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  1. i think it is a good thing to have some diversity ,and give smaller nations a opportunity at least but , an also screening is not included in the port battle rating, so there is no problem i think ,you can field as much br as you want there.(for the people who are against the all situan) i rather would say/and see also give every ship his own value rating points in a pb battle.. also losing a victory or loosing a mortar brig at the moment has no impact on losing or winning of the port battle it is treated in the same points (its circle based) if a pb is shortened on br, and a certain type amount of ships is fielded (for example a battle : 6 ingermanland (defenders) against 3 locean (attackers)) then i think losing a victory should have more impact on points than losing a ingermanland in a battle . in this example it gets complicated of what decisions you have to make ,for bringing in a ship you can afford to lose without losing the entire battle/ port here you can field 2250 br on max ship br [ 2250 br /1575 prr] every port battle should have his own ( resistance) rating of a port, for example: 2250 ship br max / and : 1575 points resistance rating PRR where 75 % of the total br brought in ship br is a threshold for ( a resistance / victory or loss> ) on the port. (the closer to a capital port the more resistance rating ) if a l'ocean is sunk it cost the pb (let say ) 800 points ( there in this example you can afford to lose only one locean ) and when you lose a ingerman land it cost 100 points (you see the gap) and where you losing a bellona it cost 400 points
  2. Rude Behavour

    its a bit foul language, but not tribunal worthy perhaps more a case for the diplomates of the nations to sort it out .. this is not for tribunal...i am a noob to ,so no harm done i think..just accept some are angry and disappointed that's all .. report in chat is efficient enough
  3. Clan/Warehouse Management

    logs for one day is just perfect ,after maintenance it's a new log day well that's would work just fine for most of the clans for sure.. the awareness for young player to have a log file is indeed not important , but, it will after the clanwarehouse comes in the picture and they have more members. i hope you will reconsider the build before beta kicks in that would be much appreciated .. the point are marbles to, and much appreciated
  4. Divided nations and trust

    why we have some much clans in nations? the only answer i could come up with was .. : Log files. the big question still remains is who can we trust. log files will overcome that problem. we need more trust in nations at this moment , nobody can see who is doing what ,and that counts for every nation ,even pirates to merge clans in other nation clans for instance .. and good management of a clan for instance do we need log files or not? i think it is the first new feature we need..
  5. Clan/Warehouse Management

    i completely agree i couldn't have sad it better A big +
  6. Divided nations and trust

    well honestly i don't know .(it seems difficult) perhaps a developer can give us the answer for that particular question what i do know is that , in a multiplayer game it is a 101 feature to start with..
  7. Divided nations and trust

    yes but that's a choice ,and there is nothing wrong with that but big clans also needs better management of their stock whats comes in and what comes out, so i think its a good thing to have log files as well
  8. Divided nations and trust

    ? why not?
  9. oke, so now we have a reward for both player s allready ? in the same post i sad . "i think we all better can talk about rewards for doing damage for both players" that's a new addition and suggestion to the topic i think.. but i leaf you to it ..than, go ahead and make it a private conversation.. i dont care
  10. i think we all better can talk about rewards for doing damage for both players as a attacker and a defender , (at this moment the attacker who wins a battle has some joy ,but the loser get no damage reward at all ,and that's not in balance..) we need well balanced rewards in a good reward system. but we have no reference yet the new ui has still not arrived..
  11. it think The new reward system in the new UI will tell us more until then we have to see what they come up with.. we are indeed in need of a good reward system that's for sure ,but also logfiles and a good integrated map,bounty system , better trees ecc.. all things we have to wait for first,i hope they have done a great job allready until then i can't say anything about it.. i just wondered ,what was the last time we had a new ship ?and what can we expect of the new UI
  12. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    well i hate shrinking circles viagra is the cure way to go @jodgi well..... somebody loves it ...just kidding
  13. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    well thats my objection to it all what i read is :: more like ; acting like ; sort of; it is not it..it does not fit...somehow... it doesn't feel right...its placed in the sandbox sitting on its own merits conclusion : therefore pvp marks for every player in all battles doing damage to each other no matter who sinks or surfives a battle everybody a chance to earn marks and if someone want to go to hot area it fine by me..
  14. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    well i still see it more suitable for :a click mission where you all be put in a huge arena in the mission section the benefit is you don't have to sail, but just like NAL, ready to do combat and go...pief paf poef i still think it does not belong to this game in this kind of construction with zones ...(its a mission) its a constructed zone what does not do wright to the rest of the map and there inhabitants give all the players on every location the benefit of earning pvp marks with doing damage to enemies (because that's the difference with zones or no zones ) at this moment it is a game in a game, at some point on the map... where the rest of the map is neglected to do huhmm... nothing ? (the captains of dariena or dutch and the french have no bond with tumbado[ where the hell is tombado]) we have to fight in china ftw. i thought is was the caribbean i am not going to fly from moscow from kiev just to buy a package of cigarettes i rather give up smoking i am not the flying dutchman i do understand there is a option of border gangking but as a honorable captain i do not practise pirate behaviour
  15. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    I was just wondering why do we have zones??? why not give all players the gratitude and marks for doing battle and damage done on the enemy to every player doing pvp on any location on the map ? for me that makes more sense everybody's a winner then, only some will lose only there ship its seem to be all about pvp marks so ...what's the point of having zones .. (its ) missions we have the exercise room with no losses (good) make a other mission room where you lose your ship as well give a choice what kind of mission you want to do...
  16. L'Horizon Balistique

    i think it is a known bug
  17. Improve Uncontested Port Battles

    but the outside entrance timer is still running so ...you have to sit it out... for what i see it is a easy win (there is nothing to complain at this point) @admin, [perhaps the entrance timer should be visible in the right upper corner in battle> if it runs out and there is no enemy,... it justifies a speed up perhaps]
  18. No more upgrade storage

    i agree on this one , its a solution . (Yes repairs still a mystery issue) perhaps for the @admin to consider ... the old feature we had once ,where the AI trader could make a emergency trade from the warehouse to a port (was once freeport to freeport) perhaps restricted to , only 3 types of goods (like for example rum ,hull and sail repair)[but restricted to only these 3 goods,here you have the amount of choice] with a cooldown of 1 hour (to avoid reaction ganking in conjunction with tow to port) transported to> ANY < port you own.. the benefit would be no > time consuming afterparty sailing or trade with other people or time consuming single person actions after tow. OR: also perhaps the option is to have a tow> with a restricted load of repairs in hold (like aga with 15/15/ 150 max) (its just once a day with cooldown of say @30 minutes ) and were the tow of a empty ship has no restrictions (timewise> as is now).
  19. Crash near port royal

    ? Uhh no... he had a crash and after he went to the kitchen that does not justify the crash for being normal practise and deal with it he seeks for an answer to avoid a crash i would say make a f 11 report to resolve the crash in the future also be aware what you run in the background (downloads uploads,open working programs,) ,and look good for temperature fluctuations .. (sorry for your ship you where at a the wrong place at the wrong time, most unfortunate)
  20. i agree , at some point Reinforcement zones, too big, too many yes they are to big in some cases , but perhaps individually adjustment is needed like : small , medium ,and big reinforcement zones (3 types) the capital has the biggest reinforcement zone . the island near the capital has a medium reinforcement zone and far from the main capital has a small reinforcement zone and in some cases they should not exist at all. it will give the enemy some more space to manoeuvre.
  21. reinforcements zone s are primary for the rookies (even pirates) but indeed if you look at the true identity ,you can ask yourself : pirates and> pirates "NAVY" that was indeed never the case .. nations had navy's but pirates never did have them on that scale... they are given a nation identity as pirates ,but its not historically wright,with some exception of a single pirates nest somewhere perhaps they should be given a other name like portugees (new) and make the pirates a outlaw on his own...with some identity of his own , but vulnerable as a single unit as well..and , also some benefits (tax free), and restrictions ship wise (only the 3 rate as the biggest they can handle) pirate life is more about survival than carebear lifes the pirates we have now are a nation now, what seems to do them no good if you look at it historically they are wannabe pirates , but not real pirates. pirates are : scum on the seven seas murderers and thieves outlaws with no authority ,only pirate law A pirate is a captain with a bounty on his head, nothing more.
  22. Danish-Norwegian privateers

    True leadership of the danes : Join the zerg and your problems are solved, ohhh sorry, no forged papers.... lol "We ask no quarter, as we give no quarter.." ask the guy; who is privately headed ,he was doing his own thing..there is no tribunal for that ...instead of picking him up you let the community shout a verdict on him, for your own honor... you even dwell with it ....sorry just my thoughts on the matter.. ohh success with your clan and many souls ...but after this i doubt it..
  23. Bottle drop rate

    yes drop rate changed , to almost zero its not a feeling, it's a fact (short test for 3 days) One bottle a day Took the flu away
  24. A way to include new players in rvr..

    i totally agree with you, that screening is important..it is actually one of THE most important aspects of the game but the problem is the devs don't see it that way, they don't play it ,and they never will...( they promised it to do something with it in the future , but they did nothing with it so far) look at it ,...it is in no way implemented in the game....there are not even rewards for it...just complete darkness on the matter. they want to keep it simple and keep their eyes away from it,.. this ideas is been generated many times and was spoken for many times as well.(with much feathers, for how to do it) in the meantime they invent a tumbado missions 1.5 hours sailing from the dutch ., the smartest nonsense the dutch have ever seen.., ask the dutch if they ever done one tumbado mission....? and you will hear a complete silence because they ignore it , it's to far away, the relevancy is, they don't care about it........both.... and here you see that both sides, (community and the devs) play a different game.... there seems to be a fundamental problem...if you look at ideas ,and the implementation of the different solutions for implementing content to this game (look at log files first..implemented leader and score boards first) a huge impact on that specific problem is the set up on this game related to the develop time and human resources for developing this game [2 men] ( we need more speed on development and resources, that is way the dev put in his remarks for buying premium ships , but development needs to take his responsibility also, it is just taking too long for doing it with 2 men , they also need to come up with some solutions) further more the english speaking community does not speak russian , spanish ,french, or other baltic, eastern language ,but i sometimes believe there are different cultures trying to influence this game in there own way. where do these ideas come from...:? i believe it is the russian side... the englisch community can go to hell.. Screening first .tumbado mission second ? (lol) .or .....whut...promises (boom boom bang bang wot/wows WYSIWYG style) Here is our problem !
  25. other example of captain who cannot behave

    well you wouldn't be rich from me ....lol oeps sorry its tribunal i said nothing