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  1. It's rather amazing how failing at what ought to have been an easy escape and losing a zero-value ship is a "major annoyance" to anyone at all.
  2. Server Merge Poll

    Just on that note, remember that this poll is about what people want. Not if it's doable. Not how it is going to be done. Just whether or not people want it. Making a poll on "Who wants world peace?" doesn't bring us a one step closer to making it likely to ever happen.
  3. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    If the last year, year and a half have taught us anything, it is that 80-90% of people will try to immediately disengage from a fight unless they're at a decent advantage (at which point the other guy will try to disengage). Even if they're in shitty shop-bought or NPC-captured ships. I think Peter's (Banished Privateer's) point is that the current system only makes chasing down enemies viable if you significantly outnumber them, which denies fights that are closer to being equal from occurring and promotes people to gang up and take on outmatched targets even if it's just for the sake of catching anyone.
  4. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    Just on the note of ship classes, the Ingermanland was also a 3rd rate ship, and I don't think anyone has a problem with that at the moment. I suspect that when the game spans over ~100 years, you can't go by historical classification without leaving some glaring mismatches.
  5. Indeed, it'd be worth testing that first. On the one hand, the BR reduction mechanic might be completely unnecessary if it is found that a fleet of 10-15 larger ships is stronger than a mixed fleet of 25. On the other hand, I'd consider that as a negative thing since that would make it desirable for all PBs, even those capable of fielding 25 players, making PBs even more inaccessible and at risk of elitism when a port hinges on just a few guys. And, well, if the full 25-person playercount is to be used in such a scenario, it would probably be in the form of filler - half the fleet being a swarm of small fireships and/or mortar brigs, which will either be hilarious or ridiculously powerful
  6. Server Merge Poll

    I don't quite recall, but if they did I think they phrased it as no more asset wipes until release, not at release. Pretty sure that the final release wipe has been stated repeatedly as being virtually guaranteed to happen, but maybe it warrants being repeated so that people wont be surprised.
  7. Server Merge Poll

    You do know that it's very likely that there will be a wipe just before final release, right?
  8. Okay so in theory. - Being able to reduce the BR limit means that you need fewer players to hit the cap. - Circle control then has to be done via BR instead of playercount (seems most fair in a mixed fleet scenario, and in a potential 25v10 person fight it'd be an easy win if the 25 guys just go in small ships and cap. In a BR-limit scenario, does this not just effectively mean that, say, a port is simply reduced from what is currently a 1st rate port BR to a 4th rate port BR, from a 4th rate port BR to a shallow water port BR and so on? If that's the case, then we can still have 3 BR tiers to move inbetween instead of the mess of a dozen different port+BR reduction combinations.
  9. Server Merge Poll

    Out of curiosity, what ping do the Russian players get on global?
  10. 20 fps before the battle has even started and while looking away from the action says enough If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets.
  11. Server Merge Poll

    Wasn't maintenance earlier in the morning when US players were affected? A maintenance time when no one is affected, a server location where everyone has decent ping, and a working round-the-clock conquest system - a bunch of pipe dreams.
  12. Server Merge Poll

    Yeah well, there's a whole lot of talk about merging and very little about the proposed solution to make that work, and the prevailing attitude during global's inception was to just keep it as it is, so naturally it doesn't sound like anything else. But feel free to prove me wrong, perhaps it would be worth deliberating over the merits of clan timers + clan alliances, though at first glance I'm skeptical about it.

    It will lunch sometime around 11am-1pm.
  14. Hotfix 12.1: Multiple fixes

    At least umlaut didn't have any umlaut letters in it when it was borrowed in English, can't say the same for the borrowing of smorgasbord (smörgåsbord)
  15. Hotfix 12.1: Multiple fixes

    No idea, but then again it's one of those things that you very rarely come across so maybe it is.