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  1. Server Merge Poll

    TBH it's quite some time that - during the evenigs - i see about 500 players online. And, please, just stop preaching about what we (or the devs) "need to realize" or complaining about the supposed "selfishness" or "small mind" of PVP EU players, when it's clear that you show exactly the same attitude: you basically propose a merge with a set of rules that will spoil the game of a majority just to satisfy the needs of the minority you belong to. So - basically - you are at least as selfish and as small minded as we are, if not even more (because at least - with our timelocks - were able to keep our community alive in our server, while you - with your rules - weren't).
  2. Server Merge Poll

    What you seem to miss in your reasoning is the fact that - with this set of rules and the acutal population (and even more now that the big zerg nations have been hit by the new German and Russian factions) - the RvR scene in PVP EU is alive and kicking. Hard numbers tell that on EU server there are 500 players in prime time (550 right now). We have 13 port battles scheduled this evening and tomorrow So why should the Devs change a situation that is actually working as intended?
  3. El regreso de los VLTRA

    bienvenidos de nuevo
  4. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    Nerfing Wasa's speed and armor will of course put it "on par" with the others 4th rate SOL (the aga and wap), but - I.e. - Consti will still be the shadow of the big frigate it used to be back in the days. What I mean is that in 4th rate class, we have 3 SOLs (that should be used mostly for Port balltes) and a big frigate (that should be the top OS PVP frigate), but fact is the big frigate has no advantage in the stats that are useful for OS PVP and should mark the difference with 4th rate SOLs (speed and turn rate). And when someone screams that - that way Consti - will be faster than small frigate, I simply answer that in OS PVP - despite the super speed of endy and the firepower of wasa and consti - everyone and their cat still use surprise and pirate frigate, since those ships have a better sailing profile and a better turn rate. Simply put, I think that there would be nothing wrong if a consti could outrun (or match the speed of) some 5th rates downwind.
  5. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    Make an educated guess.
  6. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    I missed each and every word of that sentence mate: you did not write at all that sentence before, so I couldn't catch it. So, please, go on arguing with me, sunshine. You are entertaining after all. Maybe you could be the terror of the sea in game, but - as far as forum PVP is concerned - you seem some like a loaded Trader brig without cannons.
  7. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    which part of the sentence "let alone the Trinco that is absolutely crap and Endy that would be faster anyway" (included in my previouis post) did you miss?
  8. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    First each 5th rate has a much better turn rate (let alone the Trinco that is absolutely crap and Endy that would be faster anyway) and turn rate is the key factor for stern camping bigger ships (even a connie). second: how many of those 5th rates require permits to build? third: to unlock the slots of a connie you need more time than the ones of the frigates you are mentioning. fourth: bigger ships actually sailed at higher speeds than small frigates, yet they had worse acceleration. fifth: small frigates have usually also a better sailing profile than the connie's one. Summarizing: i do not see a big problem in the fact that a permitted 4th rate superfrigate as the connie could have an edge on some non permitted 5th rates also on max speed.
  9. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    bring connie base speed to 12.60 kn and turn rate to 2,80. That would be enough to make it better than the Wasa for some things. As far as the agamemnon is concerned, a buff to HP and/or thickness would solve the problem (but here I have no idea about numbers, since I do not sail agas).
  10. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    oh yes, bring back the actual "superfrigate" of the game. It was a joy to sail in OS back in the days.
  11. Foreign clan alliances

    This could work assuming that each faction has enough RvR players/clan to do it. Let's take i.e. Spain, VP and DK (now, after the russian shift): alone they are no concern for bigger nations. With an alliance system in place they could have an important role in the RvR scenario.
  12. Foreign clan alliances

    Carebears did not take part in the RvR wars at that time like they do not take part now. Therefore in my opinion the problem is not in the carebears, but in the lack of any alliance system that allows nations and/or RvR clans to work together for a common purpose.
  13. Server Merge Poll

    Well - looking at the sum of "no merge" and "merge with time locks" - what I can see (at least for now) is that a large majority of players is against the "one server with no time limits"
  14. 4 Redeemable Forged Paper

    Why not making forged papers tradeable? I have 4 as well and do not plan to use them all anytime soon. So ....
  15. Well, calling ignorant the majorities that do not share their opionions is another must have for shouting vocal minorities. So basically ... maybe not ignorance at its finest (I actually have no idea about who you are and what you know or do not know, so I will avoid judging your intellectual level or your instruction) ... but for sure I can see here intolerance at a remarkable level with a naive touch of rudeness.