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  1. Batman

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    If you don't bring small ships because you think they are not fun and thus lose Port Battles, that's pretty much your own problem. Again, you made this suggestion because you want to improve your personal gameplay experience. "I don't like small ships so they should not be allowed in PB" What about those who actually enjoy sailing small ships in Port Battles? I know quite a few people always signing up for small ships because they enjoy them more than a lineship.
  2. Batman

    Deep Portbattles and Small ships

    You didn't bring any ships to counter small ships contesting circles. Get over it. You lost, it was your own fault. You're only looking to improve your personal gameplay experience here.
  3. It means bullshit or nonsense. Whichever you'll find more fitting.
  4. Batman

    special request

    In a Galaxy, far, far away this area is known as the "Unknown Regions". Few have been there, and even fewer have returned ...
  5. Batman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Smells like tribunal?
  6. Batman

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    Everybody speaks French ... it's just a lot of blabla.
  7. Within twnty a minutes, a pretty new Dutch player sank three British players around Saint Louis & Les Cayes. Nation chat was silent, nobody asked for help. Coincidence or PvP farming, @Ink?
  8. Of course in the future free Towns might get excluded from rvr or tow-ability again, but if not I guess you will simply be limited to pick hostility missions for nearest-other-nation-ports
  9. But you can take hostility missions from Free Towns
  10. To me it sounds like when leaving from Great Corn, you can either attack San Andres (Providencia) or Bluefields/Haulover - don't know which one is nearer - (South Mosquito). From there, you have to work your way along the coast: San Andres -> Old Providence -> Serrana or Haulover -> Great River -> Prinzapolka ect. Of course if you wanted to attack the Polish instead, the nearest port from Greact Corn would be Concepcion I think?
  11. In two and a half years I'ver never heard or seen anybody using the term "frontlines", so I would like to know as well. But I think it's simply that you can't attack distant ports out of nowhere anymore, but have to work your way along the coast. So for example (hopefully) nor more parking of your rvr fleet in Free Towns anymore to attack out of nowhere.
  12. Batman

    War and Peace

    At least we don't complain when we lose three ports and threaten to destroy the server
  13. Batman

    War and Peace

  14. Batman

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    That's why we have Poland, Russia and Prussia in the caribbean.
  15. Batman

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Didn't Russia just cancel all treaties?? Also, "appearing in the scene with a much larger fleet" and then complaining enemy is running? Really?