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    Are you an alt account of @Sir Texas Sir ?
  2. Diana and conie classic should be moved to crafting so we can properly test them with several woods. Also lots of people already lost theirs so they cant provide feedback. It happened the same with hercules and requin, until people sailed them a lot as DLC we didnt see the issues. And #giveustheChristianVII
  3. Would be a bad idea limiting grape to limit endless stern camping? I prefer musket fire from decks though...
  4. Intrepido

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    This. Please @admin, end this confusion.
  5. Intrepido


    Podrias compartir la estrategia que tenias planeada?
  6. Intrepido


    Si y no. Si uno de los bandos pierde el viento y se posiciona delante de la escuadra enemiga mientras navega a favor del viento es realmente complicado hacer algo que enmende la derrota.
  7. Intrepido

    It's time for Justice

    I agree. You are annoying, batman, as much as @Sir Texas Sir.
  8. In the meantime other clans or nations are hello kittyed.
  9. I look too from the perspective of a big fleet engagement. This will help for 2vs1 engagements, but imo, as opposed to admin claims, it wont solve hugging for bigger battles.
  10. Dont forget that while boarding your ship is also the best target for multiple broadsides from the enemy.
  11. It wont solve hugging issues. As I said before, going into boarding is many times the last wish for many captains in a fleet formation, because it make your ship very vulnerable to other enemy ships.
  12. A question, why boarding does automatically make your ships go to 0 knots? The problem of boarding is that the ship go full stop, what if the ships keep sailing at a certain low speed?
  13. What we need is musket fire from decks so a small ship cant do so much damage to line ships from stern rakes or sailing in close paralel, in front or behind. Many captains dont want to engage in a boarding because other ships will come closer and sink him.
  14. I had to ask because the old and annoying sir texas sir was no longer asking the same over and over.
  15. @admin Do you have any idea when the big patch will land?