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  1. other example of captain who cannot behave

    Just out of interest: Why didn't you let him go when he begged for it in the beggining and said he spawned there by accident?
  2. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Really? Never heard about that. I can't imagine that Victory's structures where made for firing mortars.
  3. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Check. Done. When can we buy them? Before release?
  4. Future wipes

    Dude, none of your ships you have in your ports will be removed today. Just the items in your redeemables list (if you have one) will be removed. Maybe you should reed the announcement again.
  5. Future wipes

    #nowipe pls Just map reset.
  6. Patrol Mission vs farmers

    Yesterday in Patrol Area I saw a battle 8 French vs 1 Brit, I wanted to join the battle on Brit side but there was no button that allowed me to join. I sailed over to French circle and the join button appeared. Maybe another bug. Missed to F11 it tho. @admin @Ink
  7. Seems all crafted ships are 5/5 now. Also those coming from notes. @Edit Just unrolled 2 Wasa notes and they were both 3/5, so at least the second one I cannot confirm.
  8. Redeemables Clearance Question.

    Forged Papers will be removed as well. You have to buy the DLC to be able to change nation every 30 days for unlimited time.
  9. bottles from global

    @King of Crowns
  10. I'm wondering if there is an update available on below cases?
  11. We have too many Nations - Remove some!

    Aren't there any more servers we could merge? #servermerge
  12. Invasion Suedoise en cours...

    like a mob