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  1. PVP EU server issue

    Crashed again.
  2. Hurry up and roll out the testbed.
  3. idk, I suppose it would be "hard mode" but I'd hate to think thats what they mean by it... EDIT : saying that, would nationals get the TP to freetown also?
  4. yes, there is nothing wrong with the pay system with outposts as it is now. It would actually be 9 in total with Nassau being the only pirate port to buy from admiralty/pirate den. Lets not forget though that there will be neutral regions to facilitate international trade which pirates will have access to.
  5. Will we be able to cap the reinforcements? :^)
  6. By having a reputation system each captain will be able to have his own alliances by default. Clan reputation can also be a factor in determining reputation for any captain. Kinda like EVE even, linking the ability to take combat orders/fleet missions from a nation based on your personal reputation with them. Also including clan wars and grinding reputation etc.
  7. No I expect a good fight to the end - all it takes to sink a rat is 1 or 2 good broadsides, easily done with 2 captains working together. Couple that with an unexpected boarding or 2 and it can easily be won. In the meantime a counter-trap can be set and everyone has a fun time.
  8. ...and that should be a perk, this is about green on green. Nice strawman.
  9. So something that historically never happened is the same as something that did? This is pretty much the running theme here...
  10. No they were the pursuers and only decided to do it because we had set up a trap. They would have continued chasing us had we not had backup. We wanted to cap them, all we did was chain them. I think I got an assist because i let off one broadside before they had fully destroyed each other.
  11. Actually, after that port battle, 2 Brits in Pirate Frigates decided to sink each other to deny us the cap/kill. I reported it but idk - will the devs even address that either? Seems like Brits would sooner sink each other (green on green) than have anyone else do it. Bit of a c**tish thing to do seen as it is deliberately denying others from playing as intended for what? Because they couldn't be bothered to put up a fight? Why not just surrender?
  12. Pirate Ships - Pirate Mechanics, Notoriety (PvP) Leaderboard

    well, there is no punishment for black on black - if a pirate wanted to try and steal it, he can but im sure there will be many revenge fleets to take it back. So what would be the point in making them hostile when they already are (can be)
  13. Pirate Ships - Pirate Mechanics, Notoriety (PvP) Leaderboard

    PvP capping should be allowed regardless as is now, my suggestion is to make the "send to admiralty" bit upon when you dock. This would be the case for both pirates capping SOLs and nationals capping pirate ships EDIT : another thought, as was suggested here, maybe have the above to be kept, as long as you never change ship (allowing you to dock and repair, craft, no teleport however). https://www.thoughtco.com/pirate-ships-overview-2136229 "Calico Jack" Rackham was cornered by Spanish gunships one night when he and his men rowed over to a sloop the Spanish had captured. In the morning, he sailed away in the sloop while the Spanish warships shot up his old ship, still anchored in the harbor." So be it a pirate in a SOL or a national in a pirate ship, you would have to either sail it or ditch it (send to admiralty). That would be hard mode for playing pirates imo, but also make it fair that nationals dont get to sail our ships when they please either. I mean, technically once it's stolen, the ship still would be recognised as a pirate ship/stolen SOL and would have been marked for destruction or capture at all costs. The scuttling of a pirate ship was more of a political statement/PR stunt anyway, and pirates wouldn't be stupid enough to carry on sailing a "hot" ship because pirate hunters would be actively patrolling for them. You could make a leaderboard for it, which captain has sailed a "illegal" ship the longest (in conjunction with successful pvp points like we have so you dont get carebears stealing a santissima and then hiding and doing combat orders). I doubt pvp between players in the same nation would happen (KOS lists will always be there for the clans in each nation) and you could still see their name if they are still on the leaderboard. It would serve as a notoriety list for pirates, but allowing nationals to also participate.
  14. Pirate Ships - Pirate Mechanics, Notoriety (PvP) Leaderboard

    No, you can switch ships with AI in your fleet at start/end of battle. When you leave battle, you are sailing that ship in OW iirc. So when you capture a ship, you can sail it without docking. So, as long as you have the perks, you can capture a ship, transfer a load of hull reps over, and then fully crew and repair to 100% straight after battle in OW - with the ship you used to capture it now in your fleet :^)
  15. Pirate Ships - Pirate Mechanics, Notoriety (PvP) Leaderboard

    I would say not if it's a nat capturing another nats ship, that would be sanctioned if at war. But yes with the pirate ships. I quite like the idea of a repercussion for taking a ship that your nation isn't currently at war with. It would make it more of a impactful decision for RP.