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  1. Remove Ensign Flags

    Every ( clan ) flag is a good wind indicator
  2. Remove Ensign Flags

    in battle the flags seems to be decorative and have no meaning it seems. at least i don't see any meaning from the flags shown on other vessels they are random..
  3. i think it is a good thing to have some diversity ,and give smaller nations a opportunity at least but , an also screening is not included in the port battle rating, so there is no problem i think ,you can field as much br as you want there.(for the people who are against the all situan) i rather would say/and see also give every ship his own value rating points in a pb battle.. also losing a victory or loosing a mortar brig at the moment has no impact on losing or winning of the port battle it is treated in the same points (its circle based) if a pb is shortened on br, and a certain type amount of ships is fielded (for example a battle : 6 ingermanland (defenders) against 3 locean (attackers)) then i think losing a victory should have more impact on points than losing a ingermanland in a battle . in this example it gets complicated of what decisions you have to make ,for bringing in a ship you can afford to lose without losing the entire battle/ port here you can field 2250 br on max ship br [ 2250 br /1575 prr] every port battle should have his own ( resistance) rating of a port, for example: 2250 ship br max / and : 1575 points resistance rating PRR where 75 % of the total br brought in ship br is a threshold for ( a resistance / victory or loss> ) on the port. (the closer to a capital port the more resistance rating ) if a l'ocean is sunk it cost the pb (let say ) 800 points ( there in this example you can afford to lose only one locean ) and when you lose a ingerman land it cost 100 points (you see the gap) and where you losing a bellona it cost 400 points
  4. Rude Behavour

    its a bit foul language, but not tribunal worthy perhaps more a case for the diplomates of the nations to sort it out .. this is not for tribunal...i am a noob to ,so no harm done i think..just accept some are angry and disappointed that's all .. report in chat is efficient enough
  5. Clan/Warehouse Management

    logs for one day is just perfect ,after maintenance it's a new log day well that's would work just fine for most of the clans for sure.. the awareness for young player to have a log file is indeed not important , but, it will after the clanwarehouse comes in the picture and they have more members. i hope you will reconsider the build before beta kicks in that would be much appreciated .. the point are marbles to, and much appreciated
  6. Clan/Warehouse Management

    i completely agree i couldn't have sad it better A big +
  7. Divided nations and trust

    well honestly i don't know .(it seems difficult) perhaps a developer can give us the answer for that particular question what i do know is that , in a multiplayer game it is a 101 feature to start with..
  8. Divided nations and trust

    yes but that's a choice ,and there is nothing wrong with that but big clans also needs better management of their stock whats comes in and what comes out, so i think its a good thing to have log files as well
  9. Divided nations and trust

    ? why not?
  10. oke, so now we have a reward for both player s allready ? in the same post i sad . "i think we all better can talk about rewards for doing damage for both players" that's a new addition and suggestion to the topic i think.. but i leaf you to it ..than, go ahead and make it a private conversation.. i dont care
  11. Divided nations and trust

    why we have some much clans in nations? the only answer i could come up with was .. : Log files. the big question still remains is who can we trust. log files will overcome that problem. we need more trust in nations at this moment , nobody can see who is doing what ,and that counts for every nation ,even pirates to merge clans in other nation clans for instance .. and good management of a clan for instance do we need log files or not? i think it is the first new feature we need..
  12. i think we all better can talk about rewards for doing damage for both players as a attacker and a defender , (at this moment the attacker who wins a battle has some joy ,but the loser get no damage reward at all ,and that's not in balance..) we need well balanced rewards in a good reward system. but we have no reference yet the new ui has still not arrived..
  13. it think The new reward system in the new UI will tell us more until then we have to see what they come up with.. we are indeed in need of a good reward system that's for sure ,but also logfiles and a good integrated map,bounty system , better trees ecc.. all things we have to wait for first,i hope they have done a great job allready until then i can't say anything about it.. i just wondered ,what was the last time we had a new ship ?and what can we expect of the new UI
  14. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    well i hate shrinking circles viagra is the cure way to go @jodgi well..... somebody loves it ...just kidding
  15. PVP missions. A huge Success?

    well thats my objection to it all what i read is :: more like ; acting like ; sort of; it is not it..it does not fit...somehow... it doesn't feel right...its placed in the sandbox sitting on its own merits conclusion : therefore pvp marks for every player in all battles doing damage to each other no matter who sinks or surfives a battle everybody a chance to earn marks and if someone want to go to hot area it fine by me..