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  1. Suggestions

    I think it is fine that way it is. Please don't mess with such a fine ship. With the Bellona, a real 3rd Rate, the Wasa is also a gem.
  2. PvE player thoughts on what's wrong in PvP

    I think there might be away to play both PvE and PvP at the same time. Enable the PvP/PvE flag if you want/don't PvP play. Similar to that of the Smuggler Flag now, there could be an additional flag for allowing PvP attacks and of course NO PvP attacks for those whom prefer the PvE style play. I think it could be a good marriage of both styles. Of course port battles, shops, trading economies could be unified as well. Giving PvP access to experienced PvE crafters and sales. If PvE players don't want in on battles they can stay in their game too. Just an idea; although simple in its concept I see there could be complications with PvP port battles.
  3. Cartahena Tar Issue

    It's not just an issue with cartahena tar but also Guacata saltpeter.
  4. Last evening two of us outside Christiansted where engaged in battle, when his Ingermanland hit an enemy ship it shot up in the air and landed on its end eventually righting itself. I don't have an image capture but I thought you may want to know. 

    1. Ink


      Captain, please check personal message on the forum.

  5. I noticed a change to the BR system (battle rating) is that new to?
  6. Are Port battles coming to PvE, just wondering when?
  7. Contact list

    Contact me on the PvE server, FPM or Flying Powder Monkeys. Same name Brit flag.
  8. Contact list

    By Global do you mean everyone including PvE and PvP?
  9. Not ship permits and the nearest Brit port to us now is almost an hour sail away. A small detour but never the less makes ship construction more time consuming. Thanks for your reply.
  10. There isn't access to the Admiralty in Neutral ports.
  11. Now that our clan [FPM] has had a good chance at the new post map changes I can confidently say WE really like it. The new ships are wonderfull and the Hostility Battles are a blast. I do have a question regarding the Neutral Ports on PvE. Will they change to national flags sometime? Pardon me if this has been answered somewhere else.
  12. In Battle sound issue

    I reinstalled my sound drivers and it still does the same thing. I have a new pair of Corsair headphones and it only happens IB with them. It doesn't happen at all with any other game.
  13. In Battle sound issue

    My sound seems to stop while in battle. All sounds work fine in OW but as soon as the battle starts with or without players the sounds stops working. Any ideas? I have the sound enabled in game.
  14. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    That Wasa is really nice. 6 guns up front is a big selling point I think.
  15. Ran anbody else into FPS Issues recently?

    I recently replaced my Video card and went from 30-60 FPS to about 100-128 now. Big difference.