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  1. Nick the cursed

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Plutôt content, oui, ça permet plus de variétés de combats, du challenge et de mieux choisir ses positions de début de combat selon le vent/les terres/les forts. J'en ai discuté avec d'autres joueurs en OW qui aiment aussi chasser en solo et ils sont tout autant ravi que moi que de pouvoir engager des navires un peu plus costauds. Et pour moi qui aime le RP Pirate, cela prend un peu plus de sens.
  2. Nick the cursed

    Unequal battles

    I sail only 7/6th rates, only thing i want to add is i want to be able to tag bigger ships, got more fun/challenge by figthing 5th rates with them, but i had to turn around waiting they tag me... Surcouf and some other privateers/pyrates took bigger ships than theirs, why not in NA... What i didn't understand it's a 7/6th rate cant tag a bigger ship but a bigger ship can tag a little ship, which can be a noob, btw... This message, "BR limit...", haunt my worst nightmares... Hahaarr
  3. Nick the cursed

    Brig should be the starting ship

    7th rates can be a wound against 6/5th rates with their speed, maneuverability, little "hitbox", etc... and you can easily escape if you're in a bad situation
  4. Nick the cursed

    Kicked from the server in the middle of battle

    I play with (almost only) the Snow since 1,5 years, got some skills on it, haha! Best ship in the game isn't the bigger, it's the ship you know how to sail... But i'm a bit sad to win due to your issue...
  5. Nick the cursed

    Kicked from the server in the middle of battle

    Arrr you was fighting against me... I didn't understood why you set your sails to stop, i boarded you and i won, finally... You was disconnected, didnt see something ingame, was thinking you was surrendering. Contact me ingame, same name, i'll give you back some rewards for this "technical issue" Edit: BTW, was a fun fight for me (before i learned this issue), please Devs, allows us to tag bigger ships on small ships, i want to try to cap some 4th rate on my Snow or Privateer, only way for now, is to turn around and wait for the biggers to tag me... AND a gank's fleet of Wasa, Surp and more can tag a noob Snow/Rattle/Brig...
  6. Nick the cursed

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Please, stop to tag my Snow, thinking it's an easy target...
  7. Nick the cursed

    AAR (After Action Report) Martin Connor, Trader wanna-be

    Really?! Nice story, continue!
  8. Nick the cursed

    What Is Your Favourite Ship Of Each Class?

    7th rate: Privateer without doubt, very fun to harass bigger ships with it and escape upwind! Funnier in manual sails since the sailing profiles update. (i like Pickle and Yacht, too, just for their looks) 6th rate: Huummm... Not sure... No!!! It's the Snow for sure!!! (my favorite ship in game) Amazing turn rate, good sailing profile, very pretty, bow/stern chasers, overgunned... Funny against the 5th rates! (Prince is nice, too, but i prefer to sail a Privateer for this type of sails) 5th rate: Maybe Frigate, looks nice and pretty heavy... I like the LGV refit, looks nice too, but i need more practice on it to make some big traders hunts... I don't sail a lot of 5th rates, btw. 4/3/2/1st rates: I don't sail them, too big, too slow, too boring for me... But i'll say Constitution, Pavel and Victory just because they're beautiful! ^^
  9. Nick the cursed

    Prince de Neufchatel

    Prince, Snow et Privateer si tu cherche de bons petits navires de chasse! Teak, Oak ou Sabicu en crew space et quelques améliorations de vitesse/profil de voiles, un peu de reload, du turn rate (quelques améliorations d'abordage si tu veux pousser le vice) et à toi la fortune! Parole de Pyrate! Haharr! Après, avec un peu d'entraînement, tu peux facilement capturer un Le Gros Ventre avec les navires que j'ai cités ou même pourquoi pas des frégates plus ou moins lourdes! Ils suffit de trouver leurs faiblesses et rester hors de portée de leurs canons.
  10. Nick the cursed

    Farming de marques

    Le système est cool en tant que récompense, mais dommage de voir de la triche ou même des joueurs farmer des plus petits ships juste pour les pvp marks... J'ai eu un Endy FR en Snow, 10x Pvp marks, belle récompense, mais derrière, un Wasa et un Aggie GB ont tagguent mon Snow, ils m'ont clairement dit qu'ils été là juste pour les Pvp marks! Certes peu à gagner, mais aussi peu de mérite, déçu qu'ils aient gagné quelque chose...
  11. Nick the cursed

    Captains of the Black Flag

    Still alive! Never underestimated BLACK with a lil' ship... Hahaarr!
  12. Nick the cursed

    Where shall I go to?

    Dont join Pyrates if you want politic... Hahaarr
  13. Nick the cursed

    Tow or wasa

    You can buy a basic ship from the shop, too, with luck, you'll find a nice wood with crew space (which is'nt bad, btw)
  14. Nick the cursed

    Tempetes en Batailles

    Des tempêtes? Point trop n'en faut! Ok pour, peut-étre, 5% de batailles, mais avec cette houle, la visibilité, la dérive et tout ça... Haarmmm J'ai déjà du mal à tenir debout sur le pont après quelques chopines de tafia.... Plus sérieusement, je suis pour, mais pourquoi pas aussi ajouter des batailles en vents faibles...Où le Fir aurait un avantage et Live oak plus d'avantages en tempêtes, par exemple
  15. Nick the cursed

    PvP incentive

    Why not try to play without marks... Just dont think about it and fight, if dont have any for a Wasa, try to find a Connie, Frig, Belle Poule, Cerb, Snow, Pickle... Personally, i dont need PvP/Victory mark for my PvP... Take marks as rewards, dont farm for it.