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  1. Batman

    Battle Coms simplified

    Too complicated, people can't even manual TARN.
  2. Batman

    What is this?

    It's not realistic, the capstan is simply too big and hasn't been fixed, probably low priority due to it being only a visual bug. @admin @Ink
  3. Batman

    Great forum battles

    Trash will always stay trash. That's why I didn't mention him, @Otto Kohl or you, noob. Not worth it.
  4. Batman

    Great forum battles

    @rediii @Graf Bernadotte @Admiral Horatio Hornblower @Lord Vicious @troody @Christendom @King of Crowns @Banished Privateer @Cornelius Tromp @monk33y GO GO GO!
  5. Batman

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    If Spain considers itself neutral to all Clans from Nation X, but Nation X says "no, señor" this issue should be discussed BEFORE declaring yourself neutral in public.
  6. Batman

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    It's probably the same sort of truce we had with the poles, you remember? Where they were allowed to attack us, but we were not allowed to attack them.
  7. Increasing the shallow area around ports like San Marcos, Serrana or Mosquito Cay could prevent the defender waiting outside the mission in big ships. But not sure if this can be done without much effort.
  8. Batman

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Spanish politics at it's best 😁
  9. Batman

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Victory is based on Royal George from 1756.
  10. It's not a new issue. But we don't see any improvements, yet everybody used this mechanic to his advantage. back with old hostility you put 4 players in seperate missions against 10 Mercurys each and had hostility against a shallow port done in fifteen minutes. Now it's a few first rates grinding outside the shallow area and thus making it impossible for the defender to intercept the attacker.
  11. Batman

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Historically, Victory carried 68pd Carronades on the weather deck. Two of them mounted on the forecastle, loaded with 500 musket balls each caused that devastating rake Bucentaure received. And Victory is for years older than Santissima - her design even goes back to the Royal George from 1756. The Santi on the other side was launched with 112 guns and later "upgraded" to around 140; those changes made her a pretty poor sailor though (@maturin will confirm). Bucentaure on the other hand has a heavier broadside than Victory if you equip 42pd Carros, but 2nd rates simply lack the HP to engage 1st rates, especially when they come against the L'Ocean (massive HP pool) and Santi (Firepower, reload shock guaranteed).
  12. I wasn't online that evening and it came rather surprisingly, this double flip. Personally I wanted to have gone for a deep water port, too. I don't know how many people did the flip in what time, but it should not be part of the discussion that you have to capture a deep water port to effectively defend a shallow water port because of broken mechanics. By now pretty much everybody used the shallow hostility mechanics to his advantage, but after the big Bahamas campaigns the topic more or less disappeared. If Nation A would decide to attack the Spanish shallow ports NW of Yucatan, how could Spain intercept the attackers? Before they arrive, hostility would already be done.
  13. Just fix it already @Ink, @admin this has beend mentioned countless times by now. Current example Spain grinding San Marcos & Las Sabinas in 1st rates. They cannot be stopped because no GB deep water port closeby and why the hell can you still grind shallow ports with 1st rates? This picturce shows Spanish hostility fleet in 1st rates at San Marcos yesterday with Brits deliberately trying to delay them: Surely it can be coded that shallow water port hostility missions can only be entered in 7th and 6th rates (maybe exclude Hercules from hostility, idk). An alternative suggestion would be to increase the shallow area around those ports, so that the defender does not wait outside the mission in deep water ships to intercept the attacker. This would also bring somewhat more diversity into open world pvp than the usual 1st rate battles happeneing everywhere by now.