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  1. "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    This guy will need a new ship.
  2. "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    Well, it happened again. This one was teak/teak/VeryFast with copper plating, Elite Spanish, and Navy Hull
  3. scaling cost for port timer

    Yes, although the prices could be increased. 100k is nothing and 7 hours is still less than a third of the day.
  4. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I'm putting a reward of 10 million gold and 20 pvp marks for the capture and return of CoRleene's Victory. Note: you must trade the Victory to me, Privateer, in order to receive the reward. Also, I will need a screenshot proving that it was, in fact, captured from CoRleene.
  5. "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    Ingermanland flipped over again.
  6. "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    Not the first time it has happened either, although it had landed the right way up until now. Here are a couple other clips of my Ingermanland exhibiting similar behavior.
  7. I have the treaties on square sails and studding sails, but I also had those on pre-patch. Here is pre-patch screenshot.
  8. This seems to have come at the expense of the Ingermanland's down wind performance. I used to hit the top speed in the Ingermanland at about 1 notch from down wind and now I reach the top speed around 2+ notches from down wind. This moves the sailing profile much closer to that of the Wasa and other common pvp ships. The unique down wind performance of the Ingermanland was what made it a viable solo pvp ship as it could usually escape an overwhelming force by running down wind. In order to keep some diversity in OW pvp ships I think the Ingermanland's sailing profile should be adjusted such that the downwind performance is restored to how it was before patch 14 part 3, otherwise we may as well all be using Wasas.
  9. Patch monday - urgent.

    On PVP 2, many Pirates have buildings and assets in Savannah (USA coast above Florida). This post seems to indicate they will be safe, however, I would assume that region is going to switch to US hands.
  10. It seems to me that in this case the susspected alt was not used to break or temporarily susspend game mechanics in any way. Tagging an NPC and demasting it would have accomplished the same ends. Therefore I assume that if this was indeed the use of an alt, it would fall under the legitimate use of an alt.
  11. Pirate vs Pirate ai Rewards

    I have reported this as a bug using f11 in game, however there has been some debate as to weather it is a bug or an intended mechanic. The problem is that I never receive battle rewards for Pirate vs Pirate ai battles. The screenshots attached show my pre-battle amount of gold as well as my post-battle amount of gold which are the same, despite the history log showing that I should have received 40+ thousand gold for the battle. This has happened on three occasions now, against pirate ai ships of the line. I have waited over an hour and tried restarting my game however I never receive the battle rewards. I have asked other pirates to check if they receive rewards from pirate vs pirate ai battles and they have said that they do receive the rewards, but I'm not sure if they just checked the history log or if they checked that the reward was actually received.
  12. A Different Take On Leveling Up Ships

    I agree with the above sentiment that it is not worth grinding up every ship to unlock upgrades slots on the few ships that you sail. Currently I am only planning on unlocking the slots for each ship that I can unlock by sailing that ship, not some smaller ship I'll never use. As seen by the attached image, I have almost 1 million xp and am not going to grind anymore. A system that I would support is one where you only need to gain xp on the ship you want upgrade slots on to unlock the slots. Or maybe a system where you spend PvE marks to unlock the first two slots and PvP marks to unlock the last three slots.
  13. If there's a ship wipe, what is going to happen to the currently uncraftable ships? E.g. my Santa Cecilia and yacht.
  14. Scamming - OGBizzle

    I am reporting a case of scamming by OGBizzle. I know this post: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11727-the-updated-how-to-tribunal/ Says that scamming was condoned as of 08 March 2016, pending mechanics to follow later. It is later now, so maybe the mechanics are in place or some sort of punishment will be taken. As the screenshots provided below show, OGBizzle said he would build me a Bellona if I brought him the parts. I brought him the parts and ... no Bellona. This should be a punishable offense as it is against the spirit of the game. The only way to 'best' an opponent in Naval Action should be through simulated naval combat between sail era ships, not by lying over the internet whilst hiding behind perceived anonymity. Regards, Privateer