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  1. I recently installed the Loodsman upgrade, I know the tab states it only applies to OW speed gain of 6% but I think may also apply to in battle speed as well. Is this true?
  2. Buba Smith

    The PvE server deserves a name too

    I look forward to the day when PvE port battles send out AI ships to challenge us. But who am I?
  3. Buba Smith

    Quick idea on balancing

    I agree, the best thing is to change the BR value of the Wasa only - not nerf it.
  4. Thanks for the wonderful gifts and Happy New Year to the entire staff at NA.
  5. Buba Smith

    Add Prussian/Russian/Polish Ports to PvE Server

    That will make the permits and notes trips shorter or at least give another potential closer option.
  6. Buba Smith

    Crafting!? Why?

    I agree with that and the more blue prints available the better.
  7. Buba Smith

    Lose a fleetship very stupid

    Gotta protect your fleet ships. They're out there to get em.
  8. Buba Smith

    Crafting!? Why?

    We have 219 members in our clan (PvE) and we work together on many things; missions, trader caps, hostility missions, upgrades and ships construction to mention a few. It's what makes this game great as well as the excellent sailing model.
  9. Buba Smith

    Crafting!? Why?

    Crafting adds depth and collaboration to the game. Our clan works together gathering items needed to help crafters make those goodies. It's a fantastic add on and our clan really enjoys it.
  10. Buba Smith

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Allot of work coming to full fruition.
  11. Buba Smith

    Building the Le Gros Ventre

    Any chance of the LGV refit on PvE soon?
  12. Buba Smith

    this land is mine

    I'm interested to.
  13. Buba Smith

    Jumping ships

    I entered into battle with a another British fleet close by and the whole engagement went weird. Firstly all ships headed straight for shore and beached, then they started jumping up and down. I will try to attach a video file later. It's too big right now.
  14. Buba Smith

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Yes I remember that, I chose SH original it seemed to work best.
  15. Buba Smith

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    I hope it's based on NA now and stays clear of WoWs. I very much looking forward to this new game!! I just read a little more on this; if it comes close to the original Silent Hunter it will be a fantastic game, I really liked the crew improvement and promotions and medals in SH. The better the crew, the ship performance increases. A few names I suggest would be; Iron hearts, Rule the Waves, Naval or just Swords and Guns, Naval Horizons, Hearts of oak and iron (after the Navy song). Ok it's starting to sound corny.
  16. Buba Smith

    looking for an na group

    We are British on PvE based in Grand Turk. The Flying Powder Monkeys.
  17. Buba Smith

    Fleet ships and carpenters

    Would installing a carpenter upgrade in a fleeted ship make a difference? Will it actually self repair while in battle?
  18. Any confirmed release date on this yet?
  19. Buba Smith

    Epic Battles

    Now that some of our clan and I have had a chance at a few Epic challenges I realize that it's not just difficult but almost impossible to beat. I love a challenge as most do but I think the present difficulty level for Epic missions is a little too high. Facing off against 9 hardened, seemingly faster ships that not only load quicker but also have laser guided cannon balls is beyond anyone I know.. so far. I'm not a new player and certainly not the best. But 4 of 6 First rate ships (and players) lost their ships last night. The last 2 barely escaped with more then 60-70% damage. I suggest the NPC/AI ships be cut back to 6 or 7 not 9 and the AI ship be slightly reduced in armour and speed. I do like the extreme challenge of the Epic battles though and feel the missions are worth while keeping, just tamed a bit. What about different level Epics like before. Epic 1,2 and hardest 3. All for first rate competitors. I really don't mind losing my ship to a worth while challenge but sunk within a few minutes wasn't fun. I will refrain from calling is AI cheating but it was mentioned by more then one of our team.
  20. Buba Smith

    Epic Battles

    Really, why not?
  21. Buba Smith

    Epic Battles

    On second thought about this - what about allowing up to 9 friendlies vs 9 enemies. That way we'll have an option.
  22. Buba Smith

    Epic Battles

    Interesting you would mention this but I discussed this very method with the others this morning. Chain shot will at least slow them down and make them easier targets after.
  23. Buba Smith

    Epic Battles

    Some good suggestions here. To be honest the aforementioned tactic is more or less what we did. We are going to try it again with harder armour ships. I'll report back with the results later. But I looking forward to the challenge.. again.