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  1. Thonys

    All Ships Gone !!

    make a F11 must be a bug
  2. Thonys

    Trader Ships - cargo slots vs total weight

    1 slot represents a good a ship with 15 slots has 15 different types of goods but there are much more different types of goods to trade that particular captain wanted more slots for more different types of goods to have in the hold
  3. Thonys

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    well i have so much money i can buy a complete continent my clan can buy the world ... (oke now i have done it the percusion will be on my shoulder ) we need better and actual currency numbers not a million but just a thousend -but i cant buy a bucket of paint.... -or a book i dont have ...yet
  4. Thonys

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    after the UI; there is a need a need to compete nice trailers more environmental beauty upgrades nice chores beautiful trees bigger harbors different building styles more flags the ability to go ashore the ability to walk to the admiralty and get robed by drunken sailors and a need to explore the map (for the greed) and see other worlds for the beauty
  5. Thonys

    What about the Ship's anchor

    well nice thought , in a unrealistic way ,but aother one in that category is cutting the mast like a tree, and the force is out of your hull and the ship makes a death stop in 2 sec its not realistic only wind and force are inportant for a ship to stop not a anchor sorry
  6. Thonys

    OW (High sea) trade

    is suggested many times in suggestions
  7. hi captains and devs sometimes when we have to look for something ,like for example fir logs and we are in a harbor and the for logs are somewhere else ,but you do not know where you have them it would be very convenient to have a search option for goods where the result is shown in what harbor or ship you have it stored instead of looking for every warehouse looking in your goods and overlook it and not finding it... is it possible to have such a option?
  8. Thonys

    Combat - Whats happening here

    odd behaviour indeed perhaps you had a connection loss or did you get controls back later on, or did you get out of time ? did you make a f 11 report perhaps use the normal ball to see what happens remember double ball need a very close encounter with your opponent (and makes more damage in close encounter) charge has more powder and pens harder and shoot s further
  9. Thonys

    Best Naval adventure books

    https://www.amazon.com/Blackwood-Family-5-Book-Series/dp/B00W6SC5GG it seems there are 5 of them
  10. Thonys

    Best Naval adventure books

    i have read some books from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Monsarrat The master mariner His final work, unfinished at the time of his death but published in its incomplete form, was a two-volume historical novel titled The Master Mariner. Based on the legend of the Wandering Jew, it told the story of an Elizabethan English seaman who, as punishment for a terrible act of cowardice, is doomed to sail the world's seas until the end of time. His hero participates in critical moments in history; Monsarrat used him to illustrate the central role of seamen in dutch it is called : eeuwig roept de horizon it was a very interesting read and more to the story of naval action than you can imagine https://www.amazon.com/Nicholas-Monsarrat/e/B000AP98C6 all his work: https://www.amazon.com/Nicholas-Monsarrat/e/B000AP98C6 also one of my favorit writers and also a good writer i think is : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_Reeman Reeman's debut novel, A Prayer for the Ship, was published in 1958. Reeman is most famous for his series of Napoleonic naval stories, whose central character is Richard Bolitho, and, later, his nephew, Adam Bolitho. Reeman also wrote a series of novels about several generations of the fictional Blackwood family who served in the Royal Marines from the 1850s to the 1970s, and a non-fiction account of his own Second World War experiences, D-Day: A Personal Reminiscence (1984). He used the pseudonym Alexander Kent (the real name of friend and naval officer who died during the Second World War) for his Bolitho novels and his real name for his other novels and non-fiction.
  11. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    the speed of the ship is not calculated by the amount of water intake compared by cubic (cl) meter water intake made by damage (not a needed necessary factor for the game)
  12. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    possible, but the speed of water intake is not included in the game
  13. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    you are absolutely right ,but the players who say this and that, is always plausible , perhaps when sails go to zero the more men can be used at the pumps and you think it has something to do with speed i think reducing speed is only a good thing (reducing men at sails) if you need the men at the pumps but i rather would go for guns and put one side off ( ) dont believe everything they say...
  14. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    haha yes misleading is it ..(i love it you have humor as well) but i was more referring to this :that santisima should actually have been shot to splinters if every ships fired his rounds (and really attacked it)"" * under the waterline makes perfectly sense * also the kinetic energy from a ball in the game has to much power for the fast distance in the bigger caliber range..perhaps we can reduce it a bit . * also angel it to sharp... we need( more 90 degrees impact for a direct hit ) we need more bounce in the balls vs hull angle to make a hit (AI ships who shoot at 30 degrees and even make hits at the other side of the hull, is a bit almost unbelievable (( that is what i call RNG)) )
  15. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    yes i agree on this one ..it has not RNG in it its math
  16. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    i agree on this one also i know captains, with no building capacity ,who sail ships they should have no knowledge about... building ships and training skill let you win a battle.. not the possession of it.. we had the skill ranks (to follow) of a ship but we threw it overboard... ( that was a mistake for the game now it was a good opportunity to bring balance under captains) we need that back . (you need to rank the ship>> to sail a other bigger ship )[perhaps not premiums] also building your own ship should be come in place> if you want to have the full capacity of the ship unlocked also, at this moment it is to easy to have a ship that is OP on the battlefield, the counterpart of this is the game who let you have the special perks to players who are lucky from the beginning (boarding perks , like art of ship handling, and for those who have all the books in the perk knowledge finally ,but can not make the assembled book.. remember the greatest captain is not the captain you see a lot in battle,... but when he is in a fight, you wanted to have a beer in the tavern anytime .. and yes i am a noob not qualified to do battle :)), but that's how i think about it.
  17. Thonys

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    that santisima should actually have been shot to splinters if every ships fired his rounds (and really attacked it) so yeah i can see the the wonder of rng , and blind believe in miracles i also see people who are so rude that they have a opinion about a captain who detect a strange behaviour if this continuous this game is going nowhere... if this is done all about for streaming, well than everybody is a actor..... for what actually...or who,... i still don't see a flag ...of the truth ... its all about balance ..even for a ship.
  18. Thonys

    Repairs are far too powerfull

    we need a port battle for one hour max and 1 repair (one for sail and one for hull) with a cooldown of 10 minutes if this is not the case we continue to keep trouble also when the port battle is indecisive the next day we have the same battle again better for everybody more speed and time for everyone to do battle.... more captains doing battle .... and a lot of shit chat unnecessary.... you can have more speed by not having a overload of repairs what is also historical
  19. Thonys

    The beacon of maracaibo has been lit

    lol.... a lit ? it is the first lighthouse in the game then ...
  20. Thonys

    Map guided progression and content

    exploration is the key word that's where it all needs to start
  21. in one word : Restrictions and denial don't want to be negative ,but a realistic thoughts should be brought in the biggest fleet admiral of the nation with no perk can not tow/sail a vessel to port ! if you want to make a port > the game < it has no option to make a port ! (restriction) to join a fight and you see that you are not participating in a game but a time capsule of the past ! you see the fight ,but , and - are denied from that fight a engine who is restricted and dictates the game > no flag on your ship > is no ship sell a piece of wooden planks> and find out you can not sell it > the expiration for planks is 10-30 ? days and taken from the shelf and can not sell or buy it (database) and i can go on and on but how great is that ? it's still a game in development but the development time is restricted by the amount of developers - the content - balance and wrong decisions to correct all of this, .... it takes to much time, the roadmap for this game was a flaw for the game to begin with to sum it up> at some point , it isn't all that great. but at least it's a learning curve for development the only thing what needs to be done is to correct all the flaws in this game and that is not a easy task . to start you begin with a map with only water - start exploring if you want to make it historical learn map making ,and building , to navigate with tools [lets destroy the fish, i need the space] ?? this game is just like any other shooter- bang boem and death...(or sunk is the better term) its a run to the book of five rings..... boy oh boy how need., especially for the tiny dictators behind a rectangle screen (lol) the ships are mighty to look at .... but that's it ...actually... anyway the next week we have the long awaited UI lets take a bottle of rum and cheer ..it's a start of a new beginning.
  22. at the moment we have a timer for a certain area( the timer circle with a distance and position ) but what about only a timer to react / for the one who wants to join a battle, the timer is in effect within a certain wide distance per chip tagging players/ ships/ get /have a timer> to react of +/- 10 seconds in OW (when a ship is tagged by a player [for the tagger](tagging small fast ships have a smaller tag distance - big ships have a big tag distance circle ) (also small ships can have a shorter tag timer - and big ships a bigger tag timer) also no distance in the battle area, but a battle in shooting range only a 1 minute distance from the initial tagger for the joiners of a tagged battle the timer area is as far as you can see in ow what means you can pick a fight within the time limit of the timer,- when a player tagged a ship (active tagging) the purpose of this it will create more and even fights in the battle area and also more single fights after the 10 seconds the timer closes and closed for late reactions,.. benefits : no br deniel - more fights - no drawn in battles anymore - you have control of your fights. (this is excellent for screening use - and/but not the port battle timer we keep that as it is) you have to react faster this way, specially groups.. any ideas or comments please react.
  23. Thonys

    WANTED : NA dead or alive ?

    I can tell yeh ...its the Dumbest thing to do ...
  24. Thonys

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    Law of the Flag Definition: A principle of maritime and international law; that the sailors and vessel will be subject to the laws of the state corresponding to the flag flown by the vessel. In US v Jho, Justice Garza wrote: "[T]he law of the flag doctrine ... provides that a merchant ship is part of the territory of the country whose flag she flies, and that actions aboard that ship are subject to the laws of the flag state. "However ... jurisdiction may be exercised concurrently by a flag state and a territorial state. "The law of the flag doctrine does not mandate that anything that occurs aboard a ship must be handled by the flag state.... [T]he law of the flag doctrine does not completely trump a sovereign's territorial jurisdiction to prosecute violations of its laws. The law of the flag doctrine is chiefly applicable to ships on the high seas, where there is no territorial sovereign; and as respects ships in foreign territorial waters it has little application beyond what is affirmatively or tacitly permitted by the local sovereign. "The flag state's jurisdiction is not exclusive when the ship is in a port or internal waters of another state."