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  1. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Port Battle of Lorimers and Related Engagements Pirate Battle Commanders: Christendom, El Presidente Amplify, and William Death We formed our line and set a course to cut the Prussian line in two. At the last moment, those sneaky Prussians modified their line to be a looser formation. I took heavy damage in the opening shots and had to drop out of the front of the line. We proceeded to chase the Prussians and finally managed to separate and sink a few of them. Multi-ship-single-target focused-fire is a wonderful thing. One poor soul lost an absolutely beautiful Santisima: What a shame to see a ship so beautiful sail to a watery grave. Despite a few close calls, none of our large ships were sunk. The battle ended when the Prussians left (I assume to go defend Salina Point). Now if only we'd had long cannons on our bow instead of carronades to tag them with... Upon exiting the port battle, we found ourselves in another battle, this time with some French captains from UWS. Their soft Teak/WO and LO/WO ships were no match for our BLACK Ironwood constructed ships. But they were faster than us. One of our faster ships, the beautiful Santisima captained by Amplify, was running low on repairs, so we decided to call off our chase. Now if only I was sailing a real first rate, like a Santisima, instead of this ugly second rate L'Ocean abomination, I may have gotten some kills instead of all assists. Nevertheless, I appreciate having it loaned to me (my proper PB L'Ocean was tucked away on an alt and I showed up too late to claim a Santi spot) and am pleased to report it will be returned to its owner with nothing more than a few scratches. #creatingcontent #heavyassists Thanks for the battles everyone.
  2. William  Death

    Hugging exploit

    It’s not an exploit, it’s a tactic. You should not have let a small ship get that close to you. One broadside can cripple them. Either into the hull, masts, or sails. Also as mentioned, you can stop, reverse, do fancy maneuvers, etc. to try to shake them once they’ve gotten that close. Ultimately, a first rate—even alone—in the hands of a competent skipper is going to be a nearly impossible target for smaller ships unless they come in overwhelming numbers. Poorly handled though, and it is one of the most vulnerable targets imaginable. Furthermore, this is not limited to only 1st rates and small ships, frigates can easily do the same thing. Not long ago, I was sailing a 4th rate and one of the “pros” in Prussia thought he was doing great against the standard variety of noob when his Endy could hug my side and took me to 25% HP. I think I surprised him when I managed to time a tack just right and then throw it in reverse. He sailed right past me, I shot away his foremast and then he wasn’t an issue for a while in that fight. I do agree, however, that steady musket and swivel fire when at close range should be a thing, for all ships, but proportionallly stronger when coming from a larger ship down into a smaller ship. We’ll see if something like that ever makes it into the game...
  3. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Excellent fight in the reinforcement zone just outside the St. Marys Port Battle. US tagged a Basic Cutter, so we joined in the fun to defend the poor Frenchman in his cutter. WO wouldn't do it, but VCO and XXXXX did! The United States First Rate captain apparently assumed his fellow captains could handle our squadron, and subsequently escaped. It was our pleasure to prove him wrong. Masts fell, planks were shattered, leaks were formed. Ships sunk. Several managed to escape from us just before they were sunk. Lucky captains. More would have been sunk, had we had more time in the battle. Despite their best attempts with chainshot, raking, and even some focused fire, our staunch third rates refused to let us down. Toward the end of the fight, there was some confusion among our friends outside (they had been previously fighting French captains) who joined the wrong side of the fight (in their defense, it was the only side that was open by that time). Somehow I managed to go through that whole fight and not get any kills on ships. But I was the master of heavy assists! Overall, good fight US, we enjoyed it very much. o7 #heavyassists #creatingcontent
  4. William  Death

    Epic Event attempts since change in chain

    This exactly^ The only times I've shot chain in an epic is when I was damaged and running off to repair hull. While my buddies worked on the ship's side HP, I chained. Then once I repaired I'd rotate out with someone more damaged and he'd chain. There's no real *need* to chain them, they'll still be faster than your LO/WO floating battery ships, but ball won't do much damage at range unless you've got a perfect angle or only shoot your lower decks. At least chaining makes you feel a little bit useful as you run away from AI to repair I'll further add: if you keep the weather gauge and continually tack upwind throughout the first part of the fight (at least while you're outnumbered), the AI will try to follow and end up tacking, changing its mind, tacking back, then change its mind again and tack again. Each time it tacks it will fall further behind you. Odds are in your favor that 1-3 AI will become separated this way and your group can focus them down.
  5. William  Death

    Demasting / dismasting

    Removing unnecessary masts. Dismasted. Demasted. End result is the same: noobs without masts.
  6. I am no dog sir! I am a Pirate, former officer of BLACK (the most successful and most feared clan to grace the oceans of PvP2), skilled first rate duelist, and fearsome lone hunter. I am the Dread Pirate William Death, and I sail with VCO! Care to duel this “vicious dog”, Mr. Wind?
  7. William  Death

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I thought the meme referred to Ingermanland's inclination to become inverted at inopportune times.
  8. NAME : [SANTI] iniciador de fuego LOCATION & AND IF IN SAFE ZONE: SE of Kingston Port Royale approximately 1 horizon and just outside the safezone. SCREENSHOT: CARGO (IF APPLICABLE): Navy Hull Refit dropped, a few hull repairs. CAPTAIN'S NOTES: It was horribly unbalanced in our favor...but we'll take what we can get. #givenoquarter
  9. Yeah you guys were ahead of me and got the tag. When I heard it was Barnabus I turned around to sail back to Tumbado because I wasn't even going to join. Then I saw the Spanish and more US coming over the horizon so I joined to avoid getting tagged (hence my extremely far away join location facing the wrong way too). Also, I immediately typed into the battle chat "all" chat that I'd not be shooting unless those outside joined. When they did, we fired a few volleys and then, as you say, we pulled away thinking we had saluted and were calling it done. That tag in OW was definitely an unwelcome surprise. Had we been prepared for it, sailing more tightly grouped, I feel strongly that we'd have sunk at least a few of them. I nearly sunk the Santisima and had one of the Bellonas very damaged by myself. No matter. The true colors have been revealed and I'm always happy to see more targets, even if some of them are old shipmates. #captainsoftherealBLACKflag #givenoquarter
  10. William  Death

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Actually, since we’re in a game with ship construction we should be using feet inches and eighths and pluses since that’s what they’d likely be using. That’d be 2-3-4+ for 2 feet 3 and 9/16ths inches. But perhaps that’s too nautical for you metric types 😀
  11. William  Death

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Ok but I want an option to change all measurements from your silly metric system to the proper Standard (FPS) system. Inches and feet. You know, the measurement system that actually makes sense to use. [insert man on the moon remarks here] “Hmm what’s half a millimeter? A quarter of a millimeter? Uh....lemme calculate that real quick for ya *bunch of zeros behind a decimal*” Vs. “Hmm what’s half a sixteenth of an inch? 1/32nd an inch. Half of that? 1/64th.” Yes this is definitely what NA needs most right now. We don’t have any OP ships that need balancing or any broken game mechanics. 😂
  12. William  Death

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    Basically this. Except I run fleetships sometimes to carry extra repairs. "Repair Buckets" I call them. Before the rum days they were also "Crew Buckets" that I could sail up to and replenish my crew from. 1-2 repairs of each type and unlimited chainshot that does damage the same way it does now would be great. It wouldn't be hard to implement and would make combat a lot more enjoyable for both sides, I think. Currently if you can survive 4 chainshot volleys from the fastest ship and have enough sail repairs, you can probably get away or run out the clock. Thus uneven fights are encouraged when you're trying to catch a faster enemy because they can repair sails/masts every 12 minutes and you can only chain 4 broadsides. The apparent solution for most players is to bring along friends so that they have more chainshot to throw. Thus the "Revenge Fleet" squad assembles to go split 11 PvP marks 8 different ways over a 1 hour chase. #content
  13. William  Death

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    Teak/Wo Endy (since we're using Endy for a lot of these examples) with navy hull, copper, and art of shiphandling should outrun most AI fleetships in OW if you don't want to fight them. And it should be able to fight any reasonable fight. Emphasis on reasonable. I don't know why you'd want to try to fight a 4v1 if the thought of being chained by 4 ships at once bothers you. So you can be Mr. "I build myships to fight not run" and have a "fighting built" ship and sink a lot because you are forced to take almost every battle you find (because you can't outrun them), or you can do like the other 90% of PvP hunters and sail a ship thats teak/wo, teak/teak, teak/fir, or similar with speedmods and choose your battles. Now I believe we were discussing chainshot on AI, not the finer points of ship selection for PvPing. Why, again, would you expect to be able to win or escape a 4v1 where every opponent is in the same size ship that you are in, and are all in chain range at the start of the fight? (your scenario as described in "Dave" vs "Bruce") The only logical course of action in that scenario is to not get tagged in the first place (or do get tagged and hope the player is a noob that you can sink really quickly and get some marks from). If you're sailing something thats not build like a floating brick, that shouldn't be a problem. What outcome would occur if the AI had no chain? You'd sink the player and then leave. Or just be able to chain/demast your way out of the situation. Right?
  14. William  Death

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    Solution: Dave shouldn't have gotten tagged by Bruce if he didn't want to face 3 Endymions shooting chain at him. Outmaneuver him in OW and avoid the chainshot rain. Its pretty easy since a fleet Endymion is pretty slow, even fir/fir since the AI won't use your ship-knowledge books to make it faster. I know thats not what you want to do (you want to fight and get some PvP marks, or make an escape from the battle and make it into port)....but whats the issue again? You got tagged by 4 ships (assume all Endymions), chained, and ultimately sunk by them. Would 4 players tagged within chaining range yield a different outcome when they have 16 volleys of chainshot vs your 4? I rather doubt it. The key word in that scenario being "within chaining range at the tag." Yeah they can spam chain but limiting AI's chainshot will see them waste it, doing little to no damage (pretty sure I've seen my AI chain the hull before). The best/easiest solution is to just bring back unlimited chainshot for all. Or go the full way and limit all types of ammunition, except round ball. Now let me give you different outcome of a similar scenario: Dave is sailing an Endymion alone. He wins a few fights and the counter-gank squad shows up in a mix of ships & fleetships to chase him. He outruns them in OW with smart maneuvering and a proper ship build. Also it helps that all of their ships are sailing 1-5knots slower in OW because their fleet ships are slower than their main ships. Thus, he avoids their fleet's chainshot spam and lives to emerge in a slightly different location half an hour later and collect more PvP marks.
  15. William  Death

    Fix infinite chain on fleet ships, it is bullshit

    Are you arguing that a lone player should be able to win in such a situation? And if the "ATTACKING fleet" is running such large, heavy, slow ships, how did you, the "DEFENDING fleet" get tagged into battle by that unless you are of a similar speed? I'll assume that a similar speed "fleet" (whether thats one ship or a legitimate fleet) would be of similar size and able to fight it without needing to run away. I just don't see what the problem is if someone sails with some 3rd or 4th rates or 5th or 6th rates in fleet: they'll be slower in OW since speed books and sail force modules don't apply, so really any reasonable speed ship should be able to outrun it at some angle (unless we're talking about an Xebec with 3 fir/fir Xebecs in fleet, but thats more an issue of Xebec's current overly-good sailing profile). And in battle, they will be captained by rather incompetent AI. IMO, if you let the AI do significant damage to you before you can significantly damage it or outsmart it...well...thats on you/your positioning/your ship (or your enemy's superior abilities in the same areas). Perhaps you don't like the fleetships because it makes solo hunting more challenging when a player sails with some AI fleetships and uses them competently to either deny you a target or force an engagement where you otherwise would have escaped? As someone who also solo-PvP hunts...sail a bigger ship or fight smaller targets/targets without fleet. Or bring a fleet with you to counter theirs.