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  1. Resultados de BATALLAS

    Por descontado. Pero tener muchos capitanes extraordinarios no hace a una nacion grande por si sola. Estos capitanes necesitan de ese pegamento que los una y los lidere. Os pongo un enlace del tema con respuestas muy interesantes de varios jugadores de rvr sobre como triunfar como nacion.
  2. One server, 24hr + eu time locks (ports listed)

    I hope you all remember that when the game was released in january 2016, devs had to open another server (pvp3). Right now, some can say: we need to be together in one server due to low pop. But now, we have some issues that do not promote player retention and longevity. But as soon as UI, localization, tutorial, new ships and more and varied pve content (it is really needed) are added into the game, population will rise again. And maybe, we will realize that current map, number of ports, number of factions, ow speed do not support well a very crowded server (the game have in steamcharts a peak of 5k).
  3. One server, 24hr + eu time locks (ports listed)

    It matters, a lot. You can have a bad day and lose a port. But in EU server you know you have the chance to get it back is the your primetime.
  4. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I even thought 2 maps, the caribbean for the global guys and the meditterranean/europe for the europpeans. One server, two different maps for each primetimes. 1. Yes... but imo it is not good to force players to change nations for having fun. Oceania have a big territory for them when its market is not so big as europe/us. 2. Mixing primetimes in the way of chris map is a shore. You end being contraint very soon in your conquest due to the artificial frontiers of the multiple primetimes. I would have a clear division/line between Global and Europe area. Every part of the map should have enough room for everyone and historical positions of capitals.
  5. Dron441

    Double shot or double charge?
  6. Dron441

    2 shots or 2 full broadsides? At which range did he demast you?
  7. Server Merge Proposal

    Again, community agreements. It is not enough for a serious working game. Words can be easily taken by the wind.
  8. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I can assure more nations than Spain and France will have the problem. Sweden, Denmark also didnt have enough players to fill pb out of their primetime. Now VP, Prussia, Poland and Russia (despite having REDS some US players) will face the same issue. So, you cant say that it is a problem of some nations, when half of the nations in the server had this problem. Admin's statement may have changed a bit after the 10.0 mega patch. Good intentions do not translate directly into a better game. I cant believe that Northernwolves's proposal of the Fine Woods was thought to make the game much worse. The game didnt have those numbers because of the lord protector system. Most of the EU community asked the devs to change/remove it. If it was a so cool system, why did devs remove it?
  9. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    It is better than Chris in one point, fixed primetimes. While I agree with Chris that clan alliances must happen, but for different reasons. However I find that your proposal have an important problem; it does not properly take into account the need of different nations inside the same area. Something noted by Chris before me.
  10. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    I look at the map and suggestions thought the lense of what we have already tested. And unfortunately, lots of the proposals just copy much of the mechanics of the past. Also you rely on two things that you cant fully control; 1. Clan alliances. The nation which dont have a AUS and a US friendly clan is just f.ucked and out of most rvr. 2. Money: which depends, partially, of how much time do you play. So the gap will be even bigger. It is not a coincidence that the first nation-clans to craft the big ships were those with the hardcore playerbase. As big as a nation is, the bigger its hardcore playerbase. I still well remember the old days of the SLRN & BRITS clans.
  11. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    Forget is the first step to do the same mistakes of the past. And btw, I play on several nations. I played mostly before with Spain but thats old. Clan alliances arent in the game. My comment about the gold is how easy is to earn it now. Me, being an average player, have all that gold. I couldnt have a clue how much money can gather all the clan members of HRE. You keep making proposals of mechanics that depends on community agreements.
  12. Server Merge Proposal

    I dont know if you played the game when it was first launched in EA. GB had a fleet of guys from Australia and maybe 2 full fleets at EU primetime. I have a very good memory, I dont forget anything.
  13. Server Merge Proposal

    EU community asked the devs for a small server but with healthy gameplay and compatible with real life of most europeans. We are talking here about many players from all europe, from spain to russia. US players did a bet on no timers for pb. They could do a different bet, they could ask for another set up. Why would I blame them?
  14. Server Merge Proposal

    History repeats itself when people make the same mistakes. There is no way to solve that one guy wants to play with another who is sleeping or working. One of the two have to sacrifice his real life to please the other desires.
  15. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    That map of Chris is perfect for nations like GB, US and Pirates. US have the entire Florida without shouting a ball, with all the white oak. Bermuda and its wood, also for the US. The Gulf, Yucatan and Panama for the British. The Bahamas, hidden island and Haiti for the pirates. Yes, the 24/7 communities and the entire Global server should give a like to that proposal. They win the map as soon as it gets added. That proposal change timezones with paying gold... I have 40 millions on my main account. Just imagine the gold a clan of 20-30 members can have.