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  1. Upwind nehmen sich alle drei nicht viel, aber Downwind ist die Santi doch ein gutes Stück langsamer. Das vorsätzliche Rammen, umzingeln und Boarden ist auch so eine Mechanik, die dringend überarbeitet gehört, finde ich.
  2. I'm pretty sure we have all come across this by now. You want to add a new clan to your friend list, but you can't find them in the list. Scrolling through the list a pain for two reasons: Scrolling itself through the list is laggy af Clans are sorted by creation date (I think?) from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom You should be able to sort clans in alphabetical order (ascending or descending) or add a new window that allows to search for specific clantag in your nation.
  3. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    No players in prussia = no clans to add to friends = no problems
  4. Ist es denn definitv, so, dass man in nem PB gewesen sein muss? Hab schon von Leuten gehört, die VMs bekommen haben, obwohl sie wochenlang nicht gespielt haben (Ja, ich rede von einer Pause während der letzten Änderungen). Wie auch immer, man sieht, dass sich das ganze Thema schon wieder hochschaukelt. Es wurde ja glaube ich gestern nochmal um Klarstellung der Mechanik gebeten. Ich finds auch schade, dass diese "heißen" Themen wie z. B. Vorwürfe des gegenseitigen Exploitens von den Devs so müde belächelt werden. Mal heißt es "exploits können genutzt werden, bis sie gefixed werden", dann heißt es "wer den exploit nutzt, wird sofot bestraft". Mit so einer Politik kommt man sicher nicht weit, wenn das Spiel mal richtig released wird.
  5. Als ob in Russland niemand Alts hätte, die euch mit VMs versorgern würden ... Max Mustermann, Son of a gun ...
  6. Should I join?

    Love how this thread went from "Should I join GB" to "GB is not allowed to take neutral ports from Poland".
  7. Should I join?

    I've simply set up some new rules (Just recently btw).
  8. Should I join?

    Nah, you haven't lived in NA until you played brits. Our meetings now last 30 minutes and you have pvp infront of Jamaica all day.
  9. Didn't get victory mark

    What makes u think he plays russian empire?
  10. Or simply remove names from OW ships - "Great Britain/Denmark-Norge/Sverige/Dutch/Espana (add rest of nations) player sailing on ship A". done
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    I've noted that the picture from Saint-Louis can't be watched full screen for some reason, so I've uploaded it to another hoster - hopefully nobody has to use a spyglass now to read the names of battle participants
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    "We" as in "RSC" and you are a member of RSC, by any chance?
  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    You have been informed by a player from RED that we plan to raise hostility. You simply missed your chance to take the port again. If a port goes neutral (unintended or not), everbody can claim it.
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    I'm not sure, maybe @Banished Privateer will remember correctly.
  15. Loooooooooool Btw the hiding in battles didn't happen on this server until recently. I think it became common after the merge.
  16. Change teleport again

    I can't speak for GNF but I don't know why they set it to this timer anyway. They also didn't communicate this. GNF is kind of dead anyway.
  17. I didnt say so. But you shouldn't be wondering that people get pissed and adapt. If you want your opponent to play fair, you should do so aswell. @Stepp636 Ernsthaft - du hast mein Förmchen gestohlen, also klau ich dir deins?
  18. 1. I don't think it's trash. People should know that the clan they maybe join uses certain game mechanics to avoid ... competition. 2. So teleporting to Barranquilla was fair play?
  19. Caribbean Invasion News

    Soo ... no more "we just want good fights?"
  20. Caribbean Invasion News

    Why suddenly REDS ports set to 0300-0600? Cabo de la Vela, George Town, Flatts ...
  21. Duel Rooms, Again...

    Gib duel room plise.
  22. Masts made of glass?

    Elite French Rig + Winged Out Ballast gives you 25% thickness + 36% Mast HP without any speed penalty.