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  1. the single players handycap, and his ship

    indeed but what i noticed was that the singleplayer what is mostly also a nooby player does not know this, and becomes disoriented about the tactic to follow (some do not even know there is a trader tool to use and do not even know there are third-party sites, he can look for)
  2. okay let me get this straight; (rare goods) it was an exploit.... and it get not fixed?
  3. the single players handycap, and his ship

    ahhhhhhh the second alt account promo..... no thankx... also this thread is a bout "the handycap " people read ......and stay ontopic
  4. the single players handycap, and his ship

    ah yes you can .. they also told me there is water on the moon...
  5. ho folks @admin for the single player in this game who has for some reason, not a clan gets at a point where he must build his own ship atm we have 5 slots, but those slots are not the same slots we had over 2 years in the meantime we have the (shipyard whats a single player needs)but/ and workshop introduced (clan-based players don't need a shipyard) the single player is left with 3 slots what is too short for building his ship the clan-based player who builds his ship at the clan shipbuilder has 4-5 slots left what means the clan-based player is in advantage and the single player haS A handicap for being on his own (3 versus 5 slots) So i think it is a good thing to put 2 extra slots in for shipbuilding raw materials(in buildings) because the single player has not only a handicap but can't even build his ship if he is not in the right area (3 sorts materials are not in his surrounding (or in the capital,- they are mostly sold out)( hemp, silver, gold, iron, coal, fir, oak, stone, lignum,) the single player has access to 3 of the main material goods, what means he has to change his buildings just too often to grind for the other ship materials what is a destructive behaviour(and a big waste of gold) if it is against the psychological behavior of the player it will tell him to quit the game
  6. we will see more port battles in a week
  7. i believe the system what we have now is one of the best systems to use also the wars are not only in the Cuba area they are everywhere...
  8. Rattlesnake

    found out Niagara is a no no > for shalow
  9. PB entry bugged?

    no don't think so... you have to click on the swords only to enter PB (when they appear after message port battle started)
  10. Port battles having the wrong time.

    i agree we made 2hours later a second port battle and it ended up with 2 pb at the same time also the grey bar in the middle of your screen for 10 minutes when being in battle is very annoying (why are they not place at the top of the screen so they wont interfere your own game that would be nice
  11. Tax

    It seems AI is not taxed. i have a question about that ...... 1.Why not...! 2.after selecting available for all, for the second time>> it tells you it will be available after maintenance (visible) instead of: your port is already available for all.! (wrong coding here) 3 why not an instant change for selecting your choice of behavior why always that after maintenance shit... 4. logs in the port where are they 5 not ot but still a question: logs in the warehouse where are they.......... cant find them.....??????????????????? as a good bookkeeper i need to know edit: 2 hours later :: the blinking is great :)) good to see the difference
  12. Rattlesnake

    can de heavy rattle and the Niagara do port battle in shallow?
  13. Rename Wasa ship

    well i think it is a good idea to call that ship Gustaf Adolf the name wasa reminds me at a biscuit and can be marked as> Illicit advertising WASA knackebrod not intended as a commercial