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  1. Thickness Upgrades

    i proposed several times a realistic gunfire and damage model, can we test it? i mean realistic reloads time with high damage(penetration) and low accuracy(so demast would not be so easy). i really want to feel the devastating power of a broadside fire into another ship (also a first rate would be devastated from this). (will we ever have a damage model like war thunder? imho its great)(i hate HP)
  2. Tournament - Limited Repairs?

    in a 3v3 with balanced skill every single match will end in a draw if there will be unlimited repairs in 60 mins. do we really want to chase ppl down and see them repairing for ever? personally i wont partecipate if there will be no limit in repairs. (and pls dont say BS when u talk about missclicks: just bring the perfect number of hull sail and rum to repair only once each and u will not have double repairs to missclicks)
  3. hi mate, me and my clan want to know if the listed BR is definitive (some are asking for changes), and if there will be some special rule for repairs. (i suggest a limit of 1-2 reps each type not more)
  4. yeah it would be cool! can we also have the indicator of total online player and/or total battles like in NA OW? at least in the future i mean keep up the great work with arena!
  5. Combat feedback topic

    dunno if its reported: the brig sails are bugged, it turn automatically and cant mantain direction
  6. Combat feedback topic

    NO NO and NO. im playing Legends to not lose time, so pls dont introduce mechanics with cooldown that incentivate running, dont ruin also this game
  7. Combat feedback topic

    i propose 2 repairs in total, to be divided between hull, sails and crew. so u can repairs twice the hull but nothing else or 1 hull and 1 sails ecc... what do u propose?
  8. Combat feedback topic

    mate chill down, i ve done 5 battles and no1 use chain dont worry, not every1 are ELITE. repair in OW went mad and we dont want infinite repairs also here so pls be patient and dont rage after 2 battles , u are a tester(also victim like admin says)
  9. Combat feedback topic

    i was the one chaining you, welcome to naval action man. if u have carro and i have longs i dont see why i should not run and hit ur sails while u are chasing ... its basic combat rules...
  10. as title says i can see all the forum for closed beta partecipants but i cant reply to any of them ... do i miss some rights?
  11. Bug or Feature? Combat related.

    hey guys ive noticed this problem happening since the "structure patch": structure has thickness, the same of the armor. if u take down all the armor hp of an enemy ship (whatever side doesnt matter) the structure should now take damage from long range cause there should be no armor, but u do no damage to structure (altought it says hull x1 x2 ecc.) if u are at long range and ur ball wouldnt not pen armor. ex: u take down all the side armor of an enemy ship with your carros at 100m (u pen at this distance), then the distance between u and him growth to 250m but he doesnt have armor anymore on the side so he should take dmg on structure but he actually doesnt; u get the pen marker hull x1 but u do no dmg at all.( i think the bug is that the game doesnt apply dmg because at that distance ur carro should not be effective against armor and it apply the same mechanics to structure. this work at the exactly same way with medium and longs of any caliber ( tested) SO, its a bug or a feature? should the structure take damage from any distance if there isnt armor on the hit side? or (as it is now) the structure also without armor is protected from long range fire with the same thickness of the (died) armor? thx for reading, keep it up devs!
  12. any1 get the invite this week? (cause admin said that this week a first small group would be invited to test)
  13. i quote my other topic post that get no answer, maybe here i can get it: when will be the great day? ( admin said this week if i'm not mistaken)
  14. where will be the server of legends? EU or US?
  15. can we expect opening to testers before weekend?