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  1. battle feedback.on a ow fight on 17-11 2017 above fort orange battle against: 2 wasa and a Bellona (3 Swedes players) (Dutch) :1 bucentaur, 1 bellona, 2 wasa, 2 surprises 1 rattlesnake, 1 Wappen von Hamburg and, 1 endymion ,and 1 pirate frigate (9 people) the beginning of the battle after a 10-minute chase from coro coast to north of fort orange where we tagged them into battle when the battle starts the tag was not that good but we managed to get 1 ship close to them an was shot within 3 minutes when and after the battle started after about 15 minutes we managed to get closer to them, we constantly were hitting sails, in the meantime, they repaired 2 times in the meantime one of the wasa was leaving ,so a Bellona and a wasa were still kept in battle (2 ships still in battle) the one who left had 70 % sails and even sailing speed up to 10 knots (i was in a buc and did not gain distance much on that ship the 2 ships had both 65% sails and had still remark=able fast speed compared to their sail damage the funny part was when i gave them 2 broadsides(buc cugarian sabicu) to the wasa ,the bellona ship hardly received any damage a full load did 14 hull hits and about 4-8 percent damage on his side it seemed almost unpenetrated and the level of damage was really not much (4-8%) he shot at me, the buc (cugarian -sabuco)and 30% armor was gone in a sip (?) also the wasa and the Bellona(now 65%sail) turned like if it where rowboats with still huge speeds anyway we all ended up 9 ships with a complete shot down ships, where the wasa and the bellona where almost fully intact and repaired like if the carpenter's shipyard of carthagena was also on board... my conclusion was ; 9 ships, can not sink a wasa and a Bellona (pvp upgraded ships) repairs : is ridiculously overpowered and to much (at least 5 times (sails and armor) and could still shoot if they where only on the guns) and upgrades what give the ships unrealistic battle mechanics a buc what can not shoot a wasa is for me unrealistic .(.?) they had the pvp upgrades what are not realistic to the 9 other players the battle time was 1 hour and 30 minutes 2 enemy in battle an one was of the enemy who escaped and more than 60 % armor left, where the Dutch had 3 ships sunk 2 ships demasted and the rest shot away , and had to escape otherwise the last broadside would have sunk me and them is ( ....) it's an unfair fight, but also an unfair outcome... for me, it was very disappointing to see the difference between upgrades and players who don't have them after 4000 hours i thinking of quitting the game (i am out of options and i run away like a Wasa) 1 player of the 9 players said they also would quit after bin humiliated in chat: with....: who's next,.... i had to leave (10 % left on one side and 15% on the structure and 0 % on the other broadside) 450 rum, and about 56 hull and 5 rigs gone, my reward was 600 xp after 1hour and 30 minutes i asked my self, was it fun ...and came to the conclusion it was not ,it felt like donkey shot fighting game mechanics from cheats fighting in the old days(with all his flaws) of the game, was more fun,... than today balance is probably an issue , but it is getting more out of balance than it has ever been before. ( pvp marks is now a game breaker,[feelslike] and i really don't understand why you put it in the game after been removed before ) just my thoughts greetings Thonys
  2. your old one got juicy(sigar) you need a bigger one ot just *ucked up BALANCE thats all and pvp marks for the player who never gets them what ends up with 75 % of the players left in the cold no rewards no nothing upgrades who feels like cheating only for the best of the best of the best and the rest can go to hell need more info? good-day
  3. Little things you'd like to see

    EXCELLENT IDEA oeps caps
  4. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    or a restriction is build in to do battle in a contesting circle around the port what does not allow battle instances during contesting face of the port (one day)[when start if port is flipped] and the battle circle is open again (all battles allowed) is open half (or 1 or ? ) hour before the port battle begins in the circle around the contested port what means that you can not hide in a battle before the port battlefront or nearby the contested port (only possible half hour before an actual port battle begins (if they hide in a battle before the port the defenders have failed to secure the area of the port ) or denial of battles bigger than 70 br (and restricted to ship battles up to <70br per battle) in a wide circle around the port during contesting time(flipped port )(you need a lot of pirates than to hide ) [example for the 4 rate and line ship port battle.. for shallow it is totally not allowed <10 br] defenders can attack anything during contesting time before port battle br is no issue for defenders( they are free of BR restriction so they can screen in the contested port battle wider circle and can also be attacked by attacking clan/nation ) or(if not a pirate pb) other nations like pirates are restricted but also other nations who are not part of the contested port battle are not allowed to do battle in the contested port circle (they can not give help to attackers nation to hide attackers in the contested port circle) no restrictions for defenders ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my best solutionfor the moment >> battle swords are always visible during the contested port time in the port circle (and do not go away until the battle is over) so hiding is not hiding anymore +entrance to battle anytime (to take a peek look whos fighting + and are they fighting ?? [if they cheat you can take a screenshot for the forum tribunal ,] and direct visibility in a contested port circle with no , no attack timer when coming out of battle also this only counts 24 hours before the port battle starts....... after the actual port battle starts..... the normal closing of ow battle timers come in place again..
  5. Opinions of a Newcomer

    " I know I will very likely put the game down after 200-300 hours'" in this game at the moment YOU are a tester, to begin with 300 hours is not much testing things for yourself to become a skilled captain, join a group and your experience will grow and become a dedicated player live at sea can be very hard or made very simple by joining some good captains, to begin with there you fail, or you grow its up to you what you are going to do now
  6. Dutch ,germans danes swedes ..ARE GERMANS too it in the nature of things
  7. Change to BR attack limits

    HAAA ..well there is something called fleets i believe
  8. Surrender in PvP

    or you loose a rank and have to grind that rank back and also pay for that as well that will show you how to surrender
  9. Surrender in PvP

    well about the combat i would rather see more activity shown on the map, then information about a nation player is sunk, in eve there is a system given by an activity circle, in an instant you see there the combat arias, were the action is, and how intense the action is , also individual combat can you see there . at the moment we see lines with combat, but we don't see who it is, who is the victim and with what ship the attack is executed, you can not actually make anything out of it we just need more info on this matter in the early day's people new more, than we have now the information we have now is just what we all already know on forehand >>there is a PB coming >>yep captains get sunk ... i think we need a system where we have real info on combat and activity and the strength of the single battle we need more input/output on battles and activity (we don't need names but ,a better production on info is needed ) like:: battle activity circles (4 hours) also like:: player xy from the runs clan in a victory, captured a trader brig from clan dev at fort royal (you don't have to call the victim here) also, a spotting system would be nice (but that is another topic i think){my pigeon flys 120 km an hour) perhaps a good upgrade : the use of 3 pigeons in a basket, on board a ship,> with info in the open waters send to the capital [right click on a enemy in ow ,and click> on a pigeon message to capital with the info of the ship and player name and position ]
  10. Server Crash 14-11-2017

    but also f 11 did not work
  11. Numbers rising again

    well,.. do you see that explosion behind you.. if you ignore it, i may look cool ... but actually, it isn't... now is the time ...to open your eyes...turn and take the night watchman "the watch on a doomed ship is always full of surprises"
  12. Numbers rising again

    well the idea is good, but you see them everywhere..... and that is to much.... reduce it with 75%(ports) and make those zones at major ports where a defense fleet is obvious (and where rookies and small trade captains are found in general) give it balance or only defense zones when a fleet is in the neighborhood of the port sailing around in ow (and not a static defense zone with invisible ships )
  13. Numbers rising again

    "Sheeps will play even more ????? may i ask on what server your on , because i cant find the fantasy server ( PVF server) for this game if you play a game what has on a certain point, no explainable balance ...people leave and think fuk it , even players who swallow a lot, will at some point throw up, and throw away what they have in their hands. when players like sheep cant run , they become kebab sandwich or when players in any other ship cant catch the overpowered speed bunkers with the fastest Endymion they are going to dismantle not only that ship but also their believe i see the pvp marks in the current form as the dubbing upgrade we had before ,if not addressed, the breakdown is not only imminent but also disastrous and sudden... address the vasa and the pvp marks before it is already too late....
  14. Numbers rising again

    well the numbers are falling again mostly done by de damage of the op wasa (vasa) and the old pvp marks, and notes also found out that the wasa had a crew of 143 sailors and 300 soldiers(instead of 550) the ship had other guns mostly howitzers kind of guns 550 lbs total (and now an overrated firepower) and due to construction also a very bad boarding ship also the ship should do more heeling due to construction historically seen a big fake ship in the game... hope the devs will tune the ship fast..otherwise its not the ship but the game whats going to flip on her maiden voyage
  15. [Poll] Rum

    well we can call it : bandage and stitches or medic tools and supplies :) the use of rum is only needed by amputations rum does not help crew for> the ability to fight again