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  1. William  Death

    Adding a depower feature

    +1 When I saw the depowering update, I first thought that it was what you describe, I was disappointed when it wasn’t. I’d like better ability to customize sailplans, this seems like an easy to implement option to do so.
  2. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Just a couple 5th rates and a bot. Good fight Pirates. Was fun o7 #creatingcontent
  3. William  Death

    An advanced PvP guide

    For shallow ships, actually, its the NavyBrig that has the invulnerable bowsprit. Mercury's is nothing special, several other shallow boats can knock it off. Now that Hercules has been introduced though, it may be able to snap a NavyBrig's bowsprit, I'm not sure. Prince loses a bowsprit to basic cutter LOL. Regarding larger ships, Pavel's bowsprit is a toothpick and will fall off if you look at it the wrong way. Or ram a Constitution. I've used Victory to take the bowsprit of of Santisimas several times. Thinking back, I'm not sure if I've ever taken a L'Ocean's bowsprit with a Victory before. I think I have, but I'm not certain. I know I've lost a bowsprit on Victory before. Santisima can easily knock it off. Interesting topic to think of. I usually try to avoid playing bumper boats with my own bowsprit though
  4. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    A tale of seafaring shenanigans, naval combat, and some brave skippers... There we were, Mal Function and I, a light (Mahogany/Bermuda Cedar) Bellona and an Endymion, sailing to the patrol zone at Aves. We spotted a British squadron of two ships, a Santisima and Trincomalee returning to Aves. We maneuvered to engage and simultaneously signaled to our friends in harbor to assist us. This is a breakdown of the battle that ensued. Shaky Beginnings: Being the closest ship to the Santisima at the start of the battle, my driftwood Bellona was destined to take some damage. I managed to carefully avoid the worst of the Santisima's opening broadsides and positioned myself to stern rake. Shortly after the battle started, we were reinforced with an Indefatigable (unfortunately, the ship was not supplied with repairs and only equipped medium cannons), Captain Teutonic; and an Endymion, Captain Coraline Vodka. After opening the stern armor, I was able to make a pass with grape and incapacitate 180 of the brave souls aboard that first rate. By this time, my sails had been shredded and my ship was fairly damaged. I ordered my crew to patch the hull and signalled the frigates to move in to chain and grape the fleeing enemy. The Chase: Captain Ghostwork, aboard the Santisima, showed great skill in placing his chainshot into our fleet. Together with his friend Swakara in the Trincomalee, they managed to maintain their distance for a considerable length of time. Eventually my crew managed to repair the hull and patch the sails well enough to move my rotten old Bellona back into the fight. Meanwhile, our frigates had managed to rake a significant amount of crew off of the Santisima and damage the rigging and hull of the Trincomalee. Unfortunately, Mal Function's foretopmast went by the board, having been shot away at the cap by a shot from the stern chasers of Ghostwork's Santisima. Closing In: With my ship repaired, I moved back into the fight. I expended the last of my chainshot taking the sails of the Santisima down to 68%. With assistance from Coraline Vodka, I attempted to push the Santisima into the wind to board him. Captain Ghostwork expertly handled his ship and avoided a boarding engagement. He was also able to repair his sails again and gain some distance on us. Needless to say, we were discouraged. A Risky Maneuver: My crew once again climbed the rigging and repaired our sails. Mal Function and I moved in, determined to take that first rate's mainmast. Meanwhile, our other two frigates engaged the Trincomalee, inflicting heavy damage. Taking a risk, I decided to maneuver alongside the Santisima. My gunners trained their double-charged cannons on the mainmast while Mal Function's gunners did the same. The Santisima's broadsides were devastating to the ancient timbers of my Bellona. Despite taking heavy damage, we stayed alongside the enemy. At last, the very last shot of double charge aboard my ship caused the Santisima's mainmast to fall by the board. The Santisima was ours for the taking! It Worked: My crew threw down their slow matches and ramrods, and took up their boarding grapples and weapons. With the Santisima's boarding well in hand, our two Endymions fired grape into the stern of the first rate and continued chasing the heavily damaged Trincomalee. Teutonic stayed behind to claim some repairs from the loot. Just minutes after the capture and scuttling of the Santisima, the Trincomalee slipped beneath the waves. ...Ok, thats enough of the roleplaying (I'm not very good at it anyways). It was a fun fight. We had the BR advantage, but they had the firepower and some tougher ships (my Bellona was an old speed build: mahog/cedar, and the Indefatigable had medium cannons and no repairs). The British players fought well. That Santisima's sail repairing ability was simply astounding. Also, those big carronades with chainshot HURT! o7 and thanks to all who participated.
  5. William  Death

    Victory - too much hull exposed

    I've never had a problem with Victory's heel. It is very manageable with proper sail handling. Use that heel to your advantage and shoot leaks into those ugly L'Oceans. Speaking of which, L'Ocean is just as easy to leak out. If you want leak immunity in a first rate, try a Santisima--while you can leak it out, it isn't very easy and most players don't know where to aim to leak a Santi. Now I will agree with what others have said. Poor Victory has been left behind by the buffs to L'Ocean and Santisima. It used to have nearly the same HP as L'Ocean, but traded firepower for agility and sailing ability. Now it has significantly less HP, thickness, and firepower than Santi or Ocean, for only a marginal increase in sailing quality. It needs some buffing. IMO, Victory should be the most agile first rate, with the highest thickness, second highest HP (behind L'Ocean), but the least firepower. Santisima should be the second most agile, second highest thickness, lowest HP, and most firepower. L'Ocean should be a good balance between them: lowest agility (a fair bit worse than Santi) and lowest thickness (slightly lower than Santi), but very high HP and decent firepower.
  6. William  Death

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    Basically this. I'm not really deterred by the reinforcements anymore. If I'm careful, I can sink the player and get out before reinforcements ever get to me. If the reinforcements spawn too close for comfort, I can out-sail them. AI isn't very smart and will repeatedly turn into the wind while trying to chase me close-hauled. In the battles we fought together, our team of frigates could easily smash a trader's fleet before the reinforcements become a problem. Additional players joining late, on the other hand, is something for the hunter to worry about. It recently cost me a 3-wood type Surprise. RIP. Good fun though.
  7. William  Death

    Bring Back Outlaw Battles for Every Nation

    All valid concerns, but most were already addressed in previous iterations, or easily addressed in future implementations of Outlaw Battles. Now, another exploit (already mentioned in other posts): Using an alt to start an Outlaw Battle so that nationals who own the alt can join. This was abused on the PvP2/Global server by several nations/clans to force Pirates into unfavorable battles. The suggested ROE change to remove ability to Outlaw Battle in the Reinforcement zone is a fairly easy fix for this. It would mean that, if you are in the safezone, you are safe from your own nation as well as enemies. If you leave it, you better be ready to fight or escape . Bring back Outlaw Battles! I know that was a major feature for many of us who played Pirate. I certainly enjoyed being a Pirate a lot more when we had Outlaw Battles. If they are implemented again, I may just have to find the old jolly roger and hoist it again.
  8. William  Death

    BUG-Capsized Rattlesnake

    Update 2 May, 2018: I have received my ship, upgrades and cannons back in the form of redeemables. The ship did not turn out 4/5 as the one that capsized was, but I appreciate having it back nevertheless and understand that it may not have been possible to ensure the ship turned out 4/5 when redeeming it. Thank you @Ink and Game-Labs for resolving this issue.
  9. William  Death

    Ingermanland Bow Chaser View

    I don't know if its intentional or not...but its been like that for as long as I can remember. You get used to it after a while and then the aiming isn't too bad. IIRC, Wapen has a similar issue with the sprit topmast in the bow chaser aiming view.
  10. William  Death

    BUG-Capsized Rattlesnake

    SERVER: PvP1/PvP Caribbean TIME: April 24, 02:30 Server Time (April 23, 10:30 PM Eastern) PLAYER NAME: William Death [note: two spaces between the words] I was sailing my new Rattlesnake against an AI Trader's Snow. After messing around with it for a bit, chaining and seeing how much damage I could take, I went in for a boarding action. I touched the stern of the TSnow and pushed it upwind to board. When I pulled the AI for boarding, my Rattlesnake capsized. I won the boarding and was put aboard the TSnow. I sent an F11 after the boarding was over and took a few screenshots. This seems a lot like the Ingermanland and Wasa capsize bugs others have reported. The Rattlesnake I lost was a blue Mahogany/Teak (which I mistakenly referred to in the F11 Teak/White Oak) with 4 permanent slots. I had equipped: Navy Hull, Bovenwinds, and Light Ship Hammocks. I'd appreciate another identical ship (or you could...ya know...upgrade it to a gold/orange Mahogany/Teak/Very Fast version ), thanks. Be careful handling the Rattlesnake around other ships! also #TSnowOP Hope this is in the right forum section...
  11. William  Death

    Slow loading time of game windows

    I notice it quite often on the PvP1 server. I rarely, if ever, had these issues on the PvP2 server.
  12. William  Death

    Trincomalee vs Endymion

    I prefer Endymion for the 24pd longs to demast at further ranges. Also you can demast first rates (had some fun in that battle, hehe) from reasonable range if they don't buff their masts, something the Trinc's 18pd guns may have more trouble with. Also I like the Endymion's stern guns for when you have to run . That being said, Endymion is pretty squishy compared to some other 5th rates--you have to be careful about taking hits--so maximize your hull shape advantage and get some angles to bounce shots (as you always should). Trincomalee is also quite nice. Handling is overall better than Endymion, and the four bow chasers are certainly nice. However the lack of stern guns can be concerning if you are trying to run from a ship(s) that is nearly as fast as you. The 18s on the Trincomalee are nice for brawling, but they seem lack the pen to fight at longer ranges (not always important, just depends on your fighting style). Really, you should try both and see which one suits your style better. I like both ships, but if I could only have one, it would be my Endymion. I don't sail a fir/fir one, but I am fairly confident that I can always outrun the ships I can't outfight...I can't say the same for too many other 5th rates I've sailed.
  13. William  Death

    L'Hermione Needs Improvements

    "Lhermione" is the L'Hermione in game. "Hermione" is the Santa Cecilia.
  14. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yeah thats the way it has been for a long time now. Ever since the removal of outlaw battles IIRC. Maybe even before that.
  15. William  Death

    Bellona Nonsense

    Because you put staysail force (jib sail force) modifiers on it: Pirate Rig Refit, Staysails, Treatise on Staysails Trim. Put the same modules on the Trincomalee and the Bellona will not be faster when sailing upwind. Take a look at the sailing profile of the Trincomalee vs the Bellona: Trincomalee is faster upwind, at all angles, actually. You can use modules and books to change the profiles (to a certain degree) to suit your purposes. Your Bellona is only faster than your Trincomalee upwind because you altered it to be that way. This is not an issue and doesn't only apply to the Bellona. Furthermore, Bellona is not "faster" than Trincomalee at all: base speed of Trincomalee is higher than base speed of Bellona. You can change the wood type, add speed upgrades, or use modules to change the sailing profile, but no matter what, a Trincomalee built the same way and with the same modules will always be faster than the Bellona. You are comparing apples to oranges by using different ship builds and possibly different upgrades as well. Just to clarify, I'm not a fan of all the mod stacking either, I liked the old system of 1-3 mods in each category, but thats a topic for another time.