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  1. Are All missions open for others to enter

    This was in between Shroud Cay and Green cay...don't think that's protected waters, it was not a reinforcement zone
  2. Are All missions open for others to enter

    Do missions of any type stay open for anyone to enter and do Cross swords stay visable ? the reason I ask is I was chasing a US Navy Brig (player) and he was in range to tag but I wanted to get closer.....all of a sudden he stopped, sails still up...crosswords appeared and he disappeared, as soon as he vanished the crosswords vanished as well. There was no crosswords visable when he stopped to join a mission.....just abit confused on this and not knowing if this is a bug or something else.
  3. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    That was a 2 thumbs up fight I ended up using all my Hull repairs as it was a constant brawl once we started engaging and cutting the Brits off, it went down to the wire and its those kinda of fights that make the game easy to log back in day after day. The PvP fights in the PBs can be the most intense.
  4. How is the new UI comming

    Just tossing this out there, understand there is a few atleast tweaks,fixes,changes, etc. etc. underway to the game, but curious on progress of UI. Its understandable that many features have to be ingame that are required to be accessed by the UI , but how is the look coming along or anything for that matter
  5. Forthcoming patch final discussion.

    That's a band aid fix and a sad choice , need real ideas and not ones that mask the current mechanic issues, he'll the ping alone will run many off and limit customers ....and then you would be back here giving some other foolish idea
  6. You know Alts have screwed up the game when...

    I fixed your OP for you....see what I did there ???? Open your eyes you NAT ....we deal with it to on the Pirate side also, you are not all peaches and cream ladies.
  7. The eye candy that Unity 5 can bring will not solve the current mechanic issues that is killing the casual player, I applaud the Devs for the time and effort they spending of getting the game brought into Unity 5..but dam the mechanics are killing us .
  8. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    The game is no longer player friendly to 75% of players.. the 25% or less hardcore gamers who spend 8 to 10 hours a day into a game is not who the Devs need to be feeding to or listening too, maybe find that happy middle ground. Currently the game and its hardcore (what I mean by hardcore is the time needed ingame a day grinding) mechanics are what is running people off, I have seen countless replies to other threads pointing fingers at certain clans or individuals, but the bigger picture is the game is not casual player friendly and due to the casual gamer allways being behind the curve when they log back in...the interest in staying with the game dwindles...hell I am now a casual gamer due to work changes and family and I am now currently fighting the urge to not leave the game. PvP...peeps scream about lack of PvP now, but the mechanics/changes do not encourage PvP..it only makes peeps want to stay away from losing their ships....... 1 Dura..yes good for the hardcore gamer, he or she can replenish it quickly, but your major playerbase has not the time....fix it by allowing players to purchase insurance or something or even 3 Dura for 4th Rates and higher as most PvP are within those areas as an example.....don't let the hardcore low percentage ruin your amazing game that can have a future. Cost to get established or even setup as a newbie is just way over the top, and due to the Players who camp at capitals for carebear PvP it ruins the gameplay and the newest players say screw it. RvR has no direction and still the Pirates are left out in the cold with no real direction on how the Pirates actually are part of the game..... Unity 5 will not fix the game mechanics as of late, gents seriously the game has went from fun to feeling like a job to pulling teeth to want to stay logged in .
  9. [Serious] Server Health

    Miss ya dog
  10. [Serious] Server Health

    Soooo you accusing BLACK of exploiting mechanics ??? I am reading this right ??????? say what you mean there BACH don't hold back, don't dance around the bush . I think we all know what is being said here . screw this
  11. [Serious] Server Health

    YES Ban us All...BLACK is the reason....you all blamed us back when we focused more on PvP and we would RvR when needed, Now we are to blame since we found our own clan balance for RvR and PvP and taking ports......yep we are to blame. Not you NAT dipshits whom a few of you ....not mentioning King of Freakin Clowns name...whom went off like a 2 year old (raciest bullshit) on global because some other nation attacked his self proclaimed region...which by the way KoC you didnt get the memo??? u are no longer allowed to be involved in any adult conversations till u grow up some... or what about the so called backstabbing NATs do their own players by getting pissed and going to another nation to have fun.....but you know its their money so get a life bitches. Get what I am saying here people???...No one is innocent...everyone of you so called mouthpieces for your nation is guilty of some bullshit that caused someone to leave or caused things to go toxic, so those of you who think you know...well get clean yourself brother. Bottom line is its the mechanics pure and simple, you piss poor excuses for adults need to take your blinders off and realize that, and until greater feed back both to the Devs and from the Devs is given, we will continue to have this issue. Merge servers??? lol seriously ??? yeah lets ask the Devs to do another bandaid fix...open your eyes gents and see the bigger picture. DAM!!! now I am pissed off and need a glass of wine to soothe my nerves
  12. News Flash! Denmark Pearl Harbors France

    I think what is sticking in a lot of peoples crawl with those who are up against France as of late is the vile comments KoC made on Global...wow it was insane sadly...and even a lot of clanmates on TS was saying how they had respect for KoC but its gone now. He really did set a bad tone with the rants. Gotta try and have fun gents, and part of the aspects of a Diplomacy or MMO RvR is the issues of turning against another Nation whenever. .its diplomacy..but never take it personal
  13. Travel Advisory for the Lesser Antilles

    Thank you brother for the response, a lot of that does make sense. We pride ourselves in BLACK as being PvPers but also recognize the importance of the RvR aspect, we have had quite a few discussions in our TS about each and understand that they basically support each other..RvR to continue the logistics aspect, especially for a large clan.. staying just focused on OW will not sustain a large population on one side. So we have to balance the two, we take our lumps and I have definaintly personaly taken a few , but its all good fun