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  1. Nick the cursed

    The Nick's adventures

  2. Nick the cursed

    Captains of the Black Flag

    Ya forgot the pretty Privateer 'bout the Nick's story, it's here:
  3. In the continuity of the new UI, can I suggest this kind of HUD for the free camera?! Being a fan of screenshots (and maker), this kind of tool could be nice, as can be found in some other games. I'm not an encoder, but this doesnt seem so complicated to code (not in high priority, of course)? And an idea if there are keys to fire such and such broadside in the free camera mode, if not, it would be a rather useful thing. And if possible, can add things like filters (sepia, black'n'white...), more/less contrasts, brightness, PoV from cabin, differents decks...
  4. Nick the cursed

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    Allow the outlaw battles only for the Demon and more ranks and newbies 'll be protected and alts 'll 've to farm before to cheat in game (or give up)
  5. Nick the cursed

    Liquicity and Nick the cursed

    Arrr, no! I built the best Lynx in the Caribbean, trained my crew mentally, made lots of training maneuvers in front of Mortimer to participate at this! 'll catch ya in game, too bad...
  6. Nick the cursed

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    've to find somethin' to avoid cheat with outlaw battles, but yarr bring back outlaws, make pyrates harder (no ports, RvR, etc but it's another storie)... btw, got some pyrates on my death list... Haharr
  7. Nick the cursed

    Far Side of the World

    Nick, his Snow and his crew could love to sail there to find some unknown tribes!
  8. Nick the cursed

    La taverne du corsaire

    Aye, Black Sails, déjà vu, pas fan de séries mais j'ai accroché parce que c'était une histoire de pirates... (oui, les pirates aiment et abusent des histoires) Master and Commander, déjà vu, et revu plein de fois, j'm'en lasse pas (mais c'est nous les méchant corsaires français)^^ Mais le Bounty, sur Instagram j'ai vu des photos d'un HMS Bounty qui a des allures du NavyBrig dans le jeu, un rapport? Mais j'vais jeter un oeil à ce film, jamais vu... Sinon j'ai vu Amiral (sorti autour de 2015) à propos de la guerre (plus ou moins d'indépendance, si j'ai bien compris) des Provinces Unies et Nova Zembla, qui est plus une histoire d'expédition dans le nord pour de la recherche que de la guerre...
  9. Nick the cursed

    National Soundtracks in character screen

    "Fifteen mens on the Dead man's chest" for Pyrates! Haharr
  10. Nick the cursed

    La taverne du corsaire

    Pareil, je dirais à voir, mais j'aimerais bien voir un jour un film sur nos corsaires ou les boucaniers/forbans/pirates... (Sans la magie de Walt Disney hum... J. Sparow) s'il en existe, vieux ou recent, je suis preneur... (des livres, j'en, ai lu sur les pirates mais niveau filmographie j'suis plutôt une b***)
  11. Nick the cursed

    Patch26-HFix9/19 Game keeps crashing

    Got trouble with last Nvidia driver patch in some games, but not in NA, try to downgrade yer driver, maybe?
  12. Nick the cursed

    The Nick's adventures

  13. Got this from Twitter, I think this has its place here... Link here: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/5573/page/1 (thanks to Game-Labs )
  14. Nick the cursed

    Pirate Patch and Content

    Nope, BLACK since long time