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  1. Now let me use your statement: you say the mayority of players then especially those who enjoy lighter vessels (first restriction) then If they time shots properly (second restriction) result your "majority of players" becomes "the players that like sailing small ships and that are very good at combat". Are you sure that they are the mayority of the people that play this game?
  2. Hachi basically thinks he could actually sink the Yamato in a fir/fir lynx and that all the rest of the players (except Otto) are poor misfits. Maybe he is right (I am actually quite awful at PVP), but his "git gud" comments do not help so much the development since a MMO shall be enjoyable and fun tor the mayority of its players not just of one (or very few) player(s).
  3. Change, change back, re-change, fix, de-fix, re-fix, un-fix. And in the meantime the poor average player (that does not follow any single new chapter of the forum development) almost every week has to face a dramatic twist in the model of combat in a game that is per se a difficult game. Here is what the heroic average player had to face lately (if he survived the sailing model change): "I finally found that live oak is good and spend 8 mills to grab a 1st rate from the shop and another 2-3 mills for a panzer fitting (earned in X days of mission grinding)" ... "oh wait, live oak is shit now at close quarters and a couple of unrated ships will be able to ruin my day" "Long are the best cannons" (so let's spend another half-crapton of gold to fully equip my shiny new ocean)... "oh wait, now carros are wonderful and small mediums even better". "Penetration and armor matters a lot" ... "oh wait, not so much anylonger since a peashooter can chew a panzer 1st rate at point blank" (so new meta are fast small ships). "Rake is not my thing" ... "Oh wait, today it's overpovered" (so let's bring back regeboarding meta) Final result: ships and module crafters (like me) go but the average player goes I propose at least to award a medal - for the courage - to all the players of this game that are not reading this forum on a daily basis. Please: I'm not saying that this is better than that, but it's time to settle down the combat model, to choose a path and keep it (the ideal balancing is impossible, someone will always complain since there are different ways to play and fight model cannot please everyone). PS: instead, the first one that will answer that it's beta, testing or something similar, will win the "nominalism" proficency certificate.
  4. With that name ... I NEED IT LOL(land)
  5. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    if you meet Jodgi you'll meet hardcore PVP
  6. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Wise words. But just read the reply of the dev in this thread ... so .... basically ... yours are wasted words.
  7. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    In my view if they make opening the stern taking longer, they contribute in making more difficult sinking those ships.
  8. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    so basically I do not understand why you stated the following, when I told you that also the PVP stern upgrades contribute to the thickness meta problem
  9. Cheat suspected

    here I disagree big time If angling in combat is a matter of skill (and IT IS actually a matter of skill) why nerfing it? Nerf thickness upgrades bonuses instead, but not one of the few game mechanics that actually promote skill in gameplay
  10. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Well, if you like to play the part of the elitist douchebag ... be my guest. For the rest, I accept that you are bored of this an that (actually it seems that lately you complain about almost everything in this game). But - if according to your opinion - thickness it's such a problem in patrol missions, yet a pack of bellonas can handle a 1st rate, then everybody will see a contradiction.
  11. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Even here, FYI I am there ... so, please, just learn to be more humble as some PVP skilled players are. I paid the game as you paid!
  12. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I make PVP and I make patrol missions, so please just climb down from your pedestal, dear captain uberpro. You should learn a bit of humilty from your mate Palatinose.
  13. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    So your solution is making even less attractive the missions that already are less attractive?
  14. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    so why do you complain about thinckess if it's just a matter of skill, ships and numbers? When one uses to contradict always everybody, it ends up sooner or later in contradicting also himself.
  15. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Max 3rd rates (or Max 4th rates) should be the same for all deep water patrol missions (I do not see actual reasons why la navasse mission should be somehow "special")