. Also I suggest that double press of W sets sail to 100% and double press S set sail to 0%. Similar to full ruder left/right. Ruder It would be great if you could fix the rudder to other values than full or neutral. My suggestion is to split the rudder into 5 steps. When you double press A/D works as before set to full rudder. Press SHIFT + A/D one step left/right. Fife steps would look like this FL-4L-3L-2L-1L-N-1R-2R-3R-4R-FR Some examples for that: Rudder in neutral and press SHIFT + A = 1L. 3L and press SHIFT + D = 2L FR and press SHIFT + A = 4L NPC Trader At the moment NPC trades fight to death which does not seam very logical. I think they should try to escape as they do now but when they have no chance of winning or escaping they should just surrender.