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  1. You probably shouldn't worry about immature people. The slow pace of the game turns them off rather quickly from what I saw so far. And the game devs and moderators are not known for their patience with trolls, which I am very thankful for.
  2. Closed Beta Test is only open to NA owners. Eventually, when the closed beta is over, it will be a separate free to play game. The original testers will probably get some gift (nothing confirmed, just speculating) for the testing, but they will have to unlock the ships like anyone else.
  3. Can we have a link to your channel?
  4. Tournament - Y or N?

    Wouldn't want to participate, but would watch the crap out of it.
  5. Feedback

    I personally never had a match longer than half an hour. When I tried to run, the ai just capped and I lost, or they chased me down. If you stay and fight, the battle is decided in about 20 minutes usually. The XP is decent IMO, takes about 6 battles to progress from one ship to the other (among the brigs, counting with the usual 5-600 xp per battle). 1-2 kills and a capture will easily give as much, sometimes even more. Concentrate your fire on individual targets, don't take potshots at every target of opportunity. Kills pay better than assists. Use carronades and force the AI to sail with you yardarm to yardarm away from the battle, so he doesn't get help from his teammates, and you deal a lot more damage with your carronades at close range than the AI with its medium cannons.
  6. combat music

    Another Boccherini piece for the classical rococo music lovers
  7. Xp gain looks/is broken?

    UPDATE: This seems to have been sorted out, either by dev action or on its own, but was getting regular XP playing from saturday 11:00 CET to sunday afternoon. Kills gave decent XP again. My impression was that you were rewarded even for the time you spent in the circle but couldn't cap (enemy in the circle), which is good if true.
  8. Legends Nick Name

    Patch notes say: Workaround for weird steam name symbols added - you can set your name with allowed symbols when logging in (you have to do it once). Your xp and progress is tied to steam account so don't worry changing your name or entering the same as you had before
  9. Xp gain looks/is broken?

    Sadly I didn't think of making screenshots. Last week, I was getting results like: - 1 kill, 4 assist, 5k damage, ~80 shots fired, no capture, Brig and Navy Brig: 500-700 xp depending on victory/defeat or some other factors I don't know about This week: - 2 kill, 3 assist, 7k damage, ~100 shots fired, no capture, Navy Brig, defeat: 168 and 174 xp - 0 kill, 2 assist, 0,7k damage, 21 shots fired, 1 capture (on a 1 circle map), Navy Brig, victory: 177 xp (screenshot)
  10. Xp gain looks/is broken?

    Had 2 lost battles, both with 2 kills and ~7k damage in the Navy Brig, they gave only about 170 xp per battle. Last week those battles would be worth around 700. Something is clearly off.
  11. Server down ?

    http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22852-server-status-announcements/?do=findComment&comment=472866 In this topic, you can see if the servers are on or off. Currently they are off, I believe they are limited to weekends for now.
  12. Very Impressive!

    If you are looking for that, History Channel: Great Battles of Rome has a neat system where your commands take time to reach the units depending on how far they are from you, and you have a set capacity of messengers. It's an older game and felt a bit clunky, but that feature was super neat.
  13. Ultimate General: Gettysburg got 8/10 on IGN, and Civil War is a massive improvement over that. They have already proven that they are capable of producing quality.