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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    I cant believe that seeing how many neutral ports GB has taken.
  2. A video trailer will help

    I would do a video when more ships are finished. The Xebec, Pandora, Christian VII, Diana... should be in that video. Variety of ships is a good asset.
  3. ship sails though an island

    Still happens.
  4. I fully support this. Along with more "life" and varied content into the OW. And as opposite of the devs thinking, I think this is far more important than a fancy UI and localizations. Gameplay is far more important than cosmetics.
  5. Bring back alliances. Nations can team up and fill PBs, it is quite simple to see we have dead nations in RvR because of this.
  6. A good incentive could be a really very profitable trading goods in ports a bit far from the safezone. So the player in a clan which needs to pay for ressources, taxes, ships, upgrades, skillbooks... finds there that in one or two trips he could pay most of his stuff.
  7. [PvE] Combat Missions

    I also suggest that combat missions spawn a bit closer to the port. I just log out after 15 minutes trying to get one mission at a reasonable distance. Sorry but not going to sail 3 squares distance with my slow SoL.
  8. Im quite against this upgrade called Cartagena Tar. It is too powerful and only on the hand of a few players. It is probably the best upgrade of all.
  9. Crashing in Combat

    @Ink The textures of the damage by cannon balls now it is fixed for me. Thx.
  10. Please elaborate the changes to trading because I get the same rewards as yesterday.
  11. Hmmm, have you opened the knowledge slots on the LGV and Indiaman? Because I really dont know what it is the reasoning behind doing battles with trader ships.
  12. Fort suddenly becomes huge

    This bug happened to me yesterday.
  13. This minigame depends too much in ping. The better the ping, more chances to win a boarding.
  14. Looking forward to see the improvements. I noticed yesterday that in a battle, the near fort, after firing, became reallyyy big. Hope it is fixed.
  15. Tow request

    Then you would have to remove tp to free towns.