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  1. Yo ya desde hace mucho tiempo no le hago mas caso a lo que dicen los devs. De vez en cuando miraré en el foro para ver si de veras van a poner algo nuevo.
  2. victor

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    hey ... but they will answer that this is a "hardcore" game (and of course their concept of hardcore is some likle "sailing uncatchable failfitted OP DLC ships just to farm PVP marks on newbies or PVE players and flee like the wind as soon as a combat patrol shows up").
  3. victor

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    NO mate. There is a very important difference in what I propose and what you propose. I want a game that can satisfy BOTH a trade career AND a combat career (so I look for a win-win situation), you want a game with a clear BIAS in favor of the combat playstyle and leave peanuts to anyone else (so you want a win-loose situation). As far as your last comment is concerned, actually you made me laugh big time: no one threatens to rage quit. This is just a game, so if someone does not like the game anymore ... they simply quit and go play something different. Point is that, if many players quit, the game will be just a meeting club for a couple of dozens of old fanboys. And that's the very reason why it's better to have a game that makes available MORE carrers, rather than just one. It's just simple as that. But I'm quite sure you will not understand.
  4. victor

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Are you reading what he is writing mate? He does not mind loosing ports if the loss is the result of an actual port battle, he does not like loosing ports due to nightflipped empty battles. It's not so difficult to understand.
  5. For sure my memes are less stupid that your poor attempts to troll in spanish forum. And well ... yes .... I have something relevant to say: porqué no te callas? (why don't you just shut up?)
  6. victor

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    guess why ... then ... (or go on thnking this is the best game possible just because you personally like it)
  7. victor

    Hold optimization Perk

    In Devs' opinion the fact that also fleet ships got more hold space with the perk was ... the bug. So basically they claim they have fixed a bug.
  8. victor

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    If you are an old tester you should know that game labs is specialist in fixing things that no one asked to fix and leaving there for ages things that a lot of people are asking to change. So your irony (or troll attempt) is totally out of contest and place.
  9. victor

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You do not get the point mate: that perk was the only good trading perk, now is more useful for combat players. Moreover ... NO ONE asked for such a change, so - after nerfing trader ship speeds (when loaded), after nerfing safe zones reinforcements, after putting the invincible trader hunter ship in the game (le requin) - why beating once more a dead horse (traders)? Traders - since forever - were the most neglected category in this game ... but now it's clear that devs just want trade to be a side activity for combat players. And that's just another nail in the coffin ...
  10. victor

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    And they will be perfetly right since a trade perk that does not work for fleet is a wasted perk for a trader. So basically Game Labs calls "fixing a bug" what in reality is making ineffective the ONLY GOOD TRADE PERK in game. A very smart choice ... indeed: as usual they fix what no one asked to fix!
  11. victor

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    TBH Hachi had been being a passionate tester for so many years and it's a fact that so many seasoned and very active testers got bitter (or silent) over time ... guess why? Anyway, thanks for the (probable) game release date. At least - unless you have some really huge surprise around the corner - testers now can have an approximative Idea about what the final version of Naval Action is likely to be (basically the game we are testing now, but with a better port UI and new currency system). Anyone can draw its own conlusions (and mine is that the game lacks a lot of content to be my "main" game).
  12. Just to summarize the program: the usual 15,5 knots le Requin spam in capital area waters
  13. victor

    Abuso del uso de los barcos DLC

    Eso es Quizas no es un caso que, desde cuando hay los DLCs, de 300 jugadores hemos alcanzado los 500
  14. victor

    Stop surrender abuse

    It's a mechanic .... not a bug and neither an abuse. You can ask to change it because you do not like it, but please stop talking like if you have some kind of right to change it as if it was an abuse or a bug.