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  1. Thonys

    Old restarted player getting no combat marks

    the best thing you can do is to log in to your ts and ask the people over there many things have changed over time ..
  2. Thonys

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Inside the Santo Domingo PB, the Swedish vultures did not come far
  3. Thonys

    Fireship green on green?

    exactly, that's what was>> "wrong with your head" (like you sad) you don't have to go to the doctor! , i could see it from afar distance
  4. Thonys

    Fireship green on green?

    well at least tell the doctor to find your avatar back..it looks silly ...on the face
  5. Thonys

    Fireship green on green?

    It's amazing... But if you understand me, I do not have to use a google translator. or don't you understand it completely? I am a bit confused about this now or are you the one who is a bit confused? if you ask me, it is you..... who has lost the way a bit. in this one... and yes the translator is broken for a long time now, but at least you didn't notice it until now 😁
  6. Thonys

    Fireship green on green?

    but how many pvp point did you get ?
  7. Thonys

    Fireship green on green?

    yes, it is a deliberate action, also, you are denying players to play the game as it is intended... (we have seen this behavior before with the basic cutter in PB) a simple solution would be that only same nation players can join same nation flag battles.
  8. Thonys

    Fireship green on green?

    here you can see national flags captains do not give a shit to other countries ships ...it should be forbidden to joint other country's battles lets discuss this and keelhaul that captain and de-rank it ... its a fucker action for the game and should be banned for his entire naval carreer repentance comes after sin
  9. the secret of the l requin is the upwind speed and acceleration o.0 soo... easily adjustable if you ask me.. the schooner is and will be my checkpoint.
  10. well, we can all put ideas on this topic and many more topics about it. OT: topics are still open for debate
  11. "So you tell devs something they do not want to hear... and they close the topic!" the admin has reacted, so close topic, please he heard you all! MOD @Sir Hethwill the RedDuke
  12. all true for the time being....it is an op ship for its class atm after the port ui the ship will be balanced further... captains don't worry too much
  13. al l lot of ships drift in the ocean... and are drifting for years> finally ending up on a beach somewhere..
  14. Just have a good time you hear.
  15. Thonys

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    also, i am not interested in a game what turns slowly into naval action legends just something I wanted to add to my previous point if it turns out that way I am out ... but, what is not the case ..yet..
  16. Thonys

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    the problem is you can redeem the le Requin and the Hercules within a day, you only see those 2 ships atm what means that game has become legends beta in some sort... in NA pvp it ruins the normal game, you don't see the normal ships anymore and if you see a normal ship it is a victim of the DLC ships also , trading and crafting are crippled by those ships. if a 4 rate is calling for help against a Hercules you know something is wrong.... period and that counts for many ships ... why don't we put a wo2 submarine in the game? that would be fun too. solving the problem is make it a craftable ship for everybody (with normals stats) and the DLC Hercules and requin just like the lgv refit kind of ship... or the le requin only 9 pounders (what is original) the way we have it now is complete bogus
  17. Thonys

    Stern Camping DLC Ships

    redeeming of the dlc ships must be once a month
  18. Thonys

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    3rd, 2nd, and first rates are way-way-way to cheap. if you compare it with eve, naval action supers are so cheap everybody can have one, and that is something privateers or pirates could not effort in the days of sail first rates were an admiralty effort, to begin with. I don't think it will stay that way ..... (hope not and if it does it`s a missed chance ) at the moment they look like second-hand cars in a demolition derby. (enjoy it, as long as it is possible : ) the same thing counts for the ranks of the (warships) captain and the trader captain. " give it a name and call him rear admiral just for the fun of it" but that`not how it works, not even in a game... it's up to the devs to find the balance and the solution and the role it all has to play, the rest is speculation.
  19. Thonys

    Shallows Even Shallower?

    well if you have to unload 20 % of cargo, and after that, you can sail away, it's more realistic than most of the mechanics of the game. a harbor and having shallows is important for your behaviour how to load or maneuver a certain ship... i think its a good thing, sorts of harbors have an effect on how to load and sail... a camel tow
  20. Thonys

    Any new players passing the final exam?

    I believe they have to do the first test, to become captain. and should be forced. if past the final exam you skip a rank (as reward from the admirably, royalty politics bonus) if you did not do the first test, you never get a new rank ...period..(whatever you have grinded on xp points, you do not get a new rank.) if you pass the last test you got the rank for free in points and assignment to a ship, a ship that's been assigned by the Admiralty actually, every rank should have a test and you must pass the test for mastering the ship. (ship type) but. just grinding the same thing over and over again does not make you a rear admiral ... but it is not implemented in the game its just grinding ships and a new rank pops up like the numbers on a bank account .. we need to go more in dept with the ranks especially the higher ranks.. if you look at eve and you see that you can fly a super, you have been working for that for years ...(at least i have) everybody who whines about the grind in NA is not used to anything. in order to obtain rank and skill, it may be made somewhat more difficult. it is being made very easy at the moment. where the ranks and the learning process are just lost in the process of becoming a good captain. combined with the skill you have: Reputation, in NA, that mechanics is totally not available (yet) so .....(probably another topic and/ or update) sometimes when i listen to a commander captain and i hear them say, " how must I activate battle sail?," sigh ...well, i want to retire from the Admiralty...... to become a noobie myself again... I sail a SOL and still i am a NOOB...now how could that have happened o.0
  21. the max speed on the parameters says 14.88 but in reality, it does 15.4 what else is wrong?
  22. still to fast 13 knots max and 24 pd carronade he can/may not be faster than a trader lynx [13.8] (game balance vs other ship types ) the requin is not a small ship and not a speed boat(its latine) also, the acceleration is 2x the lynx and that's odd but thats my opinion...
  23. Thonys

    Sterncamping realism - possible solution

    good read the problem is", only forum dwellers will read this. (about honorable captains ") and most of the players don't even know what " honorable" means in some way it actually should be implemented in the game, because I think it is a part of the wars on sea and even land. but like I said 95 % of the players don't give a sjit about it. and therefore should be given a lesson for that bad behavior.(for better game play) i dont think the developers know how to implement this or have no time to implement it. ps.even in wo2 the Japanese "forgot" to warn first. what resulted in the big boy by surprise..
  24. Thonys

    Alt Farming at Dariena

    well ...we have the following issues : - le reqiun , the Hercules, the trade, alt farming, cheaters, and many more issue s, that needs all a hotfix . in this stage is a broken game for sure but what can we do about it , its all exploited by everybody as long as we all play it...
  25. Thonys

    Alt Farming at Dariena

    do you have a solution? perhaps?