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  1. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    I get that.. but it is still in any reduction the defenders dictating what the attackers can bring... I though the friends can join a battle was designed to allow all size clans to get in the action?
  2. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    ONly issue I have is when I come out of the spyglass I am facing where I started not the last direction I was looking...
  3. Fix mission hostility

    But Revenge fleet does nothing to deal with the fact they may have gotten a successful Hostility mission in. Interesting ideas this brings up.. maybe counter Hostility missions? Work the same way but the town owner sets them? Hmmm
  4. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    Oh I know. and testers are also allowed to comment on why they think it is or isn't a bad idea .. which Is what I did.. Variety would be historical Squadron mixes in the fleets on both sides... but that is something I never expect since it would mean everyone couldn't sail a 1st rate into a lineship battle
  5. Mixed pb fleets

    If you want to mix fleets just require Historical based Squadron setups... But people wouldn't like that because only having maybe at max 3 1st rates and 3 2nd rates and the rest 3rds would make them sad.
  6. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    The Players are not the ones deciding it is 25 attackers and 25 defenders.. that is a Game design.. Allowing the Defender to make his life easier by reducing this number for no reason other then because is a Care Bear move and nothing more..
  7. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    not the same one is based on game mechanics.. this is based on wanting to control the attackers. Warfare isn't fair. What next you get to dictate ship type different from what the port design is? or spawn in location and starting wind? the Devs have already given in on the limited PB window.
  8. Control of Port Battle Fleet Size

    Wait what? So you want to decide how many attackers can hit you? How does that make any sense at all?
  9. ship sails though an island

    I really dont have that much spare time:)
  10. Server Issues tonight?

    PVP Eu I am getting random pings to server at the Login of 600 to over 17000 and every attempt to connect has failed for last 15 mins
  11. information on fleet ships

    Guns yes, Up[grades pretty sure.. skill books no(your not on the ship) .. It will also use repairs in it when you repair in OW after the battle. You can also move things between ships cargo In the battle instance if you are both stopped of slow enough to inspect[x}
  12. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    That was a thing? MAn that would be awesme
  13. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    I would agree sort of.. Combat missions through 5th Rates stay the way they are no matter where they are.. 4th rate and up and fleet missions as you suggest
  14. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    So it is a bug in teh code? First I heard of it..
  15. MassimoSud, bb3ar, Adam Littlejohn

    I still dont see what your complaining about? You get out bid?