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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Indeed. At least everybody knows now how to make a fool out of yourself
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    lol you're lower than low dude
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    Maybe stop giving away your ports to Spaniards. And pls don't go full retard anymore.
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    @monk33y Who let you out of your cage again?
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    Nope. There was a severe (real) storm yesterday. And it was more much more important to get home safe rather than moving some unimportant pixels. http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-01/19/c_136906294.htm
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

  7. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    I believe that too But I'd like to hear the details from the developers still
  8. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    @admin What is the price to be expected for this DLC? And once DLC is bought we can switch nation as often as we want by just a click? Or does the DLC enables us to craft unlimited forged papers? And maybe trade them in game?
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    @rediii I can recommend this spray. I use it since a while in this forum and it works pretty fine
  10. Increase how far we can zoom out

    +1 Would be nice at least to be able to see the name of the guy sailing right beside you when you're in 1st rates without clicking on the map or using the free cam.
  11. Ich meinte in der Tat die alten Zeiten lange bevor es Allianzen gab
  12. So ist es in der Tat. Das Spiel ist viel zu Ernst geworden. Alle sind verbissen, Fehler sind nicht mehr erlaubt, da ggfs. gleich die komplette Flotte hopps geht. Fühlt sich schon fast an wie auf Arbeit Mit Spaß am Spiel hat das alles, für mich jedenfalls, nicht mehr viel zu tun. Wo sind nur die guten alten Zeiten geblieben. Vielleicht bin ich auch mittlerweile einfach zu alt für den Scheiß
  13. PvP marks alt farming.

    Every Morning you can see names of Captains in the Combat News you usually don't see there killing peeps of your nation in regions where they are usually not. But I give up to report them all. The mechanic is bad and promotes PvP marks farming.
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    "Best" thing was yesterday when Russian Alts in Sverige Clan [Marks] tried to join our screening group. They do fair play all the time.
  15. Duel Rooms, Again...

  16. [PVP EU] US Constitution Finalized

    Damn as the Beach Boys have a President I'd wish @sveno just would appear on these forums as King of Sweden, HM King Sveno I
  17. Whaling

  18. Whaling

    If someone goes whaling here I call my friends from Sea Shepherd
  19. I'd always prefer a Lynx over a Basic Cutter for that job
  20. Abusing RvR System

    New nations are indicated as impossible [...]
  21. To Many Messages in Chat. ( Chat unusable )

    This happened to me once as well. I can't remember exactly but i think it had something to do with the computers time setting. I found out that Windows was not displaying the correct time and I sync it while in game. Then the time in chat and Windows was different and I could't type any more messages in chat.
  22. Limiting VM and 1sts differently

    But but most use shitty LO 1st rates. I don't wanna use them
  23. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    Can I call out a bounty on someone of my own nation?

    Maybe you look at Haiti?