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  1. If you don't agree with the rules, you are not allowed to play
  2. All Ranks lost

    There was a complete wipe in May. It was announced months ahead on Steam, here on the forums and ingame on server selection screen. Instructions on how to save your xp were also given. You didn't look at naval Action for 16 months, neither on steam or the forums and wonder that in a Early Access Game wipes occour?
  3. [PVP EU] battle results

    Good. Spain didn't show up neither for Las Sabinas or Triangles. So the first was "defended", the latter was captured. I think it was one guy from CH clan who went for triangles, because a bunch of SH guys was raising hostility at Selam when we wanted to leave for triangles. So we fought SH Clan over several battles across the whole evening. I think in total it was four battles (Hostility mission + 3 battles afterwards), where SH Clan suffered heavy losses. This screenshot is from the second battle, I think. One of the escaped Spanish ships was captured in a seperate battle and in the last battle, SH was becoming desperate and tagged Brits with a few Wasas + L'Hermione in fleet.
  4. [PVP EU] battle results

    Didn't know a single ship infront of a port is now considered a screening fleet.
  5. She loses a lot of speed when tacking, but you still turn through the wind in a reasonable amount of time, unlike the Endymion for example. Turning downwind with manual sailing makes every frigate look like an aircraft carrier, but the most amazing thing is the backward sailing. Went to -2.8kn at 90°. Just by turning my yards for backward sailing I made it to 45° (from 90°) without using any rudder. I love it. -3kn, keeping the ship on course with rudder, really amazing
  6. Fragen zum Spiel

    Und bevor die nächste Frage kommt Rechtsklick auf das Schiff, dass du verschicken willst und dann TOW auswählen.
  7. I'm not blaming people if they stop plaing the game. In SLRN we had guys with 5000hrs invested into Naval Action. One day you maybe just get bored, a new job keeps you from playing, you get sick or whatever. It's just a game in the end, enjoying to play with your mates is probably what keeps most people, but you also shouldn't get tooo attached to the game. It can become quite time consuming and you have to be careful about your real life priorities. People come and go, thats the way it is and you have to make deal with what you got. An old team, that played together for a long time will always have a an advantage over a newly mixed team, just because they know each other and how to play along. A Nation who maybe lost a lot of veteran players though has to revamp itself again, get to know each other, maybe live through some defeats, but in the end they go through the process of learning and will get better over time eventually.
  8. Opinions of a Newcomer

    Goo post from OP. Sadly many things have been mentioned several times and nothing changed.
  9. I didnt refuse to use and ship. Just told you what ships I had and what not. You lost, deal with it. I'm out.
  10. Even Robin could sink you. And don't even think about asking for a 1v1. We dueled in the past and you lost, so that point is already clarified.
  11. Naval Action Meme collection

  12. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    Well this thread is going in one direction only. These problems have been borught up earlier by other players, but real problems get overlooked and more nations are added to solve all problems. So more nations will do
  13. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    Didn't you ask for PB timers so you could sleep at 3am? Instead you stay up to 3am in the night to create port battles
  14. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    It's spain, @Grundgemunkey. What do you expect?
  15. Never seen you on combatnews or pvp leaderboard, neither in the evening or morning before maintenance. So yeah that leave me with only one option.
  16. [PVP EU] battle results

    I appreciate the effort, @Admiral Horatio Hornblower, but as long as you don't reveal your ingame name your opinion means very little to me
  17. Global Chat on Global Server

    I didn't say EU isn't toxic. What I meant was more like we don't any more of these shitheads ranting and insulting in chat.
  18. Thickness Upgrades

    Pretty much, yes. I know it conflicts with "frigates being useful", but if you somehow end up on the broadside of lineship you should get punished for it. With increased penetration, frigates could be useful, but their captains still need to be careful. There was an "unwritten law" back in the. A lineship would not open fire on a frigate if an equal target (another SoL) would be around. Neither would the frigate engage the lineship, but instead go for other frigates. I read about a battle (Don't know anymore which battle it was) where a french Frigate captain ignored that Gentlemen's agreement and fired a broadside towards a british lineship. With the french captain firing a broadside first, the captain of the british 74 could answer with a broadside and annihilated the frigate in one pass. On the other hand, I have never heard of a sailing ship being sunk due to simple cannon fire. Even the Little Belt was not sunk by USS President.
  19. Thickness Upgrades

    But then frigates should also get wasted by one good broadside from a lineship. Sailing into the broadside of a lineship was pretty much a death sentence for any frigate. Even the captain of the Constitution was told to stay away from british lineships.
  20. [PVP EU] battle results

    If we would have the numbers, but as long as we have to deal with Spain in Louisiana, Florida, Yucatan and South Cuba there is not much else we can do. You may think different, but Britain has lost quite some players
  21. So, why didn't you bring this up after Cayo PB? If it's a bug that can ruin Port Battles I'm pretty sure devs are very intersted to fix it
  22. Well you did the same to us at Cayo. Sitting on the dock with 1st rates and pulling people in when the battle starts. We merely adapted your tactics.
  23. [PVP EU] battle results

    If France would get their act together and start working properly with EdR they could do the same.