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  1. Ahora mismo es mas fácil que antes hacer una misión con una navio de línea. El giro es muy superior.
  2. En mi opinión, van en la dirección correcta. Este parche tampoco veo como puede afectar tan negativamente al jugador PVE.
  3. were this included in today update?
  4. Sounds very interesting. Keep it up. A thing that we should test as soon as we can is the frigates behaviour with the new system. We need to compare it with the lineship one to see if it is balanced or not.
  5. Yep, but please make small adjustments so we can test them better.
  6. Limit chain like double shot

    With the current infinite repair system I dont see the point of limiting any ammo. You destroy masts, masts will be back... You attack sails, repais make sure you dont have any hole on them... I even would increase the cuantity of charge and double shot. Im sorry guys, Im really pissed with the current repair system.
  7. The goal is good. It only requires some adjustments.
  8. Yep, turn rate should be a bit decreased. As rediii says it is more arcade now while I must recognize I enjoy more playing with lineships.
  9. Repair system should be, at least, a bit tweaked. We dont need dramatic changes, just something to avoid that a captain can spam repairs in one battle.
  10. One question guys. If I play manual sailing as always, am I missing or doing something wrong?
  11. Hi @Ink, There is one graphical bug with the mast of the Buccentaure that only happens in OW. The issue is that the masts are invisible, it is the only ship I have the issue up to now. Other players have also reported the same problema so it is not related to my pc.
  12. Devs dont settle with just a BR balance, which is want the community asked for, and instead they deliver more. So I applaud this attitude.
  13. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    All of this goes to trash when people have alts. I know guys with a dozen alt accounts. Just imagine how many labor hours and how easy to get millions in one single trip with traders.
  14. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    You cant make a mechanic depending of something like the gold. The gold sometimes is really easy to get and sometimes it isnt. The easy nations like GB with their huge safezones and high playerbase would pay easily any price. While other will struggle. Dont you see? You make proposals without thinking in the consequences.
  15. Foreign clan alliances

    The sentence: "their (the swedish) success doesnt come because they (the swedish) pray" is a way of speaking. I wanted to say that the swedish make their efforts to be so effective in PBs.
  16. Foreign clan alliances

    Im not insulting anyone. And Im not a swedish captain.
  17. Foreign clan alliances

    'You are only as strong as your weakest link' It is no use having a few amazing players and a lot of new players against a fleet almost full of people that know what to do.
  18. Foreign clan alliances

    That why I changed skilled for experienced. I anticipated an answer like this.
  19. Foreign clan alliances

    Yes. They are beatable. But in the grand scheme of things, they have a great % of success. Their success doesnt come because they pray. It comes from being, overall, more experienced as a team or as individuals.
  20. Foreign clan alliances

    1 battle won. I lost account of the lost ones.
  21. Foreign clan alliances

    Around 2/3 of the swedish fleet we see in the screenshots have played lately RvR. If you compare with other fleets of the enemy alliance their proportion is near 50/50, in best cases. The prussian, dutch and sometimes the french have a great % of new rvr players, which gives a huge advantage to the swedish in pb.
  22. Foreign clan alliances

    Do you still think the same? One month has passed since the new nations patch. Despite the combined efforts of several nations, Sweden remains unbeatable in PB. The Dutch and Prussians need people to fill their PBs. And the russian PB fleet would improve its performance with some experienced players from other nations. The swedish already have a fleet mostly of veteran players, you cant change that. Forged papers dont solve anything.
  23. Real Diplomacy

    Clan alliances is the way to go.
  24. All Ranks lost

    Look at your redeemables.