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  1. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    Leave safezones as they are, but reduce gold income from missions inside safezones by 50% to encourage (new)players to leave the area after a certain time.
  2. To clarify. All this fighting in Nation chat was about Cartagena Tar and people intentionally blocking any sell orders by putting up stupid high priced sell contracts. While I posted @Ink post related to this issue where he said that it will be fixed you guys just threw cancer at each other and by posting this "conversation" here all people that actively engaged in this conversation with insulting and attacking each other you make the british nation look like idiots because you can't sort out who gets the cartagena tar. Our potential enemies will laugh at us soon as they see these pictures.
  3. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

    Looks like admin has a score to settle with wargaming
  4. l'oceans and 36pdrs

    A Victory outturns Santi and L'Ocean, but it will never be able to outmaneuver a Bellona or a 3rd rate. I pushed the Bellona you build after the wipe to a turnrate of 2.8ish. Don't know the exact number right now because not ingame. Together with the better sailing profile a Bellona/3rd rate can easily sterncamp a 1st rate and angle itself to avoid most of its broadside. Yet there is no use for 3rd rate ships in Port Battles because 1st rates annihilate them in line sailing.
  5. Some sort of backup economy run by AI would be nice. If player numbers and thus trading activity drops, Ai should start to increase their production to keep economy running. at least to a certain level.
  6. Clan mails bugged

    Ah yes. I see what you mean. This is indeed a problem.
  7. Clan mails bugged

    I have sent several mails around SLRN (142 members in the list) and I can't confirm this bug. But then, I haven't sent a mail since yesterday.
  8. l'oceans and 36pdrs

    I already said in the past I would rather have the 42's removed - as all navies got rid of them over time. Heavy on gunpowder, heavy on weight, heavy on crew. On HMS Victory Website you can actually read that she was first equipped with 42pd guns but they were removed for given reasons. Give 36pd guns to 1st and 2nd rates, hell maybe even only 32's as well so 3rd rate ships can be a logical choice in port battle and don't get reload shocked every broadside they receive from a bigger ship.
  9. Sweden declares war on France

    omg France is this the nation that never sleeps? At the first sign of trouble you just run away?
  10. [PVP EU] battle results

    I just wished it would have lasted a little longer. I barely made it to the battle after capturing A
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    This is from Cartagena Port Battle. Danes spawned NWish of B Circle. First Danes formed two lines, then reformed into one line and took B circle. Meanwhile Brits capped A and C, formed two lines and sailed down along the edges of the canal First to be sunk was DreamMaker, who tried to cut the British line, but didnt work. The far british line made a 180° turn to support the fightin line that was led by Raxius. The Battle got carried back to the B circle, where the lines were somewhat disbanded. DN was able to capture B circle for a short amount of time, but Brits could bring more ships back into B and managed to finish heavily damaged danish ships.
  12. Spanish clans on PVP_EU server

    Well ... HYDRA now plays D-N and Spain again as VLTRA. So one clan in two nations.
  13. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    I think it was captured, but they couldn't maintain it.
  14. Piratentreffen, So. 19 Uhr

    Bitte frag John Cavanaugh wann PLANB endlich die Briten vernichtet - wir hatten immerhin schon ein paar Monate darauf.
  15. Simple question - right now only the Clan Leader ("Creator") is able to promote players into the rank of diplomat. This causes trouble for clans whos leader has not been online for quite some time because they can be locked out of rvr. So should officers be able to promote other players/officers into diplomat rank or not? Thoughts, ideas, opinions?
  16. Best RVR clan in games history

    @Lord Vicious merely adopted the rvr; SLRN, RUS and DAS were born in it, moulded by it.
  17. Should officers be able to promote diplomats?

    Well for my clan, the issue has just been sorted out. But I guess this is still a valid discussion?
  18. Should officers be able to promote diplomats?

    But then you have the problem of contacting a creator who has not been seen for I-don't-know-how-long. I simply don't think the solution for such a predicament (worst case only leader stops playing) should be that a whole clan has to reform. There have to be some sort of backup mechanics be implemented. Like if a clan has X numbers of officers they can start a vote amongst the officers if creator has not been online for Y days to elect a new creator. If Z number of officers agree to elect a new leader - well done. This could be done by %. If clan has 10 officers you need X amount to agree, if you have 5 or 20 officers same rules apply with different % needed.
  19. Du meinst man kann ganz ohne Risiko in der Safezone PvE spielen.
  20. Port Battle of George Town

    Gib sweden their own server plis?
  21. Updated my GPU drivers yesterday. Radeon R 380 Nitro 4G here. Now with 17.7.2 and the little fix from today no crashes.
  22. Best RVR clan in games history

    funny, @Lord Vicious that you keep cornering @TommyShelby with "revising history", but can only bring up achievments of SORRY that happened when exactly? 2016? We never saw your 150 active members "painting it black". Remember George Town? Screened by British Pubbies, must be a shame. The swedes picked up what was left behind. Remember the port battles against the danes ( @Anolytic, @Cornelis Tromp) on the northern coast of Hispaniola? When was the last time SORRY achieved something worth mentioning?
  23. Intermittent crashes

    The game crashes when I enter a battle. I am stuck on Enter Battle screen. I can hear cannon fire ect but don't see the actual battle. When I close the game on taskmanager I can log back in but still cannot enter the battle. All I get is this: Is this still an issue with AMD Graphics? On Sapphire Radeon 380 Nitro here.