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  1. Thonys

    Open World Trading Between Nations

    "to work around the barriers " one word: ALTS that's exactly one of the reasons, off many reasons why people quit. the restrictions are building up along the progress of this game more and more restrictions .... it has to stop.
  2. finally, it happened( i know close/ close bla bla) my mis(clicking)reading and haste a major full port with many first rates were deleted by almost similar outpost port names shit happens but i blame the game mechanic we need more outpost slots ports almost every day i delete an outpost port make a new outpost port and delete an outpost port its completely unnecessary......to loose your sjit aswell THANKS A LOT edited
  3. Thonys

    Flags Flags Flags

    flags will also be found in loot and missions
  4. Thonys

    Flags Flags Flags

    special flag* the scane flag Swedish flag flown by merchants The flag of Skåne, a region in southwestern Sweden, has obtained official status. The flag is red with a Scandinavian yellow cross. This has been used for centuries, but may now only flutter alongside the national flag of Sweden on official occasions. The Schoonse * flag is the oldest regional flag in Sweden and is popular with the people of the region. * The Skåne region has been known as Schonen in our language (Dutch) and in our language area for centuries. In the Middle Ages ships of the Hanseatic cities that were on the IJssel were already in that area [Hanzevaart] ( sailing from the Hanze cities of the dutch to the Scandinavian coast area of Denmark and Sweden) further. They were called the Schonenvaarders.(Dutch)> translated> [scandinavian sailors]
  5. Thonys

    Dear Spain

    you have war with everyone you said... now they are attacking you, and you start whining about sleep? silly brits... the only one who should be complaining about this is Gregory the snowman.( but he seems to be glad ? well thats seems a contradiction did you turn accounts or something)
  6. Thonys

    Free Ports & PvP Zones

    first of all, you can always go to a other port but... Freeport (outpost slots) is not free and cost a outpost port slot.... (sometimes, and i think it is more always than mostly, there are no choices to go to other ports) i believe a Freeport should be taken literally, and should not cost a outpost port slot in that case, we have the ability to move around more often than we do now most people are limited by the total ofoutpost ports they can own most players have their outpost port slots more or less concentrated at their home base whats limiting the ability to move around faster in other territories or we get more port outpost slots per player available ... or the freeports get really free for the use of a port slot and costs nothing if nothing is going to happen we all stay limited in our ability to do what we want to do in various ways and i even believe the lack of opportunity to do so, cost even casuals to play the game by the feeling of being restricted in this game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so i would propose or a dlc for this ...(more outpost slots) or give every player the opportunity to pay(in game) for 10 more outpost ports ... more outpost ports slots give you the ability to move around for the kind of waters you seek... a rebellion is needed to release the FREEPORT of the restrictions of the game free the FREEPORT of the outpost portslot....(counting) also clan own outpost ports should also be free from outpost port counting let the rebellion start
  7. Thonys

    Suggested priorities for further development

    only a Dutch ship i am humble and not asking much, so , i am so desperate even a clumb (wooden shoe) may do the trick!
  8. Thonys

    Suggested priorities for further development

    well you still have The Wapen i have nothing.....
  9. Are we going to get a: .player driven economy? or .a semi player driven economy?
  10. Thonys

    NPC Trader need Fleet Ships

    when you sail not alone . traders also need a perk for free than!! sailing a trader without a perk in, the fleet perk must be available for free and that's not how it is today, you still need a fleet perk to sail together.
  11. Yeah, something has changed I guess. perhaps the Admiralty should offer me a Pension
  12. Thonys


    well not a whole day but a timer( 3-6 hours AI spawning) would probably do the trick or class dependent AI spawning (at least it reduces overcrowded ai enemy spawns close to the port or own waters )
  13. Thonys


    perhaps a test when a AI is killed only 50% of them spawns back. that will reduce AI in ow during the day. so captains have to go further away hunting AI... when times passes towards maintenance, after maintenance a full set of AI is available again or a timer of 6 hours for every Ai
  14. Thonys

    Repair Balancing

    exactly impossible to do...
  15. Thonys

    Repair Balancing

    the funny part, do you see how many men are handling that one sail ... [repairing sail is a huge undertaking it took a day sometime to change a sail] not to mention they had different kind of sail on board a ship