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  1. Предложение - отображать в порту в окне снаряжения корабля стоимость 1го ремонта в кол-ве ремок и рома. Эти цифры мы видим в бою при использовании ремонтов. В зависимости от модулей, книг да и самого корабля(дерево) меняются очки прочности и, соответственно, требования по ремонту.
  2. +1. Blueprints, expensive permits(150+++pvp marks) and building-timer, for example 1 ship per week(2 weeks...). Xebec and Hercules don't have the alternative of craftable ships. They are very good ships which stay outside the economics.
  3. Thomas Boyle

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Don't touch learnt books!
  4. Thomas Boyle

    SELL NA to another developer because.....

    They still didn't fix missing ":" in member's info... But they were notified at once after the forum updating. I type ": Bermuda"...
  5. Thomas Boyle

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    So we will "eat" any new game-things(including DLC) to provide a further development and to keep servers alive.
  6. Thomas Boyle

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    Mods/books make any regular ship OP. Mods/books make DLC ship OP^2.
  7. Thomas Boyle

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    For example i craft a t/t or t/wo 5th ship for PvP. And it's expensive for me because of wood. I need a good chance for a build so i must have a shipyard in non-capital region. It needs more time/money for collecting materials and delivery(risky) to the shipyard than redeemable ships which is availiable everywhere by 1 click. DLC owners have an economy advantage, they make more money/marks, they never lose his ship while others try in vain to craft a ship everyday. Why devs made it as a redeemable ready ship? Why it's not a permit requiring a next stage (crafting) like regular ships?
  8. Thomas Boyle

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    Because it's "uncompromising wargame". These ships dont obey the rules. I dont talk about ship is a shit or OP. DLC ships look like infinite, notes from PvE - not.
  9. Thomas Boyle

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Anybody explain me? Why Herc faster than RattleHeavy?
  10. Thomas Boyle

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    I hoped that players will take only permits and will build DLC ships as any regular vessel. But a ready ship by 1 click is a cosmic foolishness. May be change cooldown from 1 day to 3 or 1 week. Or make it availiable for all (admiralty permits) and extremely expensive. Devs destroy their sandbox wargame which is their aim. Self-destruction. Why is that so...
  11. Thomas Boyle

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    I don't think that developers accidentally released DLC with OP ships which drops everyday. I hope it's not like that because it's easy to foresee the balance will be obviously broken. What's changed? Unpunished annihilation of beginners. Stupid worthless chases(no pvp). Community has become more toxic. Increasing amount of insult because of DLC. "Nice" economy of crafting these ships: everyday, any rare wood type, no shipyard. I've not taken part in PBs yet but i read that PB is ruined. i think xebecs damage model has issues (hull + sails). I've recently returned to the game after 1,5 year of an abandon. So may be i'm wrong.
  12. Необходимо сохранение порядка слева направо(возможно и перемещение подобно вкладкам браузера) открытых чатов после лог оффа. И сейчас и с будущим интерфейсом таверны. Например, "трейд->клан->нац->комбат". Постоянно закрывать и открывать в нужном порядке надоело.
  13. Thomas Boyle

    Le Req is changing the game!

    The game is alive but it lost a major part of positive things since 2017 which were unsparingly destroyed. DLC ships ruin NA.
  14. Я так понял, подобная dlc-дичь теперь будет выходить на постоянной основе. Привет "pay-to-win". Не мешаем делать людям бизнес. upd. C какого *** нельзя захватывать эти корабли?! Акуеть прост. Забордил, и был послан. Между собой - да, нельзя, ок. И много ли твинкам они смогут "сдать" кораблик.., если разрешить?