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  1. @rediii is the guy always stealing the kills.
  2. God save the KING The Harbourmaster - LITTLE CAYMAN It is hereby announced, that, once the port of LITTLE CAYMAN has been cleaned from the debris of the last naval fight (this means hostility cooldown), the port will make docks available for ships of foreign nations. Under the conditition that the port shall NOT be attacked, traders from all nations can here find a place to bid for the highly demanded teak on several auctions a day. The harbourmaster will also reduce the taxes for all trading goods to 7%, with a possible further decrease to 5% in the future. PLEASE NOTE, the harbourmaster will NOT provide escort services for heavily loaded trade ships arriving or leaving the port, captains have to sail to and from LITTLE CAYMAN on their own risk. Shall a nation decide to attack LITTLE CAYMAN, the port will be defended by the Royal Navy and closed down for future business and not reopen for the public again.
  3. Not really, but if it makes you happy, keep believing in it 😊
  4. We are more like: But I will give you an A for effort.
  5. Actual picture of HAVOC going to a Port Battle
  6. You really think I give a hello kitty about you thinking me being Hornblower? Play game more, read less National News and stop believing Hachi's wild imagination. @Hethwill the Harmless I think thread served it's purpose. People used it for drama about timers and ganking.
  7. Listen to moderator, he can compare IPs 😎
  8. This thread went down pretty quickly sadly, maybe it's better to keep port closed before more salt gets produced for no reason.
  9. Batman

    It's time for Justice

    Did I? That's so long ago, I hardly remember or care It's a game, some people really need to chill the hell out over certain things.
  10. Batman

    It's time for Justice

    You really think I would waste my time using google translator to read Spanish subforum with broken English, then write a post in perfect English and have it turned into broken Spanish so I could troll in Spanish subforum? Please, stop listening to Hachi
  11. To much qq about timers and other crap here. GB has ONE teak port. Yet I want to share it with other nations who don't have acess to teak. Take this opportunity or not. But keep the timer-discussion out of here please.
  12. Batman

    Retag griefing

    As you lost your ship anyway, you could have just turned around and fought.
  13. I want to offer a fair solution for everybody to get teak and you guys turn this into a timer discussion. gg
  14. I think France already has teak ports 😛
  15. Make a Server for the Spanish only, problem solved.
  16. @Sento de Benimaclet what's your ingame name? Are you the Spanish @Admiral Horatio Hornblower?
  17. Batman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Even a Swiss fleet was spotted yesterday at Little Cayman. It remains unclear what their objective was, as they vanished as fast as they where spotted.
  18. Batman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    i was amazed how many people showed up, considering the fact at friday we had only three or four people screening and thus we had to join from very far away. I hope everybody had good fun tonight, and @rediii stop leeching kills or I will never let you command a 25v25 screening battle.
  19. Batman

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Little Cayman port battle: Please note, Lord Kasparov disconnected during the PB The port battle fleet was attacked after the port battle: Basically the last half hour I was doing nothing due to the wind pushing me into the beach The various screening battles:
  20. The city infront of the ship is Old Providence. I am approacing from the WEST. Yet the compass tells me I am going 270, which usually is considered to be a western course. In the other direction, now I am going to the WEST, the little Island on my starboard bow is the little Island westish of Old Providence. But the compass tells me I am going 90, which means I am going EAST. Basically, what the OP wants to tell - the compass in battle instance is mirrored by 180 degrees, meaning north becomes south and south becomes north.
  21. Batman

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    Constitution always had a big lobby, but honestly, what has she ever achieved besides sinking a few smaller ships? Please don't let me call @Fluffy Fishy to destroy your dreams of Constitution being made of adamantium. If you think she is useless and not worth sailing I will happily take yours for a few salt
  22. Batman

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    "Russia cancelling all treaties" - or not? Blocking defender slots in hostility missions, pretty low move from Spain.
  23. Batman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    @Hethwill the Harmless Great battle results, maybe? Oh wait, mod going off topic, I think we're good