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  1. Karpfanger

    number ships in your docks please

    would be great ... thx for the fast answer
  2. Karpfanger

    number ships in your docks please

    ... at first ... many thanks for the admirality DLC. Now I have less problems to sail, test and level all ships I like. ... but I think the day will come, when I have 30 ships ... and I will lose ships, buy or build new ships daily ... and every time I have to count my Number of ships ... This could be very easier if the ship would be numbered in my docks .. so I would see (with a little scroll mit my mouseweel) how many ships I have ... I think its not a big issue for the devs but many players would like it. BR Berend PS. sorry if this suggestion is not a new one, but I haven't found this suggestion in this forum
  3. Karpfanger

    Ship teleported in battle?

    I had the same experience in an OW battle with an NPC ship ... It was behind me and teleported suddenly 100m forward .... It was only one time and nobody joined the fight in this moment.
  4. @Edward Edwards ... I can understand your worrys about this bug ... and btw. limited mission canceling is one of the stupidest new mechanic of this year. I suggest to nominate the stupidest changes in the game at the end of the year and I think we have a hot aspirant here.
  5. Karpfanger

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    I disagree Otto ... PVP, PVE, RVR and trading are parts of this game. Some days in the week I also have only 1 or 2 hours time for sailing ... should I play at the PVE server at these days? Should I go to another server to have fast PVP? ... arena mode? ... oh wait ... NAL is dead, isn't it? ... I'm asking me why? Do you know what I mean Otto? This server isn't populated so high ... everyone should be able to play here ... and if someone like to have better loot from missions he should have to go outside the safezone and risk more ... or have to attack an OW Fleet ... but clicking and canceling 3 times a day for missions in the safezone and getting missions far away isn't fun and every new player will log off after some days of doing that ... will never learn the game mechanics .. will never level up ranks and ships ... will never become a PVPer .. and will never be a good PVP opponent for you ... just my opinion
  6. Karpfanger

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    but I'm disappointed about not roll back the mission cancelation issue ... I know sailers with only 1h time to sail at the evening ... they come online ... try to find a mission in the safe zone only to do one or two missions ... they go offline after the 3. cancelaltion without shot one ball ...
  7. Karpfanger

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    this would be great ... a small improvement but great
  8. Karpfanger

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    can't imagine the difference in this moment ... but will test it
  9. Karpfanger

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    ... may be you can mark only your own position of sinking? ... btw. great work Felix ... 👍
  10. yes, this would solve the problem for the time until a better solution Suppe ... but why should I pay with my lifetime for a wrong way of development? I will F11 it every day and will not sail for useless PVE missions ...
  11. ... in my opinion the solution of the problem to get the players away of the safezones is the relation of risk and loot. that means ... If you like to do some missions without a high risk to get ganked or drawn in PVP you should be able to do this in the safezone but with less chance of good loot. If you want to have better loot and rare items you should have to go for missions (and fleets) outside the safezone ... Life could be so simple sometimes
  12. signed ... (can't hit the like button)
  13. Karpfanger

    Bring back names in OW!

    Hi ... I think messages were a good thing and should be possible. Names should be visible ... may be at near distances? ... so you have to do recon. BR is not necessary because you can identify the enemy ship with your telescope.
  14. Karpfanger

    Fragen zum Spiel

    Ja, du portest immer zum nächsten Tiefwasserhafen, egal ob freundlich oder feindlich
  15. Karpfanger

    Hull thickness feedback

    yes, thickness is good now ... please keep it ... a slightly adjustment of the BR of the ships would be good ... so every ship is worthy to play and plays a role in RVR ... The Wasa-BR adjustment was a good beginning but the BR should be slightly different from a 3rd Rate 74 (... and btw. bring more 3rd rate into the game please)