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  1. 2. Heel: Most ships heel a lot, specially frigates like Belle Poule, renomee. Pavel is a machine of having leaks because of heel. 4. Turnrates: Ship of the line needs a buff on turnrate to counter better frigates. Ocean turnrate is a pain, so low compared to Santisima.
  2. If the Game doesnt punish every player equally, then, what is the future for it? Should have a veteran any kind of shield/protection because of his status?
  3. Exploits that make me done with NA again

    -All day the same thing, no variety in game content (except sailing different ships (which is not enough)). -Trading dead. -No diplomacy system, which gives room for many dirty tricks. -Several useless ships (agamemnon...). -Some ships OP: wasa. -A historical aberration: Mortar brigs being able to sniper ships. -Upgrades more hard and costly to get than the ship itself. Some upgrades really OP. -Masts of paper. -Timers to negate RVR content.
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    BEFORE and AFTER the map wipe, my friend. All turned neutral yes, and Spain conquered it BEFORE GB.
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    Because the map reset happened manyyy months ago (half a year?), all gulf was conquered by Spain then. My posts were talking about the fact that GB along with EDR multiflipped several ports at the same time in north florida, something that happened around less than 2 months.
  6. RUBLI and HRE players are veteran ones, with many years in the game and actively posting at this forum. In this images you can see how they knew they were doing something against the rules and fair play, and they were joking and laughing about that.
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    The map reset... You are confusing all of this. You are speaking of X and Im speaking of Y.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Your memory is damaged. Florida ports has never turned neutral. Dont get confused with other ports in the gulf.
  9. Thanks to the devs. I´m only testing some of the new mechanics from time to time. I do not support timers, one of the consequences of the server merge and the return of the land protector system. Both systems were tested and failed miserabily.
  10. Change teleport again

    If it was up to me, this merge would never happen.
  11. They might be. Also you cant compare the enemies you have in that time (France, Dutch, GB, random pirates and Danes) with a big and skilled sweden, RUBLI and BF. I mean, the difference in war capabilities is huge.
  12. Change teleport again

    The funny thing rediii, is that GB began it. GNF, a german clan, set their PB defense timer of Selam between 05:00-08:00 server time. Ofc, this merge will kill the game but this particular issue was iniciated by a EU clan, as I predicted it would happen.
  13. All of this shows clearly how broken the system is. This kind of mess didnt happen as when we have a working diplomacy mechanic where the distintion between friends and enemies was there.
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    Same happened when France and GB flipped several ports at the same time at florida.