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  1. i quote my other topic post that get no answer, maybe here i can get it: when will be the great day? ( admin said this week if i'm not mistaken)
  2. where will be the server of legends? EU or US?
  3. can we expect opening to testers before weekend?
  4. New weights system!

    so it means that if now we need 3 iron to build something, then we will need 1 iron? or that 1 iron will weight 3 time lower? i dont get it and how u choose words in ur official post...
  5. devs only problem with Legends should be hire a big enough server with 10k + players online cause this (if done correctly) would be a succes among all platform (i dont think there will be crossplay, but if i mistake it will be awesome). trust a 2k+ hours players: the best part of NA is combat, and i dont see why a only combat game should be as bad as u describe. with all the respect, elite.
  6. +1, i have a PS4 PRO here by my side with a 4k tv ready and a fiber connection if u need a tester in both console and pc im ready
  7. Ship book grid poll

    3v3 will have more pages in total?
  8. infinite repairs? dont u see that in last months after wipe battle lasts everytime 1h+? it's true, legends is coming but meanwhile PvP players are losing hours and hours of they life chasing ships that runs and repairs , runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, runs and repairs, ecc
  9. Im talking about the fact that u have infinite repairs in battles, not about the little bug fixed
  10. +1, i hope to fight in a 25v25 mixed rate battle as soon as possible in legends, cause its a thing that never existed in NAOW. with the same hype i hope to see different builds in big battles and differente roles during the line fight. BUT first of all DEVS need to address repairs problem in Legends, cause its completely fu..ed up in OW ... battles lasts 1:30 hours every time because of infinite repairs and i dont want absolutely this mechanics in Arena. i suggest to go back to good old 1 repair for the hull, 1 for the sails and 1 surgeon, and maybe 3 emergency (infinite rudder and pump repairs its a shame in a PvP enviroment). talking about Marines id like to see coded into the game their real presence in the battle not only during the boarding but also on the deck like it was in real life: a deck crowded with marines with muskets that fire at 50-100m and kill enemy crew constantly when close. this should be easier to implement in the arena version of NA
  11. well imho we should follow other free to play that have years of experience in matchmaking issue and balance: - group limit in matchmaking based on total number of partecipants in battle (25v25 battle, group max of 5; 15v15 battle group max 3; ecc.) so in this way the battles wouldnt be so much unbalanced between organized and solos. - "clan battle" mode that feature a matchmaking between clan groups of 7, 10, 15, ecc. members (numbers are arbitrary) - "private room" mode with own rules and groups, no money or xp gain. (maybe only premium users can create a private battle? but all can join?) questions to devs: -will ships be divived into tiers? or rates like now?, would be cool if the matchmaking take care about rates and br and not only BR to avoid the "2 first rate vs 5 frigates stuff" -will we have an unlock three to upgrading our ships? like wows or wot: we all start with medium cannons and basic woods and the more we play the more stuff we get, like longs , carros and live oak , or bow figure, and perma upgrades like more hammocks or marines: (example of an hold version of Dreadnought, only to make my idea more easy to understand)
  12. no restrictions on groups for free users pls devs. u will get enough money from premium subs, skins, flags , and personalizated sails ( personally i ll buy for sure the possibility to have my clan symbol on my sails, would be awesome also for 5 € ). then simply add paints for money ( u have all this coded and in the game so its free money for u ). but pls, again, try to avoid every type of P2W in this Legends. (as some1 mentioned above, grouping for money vs solo players is pay to win, especially in a game like NA). make the good choice ! <3
  13. i know, but would be a shame if 2 friends that download the game from steam and want to play togheter, cant because of this pay to playwithfriends mechanics. many players will quit after a couple of game lost badly and alone. remember the skill gap between us and a new f2p players of legends, we need as more of them as possible. (i LIKE to play vs Liquicity, but i DONT WANT to fight only him everyday) PS: premium and other type of pay things would be good enough for devs, they dont need money from group of friends too.