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  1. Swedish Newspaper

    well ......they walk a plank ...clean that's not something the king can say bah bah bah quote : 26 European Parliament resolution that EU countries should “punish the clients, not the prostitutes”. The leader of this tour, Giulia Jones MLA, said she hoped it would “start a conversation” on the sex industry: “people will say what they need to say and I’m comfortable with that”. Accordingly, I hope this commentary will provide a discerning voice in what has thus far been a polarised and faciledialogue. Allow me to begin with the ‘m’ word: morality.
  2. Swedish Newspaper

    i hope it is 15 k a log (talking about new toilet paper) even the king ( by his subject national) stated and admits here , he uses alts and hookers a revolution is on hand for sure, .... in the future.. Bah. bha bah..even walking the plank brings bad diseases
  3. Does it matter ? besides...( that choice of banana and apple are there.) i have the hand... in the hair already the war thing is fruitless and /or just broc(coli)en. i wonder where is the popcorn
  4. Paints, yes this again

    It will be back after the great br rebalance they need to be graphically updated we see them back soon Tm
  5. Speed Record

    The insite. 9.5 or 0.4 ? I would not be surprised... seriously I would not be surprised at all... "hacks are always in the hands of the "pla@ers"who make them" "sometimes it does not, and nature takes over, [ like the Inger flip ] " but seriously, what is the real speed record for the victory ??? ., something the "pla@ers" cannot produce it seems .! "upgrades with a negative is not an upgrade, but a compromise! " it's just ridiculous that a modern high tech ship for those days is doing 5 .2 knots max. i am really beginning to wonder where "pla@ers" pay their bills with...>> with a perk, an upgrade, or a slot or just a book !!! ( take a pick > and pay) Edit: even Tarn is a new upgrade (invented by players)
  6. Speed Record

    connie first but speeds like that ......is just very unrealistic..... and stupid as well, you can not sail a ship what is not sailing but crawling second : there where nations or clans can get all the goodie upgrades and other nations gets nothing, the difference in balance is too* great.... make the balance great again third: make the ? second o.0 *too great= not good
  7. Uss Constitution

    Pruissia (in the south ,in the devil wasa)
  8. Uss Constitution

    the only problem is see ......is books i don't have "and everything is working as intended" balance is further away than i thought is see problems on the horizon, what just needs (to be) a discovery for many it's going to work like an AXE balance is key,. jou can ask for it ,but..... the only anwer to it is, "dont play pevepe, if you want to play an other day"
  9. 4th rate Rebalance

    the constitution is a heavy frigate so its sitting well the devil that's the problem but that will be addressed soon tm the introduction just made a artificial imbalance of ships where aga and constitutions were becoming obsolete in normal gameplay
  10. ^^ this is why we need logs actually...
  11. first day at sea after 5 hours having heavy winds from the noth-west and rolling like a wildman.... i was as sick as a dog
  12. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    What .....is that a cheat also ??? Forger(y) = bad (in my eyes at least..) look at the shadow on the wall .... its like the "shadow" over this game well anyway, i hope the @admin gave the artist a good cigar of the best Tobacco he deserves it. only a little remark as a noob on drawings, the wood from the window on the back group has a little funny off degree on the wall it seems but i can be wrong ofcouse
  13. These things need a hotfix

    Any day is black or blue these days what is that all about??
  14. These things need a hotfix

    dONT KNOW IF IT IS SAVE TO ASK BUT... is there already a status (for a change ) on penetration and / or thickness ... have not seen anything on that subject