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  1. Map reset - Game over for me

    we got it today
  2. Fishing Glitch

    thx, I noticed that my indiaman could be where the glitch occurred. this is where the sealed bottle is and even though some the the other ships seem to be ok now the indiaman is still losing the fish meat.
  3. Fishing Glitch

    I have encountered a glitch about a month ago that has not yet been resolved. I cannot convert fish into fish meat. If i try to from ships or port it the fish meat doesn't show up. the fish disappear and no fish meat shows up. I also have a sealed bottle that i have that i cannot see. I discovered if I go to the Shop and go to consumables I can see it as something that i can sell. Unfortunately i don't wish to sell it. I want to open it and use it. Has anyone else had this Issue and can anyone help me on this?
  4. Question or additional information on a Bug report

    Question PVP One EU Brasco The Droog Fishing glitch, Fish meat dissappears when i convert fish to fish meat and i have a sealed bottle in a ship hold that cannot be seen either. it only can be visible when i go into the shop and go to consumables and it says i have 1 sealed bottle that i can sell. I asked on help channel and didn't get any help but was given this link to post on. please help.
  5. Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    I can't log on. The EU 1 is showing no Ping.
  6. its just about July and there are things on the June Patch that haven't been done. Is it delayed into July?
  7. Hotfix 9.72

    Wow you guys are quick! No rest for the weary i suppose. Keep up the great work!
  8. Patch 9.7 - Land sighted

    Well Said Skippy! and that video is very telling! But if you are reading this and don't want to watch the entire documentary just go to roughly 28:30 in the video and listen to how they explain what would actually happen when the cannon balls would hit, and below the waterline at that! Great INFO!
  9. Patch 9.7 - Land sighted

    Thank you for setting the record straight here. Ships were not sunk in this manner in reality and besides, i keep hearing from the testers and the devs on realism. Realism this, Historical that...Give me a BREAK with Realism! THIS IS A GAME. It has to be something enjoyable! So whether you agree it's realistic to sink a 3rd rate ship with a mercury, is not the issue here guys! The issue is that the game has to be playable. Hell, more than just playable, How about Fun to Play?
  10. Hotfix 9.71

    oh i am! I have sent them maybe 3 reports i think.
  11. Hotfix 9.71

    Well if we are all noticing it, you have to admit there has got to be something off here. are you implying we are all imagining this imbalance? AI Accuracy is clearly impossible. i thought this was to be realistic. they don't ever miss. regardless of weather,angle or distance. maybe 3 cannon balls missed my ship yesterday(not kidding). Penetration is way stronger then before the patch. I am and others have documented damage on both sides of our ships when hit. Please listen to us. We are fans of the game and the developers work. We understand this is still in testing but we urge them to take our advice here and fix this issue. Thanks! You are doing a great job!
  12. Hotfix 9.71

    Yes! this is something that i agree was too easy before 9.7 but now I could be in a Trinc and lose to a snow due to that fact it has 90% hit rate and their cannons(however lighter and smaller) penetrate further and do more damage then mine do. I am incredibly happy and honestly you had a hotfix so soon after the release but if you could continue your great efforts and fix this, i would,no no, We would greatly appreciate it!
  13. Patch 9.7 - Land sighted

    Watch this video or just skip to 29:00 and hear the man say that sinking a ship was nearly impossible! the leaking system is flatly wrong not realistic and not historic. https://youtu.be/Jl3stf20X10?list=PLD80gKrNSwFJH4l5S-0iEUZ1Lk5HGLxW-
  14. Patch 9.7 - Land sighted

    i sent them reports on specifics already. but if you want to know what i am talking about just read everybody else having the same issues over and over again.
  15. Patch 9.7 - Land sighted

    First off, let me just say to the Game Devs, this game is great. I love it. It is right up my ally being a big fan of this time period in the age of sail. Having said that, I can't play this game as of the latest patch. I'm sorry. I have obsessed with this game and have spent over 200 hours playing it. Now i can thank the Devs for allowing me to put it down for awhile. as it stands today with the new patch, it's become virtually unplayable. I can still do my econ until and If you fix this mess. What say you? And why am i a landsmen? >