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  1. jpjchris

    Far Side of the World

    Onwards, to adventure!
  2. jpjchris

    The Best Place on The Internet

    Greetings my dear fellows, Allow me to share with you a new subreddit, with a subsequent Discord, Snapchat, Minecraft Server, and etc.....it is by far one of the most wonderful communities to have ever graced my figurative e-palate. See you all there, hopefully https://www.reddit.com/r/humansbeingfriends
  3. jpjchris

    What music while playing Naval Action

    The most beautiful Indie I've heard in a long, long time....it is an absolute joy and pleasure. Please do enjoy.
  4. jpjchris

    A Crowd-Sourced Treatise on Leadership

    This would be incredible....hopefully the devs wish to experiment.
  5. jpjchris

    A Crowd-Sourced Treatise on Leadership

    You posit an interesting idea....I feel one would risk inexperienced commanders at times of great importance with this model, however. Experience in tactics and strategy are also critical elements. So I suppose Knowledge would make a good addition to initial list.
  6. Rat bastards. My sympathies for the loss....no honor among thieves, as they say.
  7. jpjchris

    A Crowd-Sourced Treatise on Leadership

    D'awwww ❤️
  8. jpjchris

    What music while playing Naval Action

    Timeless! TIMELESS! ❤️
  9. jpjchris

    Pirate Party Tonight

    Hear hear!
  10. jpjchris

    What music while playing Naval Action

    Love, love, LOVE this soundtrack. Although I'm certain I'm preaching to the choir 😛
  11. jpjchris

    What music while playing Naval Action

  12. Greetings kind gentlemen and ladies, List your top attributes of a wise leader/well-operated clan here. I shall begin: COMMUNICATION. One must communicate well, first and foremost, for their jolly crew to succeed. STRUCTURE. The intricate knowledge of building a successful organizational structure is critical. Arguably on par with communication....however I feel that communication is without doubt more important. EMPATHY. Without the emotional ability to feel how one's crew feels, one places themselves in a disadvantageous place. - Share your thoughts and musings. I pray that this thread will stand as a resource to the leaders of our wonderful little Carib, and add to the spice of life. With Sincerity, JPJChris
  13. jpjchris

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    Forgive me — could you elaborate? You posit an interesting thing...