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  1. but i dont have a problem it was just a examlpe how things work...you stiil have to build a victory/bucentaur/3 rate /bellona wheater you like it or not..with building xp if you want to fight in a firts rate pb with your cerberes, go ahead and much succes ... greetings i see only one problem ..people whos sees other meanings and sugestions and opinions as a problem..
  2. Yes, it is possible.... and the risk to fail is ...also... possible
  3. i don't think so and you see things wrong ... if you want to build a victory i am sure you can t do it by switching a button.... or can you do this by having / and have a cheat ..(just let me know ) young captains who want victory s to build .... still have to make ships to earn building xp so there is your growth... victory don't grow on trees you know... please let me know if you think it is different...(who sais i was complaining)
  4. We all feel the same ... just to give you some advice (if you are open for it) just don't write a review, it gains you nothing... you have a bigger goal here, and that is to improve the game..... you as a tester are not finished here.
  5. I hope the "conquest mechanic tuning "will change into silver or gold bar ingots or pearls . and are not attached to the PortBattle if so,..... you still lose your PB (and this PB is your Player Base) at least 50% (just my "feeling")
  6. Paints

    ahhhh paints can we have paint for flags and banners to
  7. well for starters ..you my friend do not " feel" the game you can criticize on people over here but you do not listen between the lines but i think Otto "feels" the game quite well actually he speaks his concerns here perhaps you did not notice it, but a lot of players look for ten seconds (some nations especially the Dutch) and leave they are not playing... why ?? RESTRICTIONS on there possibility to do something they can enjoy ... created by developers (and Russian community) thoughts how things should work (for them,)( i have never seen talks about cm on the English forums, so..) restrictions and dumb RNG creates the drop something Otto " feels " in the numbers of players what's good in this matter..... a developer reacts .....and that's a good thing... the only thing what's killing this game is the restrictions, instead of possibilities to grow, he does not speak about the learning curve or attitude of people, we all know that the developers made a huge mistake, the only thing where i am concerned about is the question how that incident could happen in the first place
  8. Its true what you say. about opportunity (but they have their flaws too, like cm counsel where they listened to player members[big mistake in my opinion,.. there they mistreated a lot for their own benefit]) but they also screwed up their HS community(BIG) (after 3 years they understand that was a mistake, and atm they promise to do something about it, but they are still rambling about balance the huge player made stations in o.o and low ) in the meantime, they invented Alpha (november 2016).....to get old members back (they still don't see their builders in hs) also, promises ..i still look at a red button in the hangar to turn green (just to enter a bar, that's what star citizens did the first things to make) also, their economy is one of the elite (over here its just a ....well what it is....i even don't know what it is, but certainly no economy) and now they have discovery ,.. or what its called, also a mistake...(they forget HS again)they seem to forget that their community will be grizzled and are not scientists ... YES we LOVE the community (in their wallet ) for 3 accounts... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if the devs took 25 % from that game, they would have a masterpiece...but for some reason, there is no similarity in their thinking of copying good mechanics.what will work in NA )like give money to a player [right button player] what is basic stuff. (not to you berentos but OT ) o7 it's been said before the last update,[ it's your last chance ...] well probably not, still see players who are fortunate to play because of their cm income...( but they are not numerous) now, what to do..., (my buddies in the clan do other stuff, or just left the server)...for them to play ... there is simply no cohesion and challenge in other aspects of the game (like building, like a ship builder(cm and builder xp) + economy + rewards )[restriction of the direction you choose] the plus, of this game, is, sailing....... and fall asleep,... where you can dream about mermaids :)or thinking you are fighting a pirate frig( who does do 15 capped knots )in your 18 knots super outgunning snow or pickle ... Whistleblow.... and then you .....get boarded in your trader brig, who has a max speed of 11 knots ....(that's a wake-up call) (by 2 pirate frigates[15 knots]) oh, and before i forget ...some nations don't even have: white oak, Teak, silver, gold, live oak, and goody goodie ..product to make an upgrade...[ or even ships..... now if that does not make your brain working] .....(deliberate analyzation of nations) and if you think ...i am wrong,...well you try it... to sail ...with only a ship full of holes.... and if you look at it, it will sink...because it is made of fir..and doing 11 knots max at some point it sucks... greatly
  9. Reduce Tag Time

    hi all like the topic says the tag is now 15 seconds but when tagging the tag ends at 0 , what means that the distance in the battle is to far away.. reduce it to 5 seconds your ideas pls
  10. HMS Victory wrong paint scheme

    i agree with you , but all in due time of course .. to many things to fix first
  11. HMS Victory wrong paint scheme

    and the most funny part is, its .... not even correct to lol actually we need FLAG PAINTS.......... lol look at 0.37 you get your answer there
  12. well you must be a academic phd by now i wonder when you graduate :)) it seems you miss one book : Developers knoledge i have clan mates who have only 8 books in total, so completely unfair balance for them..one of the reasons why people quit for them, it seems unfair and unbalanced and not accessible... at all (some things where the devs need to look at ....the players see it, the developers not, they talk Russian literally)
  13. Historical pirates

    in a historical point of view are pirates allowed to have second and first rates i personly don't believe they can. so,if not why is it possible that they can have it then i believe historically they can sail a 4 rate, max and thats it... therefore i believe access to a 3, 2 rate and a first-rate should not be allowed edit : corrected typo of rates
  14. Delivery orders to players

    Hi devs i miss the delivery order to a player it sometimes take s me a week to deliver some goods to a player due to work,or vacation,or because a player is on the other side of the map perhaps it is possible to make a delivery order to a player where he can get the goods in its own time and not in my time (time sinc)