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  1. Incidentally, bestiality is legal in Russia. Surely that means that the empire partakes, now we know why it needs islands far from prying eyes
  2. There's already plenty of QoL - most core goods within easy reach of the capital so a pretty safe ride, tow ships and you wont have to sail to your destination, teleport the last half of the way (with cargo) and you wont have to sail all the way home, AFK-sail at open ocean because the odds of being found are 100:1, alts being used instead of smuggling. The problem is that all those QoL things have made traders nigh impossible to find and/or catch.
  3. Nice, haha! Did someone say Mortar Brig meta to pick off the helpless stranded ships?
  4. Searching hours for PVP

    That's the crux of the problem. Ganking came and went with the patches, but when defending your own homewaters was made into a painful exercise in futility, people simply stopped bothering -> ganking became rampant -> the devs (in their infinite wisdom) slapped on the reinforcement zones, stifling attacks, stifling any desire (or need) to defend, and compressing 90% of the in-game activities to a few kilometers squared while the rest is a dead wasteland. And worst of all, I reckon they're gonna call it a done deal and not bother trying any mechanics changes now that it is how it is.
  5. You spelled "Port Battles" wrong. That's funny, since that exact thing was proposed by the EU players (the Swedes no less, no?) and you guys said you'd never ever accept that because "weekends aren't enough". A war mechanic that relies entirely on being best buddies with your enemies is nothing short of moronic, guess that's why you like it. But on a good note, it's easier to keep track when all of the renowned bad eggs when they join the same faction, so good luck with recruitment to y'all, perhaps the Russkies can teach you a thing or three.
  6. "Best sailing model" of what? Age of Sail MMO games? All games? Sailaway already claims to be "the most accurate simulation of sailing you can find anywhere!" on their own steam description, kinda loses its meaning if everyone calls themselves the best at this and that.
  7. is marquis an alt

    Did he refer to non-EU times? No he bloody didn't (unless you now get 550 players then, yeah right...) . So try to pivot all you want, it's still a bullcrap statement and got called out as such. Of course it's higher outside of primetime, who wouldn't want to play with the big boys after managing to tank their own server? And bringing that winning concept along for the ride.
  8. is marquis an alt

    Yeah, it's definitely not because we're on winter holidays Full of crap as usual.
  9. Searching hours for PVP

    If. Why would a pirate ever be hunting around the British capital in the first place when 90% of the Jamaican coastline is protected? It's a logical fallacy.
  10. Searching hours for PVP

    Examples being twitch streamers who usually play 5-8 hour non-stop sessions, and then recommending that people go hunting around capitals after completely wrecking capital PvP.
  11. Ping rate - Southern Hemisphere

    What your meagre "statistics" claim is that they are wholly non-existent, nice work there. Which is funny coming from a server with dead RvR, then dead population, and now completely gone, yet wants to be prioritized. As for whatever page you linked, yeeeaaaah, no.
  12. Ping rate - Southern Hemisphere

    And it ‘just so happens' to omit any and all East Europe+Russian pings which (incidentally of course ) are bad for a east coast server and terrible for a west coast one. But I'm suuure the devs are on board with putting the server even at their own worst locale, that'd be the day. Now go flip some more empty ports.
  13. Ping rate - Southern Hemisphere

    https://www.antipodesmap.com Despite what your not-so-local one-server dingbat may pretend, someone always gets f#%%^$ed. Don't forget to thank them on your way out.
  14. [POLL] Should 1st Rates be Considered "Rare"

    The devs really don't have a clue what they're doing, just introducing and withdrawing mechanics and calling it experiments and content. Would happily see 1st rates being rare, but the best way to make it so (economy) is messed up yet again. Gotta love how they've made RvR super-important with one hand and a dumb mess with the other.
  15. PVP servers merge

    It's better to have won in the era of actual fighting and then quit than to gobble the c- uh, beg (the "solution" of other nations) and become the perpetrator. Off to a marvellous start.