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  1. another idea . perhaps said already .. expand as needed .. Best bet would be able to train crew .. repairs, sails, guns, boarding .. etc.. the more skilled that area of crew the better your ship performs in that area .. If you tie this (crew training) to gold .. then it becomes a gold sink and less gold in game .. Better crew to richer captains (perhaps) but if you tie the crew recruitment to captain reputation the 'better' captain has more crew and most often more gold .. Tie captain reputation to crew recruitment as I have said before based on game stats (battles won/lost, crew killed/lost, distant sailed, ports visited etc) just an idea ..
  2. if you add something like this .. the crew idea .. then think about adding captain reputation .. better captains equals more prizes, equals more prize money, equals more crew for said captain.. perhaps cheaper crew .. or better crew .. or .. well .. take it from here.. Captain reputation .. based on ships sunk, ships captured, cargo looted, distant sailed, ports visited, cargo purchased .. gather all the info/stats .. base it on crew lost vs crew killed vs crew pressed ..
  3. I've Read the Forums and may have missed something like this .. if I have ...sorry and move on.. A suggestion for open world sailing: For informtion only: Boat Books/ Log/ Ledger (call it what you will) Viewable from open world (during those long sails in the middle of the night) Includes (info only) - warehouse manifests (each outpost) - crafting hours - ship(s) for sale and/or ships sold (with prices) - captain's history : - ships captured - ships sunk - crew lost - cargo captured This information could be tied into captain reputation down the road