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  1. So has a test of 25 l'Oceans against 25 Victories been carried out?
  2. New ships added Player voted ship: Rattlesnake - sloop of war Player voted ship: Chapman's Indiaman - combat trader I've seen the question asked before, but not answered yet. It would be nice to get the whole data on new ships introduced to the game. What drops them? What do they drop? What are craft level and labour hour needs? .....are 4 questions I would like answers to.
  3. jagfour

    Cutter swarm suggestion.

    Precisely fox2run. The enemy in a war, is always looking for the new idea to try to see what it does. Poofy bitching because you are out thought just means you are in the wrong game and have not an iota of an idea as to what war is. There was an earlier whine from someone about ramming. There were ships built in history with the specific job of ramming. A captain of a war ship, will use his ship to ram an enemy. On this occasion, the devs made the terrible mistake of reducing the effect of ramming because a poor boy had his ship sunk from ramming. The devs must take into full account, the history of the game they are making. The attrition of war should be seriously looked into. I mean, where do the 500+ replacement crew come from in the middle of the ocean after a battle?
  4. jagfour

    Dura Trading Pt 2

    You loose the point I make. Try this analogy. I have 40k of gold. I fight my enemy. He wins and is 40k up. I have 4 dura 40k of gold left. A Pirate does the same with his mates. Four of hi mates Hmmm. Get the problem now? It is completely one sided for the Pirates.
  5. jagfour

    Dura Trading Pt 2

    Yes, five ships for the price of one, but only for the Pirates. We all get 5 Dura for our ships, but no one can spread the love as easily as the Pirate. That is not a fair system and needs to be re-thought. The absolute minimum change that should be made is to reduce Dura to 3. I would like to see it removed completely, I mean, a pregnant ship? Really!!
  6. I have just read a thread, which is closed incidentally, where there was a battle between 2 Pirates. Another nation member joined the battle and found that effectively, one pirate was giving another clan member a free kill and of course, a free ship. Both of them will remain pirates. So lets move along a bit and the Victory is around. A pirate gets one and hands out the other 4 'Ships' to his mates and, oh yeah, they stay as Pirates. Where is the equality of this idea for other nations? A. They can't attack their brothers. B. If they did, they would change to a pirate. And when the hell did a ship ever give birth? This Dura thing is a completely rediculous idea, and I think Dura should be removed, or have a complete rethink in how it is used.
  7. jagfour

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Cache check c/o satis. It is now installing a 125M update. Hopefully will work now. Sorted. Thank you.
  8. jagfour

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    It did update through Steam. I have closed it several times, but the problem persists. I have closed Steam and reloaded. Problem persists. I will reboot computer and try again. No luck after reboot. I think the update was around 2M on steam. It appeared to download and install ok. But still get the protocol issue.
  9. jagfour

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    I'm getting Wrong Protocol version. Help