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  1. Willem

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    you can´t click on ports in the open world anymore which was really handy when you wanted to join a pb. Maybe that can get in again? edit: You can click once the pb started. so disregard my suggestion. Well done 🙂
  2. Willem


    That is exactly my solution. And since it only excludes the game client, I am fine with that until Kaspersky comes with an update.
  3. Willem


    hey, i was the one who pm-ed you today ingame. Hope it fixed it for you.
  4. Willem


    Are you running Kaspersky AV? I had a similiar issue with it.
  5. Willem

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    and @Liam790 and @Sir Lancelot Holland how is this all related to the topic?
  6. Willem

    Untouchable ship structure

    i was the Mortar Brig. There is no Video i know of. I should have started recording. Shame on me. But i can confirm what Juji said above. The Prussian players structure seemed to be invulnerable. With both sides complete down and several further hits, the bar just didn´t move.
  7. Willem

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    what about taking a live oak port from your enemys instead of your friends?
  8. Willem

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Dear Mr. Christendom, who do you want to fool here? It was guys of the us-clan who tried to screen us out of Islamorada. Thanks to your provided screenshot, i can see they were even in the same group sailing around. The screen you provided is Graf tagging a us-player to prevent him from tagging our pb fleet after the us started the aggression. It happened around Islamorada, a port Spain had a portbattle and you want to tell us you were grinding it up? How do you do this with a port which already has a pb set? So what is your real intention here to provoke a war? And just to make it clear. I am NO spanish official. I am only talking for myself. I even don´t know why you are mentioned hostile in above list. Maybe prevision...
  9. On behalf of [7up] i wish you good luck and success on your new way. Respect for your decision to change to the dutch. Make the dutch great again !
  10. Swärker is still the unit in which Mortar Brig Skill is measured.
  11. Willem

    Server Merge Poll

    The reason why Jags and Sura left the game has nothing to do with any swedish player. You know it Chris.
  12. Willem

    Clanwarehouse Limitation

    Yes, please increase the slots in the warehouse to put more different stacks in it.
  13. Willem

    Deutsche Clans nach dem Wipe

    Könnt ihr bitte dabei schreiben auf welchem Server ihr seien werdet?
  14. Willem

    Post Wipe : Resource Rethink

    would be good for the balance and smaller nations