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  1. --Privateer--

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Determined Defender should be removed or changed significantly. It makes no sense to me that someone can simply choose not to be boarded with a simple perk. A ship that is well outfit for boarding requires multiple slots for boarding upgrades as well as a significant portion of crew permanently set aside as marines. Also boarding preparation must be built up before actually engaging which requires nearly half the crew. All this can be shrugged off by a perk that requires no crew, no preparation, and only one perk slot. I think that determined defender should either: require preparation similar to boarding require a percentage of crew or just be removed
  2. --Privateer--

    Pirate Captain Tour Contest Win BIG!!!

  3. --Privateer--

    Pirate Captain Tour Contest Win BIG!!!

    Do fly by screenshots count?
  4. I'd like to see outlaw battles brought back for every nation. If every nation had outlaw battles, this would keep the mechanics even so nations couldn't complain about the mechanics being abused or one nation having an advantage, etc. I do think that nations besides pirates would need a deterrent from doing outlaw battles, however the past mechanic of the attacker becoming pirate was too extreme. There are a couple options for deterrents that I'd like to suggest. First Option: After the attacker sinks a player from their own nation, and they try to enter one of their nation's ports, they would go into port and a message would pop up saying something like "Due to your attack on local forces, you must pay a bribe to dock" with an accept or decline button. If they accept it would take 10% of their gold up to 250k or something, if they decline it would put them back in the open world before they could repair or do anything in port. They would of course have use of free towns without paying. Second Option: After the attacker sinks a player from their own nation, they'd have a timer for an hour or so during which they couldn't enter ports of their nation. They could also have a marker or a flag over them in the open world. Maybe if someone from their nation kills the person with the timer, that attacker wouldn't get a timer. Everything else about the outlaw battles would remain the same, no xp, gold, or marks would be given. People could only join the defender's side, etc. Edit: I guess in the past there were two versions of outlaw battles. One where it was a free for all with everyone against everyone else, and one where it was the attacker vs everyone else. Although I enjoyed both, I think the second version - where it is only one attacker vs the defender and everyone that joins is on the defender's team - is the better version of the two. This version allows for 1v1s, but does not allow for a single clan or group to 'terrorize' or 'rule' a nation. In this second version the attacker can never be the ganker, and the defender can not be ganked.
  5. so, what will happen to large stockpiles of gold that certain players may have? will all or some of it be converted into the new currency? clan warehouse gold can't be wiped, or all the ports would go neutral in a day. So will clan warehouse gold be converted into the new currency?
  6. --Privateer--

    WTT for Trinco

    Everyone has 100 million gold, and you can definitely buy a veryfast Trinc for 15 million.
  7. --Privateer--

    Attempted griefing by Lord Bomgordel

    If I had sailed for 3.5 hours to El Rancho and set up an outpost and then he didn't trade me the ship it would be griefing, so this is at least attempted griefing.
  8. --Privateer--

    WTT for Trinco

    You'll trade it for a Trinc but not 15mil, wtf is wrong with you?
  9. --Privateer--

    Attempted griefing by Lord Bomgordel

    Well that just further proves that you were griefing and never had any intention of giving my ship back.
  10. I'd like to report Lord Bomgordel for pretending that he would trade my ship back to me that was taken in a very unbalanced 10+ v 1, if I sailed to El Rancho and set up an outpost. Luckily I already had an outpost in El Rancho but when Lord Bogordel learned of that he suddenly wanted me to sail all the way to great corn to set up an outpost there. This is an obvious attempt at griefing and wasting my time.
  11. --Privateer--

    "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    This guy will need a new ship.
  12. --Privateer--

    "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    Well, it happened again. This one was teak/teak/VeryFast with copper plating, Elite Spanish, and Navy Hull
  13. --Privateer--

    scaling cost for port timer

    Yes, although the prices could be increased. 100k is nothing and 7 hours is still less than a third of the day.
  14. --Privateer--

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I'm putting a reward of 10 million gold and 20 pvp marks for the capture and return of CoRleene's Victory. Note: you must trade the Victory to me, Privateer, in order to receive the reward. Also, I will need a screenshot proving that it was, in fact, captured from CoRleene.