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  1. Basics

    Even easier? I quit because OW PvP was dead with the reinforcement zones and the ease ruined any sense of progression that we had until then. Before the patch - never sailed anything larger than an Aga, ships mattered, a 1st rate was a prize. After the patch - first thing I did was build 5-6 1st rates with minimal effort, jump into the max rank fleet missions to reap a significant amount of combat marks and money with ease and zero, nada, nil risk. And that was that, that was the gameplay from then on, predictable, easy, safe...Boring. So game over. But sure, make it easier, faster, simpler, shallower, that's the AAA mantra nowadays. Chuck some microtransactions and paid DLCs on top too.
  2. Regarding port battles

    Option 1 sounds great
  3. Not quite. This system is fairly similar to the old timers and flags, which in itself wasn't terrible in handling timezones. However, that system worked well mainly because it completely discouraged cross-timezone gameplay (just look back at the US either being one-ported by pirates when challenged or being the server runner-up while practically unheard of in terms of RvR presence). So everyone setting defensive timers and timezones fighting similar timezones would be fine. The issue arises when timezones intermingle either through sheer size (GB) or through alliances (which is when things really got screwy because it happened on a server-wide scale, so forget ever seeing alliances again, which could've been a great addition for the EU server. Knowing the devs though, they'll probably reintroduce it anyways...). - Protection window costs are basically a protection racket for something that should be freely chosen. Near-instant attacks on ports without windows are basically free stuff, and the "just keep a few ports you really like" kind of massive neutral port zones and border-gore is pretty bad, let alone how a conquest system that really discourages conquest () sounds an awful lot like a failed design. - The concern isn't with homogenous nations (e.g. one nation has mostly US players, another has mostly EU players, if they want to fight they each have to go out of their way to do so), it is when they're combined - e.g. there's an EU-vs-EU nation/clan war going on, except one side has a US player presence so that every time they cap any port they set those timers just so that they won't have to bother defending at all, spoiling a decent war. Or just switch it to horrific timers with no intention whatsoever of actually defending. And so it's back to the old troll timers, flipping of unprotected ports, instant attacks against people who are nowhere near, sitting in ports for 2-6 hours just in case something happens and so on.
  4. Per nation. And sure, it doesn't sound like all that much until you realize that it has to take place day in and day out, on top of the existing losses from owning ports or even wanting to make any profit, on top of fewer and fewer players around to do it, on top of fewer and fewer players willing to grind it out. And that doesn't even go into what the PB setup time is for unprotected ports (hope it's near-instant to really mess things up), the prospect of yet again doing easy enemy-deprived hostility to set up a cascade of PBs right at the start of a protected window with minimal warning, the "strategic" fiddling of port timers like in the past to deny attacks at hotspot areas (could've tied those windows choices to a per-clan basis, but nooo...), the ping wrecking of a playerbase wherever you place the server (Aus/SEA for EU-based, Russia for US-based), actually expecting any decent off-time RvR (or crossover PvP) from the population count of a dead server that had to resort to friendly setup fights, nor the numbers to enable that for more than 2 or 3 nations (I can hear the ‘just recruit the non-existent players‘ already and those few nations allying up ). It's gonna be a great show to watch Can't wait.
  5. Only if every single port has the paid-for defence timer. To put that in perspective, that's 2.4 - 7.5 mil daily to avoid getting flipped. And on top of that, in the current state, 7 out of the 11 nations operate at a loss, 2 just about break even, and 2 make a decent profit. And even then, let's look at the creme de a creme at the present, Sweden, making 39 mil per week. Their cost if they want to avoid getting nightflipped? 37 mil. That's right folks, if you're at the absolute top of the server making a massive profit, you'd might just barely break even. Enjoy the PvE grinding folks
  6. Swedish Nation

    At least most people would comprehend the difference between a server balance based on population and/or skilled fleets, and one based on timezone monopolies and empty battles. The former is far healthier and has far more ways to be coped with. When the Brits dominated the server by playercount and capable fleets, there weren't demands for them to split up. When the Pirates dominated the server by playercount and capable fleets, there weren't demands for them to split up. And by the sound of things, most of what the Swedes are putting on the table is more to do with competence than sheer numbers, whereas the other nations have declined in that regard.
  7. Hardcore Mode

    Then again, War Thunder is well-known for being very arcady while there's a significant amount of games that do the >sim< part way better, so it's not that much of a wonder why its sim battles aren't popular. Let alone the lack of people who'd spend money on flight sim peripherals and then play a sub-par F2P game. NA doesn't suffer from those things. But yeah, it'd be a down-the-line thing if numbers take off.
  8. Require pvp to play on pvp server

    And that diversity doesn't mean jack shit when the game segments the playstyles into their own little areas or circumvent game aspects so that they don't have to be bothered by players of other playstyles.
  9. Try firing up both games and you can fill all of the boring NA gameplay with NAL fights. Think I got an error message when trying to launch both, so might not work.
  10. Its official , i am stopping with naval action again.

    Played a few rounds this morning, there's sort of an unspoken agreement (or maybe ignorance :P) that people just don't go for the circle. Even so, sure, it's a quick win, but as long as it's contested it seems to allow for a proper fight. Legends has only been out publically for a very short period of time - in the prior testing phase I'd bet that playercounts were so low that testing the circles was difficult (since AI ignores it).
  11. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    We could've, but once you give easy access to end-game ships - even if you tell people again and again that it's only due to early access leniency - people get pissy about having their toys taken away (and, as has been the case, then complain about the lack of ships since all the other ship rates are useless to them). In EVE you don't hear solo players demanding that they should get to pilot Dreadnoughts, Carriers and Titans or that their game experience is in any way diminished by being unable to do so.
  12. This. 10 minutes doing something else for a while >>>>>>>>> 30 minutes wasted fighting a half-AI crap battle.
  13. Good night, sweet prince ( OW NA )

    Would agree if it wasn't for how everything that matters in NA is seen as 'barriers' and gets stripped away. There's little difference between the two left. And so...
  14. Good night, sweet prince ( OW NA )

    Goddamnit, of course my PC decides to die on me just as things are released (NA Legends, Star Citizen 3.0, DCS AV8B Harrier)... Fffffffffff...... Edit - Bet Squad v10 will probably release soon too just to piss me off. Got the PC running okay once so at least there's hope.
  15. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    Yeah guys, don't ask for map indications, the game is made for playing and trying to guess what the range of the USS Voyager's transporter is for the 1st rates it beams into action.