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  1. Sounds like it is working fine.... 32 pdrs are a lot of KE when they hit.... The issue is the guns are to easy to aim... The chance of hitting a mast is the issue not the damage. At the same time it would be awesome of instead of 3 sections hit box the mast had maybe 10 (yes I know that is not easy).. but it would make it feel more right as the hits would have to be in the same much smaller section to matter.Maybe require more hits before it comes down. FYI I do not think ship wood type maters for Masts.. they are all likely Pine historically I believe
  2. LGV Pirate refit

    WTF you taking about? I was staying they come up to hunt.. where did I say we ganked any?
  3. LGV Pirate refit

    LOL k you just keep believing that.
  4. LGV Pirate refit

    Well we get fairly regular visits from Aloha or we were... SInce they could dock up under a smuggler flag and repair:). Which is fine it keeps people on their toes....
  5. LGV Pirate refit

    looks A LOT LIKE HOW Aloha PvP me when I was pirate,, 3 first rates and 2 5th vs a My Wasa and the AI wasa I was moving to Pitts town... So I find any Aloha player crying about getting Ganked funny as hell
  6. ADS!!!!

    haven't watched it but I always figure Random fire was in so you could fire as soon as any gun was loaded.. not having to wait for the deck to finish loading
  7. LGV Pirate refit

    no idea I play Russian we have no safe zones
  8. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    Ok I see that when you tack.. but it wouldn't be all the time was my first thought.. I mean once the sails are set the crew returns to other things until needed again... Plus as you and I both agree I think.. once you start shooting anything but chasers you should be at Battle sail any. Still not sure on teh numbers though.. I mean say on a 1st rate.. the LOwer deck gun crews were Not the guys doing the sails... if they were it would take 20 minutes to get them all on deck to start Are those masts or Replacement stays/spares? either way they are not getting used in combat.. shudder.. just imagine the carnage if one of those is being manhandle and is hit by a cannon ball ?
  9. Mast Hits

    hehe I dont think any upgrade should add more then 1% and ll should have a negative of the same amount to something that matters. Ship stats and sailing profiles should be based at least mostly on the actual ships.... We have enough info on them from log books ect and builders notes to have this info. But than I dont think we should know what a ship is other then type in OW.. You should only know Nation if the player has decided to fly his colors.. Even in combat you shouldn't know Who you are fighting until after the shooting has started Unless you have met that player in combat before in that ship type... You should Never know someone is smuggling in fact for a very LARGE price per nation player sthat want to shoul dbe able to fly false flags and dock ANY ship type in that port... but it should be very very costly and and should be based on ship rate group... Small/Frigates/SOLS... but then I like and want a game that is hard to play..
  10. LGV Pirate refit

    Then do away with the BS limited rare items in only certain ports and rare resources for ship building. It is either player driven or it is subsidized.. this hybrid is just not working
  11. Mast Hits

    Because it seems like they are ignoring what got them there (NA) and putting it all into Legends, As for changing NA.. they have changed it so many times I have lost track. As for the 5v1 fir/fir BS. I have just about given up hope they will ever fix that craziness or the magic upgrades... Sadly this is the best game of this type out there.. and if you like the time frame and concept it is what we are stuck with. Doesn't mean I cant hope for better
  12. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    Why not Make the total number of attacks that can happen in any time period(say 3-4 hour blocks across the day.. determined by the avg player count in those periods from the previous week? SO say a certain time period avg only 100 players only 1 port can be attacked across the entire map in that time period.. 500 people 5 ports (numbers for example only) Hell make it so you can only do hostility in 25-30% increments in every 6 hours of the day? and you can only do counter Hostility the same... SO even if it is all done in say US time zone... It would take 2-4 days of doing it each night to get to 100%. And until it gets to 100% the EU day crew could knock it back down 25% each day so you have to start over.. So unless some group can get the numbers to raise Hostility in all 4 time brackets.. the other side can knock down at least 50% worth during theirs..
  13. LGV Pirate refit

    I cant count any.. only truly good one was destroyed by the game designer years ago.. SWG.. EVE is next best I have seen.. but intentionally making it worse while at the same time claiming they want it better is silly
  14. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    Huh? 1 rake could and did cripple ships
  15. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    Huh? I get the Gun and mast thing but disagree about thickness and HP.. Thickness is silly.. it should just be HP and MUCH higher combined with less accurate guns. if your at full sail not a lot of men would be out and about.. all you would have is the ones adjusting and tweaking as the Sailing master required.. The biggest use of men in sailing is the changing of sail states... when you need men on the stays and lines every where.. Full sail should be BAD in combat.. very bad.. It should make mast damage more of a worry and should have a chance of fire from deck guns firing... If you get a Fire from incoming fire there needs to be a increased chance of the sails catching at full sail vs Battle,. If your on Fire and in Fire shock the Morale of an Attacking ship trying to board you should be Awful.At the same time if you have fire ship skill and fittings on a ship you should only be allowed to have a minimum crew..(like 10% f max....) Because Fire-ships were not supposed to maneuver in combat. Saying that the entire "Survival Mode is silly" What do you think the odds are that in a fight the damage control crew are going to listen to an order to Not Put out the fire or Not plug the holes in the ship? I disagree with 90% of the crew to repairs. Maybe 30% for each type(you should be able to do both but the cool down needs to be a bit longer if you can).. the increased damage shouldn't happen unless you are repairing sail and get chained. Guys below deck plugging holes and nailing planks wouldn't be any more likely to get hurt from gun fire then gun crews would.. Now you have Hull repair going and a open stern and get raked:) that is different as those guys are not taking cover unless you hit Brace. Mast should never be repaired fully ever best you should get is a spar as a mast with a small sail on it. Ships did not carry spare masts I think you are being overly generous with 50% on the Rum