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    wasa fir/fir for pvp?

    A note about crewspace: I never recommend it for anything besides Requin, and even now after the nerf to it, it may not be worth it. For PvP builds for frigates: (order of fastest to tankiest): Fir/Fir, Mahog/Fir, Teak/Cedar, Teak/Teak, Teak/White Oak. Trinco vs Endy: (Ignore any of the green bonus or red negatives, focus on the base stats in white text [I was in a different ship when I took the screenshot, so the values shown are the true base values]). Somewhere I've got a Trinco that is nearly identical to that Endy (which would have made for an easier to understand screenshot), but the base values can make the same comparison. So, Trinc vs Endy.....Thats one of the toughest choices for me. So short answer: I use both, and sail whichever I feel like at the time. Looking at stats, Endy seems better on paper, with her higher HP, thickness, base speed, crew count and gun caliber. But the numbers don't tell the whole truth. There is the manual sail force, turn acceleration, and hull shape to take into account. Taking into account turn acceleration and manual sail force, in my experience, Trinco does handle noticeably better. I'm certainly not saying Endy handles poorly, just that Trinco handles better by comparison. And on top of that, Trinco has more guns and a better turn rate base. Hence, why I call the ships equal. Where one has advantage in speed and toughness, (and a bit in firepower), the other has advantage in handling and gun count. Specific traits: Endymion has (laser guided) stern guns. Big bonus for when you have to run away. But has only two bow chasers, so many players run a smaller caliber for the faster reload to keep enemy tagged, but this has the negative of doing less damage if you shoot chainshot through the smaller caliber guns vs the 9pdrs you could have had there. Trincomalee has 4x bow chasers. Big bonus for chasing because 4x 9pd chainshot can really do damage. Lacks stern chasers so you have less ability to slow down chasing vessels without turning to fire broadsides. Speaking of guns, most players run long guns on the bottom, and 32pd carronades on top. A few run the other way around, and a few like all carronade or all long gun loadouts. Just remember that Trinco gets 11 top deck guns per side vs Endy's 10 per side. Otherwise they're the same. Try them and see what you like. Trinco's heel is famous, but not at all a negative, if you handle it right. Sometimes it can even be helpful (like when chaining the sails of a large ship, you want to make sure you get topsails and topgallants chained too, not just the courses). And Endymion is not a particularly stable gun platform either. More solid than Trincomalee, but not by any great order of magnitude. Just follow proper anti-leak procedures (manage sails to flatten your ship when your enemy is in a position to place leaks into you) to avoid being leaked out, and if you receive leaks, remember to keep them out of the water till your crew has had time to at least partially repair them. Endymion has a negative not always mentioned: its a long ship, with very straight sides (little curvature for-and-aft); but it does have a fairly good hull shape in regards to her tumblehome (top to bottom curvature of the sides). For this reason, bouncing shots with her *sometimes* requires a bit more careful angling because while you may get enough angle on one end of your ship to bounce, a smart enemy can train his guns around to the other end of your ship that is less angled to him and fire before you finish angling all the way. Trincomalee, on the other hand, is a shorter ship with a more pronounced fore-and-aft curve, so angling with it is *usually* a bit easier (although sometimes that curvature can work against you and make you bounce less). Its a subtle difference that doesn't always come up in every battle, but it is noticeable if you're dueling or fighting another competent player. And again, sometimes these differences can work for your advantage, sometimes they hurt you. Enough rambling! I should pick one: (I really can't pick one for myself) So, general recommendation Trinco vs. Endy for most players: Endymion. Having chasers at the bow and stern is the easiest way to start in PvP. You can keep fleeing targets tagged with 2 bow guns, or you can use chain out of your rear guns to help you run away. Using 24s on it forces you to either git gud at reload management or git sunk. /incoming veteran rant\ It astonishes me that so called "pros" complain all the time about frigates (especially Endy and Trinco and Connie) being undercrewed. They. Are. Not. I know they feel like they're undercrewed, but they're not, really. Its operator error. Fighting both sides of the ship at once is a luxury afforded to lineships and light frigates, both of which have large crews in proportion to their armament. If you want to fight both sides, you'll need to plan the battle carefully. I rarely find myself waiting for a broadside to reload because I only fire the guns that do damage. If my top deck of carronades won't pen, or won't do meaningful damage, I'm not going to shoot them. If they don't get fired, they don't have to be reloaded. So though I may only have 70% of my cannon crew requirement filled, I'm at 100% reload rate because I don't have crew reloading guns that weren't fired. /rant over\ Thats not to say Trinco can't be a fine frigate to go PvP with. Personally, I've always felt that Trinco is a tiny bit more capable in brawls, due to her better agility. Or, put another way, if you asked me to pick one of the two to fight 3v1 (vs average players in various 5th rates), I'd be likely to choose Trincomalee because I won't need the pen of 24s to fight other frigates, but I will need the turn rate to bounce shots quicker. On the other hand, if you asked me to pick one to try to solo an average player in a heavy 4th or 3rd rate, I'd probably pick Endy so that I have the option to demast him with my 24s. Well, you can do it with 18s, but 24s make it easier and safer. Perhaps try one of each and see how you like them. A Teak/Teak version of either shouldn't be much more than 400-600k from a crafter from ports with good shipyards. Sail them a bit with basic mods, get a feel for how you like it, and make a decision. Then sell whichever you like least (or don't sell it and start your collection of ships you don't use but don't want to get rid of). Whichever you decide to pick, keep an eye out at freeports and busy national capitals for a good deal on special one. I've bought several nice blue 4/5 ships for cheap (700k for a Fir/Fir 4/5 Connie and 800k for the 4/5 Teak/Teak Trinco pictured above).
  2. William  Death

    wasa fir/fir for pvp?

    I've never tried a fir Indefatigable, but I've had good luck with teak/teak and teak/wo Indefatigables with Elite Spanish Rig. They do roughly 14kn downwind, or a little more, and have excellent brawling capabilities. But the sailing profile upwind is already not very good and adding Elite Spanish makes it even worse, so many ships can escape upwind. Just something to think about. I can 100% recommend a fir/fir Constitution, so long as you carefully sail her. Thickness is already very high, as you pointed out, so nerfing it with the fir/fir really isn't an issue. Base speed isn't the best, so you'll really need to use lots of good speed mods and books, but you can hit roughly 13.5kn with fir/fir copper + bovenwinds + navy hull + art of shiphandling + speed trim. That is carrying about 100 of each repair, and 350 rum. Hopefully Connie gets a speed buff soon (I think Admin hinted that he had plans to buff Connie a bit), that'll make her more viable for solo PvP. Trincomalee and Endymion are both fast enough base speeds that you can go teak/teak and get enough speed to be viable for solo PvP. I'd rank them equal (along with Diana) for fighting capability. The 24s on Endymion and Diana are nice for the pen, but the 18s on the Trincomalee do just fine against most targets you come across, and have the advantage of a quicker reload. Also Trinco has more guns than either, so that helps her out in the damage-dealing department. Diana's speed is a bit low for solo PvP unless you go with a light build. I've had good luck with a fir/fir Diana, but I'm sure a teak/teak build would be fine if you had more than 3 slots to equip speed mods. Renommee, Pirate Frigate, and Frigate are all nice, but I don't sail them very often because for me (as you said), they don't hit hard enough. Also their masts are too flimsy for my use as well. Connie, Trinco, Endy, Indy, and Diana can all lose masts vs larger opponents, but at least it takes a concentrated effort and a bit of time. Renommee or Surprise loses a mast in 5-6 hits from anything bigger than a brig, and the Frigate class ships aren't much better. Don't worry about crew damage with fir/fir. Crew is meaningless unless you plan to board or allow yourself to be boarded. As long as you have enough crew to man sailing 50% and 50% of one side gunnery, you'll be fine (but you'll need proper reload management skills, only firing the guns that will do work).
  3. William  Death

    wasa fir/fir for pvp?

    Do this^ and you might. I don't recall the base value right off, but it *should* be possible to hit 14 with decent repairs. Assuming you go: Copper/Navy Hull/Bovenwinds + Art of Shiphandling + Trim Speed (if you have that, if not use something for repair or boarding) + Light Carriages. Don't go overboard with repairs. Maybe you'll reach 14kn, or very close this way. Easier if you get more slots. I'd not be concerned about HP and thickness because even fir/fir bounces if you angle. And you won't be fighting big fleets with it. 1v1 or 2v1 or 3v1 vs average players in average frigates will be well within her capabilities. I sail a fir/fir Constitution fairly regularly that hits 14kn. I can bounce L'Ocean broadsides, given a small angle. Even taking a full broadside square on, I didn't lose all HP. Its all in how you handle the ship, really. On the other hand, lightly built Ingermanlands (or Wapens or other 4th rates) are much easier to buff speed because speed trim 4-5 is much more common than 1-3, and finding 4/5 builds that are blue is fairly common in freeports (I bought a 4/5 Connie for 700k at Tortue and I've seen several others there for sale). As a rambling note, I've been considering a fir Bellona for solo PvP lately, but I haven't played around with builds and setups enough yet to decide on anything.
  4. William  Death

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Fun engagement in the Georgetown Reinforcement Zone (North of Charleston). Masts fell by the board and ships were leaked. We even managed to escape the revenge gank fleet afterward. o7 and GF USA 68pdrs for the win!
  5. Precisely. In fact, I never recommended he (or any other person who considers themselves 'casual') pay for Elite Spanish or any other elite mod. At least, not till they get some skills built up and have the proper books to make the ship shine with that mod. I was merely pointing out that Elite Spanish and other elite mods are available to all players to buy, they just cost a fair bit. That part is overlooked by many who complain about elite mods. I don't like mod-dependent system either, but its the books that are *almost* out of reach for the casuals (because they're entirely RNG or a very very high price), not the mods (which are indeed very expensive, but not to the point of impossibility). That was the reason I brought up the cost of elite mods. Not to recommend or imply that they are needed to PvP with. They are nice to have, but if you don't know how to make best use of it (proper ship, proper books equipped, proper playstyle), then you'll lose that 3-5mil upgrade long before it pays for itself. Then you have to go back to grinding gold to bail yourself out of debt because it didn't pay for itself. On the other hand, I've happily paid 3-5 mil for a single mod, or upward of 50 PvP marks (I bought a naval clock for 70 PvP marks last night). But only because I plan for the ship I put that mod on to net me more marks than it cost me to outfit the ship. Self-sustaining, as it were. But certainly, (and I said this in both posts about new players getting into PvP) go with cheaper mods and ships (like the builds I recommended). You can outfit a ship for PvP for less than 1 mil. Assuming you have a tiny bit of luck and sail her carefully, you'll easily earn more than 1 mil in PvP marks (its only 10 marks = 1 mil at some freeports). Then, when it does sink, you outfit another. Again, self-sustaining. Once you reach a level that you can take your ship out, and earn multiple times its cost in PvP marks, then you can start to consider investing in the top of the line elite mods. Till then, it will be a sad waste of your gold and marks when they sink before they pay for themselves.
  6. How to win? You sink the enemy and don't get sunk. First off: don't go for the big fish right off the bat. If you're in a frigate, go for lighter frigates, traders, and 6th rates. Scenario: Assume you tag an enemy Belle Poule (or Cerberus, Surprise, Renommee, Frigate [basically any light frigate]) with your fir/fir Trinco/Endy. Nobody joins in the first 3 minutes, battle is closed. Now all you have to do is win. You fire a few broadsides into him, maybe chain a bit. Force him to either repair hull or repair sails. If he repairs sails, focus on his hull. If he repairs hull, work his sails down some. You're faster than he is. If you get damaged, pull away to repair. Come back when you've repaired and hit him again. You're supposed to be learning how to manage your repairs and avoid broadsides. Unless he's got some tank mods on that ship, or a very tanky build to start with...you've about the same HP and thickness (because his ship starts off with a lower base). You've also got more firepower. Furthermore, if you're fighting a player thats better than you, then you're supposed to learn that you can disengage from him, because you're faster than him. Unless he's super-modded, then he'll be as fast as, and tougher than you; hopefully, and likely, you won't run into that type of player before you've gotten a few decent battles under your belt and paid for the cost of your ship. I'm going to write something that is going to come off a bit bluntly, but I think its important: if an average player is in a super-modded ship, he's still going to get sunk by a good player in regular or super-modded ship. The super mods widen the gap. They don't create the gap. Better to sail a fairly cheap build until you get skills, than to sail an expensive build and lose it before you've won enough PvP marks to replace it. Its very likely that you won't get sunk in the first outing if you're 13.2kn+ (the build I described is), understand sailing profiles, and don't do something silly like leave Tortue with bad wind when combat news is lighting up players getting sunk at Cap Francais or Port-de-Paix . Regarding cost: basically, see above for the "insurance plan" (you gain enough marks using the ship to pay for the next one when you inevitably sink). Don't expect to "turn a profit" in PvP marks till you've gotten a fair bit of practice and skill in PvP. Set your sights on breaking even with each ship. And note that I mentioned several ways to get the initial PvP marks to cover the cost of the first ship. Gold is nothing. You get 1 million gold by doing 5 4th rate missions. Or a reasonably good trade run. Or a couple first rate missions. Once you start PvPing, you get gold from that too (more than from sinking an AI the same size). PvP marks: you say you only have 11 since you started playing. Ok, have you gone to the Patrol Zones? I strongly dislike the ROE we have there, but they at least provide a way for players to get easy PvP marks. I went to the shallow zone the other night, and in 2 PvP battles and 1 AI battle I gained 10 marks from the mission, plus another 11 from the players I sank. I even sank in the first battle (fireshipped). You don't even have to fight players in the Patrols though. You can farm AI for damage and then collect the PvP reward for the mission. Buy a shop ship (I used a LO/Crewspace Snow for some of the battles I went in), put some medium cannons on, some of the ever-present and useless mods....treat it as your way to get rid of the clutter from your docks and warehouses. Go farm AI till you get bored. If you see a player, fight him. Even if you get sunk, as long as you've done damage, you can collect PvP marks from it. 20k damage is easy to make and you get 10 PvP marks from it. I understand that during EU timezone, the deepwater patrols are basically gank-fests. Thats a shame, really. But if all you lose is a storebought ship, (or better yet, capture one from AI that already has cannons equipped!)....then you haven't lost much and hopefully you can get enough damage in to collect some marks. I try not to come off as 'forum elite.' I do understand the struggle of getting started in PvP. So even if you're not ready to try one of the three builds I listed, you can capture an AI frigate, it'll have guns equipped (minus chasers), and maybe you'll find a good build (I've seen purple and gold AI ships). Sail it till the wheels fall off. Don't put anything expensive on it. If you get sunk, go cap another. Hunt in the gaps of the reinforcement zones, or around known trade routes. Figure out what works for your skills and budget. But if you sit in port or just go grind AI missions, all while lamenting your lack of elite mods and good ships...then you accomplish nothing. You gain no PvP skills, you probably won't loot anything good, and you present yourself as a target to hunters. Don't be the prey, be the predator. You'll be at the mercy of bigger predators, but that is true for even the best players. If you had all elite mods, all the best ship builds, books, etc... would that make you go PvP? Make you able to win battles? Not likely. You still need the skill. Skill won't come from lamenting what gear you don't have. It comes from many hours of PvP practice. You have to start somewhere. Whether you start in a fir/fir frigate, or an AI frigate, or a DLC Hercules... All my recommendations above are valid places to start PvP. But don't think that you won't be sunk a few times.
  7. Hang on, I don't think I ever said Requin is easy to defeat. Defeatable, yes. Easy to defeat if it sticks around to engage, maybe. Its actually one of the hardest ships in the game to defeat, because a good captain can simply run away if it goes badly for him. (Hence my recommendation of a fir Requin as being as close to uncatchable as you'll get). In fact, the only way I was able to fight that Requin in my NavyBrig was because he chose to stay engaged with me (duelist's honor). He could have disengaged at any time. Requin is ONLY easy to defeat when her captain decides to stay engaged in the battle. Otherwise, you're stuck with using a Prince or two, and maybe some Privateers/Lynxes to chase him down. However, using a super-modded AoS/Cartagena ship isn't the only way to stand a chance. I defeated a Requin 1v1 with a Teak/Cedar Surprise (failfit speed stacked mods [which I didn't need, because the Requin never tried to run away]). Its more down to whether or not the Requin decides to fight a cannon duel. These days, Requin loses a brawl against most ships equal or larger in size who have a clue about how to defeat her. Even more so now that we have the buffed barricades. As a final note, I do remember that a lot of players don't have access to the super books that I have. Thats thanks to the lovely, content-creating, 'balanced' RNG system we have. I hate RNG. Really do. I think the game would be a lot better off if every mod and book came in three ways: PvP Marks (best value), Combat Marks (worst value), RNG and then craft it (cheapest way but entirely random). However, everyone does have access to the same mods I use. Have you ever looked in the shop at La Tortue, or Tumbado? I've heard La Navasse is a good place to look too. Cartagena, for example, runs 1-1.8 mil. Worth it, considering you can get 18 PvP marks (and sell at 100k each in those same major freeports) by sinking 2 frigates. Elite Spanish Rig Refit runs around 3-4mil or a bit more. Again, worth it because if you're careful with the ship you put it on, you'll easily double that 3mil in PvP marks from ships you sink. Just because I have alts--or know people who have alts--to buy these resources cheaper, doesn't mean you can't access the resources or mods at all. And chances of me getting a Treatise on Square Sails or Service Historique de la Marine is equal to chances of you getting it. So, let me ask you this, do you not have these super mods because you "can't" afford them (we all know you can do a handful of missions in a big ship and get several mil), or because you refuse to go to the places that sell the mods? Hehe, I am a pro noob, who are you kidding? I recommended fir/fir only because I assume that the players complaining about not having elite books will be the same players who don't have a firm grasp on the nuances of angling, disengaging from a fight if you know you'll lose, guarding a weak side, etc. Fir/Fir emphasizes all of these skills. They'll probably sink a lot at first, but the ships are cheap and eventually they'll learn to not sink a lot. And hopefully before they sink, they'll have won a battle or two for some easy marks (insurance plan for replacing the ship once it sinks). Thats pretty much how I did it. Sail a ship thats naturally fast due to its base stats + wood type because I couldn't spend all my Labor Hours to make stacks of mid grade notes to craft speedmods. Sailed Surprise and Renommee a lot, for that reason. Alternative is to join a clan who knows how to PvP and listen to what they say. But I've found lots of newer players in NA have a hard time letting go of their pre-conceived notions about ship builds and PvP tactics.
  8. William  Death

    Pirate Party Tonight

    You're all off the edge of the map.
  9. I saw this quote in an earlier reply. It looks like @Flash Jack's post was deleted (I think I can understand why it was deleted, but quotes don't disappear when the original post is deleted...[which is interesting] but he does bring up a valid point, I think): /quote Haha! Death who are you kiddng?? You sail with Cart/AOS/as a minimum! You have no right to talk how you find a ship for hunting. You and others have too many top mods to even comment and this is why the game is in this mess for normal non super modded players. Although I diagree with Crow, he was telling the Devs not to get directed by the forum elite all the time. The game needs balance for normal players. end quote\ I assume he was referring to my post (because he said "Death" as if he was addressing me) about Requin being very easy to hunt with. Though his post was deleted, I feel it deserves a response. Especially in the context that pertains to this patch. So here's a wall of text: Basically, what I was pointing out in my post: Requin (and most other 6-7th rate ships, but especially Requin) are very, very easy to hunt with. You can tag risk-free in the reinforcement zones, because the worst you'll get is a (buffed) AI Brig or Snow. Yeah, I'm soooooo scared . Sink the player and go. Not so easy to do in frigates and larger. Perhaps this is a good thing, since it encourages players to try smaller ships. Furthermore, upwind ships like Privateer, Lynx, and Requin are pretty risk free if the revenge fleet shows up, or the battle goes badly for you, you can escape upwind 90% of the time if your enemy hasn't prepared for this (and they normally don't). Also, most players don't know how to counter the tactics these little ships use (like hull-hugging and chain boarding). Earlier this week, a smallish (3-6) group of us sailed around in 6th and 7th rates tagging ships in the US reinforcement zone. We boarded/sank: Agamemnon, Ingermanland, LGV, Rattlesnake, and ran from anything that challenged us. Had the players simply *not* done everything wrong, they would have countered us. None of us could easily keep up with them if they ran downwind. And several of us would have been dismasted and left if our rigging had been focused. But instead the players tried to shoot the hull of agile ships that can simply turn and avoid cannonballs. No fancy mods involved here, or broken mechanics. Just mechanics that weren't countered. (side note: I support the idea of properly implemented musket fire that will damage crew of ships within a short range) I also mentioned: that the temporary boarding arrangement helped players in larger ships combat this somewhat, because they could eliminate side-hugging with intention to sink. But it had the unfortunate consequence of basically making all NA battles be a contest of "lemme board" or "no! don't get boarded. So...side-hugging with intention to slow down to 8kn and board. Thats not the type of NA most of us want to play. Beyond that, I think it is rude to say I have no right to speak my opinion. I believe all players have a right to their own opinion, no matter what it is. Amount of mods I have or don't have is irrelevant to that right. But it may influence how I feel about certain aspects. Having played NA when we had a few mods of each type, and playing it now with many of each type, I can say I completely prefer the first option (2016 NA with few mods, most craftable). I like my gold super modded fancy ships, but its a shame my favorite old blue ones from back when are almost useless (I sailed a 3/5 Teak/WO Endymion for 8+ months with copper, bovenwinds, and gazelle (when gazelle was good); now that same 3/5 Endy is almost useless when compared to 4/5s and better, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it). I don't like that. I deal with that. There is a difference And don't go about casting suspicions about the way I outfit my ships. Unless you sit in TS with me, you've no idea how I setup a particular ship on a given day. I don't always sail with cartagena, because many times I prefer an extra speed mod there. I don't always run full speed stack, because I sometimes want repair or boarding mods. I do, however, always sail with Art of Shiphandling , but I bet almost all other players who have that book use it too. But I'm not sure why any of this should affect what I can and can't say about how to outfit a ship? You want a cheap build for PvP? I'll give you 3. 1 will be about as close to uncatchable as you can get it, one will be a decent all-round speedy frigate, and one will be a very nice brawling frigate. All should be within the reach of any Rear Admiral. The (almost) uncatchable ship: 200-500k plus a few combat marks and PvP marks (assumes DLC). Without DLC, tack on 200-500k more for a Prince. Requin: Fir/Fir (free if you have redeemable [Prince can be substituted]) + Navy Hull Refit (10 PvP Marks) + Pirate Rig Refit (2-500k at major freeports) + light carriages (25? combat marks). The speedy frigate: 800k-1.2M plus combat marks and 10 PvP marks. (cheaper if you produce the ship or are in a clan crafting line) Trincomalee/Endymion: Fir/Fir (400-600k at ports where players produce ships, or check capitals and freetowns) + Navy Hull Refit (10 PvP Marks) + Bovenwinds Refit (400-600k at most major freeports) + light carriages (50? combat marks). The brawling frigate: 900k-1.8M plus combat marks and 10 PvP marks. (again, cheaper if you produce the ships or are in a crafting line for that purpose) Trincomalee/Endymion: Teak/Teak or Teak/WO (500-800k at major freeports and capitals) + Navy Hull Refit (10 PvP Marks) + French Rig Refit (100-400k at major freeports) + Northern Carpenters (300-600k at major freeports) + Light Carriage (50? combat marks) Assuming the Rear Admiral has the common RNG books (like steel toolbox, barricades, etc.) and a few marks (a Rear Admiral should have a reasonable stash of PvP and Combat Marks [if he is short of either, he can go to the PvP zone and grind AI or players to get both]), these ships are well within reach. When sailed well, the Requin can beat or escape any 6th rate she comes across, and stands a chance of beating some fifth rates too. The fir frigate should teach the aspiring PvPer all about managing your damage, protecting weak sides, and disengaging from a battle if you can't win. He may sink it once in a while, but it only takes 1-2 fights to get enough PvP marks and gold to cover everything lost on the ship. The heavier teak/teak or teak/wo build can brawl quite well against other frigates, but should be sailed cautiously because she will be run down by faster frigates and the occasional speedy lineship. So, I *do* sometimes sail in 4/5s, purple, or gold ships, with top of the line mods that cost several million gold per mod, but I haven't lost sight of the casual players. I was there, I remember what it was like when I got my first decent ships and mods. The pain of losing them. The joy of sailing them and winning. The amazing feeling when I could finally reliably beat other players in even PvP battles and not just in ganks. The first few times I won vs a larger or more numerous enemy (players)... Oh I remember. The golden days of my evolution from basic noob to advanced noob (but you called me "forum elite" so maybe I can finally be elite? nah...I'm still too much of a noob ). While I don't like the current system which is so mod-dependent (my gold 5/5 Trinco will go as fast with the mods I have on it as that fir/fir Trinco with the mods listed, it'll out-tank, out-turn, and out-repair it too), it is what it is and we must work with it as best we can till the mods are re-balanced. What I gave above were a few examples of cheap ships that aren't total garbage. With the first two, you can out-fight or disengage from most enemies you run across. With the last build, you might challenge my beloved 5/5 Trinc, and I might be forced to disengage (probably not, but maybe). In the future, I'd appreciate it if you *didn't* tell me what I do and do not have a right to post, as well as extrapolating ideas about my opinions of mod systems (which I have stated quite clearly before [fewer mods = best mods]). Thanks. -The Dread Pirate William Death Fear me! AAARRRGGGHHH
  10. William  Death

    The problem of leaving battle

    +1 But I seem to recall devs saying this could be a programming issue? At any rate, the issue of “able to outrun them in battle but not in OW” is annoying. It means that you either have to outsmart your enemy, have more patience than he does, or it’s only a matter of time before you are caught. There was a time when we could choose to log out in an after battle screen, or be towed to port, but both options allowed for some exploits. It’s a tricky mechanic to get right.
  11. @admin, thanks for the prompt fix. I agree with you, that if there was an easy way to code the boarding so we can manual sail, fire, (and manual sail away to disengage), that would be neat. But also understand that there are more important priorities. I think you've made a good compromise by reducing boarding speed back to 3.5 but keeping everything else. This should help (at least a little) those who are/were unable to deal with hull hugging and stern raking. Git gud m8? I don't think its 'not wanting to adapt' as much as it is/was 'not wanting to play "Boarding Action" vs "Naval Action."' Also, I feel if you're sailing a Le Requin and can't board your enemy at 3.5kn, you should learn to manual sail said Requin so that you can decelerate fast enough to pull your enemy. Having sailed Requin a bit, and sunk a number of them, I can truly say it is a ship that take almost no skill to hunt with, even after all the 'nerfs' to it. Did we really want to see a mechanic that lets it board even easier?
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    Naval Action Meme collection

  13. William  Death

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Voted no, because I think thats a bit too complex for the average player. And 100m is way, way, way too much for a boarding to start. Effective musket fire would be a stretch at that range. And 10m is still over 30 feet apart...I don't think our boarders can leap that far to swarm the enemy's deck. I like the idea of being able to sail and shoot while boarding, but it should happen at 4kn or less, and at 5m or less (pulling range of 20m). Give some "elastic" qualities to the boarding: the ships are tied together, but if you manual sail properly, you might break the connection and pull away, but as you are moving away, your entangled rigging is trying to pull you back together. Kind of like how now, if you ram a ship in boarding, it can get pushed away some, but not break the boarding because it gets slowly hauled back closer to the other ship. To clarify: I don't care for the current changes we have now. I think the old system was better. We should just go back to the old system we had that worked passably well. Fix the other issues (NA has plenty of broken things at the moment), then address boarding mechanics.
  14. Drifting then, if "stopped" is too specific for you. Drifting...together. Relative speed between the two ships when they are not actively sailing, not actual speed relative to the bottom of the ocean...or to the sun...or to some other galaxy...or to any other type of "fixed" point (fixed in relation to what?.... hehe) we can expand the frame of reference all you like: The earth is spinning at roughly 869 knots at the equator, but we don't tack that speed onto our speedometers But speaking from a practical standpoint: being on a vessel, engine out of gear; next to another vessel, also at neutral....both vessels can be said to be "stopped" because neither is moving under its own power. Thats when you can throw grapples and pull the vessels together. Not when one is sailing 3 knots one direction and the other is sailing 2kn in a different direction. Not when one ship is stopped and one ship is sailing 5kn in the opposite direction. Not when two ships are sailing in opposite directions at any rate of speed, period. An argument can be made for the possibility of locking yardarms and boarding while sailing the same direction, but even that would be subject to (roughly) similar deck heights, similar speeds, trusting the ability of tangled rigging to hold the ships together, etc. I believe Admin stated this can't be modeled in NA because we would cook our GPUs. (Imagine a 25v25 where no less than 10 ships have locked rigging...oh the FPS drops).
  15. Why couldn't we just adjust the hammocks (10% across the board seems reasonable), nerf DD to 10%, and increase the re-pull timer significantly (3.5 minutes?)? More testing needed, but it seems to me, that we'll basically have a situation now where the following happens: Fit out ship with marines (I almost always have marines anyways) and barricades Winning the gunnery fight because the enemy is in a lighter ship, but unable to keep range because unlimited sail repairs and limited chain (or he's simply so much faster that even his fir build at 60% sails is as fast as the teak/wo fighting build at 90% sails). Enemy closes range and sails side by side, downwind, at 11knots. Enemy slowly eases his ship into mine, bringing speed down to 8kn. Get pulled. successfully defend against a boarding with minimal losses and disengage. get re-pulled because NO SHIP larger than a fifth rate can raise sails from 0% and sailing focus turned off and accelerate to 8kn+ in under 50s (and even if such a feat is managed to get away, go to step 2 and repeat). Repeat steps till boarding is successfully won. Good job. Many historical accurates. Much enjoyable combat. Mmm, remove the best part of NA combat by encouraging the use of the worst/least skill/least polished part. /salt\ I'd weigh failfit rageboarding builds and the crap-tactic of re-pulling over and over as far, far more detrimental to the combat system than any amount of stern camping or hull hugging. The latter two, I might point out, are pretty easily countered, against all but the very best players doing it. Most players that I've fought, however, do EVERYTHING that makes it easy for me to stern camp them, or hull hug them. Can't tell you how many times I've reduced a ship's crew by half in a pass or two, all because the enemy decided to keep turning back and forth, instead of setting a close hauled or beam reach heading and forcing me off his stern. Or the Constitutions I sank by sailing my Endymion underneath their guns because they didn't know how to depress their cannons enough to hit me. But even wishing to get rid of that, there were far better options than this (like musket fire). So why not: Keep the hammock nerfs, keep the barricades buff. Reduce boarding speed to -3.5 -> +3.5kn, reduce the difference in speed to |4.5| kn, reduce DD to 10%, increase re-pull timer to 3.5 minutes. Then work on the other stuff thats wrong with NA, focus on the patches we were told about a while back (UI patch, mods rebalance, PvP zone ROE, reinforcment zone ROE, etc.) then look at implementing musket fire or some other legitimate mechanic to deal with these other problems. I can't help but feel we're trying to address a small issue here (hull hugging and stern camping that most players *should* know how to counter), but creating bigger issues with far more devastating consequences. A quick note about "historical" accuracy... "historically" (and now...and 200 years from now....) there was no way to stop a ship, weighing hundreds of tons, moving away from your own ship at any rate of speed more than a crawl with grapples and handropes. Even if we assume magic ropes that don't ever snap, there is nothing that can be tied onto that won't simply be torn off by the forces involved stopping that much momentum. Especially when sails are still set, providing power thats working counter to what the grapples are. I think you'd be far more likely to see ships completely stop (or nearly so) via ramming, demasting, or dropped sails before a boarding happens. Or the boarding happens when both ships are close together and sailing in the same direction. Not casually passing 100 feet away from each other, or sailing 100 feet away from each other, but at different angles... Lets test it before totally dismissing it out of hand (but I agree with others and I'm fairly certain its a bad change). Short term suggestions if we are to truly test this: increase the re-pull timer to at least 2 minutes. 3+ is probably better. Decrease speed to 5kn and not 8kn. @admin says if it doesn't work out, they'll know and revert it. My question is, how long will we need to test to know if it works? 1 week? 2? 1 month? 4 months (Wasa meta, anyone?) 6+ months (looking at you, PvP zones)....