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  1. Do you really believe in it? DLC model is working so well for the devs.
  2. Joernsson

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Yeah whenever a nation is weak or sleeping mighty rediii arrives Not that I play the game atm so I don't really care. If they feel like they can conquer whole Sweden. But it's still funny
  3. Joernsson

    Possible Alt Farming

    How can you distinguish a store bought ship from a crafted ship just by looking at it?
  4. Joernsson

    NVIDIA GTX 960 FPS down since this week...

    Are you using Sandboxie?
  5. Joernsson

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Hold Optimization Perk does not work for ships in fleet anymore?
  6. Joernsson

    Warum bis zum Release noch spielen?

    Leute, geht euch doch mal abkühlen ^^
  7. Joernsson

    Warum bis zum Release noch spielen?

    Meine Frage wäre eher, Warum nach dem Release noch spielen ^^
  8. Joernsson

    DLC ships

    From an economic (developer's) point of view: OP ship = Many people will buy the DLC. Average ship = Not so many will buy the DLC.
  9. What's your ingame name?
  10. It's just my personal impression that Wasa is not that used as it was before it got "fixed". Your comment "Looks some people doesnt play the game but like to comment in forums." is unnecessary.
  11. You mean to make it useless.
  12. Joernsson

    Rare books DLC

    Would you care to elaborate on that?
  13. Joernsson

    DLC's and game release.

    Give the Essex bow chasers pleeeeeeeease
  14. You are wrong. I talked to him. He died at La Desirade and also killed one of your guys at La Desirade. I also F11'd the not properly working combat news.