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  1. Johnny Rotten

    1st person view

    due to the nature of OW limited view range, theres no reason to limit the camera to top mast only. I'd love for there to be a realistically implemented horizon where sails appear before you see the ship, but im not sure if the engine would be able to handle it.
  2. Johnny Rotten

    Questions to developers

  3. Johnny Rotten

    The Unbreakable Bowsprit

    it's very silly how a xebec can break the bowsprit of a ship when it cant even reach it with its low profile
  4. want this feature - plus damage to your ship when in a stormy battle instance
  5. Johnny Rotten

    Improved chat interface ingame

    EVE had a good chat system, where you could make chatrooms that you subscribed to and opened up automatically every time you play. IIRC you even had password protected rooms you could create.
  6. Johnny Rotten

    PvP marks and the seals

    I dont agree, but if you want to do that I want double PvP marks for sinking higher br ships
  7. Johnny Rotten

    Hercules ship feedback

    WO/WO for PvE sure. But you can use teak/WO in missions, I've never used anything more tanky than that outside of epic events, it's always seemed a bit overkill to me and if you get caught in PvP you will be likely sunk due to the reduced handling/speed. For PvP, the max I would go is teak/WO unless you got some speedmods and ship knowledge to bump up the topspeed - even then acceleration is slow. And who wants to put expensive mods on a free ship anyway? They would be better served on a bigger ship. I actually like the teak/teak, but I guess thats the middle option anyway between speed and tank. As log as you dont go broadside to broadside with AI it can do PvE very well too!
  8. Johnny Rotten

    Flags Flags Flags

    Navy Order of St. John (Malta) :
  9. Its down again, same as before
  10. Johnny Rotten

    Server Hiccups (Caribbean)

    still stuck in loading
  11. Johnny Rotten

    Cannot connect

    same here, gets stuck on character selection and doesnt enter, I see the loading circle but nothing happens.
  12. That sounds exactly like how the pirate nation was supposed to be implemented.
  13. It would be great if the pirate nation was actually hardcore like its supposed to be with its capitol being nassau and shallow.
  14. Johnny Rotten

    PVP EU server issue

    Crashed again.
  15. Hurry up and roll out the testbed.