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  1. WASSA

    I just want to be able to make as many of one item as I want within the limits of my resources and Labor hours on a single damn click
  2. Yes and no... is it +3% to a total of say 65 which would make it 66.95 or is it +0.03 to 65 which is 65.03 ? or is it 65% + 3% which is 68%. Without knowing the starting number and how it is being applied <shrug>
  3. WASSA

    Really? Ours seem to keep up fine.... only bottle neck is online times
  4. Add Upgrade Full Thickness

    Wont argue that.. I still think ALL upgrades should be 1% . If they are 2% they should have a negative also.
  5. Marines

    Marines were assigned based on Navy needs not Captains wishes.... Ships were designed to carry "x" number of Marines.. ANy extra would and should have the same negatives to morale as extra crew does,.... Warships were NOT roomy
  6. Add Upgrade Full Thickness

    Wait what? T/WO Vic with Cart is 96.3 even if you get to 100 thickness... 42pd longs do over 100 pen out to 500 meters.. 24s longs out to 250 meters and even 12 longs do 100 at 100 meters.. so what is the actual issue?
  7. Cannot enter Port Battle Timer

    Huh? There already is a timer.. it isn't that long but it is long enough to tag them. or does the cant join battle timer not work for the PB? like it keeps you out of a Mission
  8. Speed CAP

    not anymore they cant:) a single volley can knock off a bunch of hull and structure on a fir fir gank boat... If they also have to repair sails they are now SOL with teh damage reducing speed(if it works )
  9. PB Ganking

    1) Yes they shouid considering that some shallow ports they can't get into were historically able to... I always just considered it a way to give little ships a purpose... Now in saying that I think it is stupid that you can do Hostility on a Shallow port with Frigates or SOLs.. or use SOLs for a 4th rate port Hostility missions should have the same rate limits the PB there will have.. Work for it 2) Except for a channel to get in it should be a reasonable distance out for most... and in the Battle instance it needs to still be SHALLOW that is where it gets weird 3.. at the higher settings you have a noticeable difference between deep and shallow except for those random OW sand bars...at least on my system.. but yes it needs tweaking in that regard..
  10. Port Battle System is Pathetic

    TO an extent it is that way now.. the Clan that creates the PB(via the Hostility) sets the clans that can join.. Normally within those groups it is a single Battle Group sailing together to reduce the chance f getting screened out. I think that as long as the Battle Group leader is from the Controlling clan that anyone in his BG should be able to join.. just not sure if their current code would get that:)
  11. PvP desperately needs fixing

    And? Remember when we used to Capture 3-4 Ports a Night with 4 or 5 Guys with the old Flag system?
  12. Increase the numbers of tow to port.

    No be glad we got 1 back
  13. PB Ganking

    Oh now I see your problem.. your Group is to small to deal with the Screeners and the PB
  14. PB Ganking

  15. Not sure I see the issue.. You are attack-able for what? 45-60 seconds after you leave a Battle before you can join another one... If your screening that is more then enough time to grab some of them