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  1. British hypocrisy ?

    Not really interrested in this topic, or salty behaviour. Doesn't contibute to anything important. So both parties did the same. Where different people involved. I notice Jorge where you said British Friends. It was actually one guy making that post. And he may not even have been involved in this action. Don't know. So you use your information pretty easy that way. Carlos Condell says you gank 9 vs 1. Well I think a lot of guys did that. Also players involving your faction and mine aswell. Please stop bothering..play the game and have fun. You win some, you lose some. But keep your frustration to yourself and start looking at the big picture. Greets
  2. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    I need to remind some people it's a game. Don't take it to seriously..Just have fun and see what it brings.. Doesn't matter what nation you play. we all love this 'age of sail'. So start enjoying it.
  3. The Royal Dutch Provinces declare war.

    La Blanquilla was attacked when it was neutral. Santa Marta was attacked when it was Swedish. Baranquilla was now attacked when it was Dutch. So facts are..Pervs attacked first. I don't mind. I love the battles I have been in with some guys playing VP. Nice battles. Keep it going and have fun doing it. All this nagging. I like the fact you're taking action, but don't cry about it. But be sure there are enough Dutchies that are not whining at all. Just have fun and work together. Greetz
  4. PvP Global poll... who you sailing for??

    I played soccer with the left one, when he was a veteran and I was allowed to join the senior squad as a junior. lol Don't know how this reflects on me..but the left one is well known for attending all matches with a Dutch cheese on his head.
  5. Flipping time (automation)

    I was told the night flipping has a long history, but just now becam a problem. Someone checked Jehiel's Letters to the King and noticed, there has been night attacks for over a year. Only for a month ago people started to object. So the issue is not the nightflip, it's these people that will keep whine about situation that are negative for them. It was the nightflip now, what will come next, we'll see. Just try to have fun, you can't win them all, but can have fun nonetheless. And I would love to see some more options for the lower rank players. There is not enough shallow water port battles for them. And the logging out in front of port, doesn't give them enough screening action aswell. So get them some more oppertunities. Greetzz
  6. Funny how the 4 redeemables are mentioned under bad news . Great idea, the best time I had in this game, was with pb's against France, where we and them had one first rate. They where so scarce, hardly anyone could craft them and most where to fond of them to jeopardize them. Great times. All Trinco/3rd rate battles. Something being scarce makes them more special imo. Good idea to get rid of everything, makes the game a lot more interesting. Especially for the starting players. Cheers.
  7. It's like this forum is made for a lot idiots. I see things like exploits, bad Alliance, cheats, zergs and all kind of ridicule terms here. Be aware that whatever you think, the game is losing a lot playerbase when population split. And the guys using these kind of terms will start using them again. English have 32% of the playerbase but hardly show up, they're busy with other stuff. Cause they're smart enough to get away from the salty and toxic RvR atmosphere created by a lot of players. Just think how you could make this game more enjoyable for other players. Whatever nation they sail for....maby then we'll get somewhere...
  8. Yes, let's kill the game some more!! Brilliant idea. Only battles at 16 server time. Nobody will defend, but great idea anyway.
  9. Elosystem for the upcoming PvP battle zones

    I think based on scores, what Fellvred was doing with the small battles was promising. Higher scores for the lower ranked ships. It's been 3/4 days now and the way it seems to progress, in a week we have 4/5 1st rate fleets fighting eachother. With 15 players each. Lone wolfs are without changes. In that case I liked the small battle aswell. Fellvred did an awesome job imo. Devs should look into what he did. And about alts, I got screenshots of a guy in a Reno making it into the leaderboards by killing a undercrewed Belle Poule, without guns(he apparantly forgot). Which is odd. In didn't add up. If those guys get into the leaderboards that way, there should be penalties.
  10. [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Classic white is indeed the same as black chequer. (Classic white and Sicily paint for Santisima.)
  11. "BLACK WEDNESDAY" 30/11/2016 a day to remember...for long time...

    We had a few American in Bridgetown, one of them being really decisive by blowing up I might say. And think a few where at San Agustin. But indeed not their primetime yet.
  12. Alliances - Feedback topic

    Hello Gents, I understood the idea was to make 3 blocks of alliances. As this is a game based on historical principes, and the playerbase that is interessted in these kind of games often have historical knowledge about the timeframe this game is about. It's logical that the alliances turn out to be alliances based on historical foundation. Which mean British faction will be opposite of France and Spain. Trafalgar battle being the biggest battle historical in the frame of this game, where these naval powers met in battle with the ships in the game. So the possibility of France being allied with British nation will become small. As is now the reality. It makes the game and the group of gamers start to become polarized in their way of thinking to one and another if playing for a certain nation/faction. An option would have been to add more nations, so there would be more options. But that would mean you need to lose a bit of the historical frame and reality. I think i the situation atm, there will be no changes in alliances in the near future. It has been stabilized. So didn't think it worked out the way the Dev's had it in mind.
  13. Contracts placement

    Well this has nothing to do with free market actually. Person 1 makes bid of 25 gold for 1000 coal, person 2 must atleast bid 26 to get on top of the list. But somehow this person is the only person to become first with the same 25 gold bid. That's confusing 'free market' with a bug. Only a particular person seemsto be able to take top position in the free market, or use some kind of mechanism I'm not aware of. And that's not a fair mechanism in my eyes. But why would you be so defensive on this particular topic... Greets
  14. Contracts placement

    So by making a contract for a resource, it seems you need to outbid another buyer, or get to wait until another buyer bought the amount he/she wanted. The bug I find in the WS market. And I tried it thouroughly by know, and I'm also not the only one that had this problem. There is one person in the nation that somehow doesn't need to bid more, to get higher on the buyerlist, that person can put a contract for the same price, and gets the topspot. And every time does so. Other way around, it simply puts me second, the way it should. I would really like the dev's to get a look into it. I already did a bug-report. And wonder if more people have this issue? Greets
  15. Public Financial Statements of Compaignie des heeren neegentien (XIX)

    The cookies where quit astonishing my Lord. I wish everyone goodluck with your endevours in the next week. For I will be so free, to enjoy some more cookies, purchased from my share.