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  1. Mike the Mongel

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Get into a fight with more than 2 and watch that ping jump to 500 , it will vary but if players coming over want to stick to just pve due to bad ping , this may just hurt some sadly
  2. Mike the Mongel

    Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    Back at ya Brother 07
  3. Mike the Mongel

    Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    All good gents, enjoy and I hope you find what you are looking for with whomever you join. cant change mechanics..be it safe zones, Pirate mechanics or lack of....but its all in the pride I have of being a Pirate and not jumping ship when someones grass seems greener. Not meaning that as a slight on anyone going NAT , just my own opinion.
  4. Mike the Mongel

    Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    Soooooo it seems many on Global, well those who are more vocal, see the National Life as the way to go once the server merge happens BAH!!! I say and off with your pea sized brain housing groups. Its the Pirate Life I say...continue the challenge and enjoy the salty talk directed at those who fly the BLACK . Filter out all that used car salesman talk (telling you what you want to hear) that you see here trying to drag you to being a NAT and do what your gut says...say it with me boyzs...P..I..R..A..T..E.....through good and bad, one ported or we broke the server, Hurricanes and bad ping..yeah that's ok take our server away but its still the Pirate Life for me.
  5. Mike the Mongel

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    The ability to place contracts to haul your cargo, as well as players taking those contracts This could encompass a few things.... Contract placed would create the contract mission which a player could take as the merchant or the escort, these would be shown in the missions tab or a new tab for this entirely. The player who puts the contract up has a couple options he would fill in, how many escorts he would pay for...max 3, which would be covered by the player who takes it with his Fleet perks to fill, or a group of 3 players taking the roles. These Contracts would stay up for xxx number of days before the AI takes it, if no players take the contract, the contract would be filled by AI to get completed The merchant/player would be awarded Trader marks and gold upon completion , Trader marks used to create other Contracts or purchase special merchant type modules etc etc. more info needed on this but this is just a basic idea, the bottom line is this could encourage player run trader fleets and maybe more OW PvP.
  6. @admin just want to be clear gents...resources transferred but not materials correct ? sorry for the silly question but seems ingame we are at a impass on this
  7. Mike the Mongel

    New ship sailing characteristics (Colored Spreadsheet)

    We need information as well on the definition of each of the break downs...example; What is a jib ? and what or how does it work for me and or against me ? Yard power ? what the heck is that and when does it come into play when sailing ? Those are just a few things as examples that just confuses the hell out of a old Marine, Think it may help those of us who love this genre of games but don't know squat on the actual sailing affects this game is bringing in to play now
  8. Mike the Mongel

    Are All missions open for others to enter

    This was in between Shroud Cay and Green cay...don't think that's protected waters, it was not a reinforcement zone
  9. Mike the Mongel

    Are All missions open for others to enter

    Do missions of any type stay open for anyone to enter and do Cross swords stay visable ? the reason I ask is I was chasing a US Navy Brig (player) and he was in range to tag but I wanted to get closer.....all of a sudden he stopped, sails still up...crosswords appeared and he disappeared, as soon as he vanished the crosswords vanished as well. There was no crosswords visable when he stopped to join a mission.....just abit confused on this and not knowing if this is a bug or something else.
  10. Mike the Mongel

    [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    That was a 2 thumbs up fight I ended up using all my Hull repairs as it was a constant brawl once we started engaging and cutting the Brits off, it went down to the wire and its those kinda of fights that make the game easy to log back in day after day. The PvP fights in the PBs can be the most intense.
  11. Mike the Mongel

    How is the new UI comming

    Just tossing this out there, understand there is a few atleast tweaks,fixes,changes, etc. etc. underway to the game, but curious on progress of UI. Its understandable that many features have to be ingame that are required to be accessed by the UI , but how is the look coming along or anything for that matter
  12. Mike the Mongel

    Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    That's a band aid fix and a sad choice , need real ideas and not ones that mask the current mechanic issues, he'll the ping alone will run many off and limit customers ....and then you would be back here giving some other foolish idea
  13. Mike the Mongel

    You know Alts have screwed up the game when...

    I fixed your OP for you....see what I did there ???? Open your eyes you NAT ....we deal with it to on the Pirate side also, you are not all peaches and cream ladies.