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  1. Batman

    Battlesail fighting

    Full combat potential of the ship should only be available at battle sails. The more sails are set, the worse handling and combat capabilities should become.
  2. Batman

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    Dropped from HachiRoku, a forum erased Threat of the Irish displayed A power unheard of a power unseen Flash out of nowhere, the forum is burning At 9:36 pm Kiev control Realized something was wrong Reports of explosions, destruction and pain Internet raid from hell forum gone in a blaze September in black HachiRoku is turning back
  3. Batman

    Battlesail fighting

    Maybe not buff battlesails directly, but nerf full sails? I mean, turning bonus for battlesails is nice, but when turning at 2 knots in a SoL you aint really fast anyway.
  4. Batman


    @Trashumi Mexiwara, you did it! @HachiRoku @Otto Kohl check his name!
  5. @rediii is the guy always stealing the kills.
  6. Not really, but if it makes you happy, keep believing in it 😊
  7. We are more like: But I will give you an A for effort.
  8. Actual picture of HAVOC going to a Port Battle
  9. You really think I give a hello kitty about you thinking me being Hornblower? Play game more, read less National News and stop believing Hachi's wild imagination. @Hethwill the Harmless I think thread served it's purpose. People used it for drama about timers and ganking.
  10. Listen to moderator, he can compare IPs 😎
  11. This thread went down pretty quickly sadly, maybe it's better to keep port closed before more salt gets produced for no reason.
  12. Batman

    It's time for Justice

    Did I? That's so long ago, I hardly remember or care It's a game, some people really need to chill the hell out over certain things.
  13. Batman

    It's time for Justice

    You really think I would waste my time using google translator to read Spanish subforum with broken English, then write a post in perfect English and have it turned into broken Spanish so I could troll in Spanish subforum? Please, stop listening to Hachi
  14. To much qq about timers and other crap here. GB has ONE teak port. Yet I want to share it with other nations who don't have acess to teak. Take this opportunity or not. But keep the timer-discussion out of here please.