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  1. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    I agree with you in one point. Battles should be opened for less time, lets say around 15 mins, so it will decrease the chances of joining a side already winning/losing. While having BR limits could have sense, your limits are a bit too low, it removes a bit of the freedom to pick the ship you like.
  2. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    But other players can reinforce the ganked side at certain point. Im not sure but having battles opened for more time is not being hated, just looking at the amount of people fighting in patrol zone.
  3. Patrol BR limit suggestions

    Im not sure if having BR limits also in this pvp events is good.
  4. Clan/Warehouse Management

    Looks interesting devs. However I think you cant imagine how badly needed are some tools for clan management. The guy behind the control of the warehouse usually ends exhausted. And when someone like him leave the game, sometimes entire clans just collapse, making that more people leave.
  5. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Make that some regions increase the % in crafting rng. People would fight for having more purple and orange ships.
  6. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    RvR needs something to encourage the players to participate. Most people just dont bother. And you may say, "it is the pve grind", which is partly right. But how many guys do you see pveing npc fleets? So pve itself could be boring but not the main problem. In my opinion, it is the lack of rewards in the entire RVR system that makes it so unappealing. F.uck, even you need to pay for maintain those ports, increasing the pve grind. Raids was always a thing most of the people wanted because it is instant rvr. However instant PB would be always in favor if the atacker as they are prepared, destroying the fun battles.
  7. Thickness meta is back

    Now NA has killed the dream, you dreamed.
  8. We can rename the thread to caribbean trading records. At the end, we are playing Naval Capitalism.
  9. Thickness meta is back

    Fix: Increase repair CD. Rebalance live oak to previous levels. Make impossible to stack thickness and hp mods. Increase penalty for floating battery. Make it -20% turnrate, make a ship almost inmobile, like a real floating battery.
  10. PVP mark Multiplier for ship BR.

    Good suggestion. The only thing I dont like is your change of nickname.
  11. Technical problems and bugs

    Shallow water ships can enter again deep water port battles.
  12. The dying RVR

    We all want a more interesting game with deeper mechanics. The difference between your proposal and mine is the time needed for the devs to code. Personally, I prefer your approach.
  13. The dying RVR

    While pvp is being promoted lately with the patrol zones, RVR suffered a major step backwards. In my opinion, right now, rvr is a non rewarding system. I´ll explain, you risk your (expensive) ships in an action that dont give you any inmediate reward (before, one year ago, it was different (blue screen of rewards)). Also, after you conquer the port, each day you have to pay from 100-600k, which most of the times makes you lose money (only a few ports in the entire server are really profitable). The map, as we see it now, is a heir of several mechanics applied to the server after the map wipe. But, imo, we would have a quite different map, far more uninsteresting, if we continue with this system. Also, it is not very rewarding when you have to do a hostility mission (usually quite boring due to npc) that takes you some time and give you basic upgrades. I mean, if you force me to do something which is not very amusing, at least give me something in compensation. Many people think we shouldnt grind pve to have rvr but the return to the flag system would create the same issues we had in the past. We need proposals to revive RvR. Proposals that sorted out alts because many people have second accounts that provide them everything. This is why I insist on inmediate rewards after the port battles and inside hostility fleets, not in owning the port. Discuss.
  14. A way to include new players in rvr..

    RVR right now is mostly dead because it only makes your nation/clan/community pay a lot of taxes. RVR could be promoted if we had some short of bonus like: You conquer all the ports that belongs to one region (region a bit far from safezone). Then, the game gives you a extra % in the rng of crafting ships, so you will have more chances to get good ships. Imagine the wars that we could have to prevent an enemy to achieve this.
  15. Make Naval Action more realistic

    Mostly of the time sink you are proposing ended in a NA having less players than now. This game has to reach a balance between realism and arcade, to be an enjoyable game for most people.