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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    Another day in NA bullshittery has started
  2. Change nickname request

    I don't know
  3. Change nickname request

    Devs said once this option could become available, but earliest after final release of the game. Currently name change of your ingame character is not possible without deleting and creating a new one which results in loosing all progress, xp etc.
  4. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Sh.... I always forget about this agreement But at least nobody knows who of us is who in the video
  5. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Points are clear. Can we stop here now the discussion?
  6. Wasa (Vasa)

    You are confused The Wasa in game is the Kronprins Gustav Adolf, a ship of the Wasa-class designed by Chapman. The ingame name always leads to confusion and devs are thinking about renaming it. The Vasa is a completely different ship from another century. And I doubt we will ever see it in game.
  7. Exploiting teleport on OW

    Heth, I should have warned you beforehand, that a discussion with this guy, leads to nothing but disapproval.
  8. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

  9. @admin @Ink You may investigate this case please. If it turns out as what I think it is you really should think about the level of your punishments against PvP Marks farmers. I don't think it's just a coincidence that the same names are found here as in the last case:
  10. The Death of a Nation

    Just wondering what those french ships were, maybe just spectators
  11. Challenge Problems

    Maybe @Ink @admin can help here
  12. Kicked from the server in the middle of battle

    @Davos Seasworth Nice wallpaper. What is that?