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  1. Nice irony mate! Gross as usual. The lack of style of this plebs is really saddening.
  2. PvP desperately needs fixing

    The only one that I know it's Mortal online. And well ... it's not a nice game to play (not mentioning the toxic community).
  3. PvP desperately needs fixing

    Simply .... no. If you want PVP and open world - in other words if you want a MMO - then you need PVE. Only MOBAs survive with only PVP. Anyway, tot capita tot sententiae, but at least stop telling us fairy tales about leaving carebears alone, since carebears are your source of easy PVP marks.

    For me is Admiral Fellatio Pornblower
  5. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    I'm not in great britain faction ... so go on with your assumtions
  6. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Just hang around Tumbado, warrior.
  7. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    The real point is that if you want PVP you just have to hang around some freeports and PVP will reach you in no time. But hey ... why risking to be sunk by a real PVPer when you can farm carebears around capital cities and get free marks?
  8. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    omg, here comes the final (nonsense) argument. Good night, mate
  9. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    well .... and you just can't stand the idea of not making other's life harder. Maybe this makes you feel a "skilled uperpro player". As you see, anyone has its things.
  10. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    I argue that there are different level of difficulty in this game and one shall be free to choose the one he prefers.
  11. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Prussians are not punished at all since they FREELY CHOSE to play a hardcore faction.
  12. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    no man. I choose to play in a easy faction and so - if you try to make my faction "hard" - I reply that this would be against the definition of my faction. Your reply is that definitions are "bullshit". So I do not have to take any mirror: I give arguments and you try to deny the objective sense of words.
  13. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Or maybe make that outside they award the double ... in games is better giving carrots than beating with sticks.
  14. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    well everything is against your view is bullshit, unfair, wrong. Of course mate, of course.
  15. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Wrongfully unfairly why? You know the level of difficulty when you choose the faction of your character, since it's written in the creation screen.