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  1. Camping on players missions

    I do not do missions too much, but actually a form of invisibility should be granted also to missioners when they exit the instance. If you want to fight a missioner you should enter into his mission until it's open and not just wait outside to jump on an already half damaged ship (sailed most of times by a carebear).
  2. FYI Agamemnon is the best ship for 4th rates PB. It is a lineship, it requirest CM both for the blueprint and for a crafting permit. And - in a PB - a "more aga" team will wipe the floor with any "more consti" team.
  3. Unitil we are fighting brits on PVP EU a full team of PB fitted 25 aga is what we have to face.
  4. Not true if the opponent is able to bring in 25 agammemnons. Connie is a wonderful ship of course, but - in a PB - a team with some aga and some connies just cannot stand the fight with a live oak/white oak full aga team.
  5. ¿Es Lord vicious el portavoz de VLTRA?

    no partecipo al closed beta, creo que lo verè cuanto lo vereis vosotros tambien
  6. You answered yourself. Assuming this just means that you did not fully understand where the problem really is. Conquest mark system creates a loop: the ones that started having some CM at the beginning will build on it an advantage that allows them to be the only ones that will be able to have more and more. While the others are simply cut out of the deal (unless they want to buy CM, but this is not possibile at decent prices in a so underpopulated game). And, just to be clear, I'm not accusing people: it's the way the system works in an underpopulated game that creates this situation.
  7. ¿Es Lord vicious el portavoz de VLTRA?

    Mi impresion es que toda la mala sangre de estos dias tiene su causa principal en el hecho que los desarrolladores han creado un sistema de RvR que no funciona y crea un monton de problemas. Ellos lo saben perfectamente, pero no hacen nada porqué ya han decidido de dejar atras el naval action como projecto de MMO para dedicarse al MOBA de NA legends. Quizas un dia mudaran la mecanica de los CM, pero - sinceramente y en general - no veo un gran futuro por el juego.
  8. Total War against Great Britain

    I'd rather say that a "personal attack" is calling stupid the argument of a specific person. But this last post confirms only that you seem to have a very ... let's say ... "creative" attitude as far as semantics and language are concerned.
  9. Delivery orders to players

    yep, but you'll need the possibility to secure it with a collateral ... or this will be the festival of scams.
  10. Total War against Great Britain

    I'm jumping just to what you wrote: you wrote "stupid" argument and "stupid" assumpion, and not "wrong" or "mistaken" argument or assumption. Words still have a meaning, at least for some people.
  11. Total War against Great Britain

    Actually there is not: stupid arguments come from stupid people. It's simple. Calling stupid (and not simply "wrong") an argument or a comparison is just the politically correct way of calling stupid a person. I will live with it, do not worry. Basically your are right, there's no point in arguing when someone does not want to understand something.
  12. Total War against Great Britain

    So you called me stupid twice. Ah, no point in arguing with you. Too easy to spin you round.
  13. Total War against Great Britain

    Telling that what I say is stupid sounds a lot like calling me a stupid. But maybe I'm making a stupid assumption.
  14. Total War against Great Britain

    We are talking about the unbalance between Spain and Britain, aren't we? So it's logical that I refer to brit alts. So, who's the stupid here?
  15. Total War against Great Britain

    TBH brits are flooding the spanish ports of the gulf with spanish eco-alts that - of course - spanish cannot attack.