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  1. Joernson

    Private Warehouse

    Wait for the new UI. I think chaos will be solved with it (hopefully)
  2. Joernson

    Private Warehouse

    Don't you have a private warehouse in every of your outposts?
  3. Admin: "more information will follow (including the list of materials removed)"
  4. Joernson

    Fan Made Video - Battle of Placentia 1789

    Beginning of the video reminds me of the opening scene of Master and Commander movie. Nice
  5. Joernson

    Community Representatives.

    I know only one person who would be able to do this job perfectly. But I think he is barley playing the game anymore. @Jeheil
  6. Joernson

    Please for the love of god please fix loot mechanics....

    Rather increase the value of OW loot (as @Sir Texas Sir said) than the sinking time again. Most of the time loot is only basic stuff.
  7. Joernson

    Please for the love of god please fix loot mechanics....

    That video makes me feel sad
  8. Joernson

    More places like Kidd's Island...

    All Pirates must hang! Or at least send them all to the Pacific ^^ But I must admit the idea is neat. Would me do thinking about going Pirate.
  9. Joernson

    LV NA needs you

  10. Joernson

    The server shotdown to early

    I guess 15 minutes before servers shutting down you cannot login to the game anymore. Thus it says already Maintenance. But server is physically shutting down at 12:00 CET.
  11. Joernson

    Hercules ship feedback

    Not the most beautiful ship but for sure one of the best modelled ships in game so far. The details and complexity of the standing and the running rigging is just awesome
  12. Joernson

    Exams - How to pass - tips and tricks

    Me2. First time full berserk mode and sinking both one after the other. Second time rage boarded one and thereafter sunk two. Method 1 was slightly faster as replenishing crew after boarding takes quite a while (without graping before boarding ofc^^).