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  1. Bellona Nonsense

    Because you put staysail force (jib sail force) modifiers on it: Pirate Rig Refit, Staysails, Treatise on Staysails Trim. Put the same modules on the Trincomalee and the Bellona will not be faster when sailing upwind. Take a look at the sailing profile of the Trincomalee vs the Bellona: Trincomalee is faster upwind, at all angles, actually. You can use modules and books to change the profiles (to a certain degree) to suit your purposes. Your Bellona is only faster than your Trincomalee upwind because you altered it to be that way. This is not an issue and doesn't only apply to the Bellona. Furthermore, Bellona is not "faster" than Trincomalee at all: base speed of Trincomalee is higher than base speed of Bellona. You can change the wood type, add speed upgrades, or use modules to change the sailing profile, but no matter what, a Trincomalee built the same way and with the same modules will always be faster than the Bellona. You are comparing apples to oranges by using different ship builds and possibly different upgrades as well. Just to clarify, I'm not a fan of all the mod stacking either, I liked the old system of 1-3 mods in each category, but thats a topic for another time.
  2. For the love of god fix Looting

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have this screen, at the end of battles, that allows you to collect your loot, have a look at your combat logs, and manage the number of repairs? Maybe take a quick 15 minute break, grab a snack, smack talk the revenge gank in global chat, etc. Honestly, the end-battle screen was great, IMO. It had problems but they could be solved, it didn't need to go away. Just have the battles kick players out 5 minutes after "Battle Over" and send them to the end battle screen. They can remain there a maximum of 15 minutes, at the end of which they are kicked to OW. Don't allow logging out in the end-battle screen if that is something we are trying to avoid (I liked it but I can understand why some players don't like allowing the log-out). Loot would be distributed in this end-battle screen. Each AI ship carries repairs, cannons, one book, and one module. If you are the only ship in the battle, you'd get all of that loot, if other ships did damage, they'd get some of the loot. RNG would determine who gets what, with quantities given out based on damage done. So if I do 70% damage on an AI Santisima, I would get 70% of the loot from the Santi, maybe books, maybe cannons, maybe modules, maybe a combination. The other 30% would be split among other players who did damage on the Santi. This is not a suggestion to remove the current looting mechanics. I like having the ability to access hold in battle. In fact there should be an option to "open hold" to allow other ships (friendly or enemy) to inspect your hold and take repairs or whatever if you allow them access to the hold. Furthermore, the current looting mechanics could stay, just have it so if you loot a ship in battle, you won't receive the loot from that ship in the end-battle screen. That would be my suggestion for the looting mechanics.
  3. I look forward to BR adjustments hopefully making more sense in the future tweaks. Personally, I don't think "DPS" should play a role in BR. People talk about it all the time, but to put it in perspective, lets consider an example: 18pdrs have higher DPS than 24pdrs right? So two equal Constitutions, one with 18pdrs and one with 24pdrs, equally skilled captains...which will win the battle? Or for a more extreme example...things have probably changed, but the last time I calculated DPS long guns, I believe it was 6pd longs that had the best DPS...should the Constitution load those instead? (can it even load those? I think the minimum is 9pdrs). Surely, since they out-DPS 24s, they are the better choice, right? Ultimately, using smaller cannons for higher DPS is a joke in a real battle (unless you are using EdiNOOB guns). Instead, BR should be set, by ship, taking into account all aspects of that ship. I'd love to sail an Indefatigable into a PB some day. Unfortunately, the BR is simply too high in comparison to the other ships I could bring which would perform much better in a PB setting. Perhaps a new mechanic could be added to help this: when a player joins a PB, he has the "Port Battle BR" applied to his ship. When he is sailing in OW, he has the standard BR. This could be handy because, in a 1v1, any 4th rate vs Indefatigable is a roughly even match, with the 4th rates being slightly advantaged, BR should (and looking at the new list, I think it does) reflect that. In a PB, however, Indefatigable is no match for a 4th rate, BR should reflect that (it does not, the BR is simply too close). So sailing in OW, an Indefatigable skipper would see the normal BR, when he joins a PB, however, the PB BR is applied and his ship doesn't take up as much BR. Indefatigable is not alone in this situation, all ships could benefit from this system. But it may be difficult to code into the game.
  4. Event feedback

    Same. I enjoyed the challenge but the loot was horrible. I won't be doing the 4th rate ones again unless loot improves. Paints Santa Cecilias Rattlesnakes Gunboats Paints Rare books and modules Paints First Rate Permits Paints (Did I mention....paints?) Those should be the types of rewards you can get from epic events.
  5. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    I like the Elite Spanish Rig Refit. You can't stack it with Bovenwinds or other sorts of rig refits, meaning I can't stack it with french rig. This seems like a good way to keep some balance around it: I can be very fast downwind but my masts aren't as strong (I'm spreading extra sails so my masts take more strain). It does add a LOT of downwind speed, but for the things you give up, I think it will balance alright. It definitely hurts when going close hauled. I haven't tried Elite Pirate Rig or Pirate Rig Refit yet. I've got several of each but I've not yet decided which ship to put them on. Endymion with upwind buffs might be good, but then losing all that square sail bonus may make it too slow downwind. In previous testing of sail force bonuses, I noticed a point where adding more staysail force and subtracting square sail force begins to just make you slower all around. Maybe that has changed recently though. L'Hermione would be very interesting to test with upwind speed buffs, but if it doesn't work out, the ship would still be useless, so I'm hesitant to put one of my refits on it. L'Hermione really does need some buffs before it can really become a competitive 5th rate. I'm thinking of testing a Surprise with pirate rig or elite pirate rig...that could be a very good setup for raiding.
  6. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    I once caused (what I think was) a magazine explosion in a Bellona duel. I shot his broadside with double charge and he caught on fire. He said his sailors weren't filling survival very fast and all of a sudden...BOOM! He exploded. I think it was maybe...15 to 30 seconds from the time I fired the broadside...certainly not the normal fire progression time to go into fireshock. Especially since he wasn't running fireship upgrade. Then, just about 1.5 months ago, I was in a 1st rate fleet mission. My Santisima was under sustained fire by several AI...I saw my "Magazine" indicator turn yellow. No fire though. I did the emergency repair and all was well. I've had that happen twice to me. So, while it is rare, I have seen magazine hits cause (almost) immediate explosions before, as well as cause damage to the magazine (I wonder if I hadn't had the emergency repair and caught on fire with a yellow magazine...would it have blown up?) I would take up the argument on demasting again...but I've made like...half a dozen posts or more in various threads saying basically the same thing that @TommyShelby and a few others have been saying. Demasting needs to be a viable option. You shouldn't just nerf it to oblivion (we tried that already, I didn't like it, I don't think most players liked it). You can't argue that it didn't historically happen (it did and there are plenty of reports on this). You can argue about balance. Personally, after the thickness nerf and HP buff, I think we are on the way to getting that balance. From here on out, it shouldn't be too hard to nerf or buff mast HP in small increments to achieve a good balance. As it stands, I think most people who complain about demasting don't know just how powerful chaining can be if they actually fire good chainshot broadsides. "Good chainshot broadsides" meaning you don't just point and click and hope some chain hits the enemy: you need to roll the broadside into the sails or else single-shot it into the sails if you want to get the most damage from your chainshot broadside. In equal ships, if I get a good shot at sails, I can usually rigging shock the enemy. In equal ships, if I get good shots at masts, I can usually rigging shock the enemy. That seems pretty balanced to me .
  7. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    I've taken mizzenmasts from stern raking, foremasts from bow raking (more rare), and (rarest of all) a mainmast by shooting the side of the ship. Best I can figure with the mainmast and foremast is that once the side is weakened a bit, some of your cannonballs pass all the way through and strike the lower mast. I've had the most luck taking masts off this way against AI Agamemnons or Constitutions. If I remember correctly, there is a gunport on the Agamemnon that lines up perfectly with the foremast when sailing parallel to it. Aim for that. Still, it doesn't happen very consistently. I can only remember one time that it happened to me. It was a few months ago and I was fighting an AI Agamemnon with my Teak Surprise...I was stern camping the Aga, had just worn ship and was at the perfect angle to "bow tank" the Aga's broadside...I was quite happy to see I bounced nearly every shot it fired, but rather worried when I noticed my foremast fell by the board! A quick sail repair and I was back in business though. Regarding fleet missions: its called a fleet mission because you are meant to "search and destroy [the] fleet." What would make a player think they could destroy a whole fleet by themself? (Yes, you can do it, I have done it, but that is an exception to the rule, not the rule). Also, I don't see what the problem is: the AI spawns far away in the mission, you have plenty of time to look at the list of ships in battle and decide if you want to fight it or not. If you don't, simply turn and sail away. Even my 6kn Santi could get away before the AI gets in shooting range . I will agree that the 3rd rate fleet missions seem to be bugged: you will often get Pavels in there. While its not impossible to handle them (especially with a group) they really should only spawn in 2nd rate missions. I did do a 3rd rate mission solo the other day in a Third Rate (not the Bellona). The first one was 2x Pavel, 2x 3rd Rate IIRC, I ran from that and went to the next one that I think was 1x Constitution, 1x 3rd Rate, 1x Bellona: easy XP.
  8. Patch 16: Control, Mast and Ship strengths rebalance.

    Not too far. Its just about the maximum range you can consistently hit hull or a particular sail/mast and do any amount of damage. Beyond that it is usually just throwing ball toward the rigging and hope you hit something to keep the tag going. I think the last time I used control was before the Unity 5 patch when the Essex was ruined. I had a couple of them that were 13.5-14 knots with nice paints. It was a good ship to hunt the average (non speed fitted) frigates and support larger ships. Too bad it couldn't tack the last time I tried sailing it. Personally I'd like to see all ships have bow and stern chasers (since it was a simple matter to move a cannon to shoot ahead or behind your ship) and add control as default to 750m.
  9. What Is Your Favourite Ship Of Each Class?

    7th: Gunboat Hehehe... but if you make me choose a ship that is in game currently...well, I don't really sail 7th rates but, when I had one, I liked the Yacht. The Privateer isn't too bad either. 6th: Prince I tolerate this one the most...although I really prefer larger ships in general. 5th: Endymion My favorite ship in game (and for all the people who cry "thats only because its OP!" it has been my favorite since about 1 month after it was made craftable [remember that was back when it was fast in basically 1 direction only]). It has an excellent gun loadout and shoots very smoothly--perfect for demasting other 5th rates with. Its fast, it has chasers, and if handled properly, it can turn pretty well. It is pretty flimsy though, so be careful! Santa Cecilia was a nice ship the last time I sailed it. I've heard its been hit hard by the sailing physics patch though... 4th: Ingermanland (with Wapen a close 2nd) Ingermanland for the 32pdrs to demast other ships. Four bow chasers are nice too, as is the speed and turn rate. Again, be careful with this one, its not very tough. I had to mention the Wapen because the handling is just superb: it may not have the best firepower or speed, but it spins on a dime. 3rd: Bellona: Another one of my favorite ships. The gun loadout is great, the handling is great, it is reasonably fast and it can take a beating. Just don't expect to beat a first rate into submission or catch the fastest 5th rates and it will serve well. 2nd: St. Pavel: It might not have the firepower or side health of the Bucentaure, but it has loads of turn rate and it has a lot of tumblehome to assist in bouncing shots. Play it carefully and you have a very potent ship, play it poorly and it will let you down every time. 1st: Santisima Trinidad (with Victory a close 2nd): Santisima has excellent firepower, very good handling, good turn acceleration, and enough tumblehome to help bounce shots if you do your part. It isn't as tough as a Victory or L'Ocean, but it makes up for that with reload-shocking firepower. Again, sail it well and it is excellent, sail it poorly and it will melt like ice cream in the summer. Victory (nerfed though it may be) can still turn better than the other two first rates and it has excellent turn acceleration, allowing fast angling to bounce plenty of shots. Remember it doesn't have as much firepower though, so play accordingly. I just don't like the L'Ocean too much...HP-queen though it may be, the turn acceleration is too low to angle quick enough to bounce shots, at least that was my experience in it.
  10. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    @William Death doesn't know what u talkin 'bout? Best thing about that old graphics card: when all of you guys dropped by like 25 FPS in the big PBs, I'd only drop by 1-2 FPS. When you don't have much to start with, you don't have much to lose!! That being said, smooth 60 FPS is...a nice upgrade and I've almost learned how to aim again. I'd also like to know what that little ship in one of those images is, and if/when it would be put in the game...it looks...interesting. Regarding Edinorog guns...maybe just bring back the long reload? They honestly weren't bad even with the 100s reload but very high damage output. Could buff it to...65-75s maybe? Definitely longer than what it takes to reload double-shotted 24s
  11. 1 Pood cannons imba

    Yes I did on a first rate, the reload was great. Then again, I also thought they were great when they had a 100s reload but the higher damage values. I really like the floating battery, but is it maybe a little bit too slow? Could it maybe be...-10% or -12% ship speed instead of -15%?
  12. RNG Crafting Trim/Slots

    NO. RNG Crafting is bad. Very bad. No. Pls remove. Pls nerf. Bad. Very bad. We tried it and it wasn't liked. If you absolutely positively have to have RNG in crafting, couldn't it be done differently? Instead of being able to get a 5/5 ship, why not have all ships turn out 3/5 but have a 4th slot that contains an RNG bonus. You would always get some RNG bonus when crafting, but you couldn't choose what it is. The current bonuses: fast/very fast, cramped/very cramped, agile/very agile, etc. would need to be adjusted: have only one bonus for each type: very fast, very cramped, very agile, etc. Then no ships crafted would ever be junk, just maybe not the build you wanted. But if you got "very fast" and wanted "very agile," maybe you could trade ships with somebody.
  13. Hotfix for mastthickness

    So...we want accuracy to be nerfed closer to historical levels, but we want masts buffed way past historical levels for gameplay...we also want people to sacrifice more perk points to have double charge/double shot because it helps balance gameplay even if it is not historical. I can't help but feel we are picking and choosing which elements can be historical and which ones need to be "balanced for gameplay." I can understand and even support that system, to some extent: it would be really boring if it took ages to set sail, accelerate, turn, load guns, etc, and if 1 broadside from a first rate was almost guaranteed to sink or neutralize any ship smaller than a 3rd rate, that would be unbalanced as well. However when it comes to looking at demasting, people often "go crazy" with the nerf and buff encouragements. Demasting should be just as viable as hull shooting, stern raking, or boarding. In many demasting cases, the demasted captain could have prevented it with his upgrade selection, battle tactics, or ship choice. I seem to notice most people these days shoot for topmasts or topgallants....that slows you down some, but really I think it is as much demoralising as anything else: many people consider the battle lost when they lose a mast. For that reason, I like to go for masts, even if I don't "need" to (as in, I'm already catching the enemy). It also is good insurance that the enemy doesn't try to leave battle. Regarding fleet ships...I could care less if everyone runs around with 4 fleet ships. Its not like AI can do much of anything useful anyways. The way I look at it, those perks are just there to make you waste your captain points so that you can't be 100% trader spec and 100% combat spec all the time. I can understand the logic there for gameplay balance. I personally run around with 1 fleet perk and sometimes have a throw-away 5th rate in my fleet to serve as a distraction when I'm hunting alone. If I capture something worth keeping (rarely happens), I can destroy the junk ship and take the good one. And I don't see how you can consider double charge or double shot OP if you only get 4 broadsides worth of it, and the perks are within everyone's reach. Double charge doesn't help you too much if you shoot it out of small cannons into a big ship, neither is it worth using if you can already penetrate the hull or masts of the ship at the position you are in. Double shot is limited in range and has an "interesting" flight pattern: requiring you to aim carefully to land all your hits. You can also attempt to counter your enemy's use of either shot type. If you suspect your enemy is loading charge, focus on keeping extreme angles if he is going for hull, or follow the standard procedure to make masts harder to hit if he is shooting for those. If you suspect he is loading double shot, just remember to keep good hull angles and gain range if you need to. Speaking of balance, I feel that the combat changes in the recent patch (tweaked as needed), along with some mast HP buffs, and the BR rebalance would have combat as near to perfectly balanced as it has been in a long time. Of course, that still leaves upgrade and skillbook availability in desperate need of balancing, but that is another topic. Of course, with RNG in crafting again, all that balancing went out the window so to speak and we are back to square 1 for rebalancing: a LO/WO Santi is not a LO/WO Santi anymore: it can have extra permanent slots, extra buffs, or it can be a regular old 3/5 which is the junk grade for crafted ships now.
  14. Boarding possible but also not?

    While that is possible in one of the boarding attempts in the battle, I know there was another attempt I made where we sailed parallel to each other at approximately 1 knot 15* off the wind. I know that should have allowed boarding. Another time he was drifting sideways into me, and I was nearly stopped. I'm sure our combined speeds were lower than 3.5kn. I have noticed, however, that if the ship is reversing and you are going forward, even if you are both below 3.5kn in your respective directions, you'll sometimes fail to get the boarding option. This makes sense since your ships are actually moving away from each other at 4-7 knots.
  15. Hotfix for mastthickness

    Your ship carries gunpowder. You load more than the "normal amount" to get double charge. And by the way, if research will show that the pressure curves for black powder are very..."gentle" (I'm not sure that is the best word to refer to an explosive charge but...yeah)...meaning that you can overcharge by a considerable amount before reaching an unsafe level. I believe that it was Admin who said that the "standard" charge was really about 1/2 of the rated charge for the cannon, but usually plenty to do the job. Your ship carries cannonballs. You load two to get double shot. Shorter range and less accurate, but a lot of damage. The only reason I can see to need a perk at all is to avoid people constantly using one or the other. It is fine that the perks cost only 1 point each. Don't balance masts on the basis of someone using charge or penetration modules or mast thickness modules or... I'll say it again. Leave mast thickness as it is, buff HP. I'm not the only player who feels this way either: @TommyShelby's suggestion to just do the HP buff in small increments instead of one huge over-buff that lasts weeks or months before finally being properly balanced is definitely the way to go.