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  1. Here is another sad example of a captain who has obvious problems showing a respectable attitude to other players. Ingame-Report was sent. Cheers Donjuan
  2. Bellona Nonsense

  3. Bellona Nonsense

    I am converting 2 videos at the moment. If you watch, it will show that pictures are sometimes more remarkable than 1000 words or statements
  4. Bellona Nonsense

    agree. the devs may put it on the right topic. But I don't care about this at the moment ... I think its more important that players will force them to put the game out of this dead-end-street.
  5. Bellona Nonsense

    bellona and trincomalee have the same speed when sailing beamreach lol ....
  6. Bellona Nonsense

    a nice video of nonsense will follow...
  7. Bellona Nonsense

    I show you what...rofl. that is so laughable.
  8. Bellona Nonsense

    there is nothing to learn. The devs claim creating ships behaviour realistic. But i cannot see this. Iam very angry about this.
  9. Bellona Nonsense

    that is totally baloney!!!
  10. Bellona Nonsense

    thank you for killing pvp
  11. Bellona Nonsense

    Hello Devs, are you hello kittying kidding me??? A Bellona is even faster as trincomalee, ha better weapons armor etc??? Why you always overpowering ships ??? I don't understand you. Donjuan
  12. Wind Tacking

    Hello, Dear Devs, Hello Dear Community, there have been some major changes in tacking through the wind. Especially with 1st rates. I think it would be great to get some hints of experienced players/devs how to tack through the wind properly Thanks
  13. Dear Devs, think of your random players. Cheers Don
  14. The players who have spent a lot of hours in game have brought the logical arguments to you dear admin. So please throw away the idea. Not every idea leads to jackpot. And admitting beeing wrong is not the end of the world