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  1. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Stealing the wind

    If you want try to be a pilot (virtual pilot) don't play at WT, maybe try with Il2 or DCS. For the WWI, Rise of Flight is really good in physic.
  2. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Matchmaking in Legends

    I played and play at air sim (il2 46, il2 CloD, il 2 BoS, RoF, etc etc); the sistem of WT, WoW, and similar, is a shit. Few historical background/contest, only grind of xp and players that want a weapon bigger... and the skills of old school players are far superior to those from WT games.
  3. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Matchmaking in Legends

    This gaming philosophy has created gamers accustomed to this, very arcade and above all unprepared to learn well how to use things. The important thing for them is leveling-up. Hence the lack of new players prepared (at least in IL2 games, where only the old guard is really effective). This is so sad...
  4. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Matchmaking in Legends

    Many games have a "historical" and realistic intent, aimed at supporting even history enthusiasts (see il-2, Silent Hunter, Red Orchestra, etc.). Sincerely, I don't like the very childlike direction of later games like WoT, WoW, WT (games that developers seem to follow). Why base the matches on a number (25vs25, 5vs5, etc.) maybe mixing ships and especially nations that have never fought together; when in fact you could make historical scenarios, modeling lots of battles that really happened? I would also like to spend two words on grinding, xp, etc. These things are not absolutely necessary to the player. Just shit. Obviously it is likely that the intent of the game is instead to spend hours playing to level or alternatively pay money to do that. This is the philosophy of free games, i sincerely prefer to pay a game 60-70 € but do not have all these BS bullshit.
  5. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Matchmaking in Legends

    I hope also in historical scenarios/matches.
  6. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Is it hardcore game or casual?

    Perfect synthesis. This is reality.
  7. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Patch 10.4 Conquest changes, Battle Groups, Wapen von Hamburg (III)

    Yeah, true. But in a air-sim the performance is based on real values. In Naval Action, it is based on magic-bonuses-nonsense. This is the main difference. NA is really far to be realistic, it is a fantasy-clans game, where you can imagine moving a ship.
  8. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Patch 10.4 Conquest changes, Battle Groups, Wapen von Hamburg (III)

    Bonuses are bonuses. I know that players of these type of games want bonuses. Bonuses on bonuses. Maybe because they suck, not sure...
  9. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Patch 10.4 Conquest changes, Battle Groups, Wapen von Hamburg (III)

    You confuse the desire of the bonus with the customization. I also like customization, skins, figureheads, crew. All things that NA hasn't for now. I repeat not confuse the bonuses (magic things) with the customization.
  10. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Patch 10.4 Conquest changes, Battle Groups, Wapen von Hamburg (III)

    Is not possible and maybe easer remove all bonuses? No upgrades only a "ship setting".
  11. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Missions Still Ruining PvP

    In my opinion, remove missions, remove AIs, remove slots, remove upgrades (bonuses).
  12. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Battles open for 3 or 5 minutes?

    Double circle.
  13. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Naval no action, naval cross play action, naval gank action!

    3 min timer is really too much; and ships not spawn like they are in OW. This meccanism is good for ganking/players that don't are particularly able...
  14. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    Development Roadmap for the next 3-5 months

    ROE (double circle) and exit to OW (tp on port or add more invisiblity) remove combat marks and conquest marks remove all bonuses/upgrades. Do the posibility to set ships in a rational mode.
  15. JeanJacques de Montpellier

    I'm done

    The only difficult thing in this game is not to get bored and not to turn it off forever. For 80% of the time people waste it fighting AI and hoping to win magical bonuses. The rest of the time, however, is spent sitting at a point in the OW to wait (revenge fleet) for the few remaining hunters.