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  1. It may be irrelevant in the near future depending on the fate the devs choose for pvp/combat marks. We may have some new general currency. I agree about the leak shot kill, in fact it should have its own combat news like boarding when you leak someone down.
  2. Question regarding the new VM distribution. Currently you can only see total count of ports you are Lord Protector of. Can there be an easier way to reflect who is Lord Protector of where? if you wanted to consolidate ports, but cannot determine (unless people have saved in game mails) who is Lord Protector of what.
  3. Rabman

    pls change timers

    The comment was directed at your own reply, in that the double flips are already here for the French. See the point now?
  4. Rabman

    pls change timers

    Brits and Americans just tried a coordinated double flip night attack on Nevasse and San Sebastian. We mobilized two groups and wiped out the entire british group and routed the americans and sank half their fleet, before the other hostility grinders even showed up on the scene. Rest assured our timers are not false timers, we are here and we are waiting.
  5. Rabman

    pls change timers

    I agree with you if they address the first underlying problem which is the need for maximum dots for the conquest game and VM's. Once this moves to a Lord Protector VM system instead, the need for all of these ports will go away and the wealth as it were can be spread around. Once that happens, these secondary mechanics are probably not necessary, and we could in fact have ports as designated battle grounds for fun. I know my clan would only hold one or two ports, because all others are unnecessary for our purposes.
  6. Rabman

    pls change timers

    What is the goal of the timer change to force empty battles and more PvE? Granted there are some port timer shenanigans going on now, but as it stands, the Euro's will take every port we North American players have without timers, and we'll have no one online to defend. It's bad enough server reset is right in the Euro daytime, which prevents us from being able to be involved in retaking any neutral ports or defending allied ports, the timers will presumably shift in the Euro daytime and thus block us out of that as well. We need a solution that accommodates all time-zones and is not partial to Euro hours. This change will inevitably move toward a release of many ports and as such releasing of ports should be randomized throughout the day, or the implementation of the new proposed system you had regarding VM's being awarded based upon a scaling port holding system. Then no one has to play collect the dots.
  7. Rabman

    Limit regions PB timers

    No one enjoyed sitting in a port for two hours waiting, and there were definitely no fights.
  8. Rabman

    pls change timers

    Generally speaking I think this is a pretty bad idea. This will not create fights, it will create empty port battles. Nothing is more fun than having 12-15 guys in team speak, bored out of their mind waiting for an empty port battle to be won. We can defend in 2-7 range, when we have the majority of our players online. Once that timer is shifted to 11-14 or some other time, we'll have zero players online. What's achieved here? No PvP, no Content, just punishment for the loser of the resource war. We're checking an empty box that doesn't need to be checked with this proposed mechanic.
  9. Rabman

    Unequal battles

    Why are there no PvP missions? You set the objective, fleet or ship comp and pay big bucks for completing them. E.G. Take any 5th rate and sink a 5th rate or above, within one battle, however you like. Make completing the missions tied to a larger overall ship access feature. You want to command a fourth rate, you need to sink enemies in 5th's to get access. People may hem and haw, but it will get people out there fighting. Who knows how well you tune it, it could be highly profitable or rewarding.
  10. Rabman

    Hull thickness feedback

    Penetration is in a very good place now. Alpha damage is once against possible without extreme close range. It's a nice change to be able to sink down enemies instead of the slow whittle and evade/repair cycle.
  11. The little baked in trims wouldn't be worth all of this bellyaching if they were minor. The two additional perms however are something entirely different. I remember back at the first major ship changes, you all said that you wanted the ship trims to be built in, and more emphasis on the skill of the captain. We went from peak Strong Hulled or Pirate refit ships, to flat, now we're going back to baked in refits, plus 5/5. It's all power creep, no one will field 5/5 ships at PB's tomorrow, but by week two or three or four? Power creep all over again. The only difference is now you'll have to RNG for it. How many rolls to make that Pirate Refit Endymion 5/5. Sure I could sail a 3/5, but why would I when a 5/5 is available. No one sailed 2/4 ships, which I believe you, yourself said that somewhere regarding the first round of changes that flattened gold ships. I had to make 8 Bellona's to get one 3/5 Bellona back in the day. Why are we going back to that? If we're going to be spamming so many ships out, let us craft from the clan warehouse directly then.
  12. It will become 5/5 1st rates plus a "bonus" trim as the entry requirements to the main fleet ship for PB's.
  13. Rabman

    New "Special" Trims

    WTB - LO/WO Ocean 5/5 with Cartegena refit
  14. Just say no to RNG crafting. Make everything more about skill, and picking the correct ship, and less about lucky rolls, and lucky trims. I dont want to have to make 10 ships to get the correct trim required for the META.
  15. Rabman

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    With Chrome is does perform poorly. With Firefox, its is significantly better