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  1. kitsunelegend

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    New UI is interesting. A bit buggy, but an ok change from the old style. How long until you add more OW game mechanics besides fishing and AFK sailing? I'm talking about things like, board games with the crew (or yourself) listening to period music, sea shanties by the crew? Basically, more interaction with the game during long sails? The new patch is great and all, but at this point, the game is greatly lacking in playable depth. The OW is extremely basic and boring. Something really needs to be done... Anyway, I'll see you all in another 8 months. Maybe then, we'll see something really new...
  2. kitsunelegend

    General gameplay feedback

    Over all I'm somewhat impressed. Though one thing I'd love to see, is instead of your ship in the open ocean while in the docks, maybe make it an actual dock? Make it a bit more interesting, ala World of Warships? I do also feel there needs to be a bit more info readily available on screen, and in such a way that is easily understandable. Things like progression levels, amount of total xp on current ships, rate of current ship, ect. I'd also like to see more xp and credit info on the upgrade screen as well, without having to click on the slots themselves. Maybe something like a small number inside the slot area that says how much xp it'll cost to unlock? Ship progression also needs a bit more info, like which ship you'll unlock next ect. Maybe a small arrow pointing to the next ship? Just a small little hint at what to look forward to.
  3. kitsunelegend

    XP and Wipes

    I was part of the CBT for WoWS, I'm used to complete wipes. I think I may live. Out of curiosity, do you happen to know some of the dates of the wipes? Or is it still too early?
  4. kitsunelegend

    Combat feedback topic

    Alright, so far its looking pretty good. I played 3 battles so far in the cutter, so here is what I think so far... Cons 1: general ship speed feels a bit too low for the size of the maps. --- Possible solution; Increase all ship speeds by 10% to 15% across the board. This should decrease the amount of time spent in matches a bit and keep the queue filled with players, meaning faster matches over all. 2: There is some kind of nasty ship turning bug, where ships turn very jaggedly and not smoothly at all. I'll have the rudder hard over and the turn will not be consistent, with the ship occasionally going straight instead of continuing into the turn. 3: Team flags and teams in general, I feel need to be more consistent. For example, currently, in one match, your team could be blue, but in the next match, your team could be red. This can get rather confusing if you're not paying very close attention. --- Possible solution; make the player's team always "blue" and the enemy's team always "red" to better keep teams consistency across matches. This would prevent accidental friendly damage as well. 4: The match maker needs major work. Cutters really shouldn't be facing off against Snows... thats a little over kill and might cause players to feel way too over whelmed. Cutters against brigs feels fine however. Pros 1: Combat seems very nice, smooth, and just generally good. Nothing really surprising there. 2: UI looks lovely. Could use some polishing here and there, and more info in certain places (like readily available xp and silver costs for upgrades without having to click on them) but over seems to do its job well, and looks rather nice. 3: Ship stats right in the front and center, and very easy to read! I love that! Thank you! Over all, I'm slightly impressed. Good job devs! o7
  5. kitsunelegend


    I'll write a review once the devs make a game worth playing.
  6. kitsunelegend

    The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    As a dedicated pve player, I do not want to be confined to a VERY limited area to play the game. I want to be able to explore the entire map without the risk of some bunch of 1st rates deciding to gank my tiny 6th rate for the lulz or whatever. Also, pve players tend to be way nicer and more mature than pvp players who get salty over the littlest of things.
  7. kitsunelegend

    The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Go away troll. Nobody likes you. Sadly, with the way things are going OP, I dont see anything happening. The devs are far too set in their ways, and I dont see any major change unless the game goes under new management by another dev company... Pretty much all of my friends have completely given up on this game... why I still stick, I'll never know... I have 0 interest in pvp in this game...but I guess the devs simply dont give a flying hoot about me or other pve players...
  8. I'm a VERY casual player myself. I ran one combat mission, a master com level, on the pve server the day of the patch, and have to say... I wasn't very impressed. The AI ship still is deadly accurate, their stern chasers still MASSIVELY going over the max angle limits of fire (firing almost 90 degrees to the ship's hull to hit targets), and just being far too powerful with far too many buffs. As for income...yeah...it was a little better...but I've been stuck very firmly at 600k since the wipe... I've done all kinds of trading, all kinds of missions, and the ONLY reason I managed to even get my Essex back and kit her with 32pd carros was because A: I had the redeemable surprise (which I sold after getting a Frigate) and practically begging in nation chat for anyone that could build an Essex. The only other reason I was able to even make as much as I did, even though I play very casually and barely 2 to 4 hours a week, is because I've been around this game a long time now. I know most of the ins and outs. i know how to fight the AI and sink them reliably. I know how to use production buildings, I know how to buy low and sell high, what not to trade and where the best stuff *MIGHT* be... And yet... I'm still struggling... I'm STILL having trouble getting anywhere... My heart goes out to newbies just starting, trying to figure even the basics of sailing, because if I'M having issues, god only knows the issues they're going through... This game has gone so far downhill this past year that the devs will need rocket boosters to get out of the hole its in currently...
  9. kitsunelegend

    I'm done

    You're kidding right? All those things you listed are just alterations to already existing mechanics, minus maybe the xp-based upgrades. Everything else is literally the same thing. We've gotten no brand new mechanics, or any brand new ships, or any actual improvements or any REAL content. Trading is exactly the same as it was before, combat is pretty much exactly the same as before, sailing is pretty much exactly the same as before... Everything is either just under a new name or has a different effect, or has been completely removed. And that "event"? Exactly the same as it was implemented last time. There was no change at all. They've even removed several things from the previous versions that had no issues. Like the ability to mail things to other ports. I though they were very well balanced. There was a weigh limit, you had to pay gold to use it, and it took a decent amount of time before it actually got there, and then you had to be in that port to claim it and have an outpost there. Yet they took it out for no reason. This is an alpha game. This isn't the time for fine tuning things. Alpha is where you add a bunch of content, get the game pretty much roughly where you want it, then beta is where all the tuning and tweaks and fixes come in. This is why alpha's are usually buggy messes. The devs can't even get THAT part right it seems. Stop being some fan boy for the devs and realize that the game is in a shitty state at the moment. There is no progression in development, the devs haven't released a SINGLE roadmap type of thing, I doubt THEY even know where they want this game to end up. All the recent patches have told me as much. They can never make up their mind it seems, and have shown a lack of drive for this game. And if you think none of this is true, just take a look at the number of people who still play vs how many bought the game. That number has been going down, constantly. People are getting fed up with this game and its development progress. I give it another 5 months before the player base is right back where it was pre-wipe, if not worse.
  10. kitsunelegend

    I'm done

    I can't take the dev's BS anymore. I am done with this game until the next major patch/release. This game is nothing but frustration because the development goes nowhere and the devs just don't seem to give a hello kitty anymore. All they're doing lately is small tunings and minor bug fixes. No new content, no new things to play with, nothing. I mean, ffs we haven't even gotten a solid roadmap out of the devs! We have no idea what their plans are , IF they even have plans. We have no idea where they want to take this game, its practically in limbo at this point. Only thing I would call true content that we got recently was the protractor. Thats it. Everything else has been either minor bug fixes, tweaks to existing mechanics, removal of other existing mechanics, the reintroduction of mechanics that have already existed in much older versions of the game, plus the introduction of even more bugs and broken things. Using the excuse of "oh its only EA, just give it time" I gave it a god damned year and half, and as far as I can tell, its BARELY progressed. Take a look at Medieval Engineers, developed and owned by Keen Software House. That game is ALSO in EA/alpha, has a small, but dedicated, team working on it, and has a ton of content. Thats how a game should be developed. I mean ffs ME has progressed far more in 6 months than NA has progressed in the ENTIRE year and half I've owned it. ME has gotten freaking entire planets, an brand new UI, lots of new things to play with and build with, lots of positive community interaction, and the game is so incredibly stable due to the massive amount of bug fixes during that that I haven't experienced a game crash or serious bug in over a year now. You'd almost mistake it for a game that was in open beta stages! Oh and btw? ME has patches/updates every single week. EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. If you wanted the picture boy of EA games, just look at ME. So yeah, I'm done. Call me when the devs get their heads out of their collective asses.
  11. This suggestion is honestly something that should have been day one. It makes so much sense and is so damned logical, and that is exactly why the devs will never do it.
  12. kitsunelegend

    Teleport to Port Battle

    If y'all would stop trying to find every single freaking way to exploit and get around the game rules, then the devs wouldn't be so damned distracted and could actually do their job, aka develop the freaking game, instead of trying to figure out "cleaver" ways to close such exploits, which most of the time don't even work! And then MAYBE the game wouldn't be in such a freaking mess atm! Signed, a very disgruntled customer and player.
  13. kitsunelegend

    New Trader tool

    The sad part is, this should be included in the game by default, yet players are forced to make these useful and needed tools themselves because the devs can't be half assed to actually do their jobs. Good job OP, thanks for the hard work mate. I won't be using this myself personally, but I can clearly see how useful this can be. Good work! o7
  14. Still getting lots of lag and rubber banding on the PvE server, something I've never had before until this last few weeks. Last night was the worst of it I believe, rubber banding, high pings, a disconnect, and I wasn't the only one having the same exact issues. At least 2 maybe 3 or more players all said they were having issues as well. Getting really frustrating. You gonna fix this any time soon? If not, I'll just go play something else instead.
  15. kitsunelegend

    Constitution refit status question

    Soo...from my understanding, they just completely scrapped the idea of updating Constitution's model at all? So....one of the most famous USN warships is going to continue to have a highly outdated model and we're just supposed to accept that? I'd say I was surprised, but given all the prior actions I've seen of the devs...I'm really not... I am EXTREMELY disappointed however...