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  1. Now look at this

    Naval Action : Legends (working title). You know, the spinoff game of NA without the OW?
  2. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Meanwhile, I'm gonna pretend that the fleur-de-lis is actually three crowns (our national emblem), and that it's not L'Hermione, but HMS Jarramas, that one (somewhat smaller) frigate that Sweden sent to the Carribean to reclaim Gustavia. On that note, it really bothers me that there's a significant colour difference between that emblem and the rest of the ship in-game, as can be seen at Jodgi's post just above.
  3. Now look at this

    Whatever you implement, be it smuggler flags or ram damage/no ram damage, people will always do their best to cheese the hell out of it. Legends is looking more and more appealing every day where hopefully there will be fewer avenues for such crap.
  4. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    http://www.sjohistoriskasamfundet.se/fn/fn45-lag.pdf Page 55 lists all of the ships in question, basically Wasa was the original design and 10 very similar ships followed soon thereafter, at the moment it's still unclear which one is actually being modelled, would be great if the devs could chime in on what they've opted for. Perhaps the 32/18 pound setup in-game is modelled after the listed 36/24 loadout () and the poundage adjusted because of a local measurement variance. And it wasn't really a one-off case for a flagship or such, 5 of the ships used that loadout, but not the Wasa itself. From a sheer gameplay perspective, I'd much rather see it as a 24/18 contender to the 4th rate throne, or have other aspects adjusted if it keeps its heavy armament.
  5. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Well, it's all a bit confusing as to what it's supposed to look like, if it's modelled to be the Wasa but the paintjob is from its sister-ship Kronprins Karl Gustav . Half a dozen other quite similar sister ships were built at the same time of what would seem like equal merit to be depicted, so hopefully there will be options and the current white one will be a paint but not the default paint. Or maybe they modelled that one fully and just took the Wasa name for the sake of ease? Or perhaps just because it's the best source of a complete paintjob rather than just a profile. Couldn't find the actual ship thread if there is one. The paintjob of the sistership Försiktigheten looks like a great option instead in my opinion.
  6. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    AMD drivers 17.4.4 also crashes the game (and even the AMD Radeon toolbar...). Did anyone get it to work with 17.2.1? Sadly 17.2.2 completely wrecked the usage of some multi-display setups (including my own) by removing critical features, so wont touch that one again.
  7. RoE Land Circle

    What was so bad about having tagger ships for chasing people down and cutting sails? I preferred it far more than the current case of endless same-speed chases and repairs, because with a tagger ship it became a case of the larger ship wanting to disable or destroy it before the sluggers close in. Seemed like a pretty good balance between being able to escape or not. The problem with tagging ships was usually with the ROE mechanics allowed larger ships to drop in on top of or all around such speedy tagging ships.
  8. Ship Knowledge Grind

    At least with a larger ship you can make some good money and combat marks by doing it,I found the greatest annoyance to be getting a pittance of those while trying to get ship knowledge on undersized ships.
  9. RoE Land Circle

    Simply tagging someone stuck in shallows outside of a port is nowhere near to being "skillful" enough of a move to warrant denying the enemy any and all reinforcements - what's worse is that the attacking side only succeeded by relying on their own side having access to reinforcements.
  10. "Prince of oil reserves " Oh google translate. But anyways, Vasa, Vasa, Vasa, Woosah!
  11. RoE Land Circle

    Just an example of that in action in the beginning of the video (no disrespect intended to the guy who uploaded it, just happened to stumble across it on youtube the other day and now it seems relevant to the topic). First how small the join circle is (BR difference too high even though the buddies were right behind the guy. Now picture the annoyance of being 5-10 seconds of sailtime behind someone and unable to join the battle circle...), then fishing for setting up the join circle on land, and then the harbours that still are a pain to get into because of shallows. Imagine the frustration of the pirates in this instance.
  12. RoE Land Circle

    It's not a matter of avoiding attacking near land, it's that people explicitly focus on tagging enemies near coasts - often right outside of ports - to deny any reinforcements from being able to join. Especially deadly when used to drag in someone sitting outside of a port by tagging a nearby AI fleet - no warning, no avoiding, no reinforcements. Just example #8153 of players milking the mechanics.
  13. Is the ship balancing and tailoring going to be treated separately, or try to stay in line with the OW game to reduce the workload? Just as an example, in the current OW battle scenario, ramming, pushing and rage-boarding is a very common strategy (which I'm personally not a fan of in the slightest since it feels extremely gamey and unrealistic, and probably is the result of the repair system which also feels gamey and unrealistic. But anyways...). Now we've tried and know why it wouldn't work in the OW game - suicide ramming with multiple throwaway ships and such - but in an arena setting there is no such discrepancy when it comes to the size of the opposing forces and matchmaking, so perhaps it could be reintroduced so that it feels more like naval combat with broadsides instead of bumper cars and cops doing PIT maneuvers with wooden ships? I'm sure there's other aspects as well that would benefit greatly if the games are treated separately enough.
  14. Increase OS speed.

    OW speed is okay as it is - barely even noticed any difference when they increased it by 20% not too long ago - and increasing it even further will soon turn it into motorboats cruising by at light speed mostly just for the sake of long haul travel but at the expense of other gameplay aspects. Reducing the map size would be a better way to go about it. Hopefully the clan warfare patch will contribute to it somewhat by localizing the most sought-after resources and conquested areas in the center, though I wouldn't say no to chopping off a decent portion of the game map either.