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  1. Rabman

    Retag griefing

    This whole thread is gold. I look forward to the "full battle group" of brits screenshots at Christiansted.
  2. To many people give up the stern to protect the side armor because ball raking is marginally effective. There's a happy medium between the initial rake damage changes we had 8-9 months ago and where it is now. Having it do significant structure damage would be a step in right direction
  3. This and a lot more speed aggies, because of that big crew compliment.
  4. Rabman

    Your preferred poisons!

    The bat droppings are the secret ingredient
  5. Rabman

    Your preferred poisons!

    Blasphemy, all of those IPA's and overly seasoned summer/ocktoberfest ales with limes and citrus miss the mark big time for me.
  6. Rabman

    Your preferred poisons!

    Need some good beer represented in this thread
  7. Rabman

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Thats one way to look at it, not the way I look at it, but its definitely one way.
  8. Rabman

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Even if people wont admit it, I agree with this 100%. I don't want to have to regrind all that bullshit again. I hate AI fleets, I hate RNG loot bullshit. They need to make all of the books acquirable via marks or some such process and allow us to bypass AI fleet grinding.
  9. Forum PvP has over 1000 players
  10. Rabman

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    1. You think this is a joke and you offer a poor analogy. Determined defender is a luxury. Guys used to have to learn to tack above boarding speed for just this reason. You could be pulled by a Surprise in a Vic. Not putting yourself into a boarding situation is 101 basics. 2. Literally any square rigger setup is enough to evade a Requin. Perhaps a floating battery, Live Oak, White Oak port battle ship is the only thing that cannot escape downwind. 3. Before the Requin - Princes and Pickles used to harass fleets in the same manner. They can engage and retreat when needed. There is nothing new here. All of these things you've pointed out are basics and not Requin specific. They're heightened by the existence of the DLC ship, but all of these conditions existing before the Requin reared her head.
  11. Rabman

    Best New Player Support Idea Yet! +1 -1 rank limit.

    It's like you don't know how to read. Admin said this is a shit idea, which I agree with, as an example of why this is a shit idea is the risk free travel item. Read it again and stop frothing at the mouth.
  12. Rabman


    It was and still is tied to durability and should probably change, but I imagine it's a wasted feature these.
  13. Rabman

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    I believe this is the most recent pic who some believe is Graf Bernadotte otherwise known as the guy who stole Horatio's girl