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  1. Jim Beamreach

    Cosmetic DLC! Take our money!

    Nothing agains Paints and bowfigures. Why dont make 1 Mainpaint and one we coud unlock after #XX Battles on that ship agains players or Ai(PvE-Server). Same for Bowfigures Sailcolor or whatever. Some additional Paints and stuff can be purchased for Real Money as a Dlc.
  2. Jim Beamreach

    OW Navigation

    I like it to not know where i am. No i dont make a joke here. I was sailing Afk to a bottle get disconnectet. Get back to the Game after a few hours and Maintenance where between. I had the knowledege where i did come from and elaboratet my Location with the Tradetool 160k there 180k there and 140k too this port posible location coud be there. I startet heading forward to reach my bottle a view minutes later i arrived at the wreck. This are thinks i like to elaborate my owne Location.
  3. Jim Beamreach

    Interactive Ship design template still exist ?

    What is not a bad tool is the Map https://na-map.netlify.com/ it has some Tools like compare Ships with Windcurves and you can compare different Woodtyps what shows in % how much u lose or get Thickness. Here are the RNG additional Trims https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t8DDHiC6dA22dM5Q_tMZdTiyNo-Jvlv7OZDfvB5GqEg/edit#gid=0 Ship speeds https://sites.google.com/view/speedtrials/lineships Thats are all i have.
  4. Jim Beamreach

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    I played WoWP (World of Warplanes) when it was closed beta and open beta. I did the grind twice in that time and played around 1000 hours in the beta. After release i played it for a while and quitet for some personal reasons. In the end i played the game until i reached some T8 Planes after release. I think it is a normal thing that some regrind will happen. But in the end i hope we dont must unlock the books again.
  5. Jim Beamreach

    Damage and sinking

    Yeah woud be a nice to have some variation in ship sinking. When the ship takes water from one side it coud capsize to the side where the Water gets in and Masts that fall or some things like this. But do we need it in the moment, i woud say no there are more important thinks that have to be done first.
  6. Jim Beamreach


    @Old Crusty Yeah, that is a bad move from that Player. Like some others took some Millions and Ressources from our Clan-Warehouse for there owne things even if we sayed the Clan-Waerhouse is only to Build PB-Ships. The one Person left the Clan after he/she get confronted with the question for what the Ressoures and the Gold was needed and to restore the Goods. So our Leadership sent a ingame Mail that all Officers will get Demoted until they come over and can Confirme that they are Crafting Cannons or Ships for the Clan. A week or a bit later another Member comes over and complaint about his demotion and asked for accses to the Clan-Waerhouse. I am only a member and told him to call the Clan-Leadership for that so he was getting upsed because he wanted some Cannons immediatley or the ressources. In the end he left the Clan a day later after he was getting unfriendly in the teamspeak and want some goods out of the Waerhouse but there where never such a massiv number of goods in the Waerhouse and the last time he was logged in where two or three weeks ago and the logs can not be shown so far back. In the end i think he tried to get stuff out of the Waerhouse because the day before he was the hole day in the TS-Channel from his new Clan. People and there thinking of "First me, and the rest can be where they are".
  7. Jim Beamreach

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Cayo Biscaino is in Spanish hands as far i know. The port that was defended by France and Pirats was 2 days ago Rio Seco a Prussian port.
  8. Jim Beamreach


    What no time to get in a group with +5000h. That means you played every day over 5h and try to tell us you got no time to get some mates and group up with others. I got a Familiy must go Work have a Garden and a House and even with this thinks i managed over the last 2 and a half years to spend 2.5h a day for the game. I dont know where you come from that in NA are no players from your Region/Land Country whatever are. In the end i dont care about your farming but you shoud have know better with +5k/h in the game that you will reseve a punishment for alt-farming. You did it you stand for what you did Case-Closed.
  9. Jim Beamreach

    Crafting Guns

    No they are not better. They are only cheaper.
  10. Jim Beamreach

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    @Flinch I think it was the Fastest Contestet PB in Naval Action History.
  11. Jim Beamreach

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Im with you there. But perhaps the problemes are not the Ships by them self at all it is the way how we coud build them and stack mods on them. If a ship can only be build by 4 typs of Wood 2 common woodtyps reachebal in every National-Zone and 2 Woodtyps there are more rare and only to get in Capturble Ports. The 2 common have the same basic stats then the two Rare woodtyps, the only difference woud be that the stacking of 2 rare Woods will imcrease the chance of the additional Trims or the chance to get a better build than 3/5. So every ship will be more to the basic datas with a slight variation on additional Trims. No more hiper fast Wasa or Bellona only if you put some mods on them but Permaupgrades and Shipknowledge shoud then be updated too. No more numberles stacking of Speed and Hullmods. At least i think it woud do the Balancing a bit easyer if there where not a so wide Variation of on Ship. So every ship gets more or less a roll in OW. Looking forward to the next updats to mods and Shipknowledge.
  12. Jim Beamreach


    @Aj4x Willkommen zurück in Naval Action. Es ist im grunde egal wie du dich entscheidest es sind in ziemlich jeder Nation Deutsche Spieler vertreten. Schweden hat eine große Deutschschprachige spieleranzahl ist aber wie es Christoph schon erwähnte etwas eingeschlafen. Spanien ist eher Multinational und im Chat wird viel auf Spanisch geschrieben, aber im großen un ganzen eine Nation in der es noch gut zu leveln geht ohne gleich mit Gankern in kontackt zu kommen. Auch was PvP Ausflüge angeht ist die Zentrale lage gut. Die Briten finde ich werden stark abgefarmt und sind daher meiner meinung nach eher ungeeignet um am abend in ruhe ein paar Missionen zu machen man hat hier zwar eine sehr hohe Spielerzahl aber auch sehr viel uneinigkeit in der Nation. Zu meiner derzeit eigenen Nation (USA) kann ich nur sagen die Amerikanische überheblichkeit ist ihr größtes Problem. Wenig vielfalt was die herkunft von Spielern und ihren Realen Nationalitäten anbelangt. Hier sind es nur eine Handvoll Deutscher Spieler und der rest sind meißt Amerikaner. Portbattle sind selten für Europäische Spieler erreichbar. Da diese oft mitten in der Nacht stattfinden. Sprich hier währe eine echte Underdog Nation neben Polen. Aber egal wie du dich am Ende entscheidest. Wünsche ich dir viel spass.
  13. What BR got the Snow im at work can not check for the next 8-9h?
  14. To the lb and size thinks i was reading the last pages. Im 174cm tall and have a wight of around 90kg. Has there someone a problem with this fell free too discuss. Wash the blood from your decks guys, its a Game. Nice to see Br changes and a new Frig. Looking forward to the next upcoming Patches.
  15. Not more Mod power. We shoud get back to more basic ships. That ships that run from basic stats 11.5 knots shoud not run 15 knots anymore. We need Hunter and Brawler. Like a Class System where the Ships where setup in Real. A Renomee for take Sails and a Indef or any other Frig to take down the Enemy. Like it was when i startet playing.